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Cortney Stone - August 23 '03- 16:00 Central Standard Time

Alethea: Feminism and oddly spelled names continue to be issues today...not because of me, but because of the reader response. Hey, I'm just the host. I'm here to answer questions, and share my views if asked. This column is about the readers, not me. Oh, and Phil makes yet another appearance in the column.

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"It's in the damn Bible"

Surprisingly, I have that same problem with my name - Luke - which many people insist on spelling "Luck". Which confounds me, since Luke is a name in the damn Bible and a fairly common one in general usage. This is aside from the fact that "Luck" is an entirely different word, one that I would think most people would be familiar with. Really goes to show the sorry state of our public schools in the United States I suppose.

It's truly sad when a nice name like "Luke" gets skewed into "Luck."

Anyways, reading some of the comments about Norse mythology and English literature got me to thinking. Has there been a game based on Beowulf? Not even based in the most literal sense, but even referencing the characters through allusions in names or places. It seems like there would be some villians called Grendel or something, since those Japanese seem to enjoy throwing in lots of mythological names without any real clear significance. Maybe there are, and I just wasn't paying attention.

I've never heard of a game based on Beowulf, unless there's an obscure side-scroller for the Sega Genesis out there somewhere that I'm missing. However, there are little references here and there, particularly in Final Fantasy games. FFT featured a hidden character named Beowulf, although the name was the only thing the two characters had in common. FFVIII had monsters named Grendels. In FFX, one of Tidus' swords was named Hrunting, which is named after the sword Beowulf gets from Unferth. Personally, I'd like to see a few games based on classic stories like Beowulf. Can't you just see the Odyssey as an RPG?! Not only would they be entertaining, but they would help young people learn about these great stories that shaped cultures.

Also, I'm studying Japanese right now in college (not in order to watch anime, but so I can read books by Natsume Soseki, Kobo Abe, etc., and so I can talk to some Japanese people too I guess) and I'm studying abroad there next winter/spring. I was thinking of picking up some Japanese rpgs while I'm there and trying to play through them - as a way of practicing Japanese, of course... You might not speak Japanese, but do you (or anyone else who might know) have any idea as to the difficulty of the writing used in rpgs like FFX2? Often times in Japanese manga, the kanji used is more difficult depending on the intended audience age level, or there are little furigana in order to read the kanji. Is there anything like this in Japanese games, or am I going to need to break out the kanji dictionary every time I need to read some trite comment about how technology is destroying nature or corporations are beating down the everyman or whatever other plot the game happens to have?

Sorry if my sentences are a little off, but I've been speaking and writing Japanese for about 5 hours everyday for the last 9 weeks, and I've lost the ability to speak and write English in any sort of intelligible way.


I think it's great that you are studying Japanese. Your English is quite coherent, by the way. As for reading imported games, I personally don't know. I only know a few words in Japanese, and I can't read any of it.

The Other Other OSU

Hey, Alethea Cortney;

I like your idea of a re-made original Zelda!

I want to mention that the whip and spear in Secret of Mana are among the best weapons "evur", and I really liked the alternative weapon that is the swallow in Chrono Cross.

And I want to mention the THIRD OSU: Oregon State University!

Okay, you are going to determine which of my several un-played games will next make the transition to my played list. I'm including the few that I played a little, but set down for situational constraints.

Alundra 2
Azure Dreams
Final Fantasy VIII
Illusion of Gaia
Lunar: Eternal Blue (PSX)
SaGa Frontier
SoulBlazer (never get past the first boss)

This is the list of games played well in, but not finished:

7th Saga
Brain Lord
Lufia II

What a list, huh? The list of games I don't even have but should play is immense.

Thanks for being nice, cute, intelligent, civil, and attentive!


First of all, play Alundra. Next, avoid Alundra 2, unless you can stand horrible blocky graphics to get to the supposedly good puzzles. I couldn't get past the graphics myself. Azure Dreams is pretty good, and if you like sim games, monster catching, and/or girl chasing, you might get addicited. My husband battled an Azure Dreams addiction of his own. He always wanted to do "just one more run through the Monster Tower!" Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is just great, and if you liked the first Lunar, you'll love the second one. Be sure that Illusion of Gaia, Lufia II, and FFVIII make it to your played list as well. As for the others, I don't know anything about them. I have heard that 7th Saga is pretty good, and if you end up liking Illusion of Gaia, then tackle Soul Blazer...the gameplay is supposedly similar, and brace yourself for what my husband refers to as "the butt-hard final boss." I've also heard others speak of RoboTrek with fondness, so you might want to give that one a whirl as well.

