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Cortney Stone - August 30 '03- 9:30 Central Standard Time

Alethea: I didn't get swamped with a load of letters, which is both good and bad, I suppose. Nevertheless, I got some good letters, and I really enjoyed answering them.

Oh, and today is Phil's 25th birthday. ^_^

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.hack Makes Me Think of Heath...

hey Aletea,
the names Ryan, i play video games all the time so im always on the look out for great games but 1 i've heard about was .Hack//Infection. i really want to play that but everywhere i go they only have .Hack//Mutation. im in need of assitance where i can get it really cheap. or just to get it all together.

Try internet auctions like Ebay and Yahoo, and also look at internet retailers like the ones advertised on our site (e.g.

and another thing i need to know something from Final Fantsay 7. i need to get Barret's 2nd Limit Break on the 2nd Limit LV. somehow the game just skipped it all together i need a way to get it so i can teach him Catastrophe and i also need an easier way to get Cloud's Omnislash. i've tried buying it but i can't get enough battle points at the battle arena. if u could help i would greatly appreciate it.


You are free to sever the chains that bind you

You need for Barret to use his level 2/1 limit break Grenade Bomb at least eight times before he can learn his level 2/2 limit break Hammerblow. Of course, your real problem may be a random glitch that sometimes will cause the game to skip limit breaks, and then the missed limit breaks will suddenly appear later in the game. It's extremely rare, but if you count eight limit break uses on Barret's part, and the break isn't there, then the glitch may be the culprit. As for Cloud's Omnislash, the only way to get it is through the Battle Arena. You'll just have to be tenacious and work to earn all 32,000 of those points. Don't leave the Battle Arena for a quick save; it will erase all your points. Set aside a block of time to work on the battles, and you may want to set the controller down for a break every now and then. Good luck! ^_^

I Told You Guys That RPGs Aren't Just For Kids


I seem to remember that there was an item in TOD that would let a second player control a second character. Can't remember the name of the item...(going to gamefaqs...checking...Channeling Ring!! Yes!!) So you could play with a friend. I never did because I am a 40-year-old woman and my friends don't play RPGs as a rule.

*smacks forehead* Yeah, after I posted that column, it occurred to me that there might have been an item that allowed a second player to join in. It's been a while since I played ToD. Thanks for the tip! ^_^

Have you played Arc the Lad:Twilight of the Spirits yet? I just got it last week and it's another great game. I love the 3-D tactical battles!

See ya!

Mott the Moogle

AtL: TotS is another game I need to play. Curse this grad student budget.

Yes, Phil is a Lucky Guy

Leaving. What do you mean leaving. You can't just hand the Q & A over. Imagine if George Bush just handed over the presedent over to the next guy he saw or if Shigeru Miyamoto didn't want to design a game called super mario so he just hands the project over! You have the greatest power of all the power to make hundreds of peoples lives just a little better. You have helped so many people and you will just blow them off like so much lint. If not stay permanently how about doing a column once a weak or hell once a month. If you post this I call upon all who have been touched by Alethea in some way to maked yourself known and let it be known you will not give up without a fight. To put it lightly there are just some things you feel comfortable talking to a woman about that you just wouldn't with a man.Well in conclusion if you do deside to leave it is ultimately your choice and you will be sorely missed. And tell your husband he is a lucky man and I wish you the best and I would like to meet you someday.

It's not really my decision to leave. I was handling the column while Andrew Duff was on vacation, and he's coming back for the column next weekend. My time is up...unless the Big Dragon decides to give me a permanent Q & A position. I hope that he sees the positive feedback from readers in the column, and realizes that Q & A needs a feminine touch, even if it means breaking tradition and dividing the column up among three people. I think that some of the readers prefer the biting sarcasm of Duff, others prefer Long's random ramblings, and some prefer my nice responses. Together, the three of us could create a well-balanced column. Once again, it's not my decision. I'd stay if they would let me. ^_^

Hey, Sephiroth, You Mama's Boy! ACHOOOO!!!

Let me say this right now, before I get into this. I suck at power-levelling. I am almost LEGENDARY at my inability to power-level. I couldn't even hit level 99 in FF7! I beat FF6 in some obscenely short time (Under 30 hours, if memory serves?) my first time through, with some incredibly low levels. I had difficulty levelling in Terranigma - even with a PAR super-exp code.

