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Amish - July 13 '02- 4:00 Central Standard Time

Despite the short notice given for today's session - three readers decided to send their inquiries anyways. Our resident slime is watching the column with great interest, and RPGamer boss FireMyst will be taking tomorrow's letters, so feel free for some pointed inquiries. Are you a bad enough dude to question the dragon?

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XBox vs. PC

A question to those xbox supporters: Wouldnt it make more sense to spend your 300(or 200 i guess) dollars upgrading your pc instead? Larger game market which brings more variety, and you dont have to worry about hooking your comp up to the internet because you most likely alreadyhave that done. And, im sure that the servers for PC are more frequent in number and more stable... Just a thought....


Concerning the current generation of consoles in terms of online gaming, IMHO - XBox's online service is unrivalled. The $200 for an XBox would go far into upgrading a PC - last time I checked the prices of AGP video cards, you can snag a low-end GeForce4 for around that price - not to mention some of ATI's mid to high-end cards as well. Easier said than done, however - one of those video cards will provide minimal benefit on, say - a system with a Pentium II or G3 CPU. PC's will outgun any console - that much is certain. Problem is, the upgrade game is expensive - and for those not willing to shell out massive $$$ for the gaming performance - consoles fill the gap extremely well.
XBox's service is broadband-only, and ideally the internet hookup will be easier than on a Windows machine. Also noteable is the fact that all games will be run through Microsoft's servers, using their infamous Passport interface. That's Big Brother for you, but the service should be a little more stable. We'll see how it goes; fortunately for Gates and Co. they really don't have much competition from Sony and Nintendo in the online gaming venue.

Proof that $20.00 is an investment.

Is Fallout 1 &2 for 19.99 a good deal?
Take into account that I already have grandia 1&2 along with Arc the Lad collection sitting around collecting dust.

Thank You

Why are those titles sitting in the dust? Especially with the Arc Collection, all 5 of them are worth playing through before picking up any new games. Not to knock on the Fallout games (they are great PC RPGs), but both of those titles have had "bargain bin" status for quite some time - and they are popular enough that they won't disappear anytime soon. If you can spare to chuck $20 for those two games right now and think nothing of it - by all means. Seriously though, the titles you have now are more than enough. The Fallout games are classic - and they can wait.


I hate the chicken man in Final Fantasy IX.
He has to lose the chicken on his head for the game to be serious.

FFIX serious? To quote a friend of mine - "Arrreeee yoooouuuu serious?" One of the game's redeeming points was its humor. Different tastes for different people, I guess.

The Last Laugh:

This was fun. If only the notice came earlier, but it's nothing to worry about. Thanks for the inquiries and:
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Amishchief "Who avoids the 'Silicon Money Pit'"

Although the new hardware is fun...

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