Delving Into Shadow's Mysterious Past

I've always assumed that the Sigfried, etc., thing in FF6 was just a goof, and they're all supposed to be the same person. As far as I can remember, the game doesn't say anything about it either way.

Interestingly, if you have Zigfried and Shadow on the screen together (in the Colliseum is the best place), they look rather similar, only Zeigfried has more sashes and things. Maybe he's really Clyde's(Shadow's) old partner in crime, Baram (I think that's the name). Again, no proof, just something I noticed one day. Of course, I never saw all of Shadow's dreams, so maybe Baram is dead, but from what I did see, it's only assumed.


I missed all of Shadow's dreams too. However, after placing a call to one of my friends, who always has an active FF6 save file, he was able to walk me through Shadow's inn dreams. From what we gathered, Baram could very well be Zeigfried, since after their train robbery, Baram suggests that they both change their names. In addition, Baram's death is not shown; Clyde/Shadow merely leaves his injured partner behind. If playing RPGs has taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't assume someone is dead unless you witness his/her death (and even then, you can't be too sure, since characters tend to come back to life sometimes) or meet his/her ghost.

Showing Melzas Who's Boss!

Hi Cortney,

In response to NeoCarbuncle's question, the characters in DW7 are [insert any name for hero here], Melvin, Gabo, Kiefer, Maribel, and Aira.

By the way, can you sugest a means by which to defeat the final boss of Alundra? I played the game all the way through and I just couldn't get past him... That easily is the most depressing experience I've ever had in a game... Darn it, now I want to play through Alundra again. Also is Alundra 2 really that bad? I never could find a copy of it so apparently it was more of a blessing than a disaster from what I've heard.

To beat the final boss of Alundra...I hope you like patterns! ^_^ I hope you were able to beat the dragon first. If not, then all you have to do is hit him whenever he lands and avoid his fireballs by staying to one side of him. If he swoops down on you run as fast as you can straight down until he stops. If he hovers above you, just walk above his shadow to avoid the fire he's breathing on you. As for Melzas himself (the townspeople are gracious enough to heal you before this battle), here is where the pattern comes into play. Melzas likes to create apparitions of himself in two different patterns: one has a Melzas in each corner of the battle area, and the other has three Melzases across the top. Watch how they appear...the last Melzas to appear is the real one, and that's the one you need to hit. If you hit a fake Melzas, the real one will pop up and try to do some serious damage to you. After you do enough damage to the real Melzas, you'll be transported to the final battle, and this time the townspeople won't be able to heal you. You'll see two hands, two eyes, and a brain. Yuck. Keep moving; those eyeballs like to rain painful stuff down on you. Don't let the hands grab you or knock you down; you can destroy the hands if you want, but they will regenerate later. Still, it's nice to have them out of the way. If you need to heal, head down to the bottom center, and you'll be out of harm's way for the most part. A good way to do some significant damage is to walk right up and unleash a powerful magic attack. This worked for me, and got those pesky hands out of my way. To defeat this boss, you'll need to jump up and strike the brain with your sword. After he dies, you'll need to burn his blood with the Fire Rod (you'll be prompted when the time is right). After that, you'll boogie out of the Lake Shrine and watch the final sequence in which Alundra gets a little tipsy with the townsfolk. ^_^

Yes, Alundra 2 is really that bad. The puzzles are supposed to be really good, but I couldn't get past the horrible graphics. However, if you insist on seeing it for yourself, I have a copy for sale. Only $10. I will also accept a trade. ^_^

Do you find it odd that I would love to take both your classes and Calculus and such... Although, I'm beginning to discover that I despise anything involving science in any degree although up to this point I was planning to major in it after high school. Sigh... I'll probably end up changing my major about three or four times in college...

As for your final comment, yes I know about it. It is one of the best parts of the column, ya know. It is fun having secrets, even if most people know about them!