I made it to level 99 in FFVII. I also maxed out all of my materia, so three characters could have three Master Materia each, plus plenty of maxed out independent materia. I spent many hours in the final cave hunting down Magic Pots and those little bouncing reddish-orange things. With this setup, I pretty much sneezed on Sephiroth and killed him.

My point? RPGs that focus on strategy over brute force are the best. I love .hack due to this - I can make runs in areas 5, 6, 7, even 8 levels above me and be perfectly happy. I loved FF6, FF7, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, any TRPG etc. due to this - There were strategies and tactics you could use to overcome level deficiencies. Plus, I tend to run away from battles - I HATE random battles with a passion, and just want to see the plot advance. Thus...And I hope I'm not the only one who hates random battles so much! I mean, I couldn't even PLAY FF9 for more than a half hour at a time, once or twice a week due to the constant random battles! (Plus, I beat the damn thing in under 20 hours my first time through I believe.....hey, there's an issue for Q&A, "RPGs" that aren't really RPGs due to pure shortness :P. Ooo! And too frequent random battles in RPGs :P.)

I admit that there are times when I'm playing a game, and every time I get sucked into a battle, I scream "LEAVE ME ALONE, DANGIT!!!"

As for Escapism.....Let's see. I started on RPG's, and gaming, when I first got Ultima for the NES. I remember spending endless hours on that game, and never even beating it because I couldn't figure out HOW THE FARK TO GET TO THE END BOSS!.......But, it provided a source of endless hours of entertainment to escape from real life - I mean, seriously. I remember moving two or three times in the same year. And, on top of that, never being in K or 1st grade, and only being in 2nd grade for a few weeks? Ick. RPGs, and MUDs once I discovered them were the best source of loosing my aggravation from the world! I still remember slaying hordes of wraiths and other newbies in the school in SoE (To power level straight to 30+ from level 1!), spending hours and hours trying to get that pink tail in FF4, and even trying to do the unpossible (For me) in Chrono Cross - try to get the highest score EVER in that damn racing game (Hey, I found it difficult to beat Johnny. :P). However, there's also a few RPG's in my memory that I could never complete due to the escapism plain running out- FF4 (After I got that pink tail, and got back out of the dungeon, and all that....didn't want to touch it anymore.), and more recently, ICO (I suck at this type of game.), and almost FF9 (Random encounters?)...There's others, but how about yourself? Anything in particular that you've never beat?

I never got the pink tail. I didn't have the patience. I pretty much said, "Aww, screw it...I can kill Zeromus without it." I love ICO though. ^_^ Let's see...I never beat the original Mario Bros. I also threw Star Tropics aside in disgust, and Legacy of the Wizard remains unbeaten to this day. Oh, and the original Metroid. Funny how all the games I couldn't beat are on the NES.

Finally....Blah. Sad to see you go :(. I enjoyed reading your columns, if nothing else.

-D, aka Dulan

I'm sorry to have to go.

Yeah, Alundra Makes Me Mad Sometimes...But So Does Phil, and I'd Never Trade Either One of Them Away

Hi, Cortney,

I've got two things I'd like to write about. I'll address the least serious one first. Alundra. This is the game I call, "That which I will NEVER touch again". I don't really understand why it's labled an RPG. I think it's more of an action/platformer. I stink at those types of games. Those areas that you not only had to run/jump through, but do so in a specified amount of time brought my frustration to the boiling point. You also got no experience for battles. I traded it for Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, & feel that I got the best end of that deal.

I must be a glutton for punishment because I love Alundra. Yes, the jumps are annoying...Phil and I call them "One Pixel Jumps" because it seems like one pixel makes the difference between landing on the ledge and missing it entirely. I'd categorize Alundra as an Action RPG, like the Legend of Zelda games. Alundra's "level-ups" are pretty much like those in Zelda: you get Life Vessels, Magic Seeds, and better weapons and items to help you advance in the game. I'm not such a rabid fan that I can't admit that it's not for everybody though.

