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Cortney Stone - August 22 '03- 12:30 Central Standard Time

Alethea: Well, quite a few people decided to take a stab at the feminist/womanist question. Unfortunately, not all of them got it right. Before I begin, I'd like to point out the exact definitions I was looking for. A feminist is concerned with the equality of the sexes, and a womanist takes that one step further in being concerned with the equality of all races and both genders. In short, a feminist can be just about anyone, while a womanist is African-American.

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The First Attempt

The difference between womanist and a feminist is that a womanist believes specifically in the abilities of women, while feminists, excluding the All-Men-Are-Pigs variety, believe in the equality of the sexes. Aren't dictionaries fun?

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Well, you got the part about feminists right. Your definition of womanist was not what I was looking for. You get a * for getting feminism right and for consulting a dictionary.

Parents...Those Unusual Spellings May Be Cute, But They Grow Up to Be Awkward Situations


Gotta love parental logic - My parents both have *really* common names. (You don't realize how many William L. Johnsons and Anna Johnsons there are...) They were forever getting other people's credit ratings, other people's mail, etc., and they thought that they should give *ME* a name that nobody would confuse, so they named me after my Norwegian great-grandmother.

Needless to say, around college, I now go by "Birdy", because it is UTTERLY impossible to find an instructor, student, etc., that can actually pronounce or spell "Birgit", especially since it's NOT the French, German, Etc. pronounciation. The bloody DMV couldn't spell it right on my learner's permit. (And I too, have had the curse of teachers insisting that I just didn't know how my name was spelled, and it was supposed to be Bridgette/Birgette/Bridget ad nauseum.)

It's good to hear from someone who has similar problems. Future parents, let this be a lesson: be careful with the unusual names and spellings!

On a game-based comment, where stuff in this column actually *DID* get me thinking again on this - I actually *did* find a surprisingly strong element of storyline depth in FFX (Yes, I am an English/Writing and Lit major, why do you ask?) - but not the whole love angle. Nope, the thing that gets the multi-angle view is organized religion and its role in society; sure, there's the corrupt (Many corrupt in different ways, to boot, from Seymour who was just psychotic, Mika who was too bound to tradition to think outside of it, Kinoc who was pretty much a coward...) upper echelons, but you also find a Maester who isn't corrupt (Kelk Ronso), as well as followers of the religion (Shelinda, the Crusaders, the shrine keepers) who actually take the ideals espoused to heart and make good of it; and a line of Auron's when Bevelle is collapsing added to it, about how even though the leadership was bad, the religion still provided a bit of hope and stability for people in dark times. (Minor detail brain-baker from side comments made by characters: There was a comment about how Auron was in line for leadership of the Crusaders, the position Kinoc took, but he pissed off someone in authority by turning down an arranged marriage. Ergo, Auron was almost a Maester.) But then, for a while now I've entertained myself by learning every wierd little background detail and analyzing everything to death.

A funny detail about FFVII and Norse mythology - Niflheim (also spelled Nivelheim, can be rendered Nibelheim) was the gateway to what'd basically be Hell, through which murderers, traitors, and the various monsters were banished. Niflhel itself was a place of endless cold, mist, winds, and storms where those creatures would stay until Ragnarok, when Loki, banished to Niflhel for the murder of Balder (god of healing) - among other crimes - would return, leading all the monsters of old, the Giants, and the spirits of the dead sentenced to Niflhel back to Midgar to try and wipe out mortal man and destroy the gods of the Aesir.

-Atolm2000 the over-thinking
"Uh, yeah...he said he didn't care what happened to his friend. Then he threw a can at my head. It hurt."

Interesting. I mean, you didn't say anything that I didn't already know, but I bet the readers greatly appreciate your insights and contributions of knowledge.

The Color Purple

Hi Cortney! Good luck with grad school... I'm hoping to head that way myself soonish. I'm such a geek that when I read your question, I walked over to my bookshelf and pulled this right out:

"Womanist: 1. From womanish. (Opp. of "girlish," i.e., frivolous, irresponsible, not serious.) A black feminist or feminist of color. From the black folk expression of mothers to female children, "You acting womanish," i.e., like a woman. Usually referring to outrageous, audacious, courageous, or willful behavior. Wanting to know more and in greater depth than is considered "good" for one." -Alice Walker, "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens"

Or, as Walker says later in the definition, "Womanist is to feminist as purple to lavender." I like Alice Walker.

