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Cortney Stone - August 28 '03- 9:30 Central Standard Time

Alethea: I'm playing Alundra again, and the title of the column should tell you what I've just completed. What's funny is that when I played through Bonaire's Dream the first time, and he's chasing Sara and saying "I'd pass up the most righteous swell for you," I didn't realize that was a surfing reference. Knowing how Working Designs can be, I thought it meant something else...I'm, moving on...

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More PnP Info Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Hey, Alethea;

You may already know about this site, but I found it while looking for "fatal" for you: I did not find a reference to Fatal here.

This link was found at: ;

Worthwhile mentions:


Well, I'll probably never get into PnP, but it's nice to know that I have all this reference material now. ^_^

An Answer to Orie's Question


For Orie:

Felix the Cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat

Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks

You'll laugh so much your sides will ache

Your heart will go pitter pat

Watching Felix, the wonderful cat.


That should make Orie happy. ^_^

Maybe Square Decided to Finally Lay Off the Angst Boys...

First to come to mind wasn't a game character ^_^; Queen Emeraldas...the two-ep OVA was the first anime I saw in English. Now there was a strong female lead, honorable, powerful but didn't seek out conflict, protected others no matter what she was facing, etc.

Game-wise....Well, I've had a soft spot (respect-wise) for Auron since I played FFX. Not only was he a bad-ass, he was also dedicated, and c'mon, he crawled back from the dead to keep his promises and put an end to the whole hypocrisy! Not to mention he showed more wisdom than ten other typical characters; I used to have a lot of his quotes sig-filed. I've also got to mention Zidane; not only did he keep a sense of humor through pretty much everything - nothing drug him down - but he had a strong enough sense of mercy to even go back into the Iifa Tree for Kuja, when a lot of others pro'lly woulda just said "Good Riddance"; at the same time, he still fought to protect others. I think he was a stronger main character than Cloud, Squall, or some of the others...going through everything he did, including finding out he was created to destroy the world he'd grown to know as home, and *not* cracking or going permanent angst-boy.

"GIR!! HELP, I'VE BEEN CAPTURED!!" "YAAAAYYY!!" ".... No, Gir, that's bad." "YAAAAAYYY!!"

I really liked Auron...strong, silent, cool-looking, great back-story, great sense of style. I also liked Zidane. After dealing with the (understandably) angst-ridden Cloud and Squall, Zidane was a breath of fresh air. His blatant flirting with Garnet, his cheerful words of encouragement for Vivi, and his great dialogue with Steiner all made me smile.

Instruction Books Are For Wimps!

Hey again. I actually do yard work from time to time at my local post office, so it's kind of messed up how I'm totally inexperienced with mailing stuff (that isn't just letters)... so this is gonna cost me money huh?? Well, then you're gonna have to wait till I get some!! That probably shouldn't be too long, eheh. So, which game would you prefer? Star Ocean 2 or Valkrie Profile? I'm not saying what one you prefer is the one you get, but I'd like to know your preference ;-) I'm leaning more towards giving Valkrie Profile away, but I might give you Star Ocean 2 if you really want it, but be warned, Valkrie Profile DOESN'T HAVE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!! :-o Both games are in good condition. Have a nice day! :-)

(once I get money, I'll need a mailing address :-p)


(Oh yes, there are strings attached. You owe me a pizza, two pairs of mittens, and a slightly used Seventeen magazine! Hhohohoohoh!!)

Well, you seem serious about this. Alrighty...I want Valkyrie Profile, and I don't really need the instruction book anyway. I don't know if I can meet your demands though. I never subscribed to Seventeen because I hate the fashion industry, and as a teen I wasn't that interested in enlightening quizzes like "Who's Your Celebrity Hunk Match?" and "How likely are you to get a guy?" Now, if they had articles like "Getting a Good ACT Score" and "Buying a Great Car and Taking Care of It" instead of "Getting Into the Popular Crowd" and "Snagging That Cute Guy and Keeping Him Happy" I might have been interested. Anyway, I can send you something like homemade cookies or nifty pizza coupons. Keep in touch. ^_^

It's Never Too Late To Talk About Characters, Especially When You Throw In Some Flattery

Heya Cortney

I didn't know if it was too late to write in about characters we admire, but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway. I would have to say I admire Ryudo from Grandia 2. He's strong, he realizes to forgive and cares about other people, and he's a snazzy dresser, and I can relate to him. I don't know if you've played Grandia 2, but if you haven't, I recommend picking it up.