On a more important note, I'd like to send some advice to the person near Chicago who's intending to runaway. I too had awful parents. I started running away when I was 14. As Cortney mentioned, being a minor, they kept dragging me back & home life was incrementally worse each time. By the time I was 16, I had developed a plan (as opposed to just running & living on the streets - believe me, sleeping outside is not fun, nor is not having any money to buy food, having nowhere to go to bathe - washing up at gas stations doesn't cut it). I saved up $500 (hey, in the 70's that was a lot of money), and planned to stay with some people (with whom I'd already prearranged) who lived far from my parents' home. I also planned on looking for a job as soon as I got there. My mother found my saved money & spent it on booze. That left me about $50 that I had on me. I couldn't take it anymore, so I left anyway. I went, found a job, eventually found a better job & have never looked back......... Until your letter to Cortney. Here's some advice: If you can, hold out until you're at least 16. That's the age you can become an emancipated minor - meaning, your parents can't force you to come home. If you have family that would be willing to put you up & let you stay in school - GO FOR IT. I had to drop out of high school & never got to go to college. I wish I could have. I'd not only have a better paying job now, but would be doing something I'm actually interested in. That 3 grand may seem like a lot of money, but it won't go far - don't blow it & don't let people know you've got that kind of dough (they'll act like they're looking out for your best interests while they're all too happy to spend your money for you). I know it seems like you'll never get through this (I was convinced I would not live to see 18 when I was living home - I'm leaving out all the gory details), but time & this situation will pass. I'm not saying you should never runaway, I'm just saying you should think & plan as best you can before you make your move. I hope you read this before you make a hasty decision. I wish you all the best.


P.S. I've enjoyed your columns, Alethea, I'll miss them.

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope that others, and not just the person who wanted to run away, will read your words and take the time to make better decisions in life.

I Knew Someone Would Write In About Hunter X Hunter


Regarding the Hunter X Hunter RPG on GBA that was asked about in the column yesterday. It's called Hunter X Hunter: Minna Tomodachi Daisakusen!!. The fan recation on the GameFaqs message board has been...tepid, not worth pursuing if you don't speak Japanese, I think.

You're attending to an institution of higher learning, will you give me some general advice? I'll be attending university in September, so I'm looking for any help I can get.

Mauler "...." Mithel

My advice for college? Learn to manage your time wisely. Hang a large calendar in your room, and fill your assignments in on the days they are due. Watch for upcoming assignments, and don't wait until the last minute. Remember Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Too often I've had printers and internet connections crap out when I needed them the most. It helps to take notes on a separate sheet of paper while you read, and don't be afraid to mark all over your books. Who cares about resale value? Feel free to underline important things, and write comments (or even arguments, in my case) in the margins. Attend review/study sessions if you are having any trouble in class, or get to know a classmate and study together. Get to know your prof and/or the teaching assistants in each class if you can.

As for college living, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a group of people to hang out with. College doesn't have a lot of little tight-knit cliques like in high school. If you have time, get involved in extra-curricular activities. Eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Your brain will work better, and it will help you stay awake in class. Some professors don't like students who sleep in class. For example, I'm a teaching assistant for a prof here at OSU, and he hates it when people sleep in his class. He warned his students at the first of the year to not sleep in class or he would humiliate them. He even told a story about how he caught one student sleeping, and instead of waking him up, he told everyone to quietly turn around and stare at the student. He then threw a piece of chalk at the student, who woke up to find the entire class staring at him! Just today, he was lecturing, and during his lecture on the rise of slavery in America, he suddenly loudly interjected "if you're too damn tired, don't come to class!" It was pretty funny, because it startled the guy awake as everyone turned to look at him.

I hope that's plenty of advice for you. ^_^

Oy, It's Vrumugun, You Know What I'm Saying?


Since I really enjoyed your stay here on Q&A for the past few weekends, I only hope you can come back soon... Anyway, here's an attempt to remedy your desert of despair...

Hmmm... I think I play games to actually visit other worlds, not just to escape this one... I usually just consider this world a distraction from my hobby, which I center my life around. Once I had a teacher tell me I was missing a wonderful world out there and I should get out and experience it... However I see things in quite the opposite. She shouldn't critisize my way of life without ever experiencing it. Grrr... Now I feel better, you know?

Well, it's generally a bad idea to hole up in your room all the time and play video games all day like I did when I was a teenager. Then again, what else was there for me to do in a small town? Go out and get hammered with the other freaks from school? Anyway, if your hobby is playing video games, and that makes you happy, then it's OK to devote time to them instead of, say, going to the movies all the time (blowing money on tickets to go sit in the dark), cruising main street (wasting gas), or hanging out at a coffee shop (getting addicted to caffeine). What exactly did that teacher want you to go see and experience? In RPGs, you've seen marvelous architectural structures, explored exotic cultures, encountered hundreds of strangers, and discovered priceless treasures. They are all fictional, but a fictional world is still a different one with entirely new experiences.

