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I'm sorry, the RPGamer budget was defeated again due to the overwhelming votes from 2d purist old-school gamers over 40 who saw Thor's hentai. As a result, links are brittle, letters are few, and space-time anomalies crop up on the main Page as I'm sure you've seen. We may have to cover older games, like...Adventure for Atari 2600, in place of LoM. Or perhaps E.T. [same system]

Lastly, as the weekend boy I find myself affected in my own way. I may be forced to indulge in the ancient forbidden practice of forging my own letters for this column. And trust me, you don't want that to happen. So unless everything goes smoothly, the road to my e-mail box lies unbroken and I start getting more letters...

Well, what can I say? Nostradamus mentioned it =) Don't be surprised to find yourself at if Xoom lends us anything.
Hi, Michael,

What is the lastest on RPG Maker? I am just anxious to see it release it on the west coast.
("Please, It has to be good news on RPG Maker. Boy,oh Boy, I just can't wait for a console version of RPG Maker to come out to the states!")

James Donahue


Maybe. Maybe not. That's all we know...pick a field of daisies clean and you'll have about as good a guess as we do right now. Ages ago, I heard ASCII was considering the possibility of maybe thinking about reversing their decision to Not bring RPG Maker to the U.S., but if they follow the same erratic patterns as Square, who knows :/

dirty dances with hamsters

I noticed all those references to in Thor's column on Friday. I offer an iminently more satisfying alternative.

Try it! You'll like it...


There you have it, shameless plug #1.
Bathroom contemplation #89012: that singing is actually a sped-up distorted recording of the narrator singing in Disney's Robin Hood cartoon.
FMV in Final Fantasy Anthology

To the Sage

Hello guest sage person. I have a question about the Final Fantasy Anthology. In your news story, "Square's Hip in 99" it says "...Each game has added FMV intros and endings." But in your article "Final Fantasy Anthology to be Released in America", it says that "...Each game features added FMV movies throughout the game."
So which is it? Are there FMVs at the begining and end only, or throughout the game?

The Guv'na

FF4(excluded) and 5 have FMV at the beginning and end, and FF6 has slightly more - during the opera scene I think, but not much else. The games also seem to have the original, un-Americanized names of characters and perhaps other small changes. Count on a heavy dose of nostalgia and a few small changes here and there, but nothing revolutionary.
Monster Seed?(er...yuck...)

Please tell me I'm hallucinating for something. I work at a video store and today I saw we had a new game called MonsterSeed. I opened up the instruction book, and lo and behold, an RPG! One I had never heard of. Not even on RPGamer, the awesomest of RPG sites. This isn't the weirdest thing though. It didn't hit me right away, but after looking at the game cover, I noticed the company printed on it was "Sunsoft." Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't "Sunsoft" some sort of offshoot of Squaresoft that published the Final Fantasy Legend games? Please clear this up for me, because if I go to work tomorrow and there's no game there called MonsterSeed anymore, then I'll just have to assume I was drugged before work...


Yes, from what I've seen there is a game called Monster Seed(oh my...), and it is apparently a role-playing game(heh, heh...) slated for an October 99 release. For the sake of our more religious and underaged readers, don't ask me to speculate any further on the game's content. =)
Enlightened Humor(?)
(shameless plug #2)

I heard from someone on the 'net about a webpage called "EGADS" that specializes in video game humor. Can you elaborate on this? Do you know anything about it?



Why yes, I believe I do. Thanks for mentioning it and giving me the excuse to show you all This soon-to-be treasure trove of gaming humor. Think of it as the Nationally Enquiring Onion of the gaming world.

Lunar spoiler(s) below

On Ask Thor yesterday, Thor had said this:
"Luna from Lunar's memory is also a bit spotty. But enough with amnesia, lets move on to other woes."
Possible SPOILER! I wanted to correct him. Luna never had any memory problems in Lunar The Silver Star. Luna went with Alex as far as Saith with no problems. The only time her memory went wacko was when Ghaleon made her Evil. But she wasn't Luna then, she was now Althena. So the correction was, Althena was having memory problems in Lunar, only because she was turned evil.


Yeesh - have I fallen to playing the role of messenger boy? Anyhow, um...okay, there's the correction for any souls who might have abandoned all potential interest in Lunar after that nasty rumor about Luna's memory.
a blank space

Huh? I said it's a BLANK SPACE! Why are you highlighting this? This is where YOUR letter could have been. uh-huh.

Michael: Sorry, had to keep the quota. Darn budget cuts...
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Legaia is cool.
The story hasn't picked up yet, but I hear it will. The gameplay is fun, the dialogue is a little cheesy but not bad. It's a little like Wild Arms, sans the annoyances.
However, I'm not letting it drag my GPA down FF7-style(Fall of 97: goodbye Mr. above 3.0 Schorr Scolarship holder). So you may have to wait a bit for the review, unless some other unlikely staff member finishes it before me.
I'm really hurting in one of my classes. I just can't seem to control which side of my brain is dominant, so be warned. Oh yes, we musn't forget...

RPG Darwin Award:

In Crono Trigger, Mr. NUON made it all the way to Magus.
Mr. NUON couldn't beat him.
A week and a half passed, and Mr. NUON still couldn't beat him.
Mr. NUON's friend said:
'know ye the concept of new equipment?'
Mr. NUON looked at the wooden sword he was using against Magus, and the fine cloth armor he had equipped.

(Paraphrased/retold by me. Think you have a funnier story? Send it in!)

Shadow Zero Attack Mega! Michael "not the guy from The Matrix" Greenhut

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