"'That's a secret!' is a phrase that makes Xellos that much more awesome. Although Vrumugun will ALWAYS be better! (j/k)"

Yes, it is unusual that you are interested in both history and math. However, I don't think it makes you odd. It just means that you are a well-balanced person. Typically, people are interested in either the sphere of arts or the sphere of sciences. Don't worry about changing your major. There are people who have changed their majors five or six times before finding out what they wanted to do in life. I started out as an English major myself, until I realized that it wasn't for me. I ended up getting a Bachelor of Humanities, which allowed me to study literature, history, theology, and a little philosophy and sociology. It gave me a range of options for my graduate degree, and I ended up going with history, although I could have easily gone with theology. I was once told to work in my "passion," and college is a great place to discover your passion.

FFX: Reloaded...No, Wait, That's Not It

Hey i'm a big FFX fan i've beatin the game several times and something happened this last time that I never would have thought could happen I got tired of it. It's just not fun anymore so I was desperate I got on the internet to search for movies of the game details about ffx-2 but it just wasn't enough. Well eventually I came apon a japenese game call FFX international. It was the original with interviews from creators extra cut-scenes and dark aeons!!! Well neadless to say I was overjoyed i'd thought my search was over but when I went to several sites they all required credit cards which are hard to come by when your 15. So I come to you in hopes you could tell me a site where I could buy it using check, money order, ext... Please I am desperate.

P.S. What is your favorite rpg ever... I live on awesome rpg's as you can tell 8->.

I don't know of any sites that take checks or money orders. You may have to put it on your Christmas list and hope that an adult with a credit card is willing to get it for you. Just be sure to include instructions on where to find the game and how to order it.

If you want to know my favorite games, just look at my bio.

GameCube vs. Xbox vs. PlayStation2

I would code my own HTML, really, but I..errr...well, you know. I don't wanna.

So I gear up for the massive life-ending event known as Soul Calibur 2 (and F-Zero GX!), I'd like to point out that Tales of Phantasia scored a 38 in a respected Japanese magazine Dengeki. The magazine is notorious for its low scores, so this is a MASSIVLE achievement...they raved about it. I can't WAITTTTTT. = D The Tales series is so often overlooked, don't you think? Battle system's brilliant.

Yes, I like the Tales series, and the battle system is a blast.

What do you think the best system is for RPGs right now? I'm weird, and I'm gonna have to go ahead and say Game Boy Advance...with Golden Sun 2 still in the limelight, and potential masterpieces FFTA and Mario and Luigi coming up, it sure looks a heck of a lot better than the PS2's upcoming .hack rehash and Disgaea...which I'm really not looking forward to. I have a sinking feeling that FFX-2 will be a disappointment, and I'm getting FFXI for the far more reliable there anything else coming up in the near future?

I'd have to disagree. To me, the PS2 has a more interesting lineup than the GBA, although I'd still say the GBA has some good RPGs.

On that subject, why in the world do gamers shun Gamecube and X-box? Sure, there are sixteen-year-olds far too cool (there! I did do some HTML myself!) to have a Gamecube, but if you just LOOK at the systems, the difference is amazing. I can think of TWO...and only I'd want to own for the X-box, Halo and KOTOR. And both of those will be ported to the PC shortly, so why bother? On the other hand, Gamecube has or shortly will have dozens of excellent, excellent titles; Super Monkey Ball 2, Viewtiful Joe, Crystal Chronicles, F-Zero GX, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Eternal Darkness, Rogue Leaders 2 and 3, Wind Waker, Mario Kart : Double Dash, and so very many more...Nintendo better completely dominate Microsoft in the next-gen race. Or I fear for our society.

Take a look at our games page. The lists of Xbox and GameCube RPGs are shorter than the list of PS2 RPGs. Nevertheless, I think they are both great systems, and should I ever gather the necessary funds, I'll consider purchasing them both, especially the GameCube. Wind Waker alone is enough to make me want a Cube.

Oh yeah, and Alethea is such a cool name...where'd ya get it? Can I name my daughter Alethea? It's going right up there on the list with Rinoa and Aurora. = D

- Feep "Alethea, it's time for your first day of school!"

"Alethea" means "truth" in Koine Greek. I chose this name because I am the kind of person who continually seeks the ultimate truth in life. If you want to name your daughter Alethea, go for it. But be aware of the "strangely spelled names" issue that has been appearing in this column lately. My suggestion is that you either prepare your daughter for a lifetime of name troubles, or that you use Alethea as her middle name.