Another thing, I seem to have picked up the habit of always adding 'you know' to the end of my sentences after playing Alundra and Breath of Fire 3... That is really sad to be influenced so easily... Have you ever picked up any kind of speech from a game?

What is your opinion of the Chibi style of anime? I think it is just too CUTE!!!

"Gandalf is a bit too cool!"

Hmm...I've always thought that the way you say "Oy" and "you know" reminded me of Jess (definitely one of the cooler characters) from Alundra. I've never been that influenced by a character. I did learn how to do a near-perfect imitation of the Shoopuf guy from FFX. I'd go around randomly saying "Ride ze Shoopuf?" to Phil just to drive him crazy. Another odd thing that happens to me is that I'll play world map music in my head while I'm walking across campus or through the grocery store. ^_^ And yes, chibi is pretty cute.

I Looked All Over the Internet For a FFIX Game Over Screen Just So I Could Answer This Question

Dearest Cortney,

I have really enjoyed your Q&A colums since you temp. replaced Duff. I'm going to miss you doing Q&A, but I know you'll still be in news, so you wont be far. ^-^;; In short, this is my first letter so... here we go!

In Final Fantasy IX, great game, what is the screen when you're whole party is ahnialated? I know it has Dagger's Silver Pendant hanging on... ??? What exactly is it hanging on??? First I thought it was a steeple of a church... then a weather vane of some sort, and now, I'm thinking its a grave of some sort...but, I don't know for sure. If you could help, it would be appreciated.

Alethea: looks like one of Freya's lances stuck in the ground, and one of Zidane's knives (in a sheath) has the chain on Garnet's pendant wrapped around it, binding it to the lance.

I will miss you as a Q&A host, but I hope that you'll continue on with news and other parts of RPGamer. But, if you need some "help", Ben Matlock has some "connections" with a certain squid that might be able to make all your Q&A dreams come true. Good luck with everything Cortney!!!! Stay sweet, and say "hi" to Phil for me.

Sincerely yours,

O' Shrouded One
-A younger version of Andrew Long

Andrew's my hero!

Letters like this make me want to stay in Q & A for a very long time. ^_^

Reconciling My Beliefs

i know this has nothing to do with RPGs, but i'm curious... your bio says you're a "Feminist, Existentialist, Pacifist, Humanist" while on your webpage you seem to be a somewhat conservative christian. i'm not saying these ideologies are necessarily in conflict, but many people think so. how do you reconcile these beliefs?

You went to my webpage? *laughs nervously* OK, here goes nothing...those who don't want to hear about my beliefs are free to utilize the scroll bar, conveniently located at the right side of the screen. ^_^

Obviously, I don't believe that feminism, existentialism, humanism, and pacifism are in conflict with my Christian beliefs. By most standards, I'm actually not very conservative. While I hold to the basic Christian views, I tend take a more rational approach to faith matters (Phil says I'm a "Vulcan Christian" because I take such a logical and pragmatic approach), and I tend to be tolerant toward the beliefs and lifestyle choices of others. First of all, feminism and Christianity are not incompatible as some believe; the Bible itself states that in Christ there is "no Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free," which essentially means that all humans are equal regardless of race, gender, social status, etc. A feminist is just someone who sees that men and women are equal, and I don't see how some people see this as incompatible with the Bible. In addition, I see the Biblical view of female submission as something that worked back then when women were basically seen as uneducated household objects and not now that women are "liberated." Second, Christianity and existentalism are somewhat compatible; just look at the work of Soren Kirkegaard. Third, pacifism and Christianity are the most compatible. The teachings of Christ strongly advocate non-violence and non-retaliation. I know that many conservative Christians actively support war, and even bring God into the mix to justify it. Personally, I see this as a contradiction of the tenets of the faith. Last, there is a such thing as Christian humanism. Unlike secular humanism, Christian humanism stresses that humans are beautiful creations of God, capable of doing many wondrous things. I guess the only really funky part is that I'm both an existentialist (humans aren't really inherently good, the world sucks sometimes) and a humanist (humans are capable of doing great things). The two views really sum up my view on the duality of human nature while making me look like some sort of paradoxical oddball. ^_^

Oh, and as a message to all the readers: please don't send me any flames, OK? I don't go around harshly criticizing the beliefs of others, and I would greatly appreciate it if other people to show the same respect toward me. It's the Golden Rule, after all.