I haven't written in while you've been hosting Q & A, but I've been following your column every day, and I think you're a great host. Keep up the good work.


We own Grandia II, and while Phil has beaten it I haven't. I've just started playing through Alundra, so once I finish that, Grandia II will probably be next...unless, of course, Rebbie sends me Valkyrie Profile or something.

My Daily Letter From Vrumugun

Hi Cortney!

Weeeeee!!! I seem to be quite sleepy this week so what RPG do you play to stay awake? I need a game that takes on the essence of caffine but actually works on me... Yawn... I promise to be somewhat awake to send you a better letter tomorrow, ok? Hmmm... I need one of those anti-sleep amulets found in so many games... What kind of special accessory would you like?


When I'm sleepy, I go to sleep, unless I'm in class or something. I can't even think of playing a game while I'm sleepy.

I need an accessory that allows me to teleport anywhere instantaneously, like Lucia's Pendant in Lunar 2. If only the one that Working Designs included with the game worked like that...I'd never have to take one of those on-campus transit buses again! Trips to the grocery store would be a breeze. I could visit family and friends without travelling great distances. That would be so nice. Oh, and it would also be nice if it could also enable me to throw fireballs at people who cut me off in traffic. ^_^

It's WAY Better Than Admiring Sephiroth

" there's someone I can admire".

One name. Krelian. Xenogears.

Able to love someone so much.....?!?

Yow. If he were a real person, I'd not only want to emulate him, I'd want in his bloody pants! And I'm male! And definitely not homo/bi! :P.

This was a guy willing to create his own God to follow his heart, so to speak (Yeah, yeah. I'm tired, but I just had to chime in after reading this.). I mean, wow. Look at what he did - and most people never bother to realize his reasoning, just screaming about him being a stereotypical bad guy that must die :(.

Of course, he's also one of the most damned cool bad guys ever. So.....BONUS!


Well, I wasn't crazy about Krelian myself, but I see your point. I never really hated Krelian or anything. I just figured that he was terribly misunderstood and fairly nutty.

Letters Like This Make My Head Hurt

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles rocks!!! I got japanese version!! but too bad I beat it in 50hrs or so.. it took me about two weeks!! anyway I have two questions.. I heard that camelot is making Golden Sun for gamecube is it true??? and is there any other RPG games coming out from Square Enix??? if so do u know what game is coming out or what Square Enix is planning to make for gamecube??? also I heard that Chrono Trigger II is coming out for gamecube is that true??? thank you for your time!!

*sighs* OK, go look at our upcoming games page. If Golden Sun was coming out for GameCube, it would be listed under the GameCube heading. As for Square-Enix RPGs, the list is: Drakengard, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy X-2, FFXI, FFXII, the possibility of FFXIII, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, FF: Crystal Chronicles, FFTA, Sword of Mana, and a funky biker MMORPG called Bakusou Yankee Damashii. That's it. If Square-Enix announces another RPG, we'll post the news and add it to the upcoming games page. Do you people honestly think that we have all this top secret upcoming games info? If we did, we wouldn't post it in Q & A. And for the fifty millionth time, there is no Chrono Trigger II, Chrono Break, Chrono Sandwich, or Chrono Crossdresser. It's just some crazy immortal rumor that got started because Squaresoft copyrighted the name Chrono Break, which doesn't mean that they are going to make a game called Chrono Break. There has been ZERO EVIDENCE that a game called Chrono Break is ever going to be made. ZERO. There's more evidence that Square-Enix is going to make FFXIII!