Feminists and Disgaea, Not That Those Are Related

Hey Cortney,
So, can't a Hispanic, Korean, or Bulgarian be a womanist?

Probably not, since "womanist" by definition means an African-American feminist.

Also, I keep thinking that Disgaea is some sort of anime tie-in or spinoff. Is it?


Not to my knowledge. Most likely, Disgaea is anime-influenced as far as character artwork goes, like many RPGs.

Another Official Imperial Mog Letter

Greetings (monks sing) CORT-NEY
       Now I have a question since I am personally very shy and introverted in real life. How do I meet people? Especially ones who share my interests since I swear I don't think any of those exist where I live. Maybe it's where I live that's the problem though? I also never have met a fangirl in real life either as much as I see them online. It makes me sometimes worry about my personal life.
       Though I don't know if anyone around here knows this but I do have my own livejournal as well so if you type in "imperialmog" one can see what I am thinking about on a daily basis.
Imperial Mog

You want to know how I met my RPG-freak computer nerd husband? Yahoo Personals. I placed an ad, partially for fun, partially to see if I could really meet someone, and he responded. We really hit it off, and now we're married. If you are under 18, don't do personals. You're too young. I didn't date in high school at all. Most of the guys in my small hometown were total losers. Even if they were decent, I didn't have too many to choose from, as my graduating class was 48 (it would have been 54, but there were some drop-outs and drug overdoses). In college, I found some pretty nice guys who liked games, but none of them were really interested in dating. That's why I placed the ad. If you're young and still in school, don't worry about dating, unless you want the experience. Any dating done under the age of 18 doesn't usually lead to marriage or lifelong companionship. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to make internet friendships, via message boards or chat rooms. As for why you can't find anyone in RL...maybe it's where you live, and maybe it's because you are too shy to talk to girls and find out which ones like games. In time, you will meet someone, because you have a sincere desire for companionship, and that desire will motivate you to overcome your shyness. I grew out of my own nervousness around guys, especially after communicating with numerous people on the internet.

You know how when you sit down in front of the TV, and you can't find the remote, and then you look and look and look and still can't find it and you say a few cuss words, and then you give up and sit down, and all of a sudden, what do you know, there's the remote right next to you. Finding a girl is like that.

Bringing A Feminine Touch to Q & A Doesn't Mean Hanging Curtains

I'm actually really happy to see a female Q&A host. It just kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that even when though no other girls in my town play RPGs, there are others out there who do. When you mentioned games with a female lead in yesterdays column, I was curious as to whether you've played Parasite Eve yet, which has a female lead who moves when the D pad is pressed, albeit very, very slowly. If you have, what did you think of it?
It was interesting to hear all these people with misspelled names. My first name's really boring, but my last name is exactly the same as a well know singer, just spelled differently. No one ever spells it right, and it's always accompanied by questions about how I'm related (very distantly) and whether I can get autographs (which I can't).
Maybe I should change my name to Smith or something...or Trogdor.

This show is sponsered by Tuna Salad Kits. Yes... ALL of them...

I've never tried Parasite Eve, mostly because it seemed kinda scary. I hope it's not Silent Hill scary; I didn't like that game. I don't care for horror games. However, if it's just good creepy/scary, I'm interested.

Don't change your last name, unless you are seriously sick of being associated with a celebrity. I've often thought about changing my own unusual name, but I like it so much and it's become such a crucial part of my identity that if I changed it, I wouldn't feel the same. Just so you know, Mary Trogdor is better than Mary Smith. ^_^

Another Game That I Desperately Need know I'm surprised no one has mentioned this to you yet, but you said you were looking for an RPG with a strong female lead correct?

Well the game your looking for is PSone game Valkyrie Profile

Long plot/story short, you're Valkyrie sent to Midgard to train and send warriors to Asgard to prepare for Ragnarok, and and I should mention that Enix took quite a few liberities with Norse myth and changed a few things around, but if your not too big on the myths, then the changes would barely be noticable.

Gameplay wise it's pretty much like Star Ocean: 2nd Story, with the added in strategy of who to keep in your party and who to send up to Asgard.