Andrew Long Had a Brain Fart! HA HA HA!!!

Hi Alethea,
I'm a long time reader of rpgamers Q&A, but i've never written in before, but there were a few thing i felt like commenting on. First off, the other day in Andrew Longs collumn, someone mentioned watching cutscenes from Final Fantasy: Chronicles and that based on that they would like to see a Chrono Trigger Anime. Andrew said he didn't understand how Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles had anything to do with CT. The writer was obviously refering to Final Fantasy Chronicles ( The playstation port of Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger). I don't see how Andrew got that mixed up so easlily.

Andrew got mixed up because he is goofy. He probably thought that the person mistyped Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. However, I immediately knew what you and the other person meant. ^_^

Second, to answer Vrumugun's question about Tales of Destiny being multiplayer, you can find an item called the Channeling which you can equip on a character to allow a friend to control that character. There are 3 of those in the game so you can have 4 players.

Channeling...Channel Ring...same difference. Thanks. ^_^

And last, a little advice for the 15 year old that wants to run away. I have friends who ran away when they were still minors thinking it would be easy. Going to stay with relatives would be a better idea, cause if you run away you won't be able to get a job, or a licsense, or even go to school til your 18. And staying at home might not be a bad idea after all, my friends couldn't stand their parents either but by the time the were 18 or 19 they ended up working things out and going back to live with their parents anyways.



Thank you so much for your words of advice. I hope they will convince others that running away isn't the answer to their problems.

Misspelling My Name on Purpose...Silly Stuouart...

Hey Alathea Courtney Stone. Just kidding, I know how to spell your names, I'm just in a weird mood. Anyway, if you print this I won't read your response until monday because I'm going away to my friend's place in Connecticut for a double birthday bash. So even if I could read your response, I doubt I'd be in any condition to. But I digress. Anyway, I was wondering if you've ever played the Manhunter games by Sierra for the PC back in the late 80s? You're my age so you might have. Anyway, I just bring it up because there's this bad guy named Phil in the games who is like this mass murderer working for the evil aliens who took over the Earth in the year 2002. I guess we know how that turned out. Anyway, I thought you'd get a kick out of your husband's namesake being a sadistic killer.

Nope, I've never heard of the Manhunter games. Most people in Oklahoma didn't realize what a PC was until the mid-nineties ("Pee-see? Ain't it improper to watch people go to the bathroom?"). Just so you know, Phil has a lot of the grouchy satyr in Disney's "Hercules" (and Kingdom Hearts, of course), the guy who cares for the chapel in Queens in Dark Cloud, and the handsome prince from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty." The mass-murderer one is pretty funny though. ^_^

Well, I guess I can throw in a question. I only have enough money to buy one game, and it's down to either Disgaea or Unlimited Saga. While I know most people would be like "Saga! *barf* get Disgaea", but since I like the Saga games, and also consider you to be a smart girl with a taste for games, I figured I'd get your opinion on that.

Well, wish me luck this weekend...if you don't hear from me by Monday, feel free to call Robert Stack over at Unsolved Mysteries.

Robust Stu
Gold Reviewer/Swell Guy

Well, if you're truly a fan of the Saga games, go for Unlimited. That way, you can write a good review for it from the standpoint of someone who has played through the series. I hate for you to pass up Disgaea, but if you really want Unlimited, and you trust the Saga name, go for US. Have fun at the party! ^_^

Fan...Fresh Air...Get It? Uh, Never Mind...

Umm... I really do hate to rain on somebody's parade... but the translation of "felix" from latin to english means "happy, fortuitous" and the such, not cat. Hence the english words "felicity, felicitous". Yes, there was a cat named Felix on a TV show, but I have a hunch that was to mean that he was happy, not that the word in latin meant cat :-p

The Latin word "felix" is declined as felix, felicis, --hence where words like felicity come from -- sorry, I spent wayy too many years taking a Latin class in High School, its amazing what I still remember after four years of college and not latin teacher harping on me.