Oh wow. Not only did you nail the definition of womanist on the head, you provided origin of the word and an Alice Walker quote! I was hoping that at least one person would point to Alice Walker. ^_^ Congratulations. Here's your ~.

Anyway, I'll ask a question I sometimes ask other female gamers... Have you ever walked into a computer game store and had the employees stare at you in awe/confusion or assume you're shopping for your boyfriend/husband/child? If so, have you noticed that happening more or less often to you recently?

Actually, I've never had that happen to me. That's probably because I make it clear to the clerk that I'm shopping for myself (e.g. "I've been looking forward to playing this game."). However, I have gotten strange and/or slobbery looks from male gamers, who marvel at the fact that I am a chick who also plays games, and not just Tetris and Mario Kart but RPGs.

HTMLized For Your Convenience

Hello Cortney.

As for emotional scenes, I hate to go with the typical choice of the Aeris death scene, even though that seriously did make me cry. Besides, the real tear-jerker for me was the ending of Lufia 2. I knew that Selan and Maxim were going to happened in the first Lufia game.

So, I was wondering how you found the ending of Lunar 2's epilogue. That's pretty emotional, in my opinion anyway. It definately got to me more than most games that aim for some really emotional depth.

That said, while I don't dislike stories that go for a lot of character-character emotional conflict, I find that many RPGs manage to cheese it up too much. To that length, I find that I enjoy games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears and the Ogre Battle Series (among others) that aim for large-scale political plots and critiques of religion/society.

I loved Lunar 2's ending. I got a little choked up at that one too. When I think of emotional scenes, I tend to think of sad ones, and not joyful ones for some reason. I enjoy the sociopolitical critiques as well, but my game collection tends to have a balance of both serious and light-hearted games. It's no wonder one of my favorite titles is Alundra, which confronted some serious theological and religious issues while making light-hearted comments along the way.

One last thing, was my html helpful/annoying in this letter?

-Mike "Rahlious" White

Yes, your html was very helpful. I didn't have to paste in the little break codes myself! ^_^ Thanks!

Is Vrumugun Jewish?

Oy Cortney, whom I forgot to send a question to yesterday,

Hmmm... I'll take a stab at your question... Feminism is geared more toward obtaining equal rights for women while womanism is a belief that women are greater than their class or race or something... I'm really not too sure about that though...

You are correct about feminism, although it's not just about attaining rights. It's also about maintaining them. People who think the women's rights movement is over and that women are now completely equal are severely deluded. I encounter small hills of inequality every day. OK, I'll get off that soapbox. As for your definition of womanist, you were close when you mentioned race. Here's a * for you.

Anyway, what other classes are you taking? I'm taking several APs in high school now, and I seem to be losing free time rapidly at this point... I think I might slack off a little this year if anything worth playing is released...

Ooo, AP classes. I wish my high school had those. There were a handful of brilliant students who could have used the advanced training before heading off to college. As it was, I had to teach myself a few things when I was a freshman in college, and I would have been even more behind if I hadn't had a few decent high school teachers (the rest didn't really give a flip) to help me prepare. Anyway, this semester I'm taking Gender in America, Teaching History on the College Level, and Historical Methods - the sort of classes that make history majors drool and math majors snore. ^_^ I'm also working as a TA for a Ph.D. student who is teaching a basic required history course for 180 or so students, and none of them are history majors. I have to sit through the basic history course so I can grade their papers. It should be interesting nevertheless because I could use the review, and he's also taking a thematic approach and focusing on threads of freedom (or lack of freedom) in the history of America. It should be quite fascinating.

I just realized how much I enjoyed Wild Arms by listening to the music on the Wild Arms F site. Now I feel that I will end up buying another remake... So my question to you is what game would you like to see remade to the full potential of the PS2 or Cubey?