Two things have kept me from playing Valkyrie Profile: the tragic death scenes (which I can probably handle), and the game's rarity. Maybe I should start offering guest hosting positions in exchange for games...I think it's been done before.

Strong Female Leads

Hi Cortney,

I tend to read your column while I'm on break at work, so I didn't get a chance to write in about the definitions for womanist and feminist. I would have been wrong about womanist, anyway, but...onto my actual point.

In the game FF6, do you consider Terra and Celes to be strong, female leads? You start as Terra, and although she has weak moments, I think she is a very strong character considering her circumstances. And then you have Celes, who you start with in the WoR. Now she is a strong, independant woman, and an ex-General, so she at least had power. I tend to consider Terra and Celes, myself, as the main characters for FF6, just like Cloud in FF7 and Squall in FF8. What do you think about this?

The argument that Terra and Celes are the main characters in FF6 is quite valid, particularly for Terra. I believe they are both strong, outstanding characters, and I'd like to see more female characters like them in future games, only with a permanent party status and a larger role in the overall story.

Also, I took a gender issues class during my degree (crossed with sociology), and I noticed that a lot of feminists in the class seemed to be focused more on women becoming dominant over men, rather than women becoming equal to men. Do you find this, in you classes? It almost looks like we'll get to a point where people are sexist against men, and well have...masculinists, I guess. Something like that. It's one thing to strive for equality, but it makes me wonder if we're really just tiping (tipping?) the scale the other way. Of course, I know it would still be years and years away, as we're still not quite at the equality stage yet.

Yes, the desire for some women to have power over men drives me nuts. How are we supposed to be equal if we try to seek some sort of reverse discrimination revenge? A true feminist would agree with Mary Wollstonecraft when she said, "I do not wish for [women] to have power over men, but over themselves." The desire for autonomy and equality is what should drive the women's movement. Revenge and hatred for men will only drive it into the ground. The radical feminists are only helping perpetuate the stereotype that all feminists are man-hating bra-burners. They are essentially ruining feminism for the rest of us - the men and women who only want to see equality of the sexes as a reality.

As a matter of fact, there is a book entitled "Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man" by Susan Faludi that discusses how men are now being marginalized. I haven't read it yet, but it's interesting to know that other people are noticing it as well.

Oh, one more thing. Now, you've played Lunar 1, right? For the character, Jessica...she is stuck in a bit of a stereotypically female role, the priestess/healer and dutiful daughter. Would you still consider her to be a strong woman, or an example of game designers putting women in stereotypical roles and giving the message that they should be there, whether they like it or not?

I actually think that Jessica defies a few stereotypes. While she is the healer and the dutiful daughter, she's also very independent and strong-willed, and she is a great fighter. She can take out enemies with her mace, then turn around and heal her friends. Jessica is quite possibly the most versatile character in the entire game, and she's also one of my favorite characters of all time.

I hope you didn't go through all that thinking I was a guy, by the way. ^-^

I don't get much of a chance to talk with other female gamers about this, since I only happen to know one aside from myself. I'd be very interested in reading your comments.

- Denise

No, I figured you were a girl. It was something about how you wrote. That, and the fact that I can see your name on your email before I open it. ^_^ Yes, we female gamers need to stick together!

Another Female Gamer Emerges!

THANK you for that lovely quote in your signature. I love that quote. Isn't it Sojourner Truth? Or maybe my memory is very impaired.

I don't know who originally said that quote. I got it from a button that I ordered online. I really like Sojourner Truth. In addition to her powerful "Ain't I a Woman?" speech, she has many other memorable quotes as well. One of my favorites is from when a male listener verbally attacked her, saying, "I don't care for your talk any more than the bite of a flea." Her reply: "That may be true, but Lord willin', I'll keep you scratchin'!"

Actually re: the comment yesterday on strong female characters--first of all, yes, they rock. Compare Rosa of FF4 to Celes or Terra of FF6, and Aeris (boo! *stabbity stab*) to Beatrix. It makes me really happy to see more female characters getting better screen time. Also, Lulu is THE coolest female in FFX. (Hmm. Celes, Beatrix, Quistis, Lulu....I see a distinct trend toward what I have nicknamed "the inevitable FF Ice Queen" in my preferences....)