Lucky you...getting to take Latin in high school. The only language course my high school had was Spanish (can you imagine some aggie boy reading Spanish out loud? It's worse than Peggy off King of the Hill..."Coo-all ess luh fetcha dee hoy?"). Anyway, thanks for the correction. I wondered if the translation of Felix was right, because it wasn't exactly like the word "feline." Now I know. ^_^

Umm but yeah, as for an actual question... I've played through a good chunk of three PS2 games that I have yet to finish, (all because I rented them). So I was wondering, what would you suggest I should finish first?

The games are:
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (Gotta backtrack to get those last characters before much else)
Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter
Kingdom Hearts

Okay, thanks, I'm increasingly becoming a fan of your Q&A style, it really is a breath of fresh-air in this section.

I recommend Kingdom Hearts. I absolutely loved it. ^_^

An Informative Letter From Our Tales Expert


I wanted to respond to Vrumugun just in case no one else did.

Tales of Destiny is multiplayer just like ToD2/ToE EXCEPT... a) all human-controlled characters besides Stahn need to be equipped with an item called channel ring. b) much stupidity comes from not being about to switch characters around easily. First player must be Stahn, and second player must be whoever is in the second slot (below Stahn in the menu, usually Rutee).

Just like ToE/ToD2, you can play three or four players with a multitap.

Also... don't call 'em Tales 1, Tales 2, etc. ^_^; There are nine Tales games, and they aren't all "of Destiny." Logically, "Tales 2" would refer to the first Tales of Destiny.

Tales of Symphonia has the more intellegent system than ToE/ToD2 has, of course. ^_^ Yeah, so it sold about 204k on its first day, isn't that nice~ GO TALES.

*wishes she had money to import*


Thanks, Cyllya. I can always count on you to provide a wealth of Tales info. ^_^

Notice That I Didn't Count Zelda As a Non-RPG

Hello, Cortney.

Awwww. Don't leave us! I really hope you get more Q&A time in the future! Err, oh yeah. I need a question... Do you like any non-RPG games? If so, what ones?

Farewell! I'm sure we will all miss you, so come back soon!


Aww... ^_^ OK, non-RPGs...well, I used to play the Kid Icarus games on the NES and GameBoy, I've cleared out Mario Bros. 2, Mario World on the SNES, Yoshi's Island, and Yoshi's Story (ugh, Yoshies can't sing). I've torn through Donkey Kong Country on the SNES more than once, and I've also been addicted to Tetris. Basically, I like side-scrolling platformers, puzzle games, and the occasional racing game (e.g. Mario Kart).


you guys need to get the new wild arms screenshots up. they are simply awesome.



Alethea: Yeah! You media people need to go and do what he says. ^_^
I hope they don't eat me alive for saying that...

I heard somewhere, I forget where, but probably from someone who didn't know what they were talking about, that Xenogears and the surrounding saga are based on an old Japanese novel. Can you confirm or deny this?

Alethea: I've been told by numerous people and various internet sources that Xenogears is indeed based on a novel or series of novels. Beyond that, I haven't received any concrete information. Of course Googleshng, being an eternal slimy source of video game knowledge, has informed me that the whole "based on a novel" thing is nothing more than pure fiction...a mere rumor generated about the game. Until I actually see the novel(s), I'll side with Goog.

Felix is NOT Latin for Cat. It's an adjective that means "happy." The word Feline derives from the Latin word "Felis," not "Felix."

So the warning should read "Cave Felem," although I don't know why someone should be afraid of a cat....

Alan D.

Alethea: People should be afraid of certain cats because they have the unusual ability to conceive evil plans against humans while sleeping. And they sleep A LOT. Think about it: when your cat leaves a dead animal on your doorstep, it's not a "present." It's an example of what they are capable of doing to those who do not go along with their plans. Also, some cats love to run in front of people and trip them. That's because they are trying to make people fall and break their necks.

By the way, I like cats. ^_^

Last Words:

Alethea: Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and maybe I'll be back in the Q & A neighborhood sometime in the future. I'd like to say thanks to all of you who wrote in to me...especially those who wrote to me every day (or nearly every day) know who you are. ^_^

The Magical Feminist Wonder
Cortney "Look For Me In News" Stone -

Queen of Dorks
Claire Belton

Prepare for the return of the rabid rabbit! Well, as soon as me and Claire untie him...

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