Have a nice day. ^_^

Orie Brings His Own Brand of Sunshine to the Column

Guten Tag(Hey, everyone else is doing it) Cortney,

This is a little tangent to Andrew's column, but oh well. I agree with that one guy about the cereal thing, and of course I never check, so by the time I get my cereal I only have half a box left because I had to throw all of it out. Stupid sour milk. That brings up a bad memory, I once drank a whole glass of VERY sour milk before realizing it was in fact, sour. You know where you drain the glass real quick in the morning not paying attention to the little lumps you are swallowing and then after the deed is done and you realize what you've done and you don't feel so good anymore, escpecially when you remember the feeling of those nummy chunks as you swallowed them...

I once took a sip of sour milk. I have a habit of tasting the milk before I pour it into anything (be it something I'm cooking or a bowl of cereal). You can't always tell by sniffing. This milk didn't smell very odd, so I sipped it just to be sure. BLLLECCCHHH!!!!!! I thought I'd never get that awful taste out of my mouth.

Those squirrels were messing outside my house again, I saw one looking at me in the tree that passes right by my window...he was a shifty sort. But, HAHA squirrels my dogs ate you, and now you are dead, let this be a warning to Lord Karl to back his minions away from my domain. Some of you who did not see this shifty squirrel would probably say, "OH what horrible mean dogs killing the poor defenseless little squirrel." Well, if you saw MY dogs you could never acuse them of anything, they have that all worked out, see. One is in a constant state of looking pitiful while the other just looks cute. Of course, our dogs just don't go around killing everything, they are trained. They have to be, here, if they were to chase after a deer, anyone would be within their legal right to shoot them.

I found today that I was in an extrordinarily good mood, this could be attributed to the fact that I actually got some sleep, which is why you saw none of me last night. I have this thing that people commonly refer to as "the twitch" it's a thing I do with my hands. Today, it was amplified by said good mood and caused some really interesting things to happen. I can't remember much of it but I believe I was frantically humming Super Mario World tunes while running up and down the house. A little later this escalated into singing popular Christmas Carols in languages that no one on this Earth has ever heard before. This all ended badly, however, as now I have a huge headache and I really hate everything. It almost sounds like someone slipped me something doesn't it?


The RPG character that I look up to the most is Orie. Look at what he's done:

Saved Hyrule countless times.
Saved Canada from a psycho teacher on the rampage.
Saved the world from Chaos, Emperor, Zeromus, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja, Sin.
Averted the Apocalypse by defeating Lavos.
Stopped the Time Devourer.
All that other jazz that I'm too lazy to list.

Big fat hairy deal. I've done all that and more myself.

Yeah, I'm an egotistical fool. I always name the main character after myself, which I guess other people seem to view as odd. (In FF6, Locke was Orie, and I'm happy he was.) Only one of those actually includes Orie as the default character, and if you can't spot it, you be blind. Well, I'm done because this letter is too long.

-Orie "EVIL...ah forget it.." House

I guess I need my vision checked, because I can't possibly imagine what game would have "Orie" as the default name.

P.S. No one answered my Felix question :( I wasn't kidding, this something won't just be some craptastic ~ or something...>_> not that Cortney's ~s aren't worth they're bits in gold. And I've found that it isn't a passing thing, I'm recalling days of watching Felix in my youth, and I now see why I became so screwed up. Felix the Cat is whacked, and I'm loving every minute of it. It's definitely a cartoon that can be enjoyed by the clinically insane of any age. Good night.

Scroll up. Someone answered your question earlier in the column. ^_^


Xenogears was and is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. You mentioned that you were at the part when you first meet Billy, thats were the game starts to get good. Start playing it again you wont regret it.

Alethea: Um, I beat Xenogears ages ago. I only put it down for a while because another games I had at the time seemed more interesting. No, I don't regret playing Xenogears. I'm not totally crazy about it, but I thought it was pretty cool. ^_^

Last Words:

Alethea: Another great column. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with 39 letters again. I'll be back tomorrow to answer more questions, should you have any for me. Until next time...

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