Ahem. As per what you said about playing as the female character, may I recommend Valkyrie Profile. Not only are you a female, you're a GODDESS. And a warrior goddess at that. Rock on. Also, you can play as a female character in both Threads of Fate and Star Ocean: the Second Story, though Mint (the girl in ToF) is a mindless bint, and Rena of SO2 isn't much better.

And that is my random ramble for the day. Yay for powerful RPG women. Down with the mindless, spineless swoon-at-the-hero's-feet morons (i.e. Aeris, Rinoa, and Yuna.)

I anticipate I will receive much flame-age for the previous paragraph. And one more parting comment--history majors rock. I'm finishing up my senior year as a medieval European history major. The Plantagenets rock my socks. Arthur & Eleanor of Brittany conspiracy theory involving John "Softsword" or "Lackland" Plantagenet and the dungeons of Corfe Castle, anyone?

Lassarina Aoibhell
Webmaster, The RPG Place

Wooo! Rock on! *jumps for joy* By the way, I remember seeing you on the boards. I can't forget a name like Lassarina Aoibhell! You know, getting flames isn't so bad. That's what the "delete" button is for. The more pesky ones get "blocked," and the truly persistent get signed up for spam ranging from free credit reports to herbal Viagra. ^_^

Yeah, I really need to get Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile. I wonder if anyone has a copy they'd be willing to give up...

I Need Wild Arms 3!

Have you played Wild Arms 3 yet?

Virginia Maxwell is one of the best heroines ever put into an RPG, plus, she's the main character.

Though she's a bit whiney in the first couple areas of the game, this was obviously intentional, since she does shape up fast. (And they give a reason for it!)

Of course, combat-wise she's no slouch either, capable of dealing the most damage in the game with her dual pistols. (Barring the obscenely over powered Finest Arts.)

She's just another one of the elements that makes Wild Arms 3 among my favorite games of all time.


Yet another game I really need. I loved the first Wild Arms, tolerated the horrible translation in the second one, and I wanted WA3 badly after playing the demo for a few minutes at a game store.


I know! I know! Feminists begin with the letter F, and womanists begin with W!

can I have a ~?

Alethea: No. ^_^

pleeeease stay and take over for andrew! you are so much more interesting.

What do you think is the best FFT character class? I've heard everything from calculator to squire.


Alethea: Which Andrew? Surely you don't mean the sarcastic weekend Andrew. And surely you don't mean the rambling weekday Andrew.

Personally, I like Calculators. Their attacks can hit your own party members, but I found ways to deal with that. For example, I put status-effect prevention equipment on my characters, then have lots of random fun giving enemies status effects like Don't Act (which my characters can't get due to the equipment). Lancers, Monks, and Ninjas are rather cool too.

Phil: I've found that combining classes, especially Monk, Ninja, Thief, and Lancer, makes really good characters. For example, make Monks that can punch twice and Lancers that can steal.

Is Grandia II any good?

Alethea: I own it, but I haven't played it. If you can find it for around $15-20, or even less, it's not a bad buy. You might want to rent it first though, just to be sure it's your cup of tea.

Phil: If you liked the first one, you'll like this one too.

The main character in Silent Hill 3 is female. I thought you might want to know.

Alethea: I know...but Silent Hill scares me. Especially if I play it in the dark.

Last Words:

Alethea: Wow...I can't believe how many people are writing in about feminism. I figured I'd just mention it once or twice in passing, and that would be all. It seems a lot of people want to talk about it, especially when it relates to games, and it seems to have brought some female gamers out into the open. If I have raised anyone's consciousness just a little, even if they absolutely disagree with me, then that's wonderful. It's not like I'm promoting a liberal agenda...I mean, I'm an Independent, for Pete's sake. I'm not trying to convert any of my readers...I'm just trying to make them think a little about the world around them.

For next time, let's set feminism aside and talk about the characters we admire. For example, I mentioned Jessica from Lunar today. I admire her for her strength, loyalty, and independence. Who do you admire? Not just "I think this character is cool." I mean characters that you look at and say, "Wow, now there's someone I can admire...if he/she was a real person, I would want to emulate him/her." I'll probably get a pile of letters about this, but that's OK.

The Magical Feminist Wonder
Cortney "I love the First Amendment" Stone -

Queen of Dorks
Claire Belton

Real men aren't afraid to call women their equals

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