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I apologize if I seemed a little too silly yesterday; lack of sleep and the rush to eat Dinner before breakfast tends to make me do that. =) For the record, I would never print letters to be excessively humorous at the expense of answering real, serious gaming questions. The letters yesterday were absolutely all I had to work with, but thankfully I have a little more today. A couple of people asked about possible mythological references from Squaresoft, and as we've seen by now that tends to be their M.O. Anyhow, onto the letters...
old myth, new myth?
Hey New Guy, I need you to share some of your wisdom with me. I'm doing an English project in which I'm comparing an ancient myth to a myth found within an RPG. I'm wondering if you could enlighten me with one found within either FF7, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, or Phantasy Star IV. If your wisdom doesn't go that deep, then could you show me where a good website dealing with this sorta stuff is? If you don't, I'm gonna get my little green Hylian over there to kick your roommates ass for allowing Link to get killed by a F*$%ing chicken.

Adam, the protector of Green guys in tights everywhere
Michael: Ah, excellent...I was hoping for a question like this. =) Mythology is one of my specialties, so here goes: both Crono Trigger and Xenogears used the 3 gurus - Gaspar, Melchior and Belthazar, who were taken from the 3 magi in the Bible. Xenogears also has a treasure trove more: Babel is another obvious bible reference. The Yggdrasil, their vehicle, was named after tree connecting the 3 branches of the Norse world - Asgard(warrior heaven), Midgard(world of the living) and Neflheim(land of the dead for average non-violent joes). Yggdrasil was also called the tree of life by some, and in a similar way it served as a vehicle of "life" in Xenogears I suppose. Ramsus(or Ramses, as was his original designation in the flashback) was taken from Exodus in the Bible. Odin(in FF7 and most others) was the chief of the Norse gods. Hopefully this should be enought to at least get you started.

By the way: I'm not Green so much as a superintelligent shade of blue, and I don't wear tights.

Got Mana?
In legend of mana, are there any HUMAN male charectors? I can not seem to find any.

Michael: Sadly, the first human character is in fact male. But they all seem a little fruity to me; the character sketches remind me of something from the label of an exotic basket of soaps or bath gells from Bed, Bath&Beyond. However, from past experience I have faith this won't taint Seiken Densetsu's excellence.
FFVIII/FFC for the PC?
Hello Michael,

I was just wondering if you knew if Final Fantasy VIII, or the Final Fantasy Collection will be Released for the PC, and if so, what requirements?


Michael: There are rumors of a PC port for FF8 and seeing as how it surpassed FF7 in sales several weeks ago, that is undoubtedly a possibility. FFC I'm afraid is only a pipe dream for us old-school RPGamers and we'll be lucky if it even succeeds in hitting the western shores for the PSX. The games are probably too archaic for the average eye candy addict of a PC gamer. As for the requirements, there's no way of knowing this earily but I have a feeling my lowly P200 24MB EDO Ram won't be enough.
More Mythology(sorta)
I've got a few questions about Xenogears. Before I ask them, let me get something straight: I LOVE THAT GAME. It is the best game since FFVII. But there are some things about the game that bother me... First of, you know the music that plays when you fight an enemy boss? halfway through, you hear a muffled mechanical buzz that faintly resembles human speech. Is someone really saying something, or am I going cuckoo in the cranium? To me, the R2D2-esque buzzing is like something to the effect of "Bart Simpson, Bart Simpson" or "Buy Triscuit brand Biscuits." I don't get it. Did Squaresoft receive hefty sums of money by 20th Century Fox and Nabisco to put subliminal messages promoting their products in Square's games?

And another thing. The military academy of the Sacred Empire of Solaris is called "Jugend." I looked this up in a German dictionary, and found out that it means "the young people" in English. After much critical thinking, I realized that the German name, the reference to young people, and the way that Gebler recruits are trained are linked to the same thing: Adolf Hitler. His "Jugenstaffel," or "young troops," would back him up during World War II. Of course, this is speculation, and could hold the same amount of truth as Rev. Jerry Falwell's allegation that Tinky Winky of the "Teletubbies" is gay. But you, O Sages, should decide for yourself. Is Squaresoft a Nazi sympathizer, or is Tyvek Liinhaal an overanalyzing nutjob?

Michael: Yes, that "buzzing" is an intercom voice saying "all personell report to flight decks"...or something of that sort. And while it's certainly possible that 'Gebler' was taken from German terminology...I really don't think Hironobou Sakaguchi and his crew are gung-ho supporters of Aryan dominance.
Dear non-sexypants Michael,

For a new guy, I'd just like to encourage you for your witty stuff.; For example, when you're daring enough to say "Questions? Queries? Posers?" Then you're pretty dern cool; You also know what you're talking about, which is pretty dern cool.; I hope you get to do more of this stuff, cuz you're good at it.

-Pat Gann

Michael: Thanks for the support, although I semi-stole that quote from Short Circuit. As for my pants, if you identify the next RPGamer quote on time I'll fed-ex them to you with my special autographed, Sakaguchi-condoned "spoony orthopedic underwear", and you can judge more fairly.
Rumors and hopes
Yo Green of Hut, When is CT2 and Earthbound64 coming out? I am a huge fan of the orginials. By any chance did Lore's Prozac Cookies ran Cosner out? Thanks Green of Hut.

Chrono the 45th
Michael: Earthbound64 is supposedly in the works, though some are doubting its completion. CT2 is rumored to be the debut for PS2, but I know of nothing solid to back that up yet. The Prozac cookies(urrp!...) had nothing to do with it, trust me =) Drew went on a Zen retreat and is currently working for Microsoft's amish droid division.
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Is it true that Final Fantasy six (American version three)has been remade for the playstation?
-Dark Fenrir
Yes, with added FMV throughout.
To Alice who had trouble with Parasite Eve,'re carrying too many items and need to get rid of some of them before you can carry anymore! You've probably found the key, just didn't have room for it! There you go Alice, possible cause #3[truncated]
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Let's see...I have a midterm and paper due tomorrow, I have to find a summer internship other than this, I have to eat my aunt's cooking again this passover sans help from the Keebler Elves, and um...I need to work on my Japanese.

RPG Darwin Award: Pat Gann from above, for eating a McDonald's hamburger while passing the soylent system in Xenogears. We'll miss him in the land of shiny happy of omnivores.

- Michael "hurry and update this yesterday" Greenhut

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