One of the remakes I'd like to see is FF6 on the PS2. The game has a wonderful story, great characters, and the potential to rock the PS2 beyond comprehension. Unfortunately, I hate to think of the old-schoolers that would die of heart attacks because the game would be "ruined" for them forever with those "awful CG graphics that will cause the collapse of Western Civilization." Don't send those letters, by the way. I won't print them. There are two things I don't print: hatred for others based on gender, race, creed, etc., and old-school/new-school debates. Anyway, another game I'd like to see remade is the original Legend of Zelda for the NES on the GameCube. Imagine it rendered in polygons and a lush environment. Finding the heart by the ocean after bombing a wall! Burning a bush and having an old man take your money for destroying his door! The nostalgia of the whole game would probably make me swoon.

Next, what is your favorite weapon found in an RPG and why? I loved the idea of reading dictionaries to inflict damage in FFT. See!!!! Words CAN hurt you more than stones.

There are plenty of weapons that I like. I derived great pleasure from blasting unsuspecting parties of Fobbies in EarthBound with the bazooka (that'll teach those little furballs to swarm me whenever I encounter one of their friends). Lulu's little stuffed animal weapons always brought a smile to my face, especially when she'd cast a high-level spell, and it would jump out of her arms and imitate her movements.

I see what you mean about your name... My evil spell checker tried to make your name 'Courtney' too! Needless to say, it will think twice about trying to do that again anytime soon...


"Squall is my hero... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Whatever... ... ..."

Your spellchecker should be severely punished.

I Attend the Other OSU

none of this is going to be particularly game-related, nor are there any questions, but it does have the desired definitions.

the white bus will indeed take you to the student union, it just depends on which of OSU's two student unions you're looking for, as well as whether the bus says North Loop, South Loop, or Commuter Express on it. then there's the Core Circulator, which only goes around the center of the campus, the Buckeye Village, which goes to places as yet unknown, and the three or four Resident buses which go outside of campus, and the Med Center Express, which follows the Loop route until it gets to the hospital... which point we have to get off because you need a bloody engineering degree to get around on campus. it's always best just to ask the bus drivers. i am under the impression that they know everything about the bus system, like a secret cult or something.

Thanks, but you just described the bus system for Ohio State University (judging by the mention of Buckeye Village). I go to the other OSU, Oklahoma State University. Still, it was very thoughtful of you to offer your help, and I think the Oklahoma State bus drivers may have a cult too. The routes are being completely overhauled, and the maps handed out by the university do not match the current routes and stop locations. The drivers, however, know exactly where to go and where to stop, and they are always glad to help.

the other thing i wanna say is that i am completely with you on oddly spelled names. i'm Meredeth. not Meredith, not Maredith, M-E-R-E-D-E-T-H. it's really annoying.

all right. so. feminist = not all evil, men-hating chicks with no bras, just some women (and even some men) trying to make sure that woman are not discriminated against. most everyone in this country is technically a feminist, because it's just the belief that woman should have rights and privileges equal to those of men. womanist = as defined by the OED (oxford english dictionary): a womanizer. [term is obsolete and obscure.] so there. ;P

good luck on campus, and don't let those crazy students get to you.

Good job on the feminist definition. Your definition of womanist is correct, but not in the sense that I was looking for. I was looking for the modern definition, not the archaic one. ^_^ Here's your *.

Some More Flattery

Hello Cortney (looky looky the cute girl's name right ^^;;;)
quick question that always bothered me in the back of my mind........what is up with the Sigfried/Zigfried/Zeigfried thing? is it all typos? did the original Sigfried actually escaped the Ghost Train or are the other two clones or lost souls of Sigfried? are the same person or am i just totally confused?

i think i'm actually going to vote for the terminator..
Dan Tao,
proud(kinda) resident of the people's socialistic republic empire of california (currently in transition)

Great. Now you've got me confused too, just when I don't have the time to run through FF6 to check it out. Now go exercise your right to vote! Ahnold will pump you up.

Even More Flattery...I'm Starting to Like This

Just wanted to let you know I greatly appreciate your efforts in running the Q&A column. I am pleased that they found someone that could answer questions while maintaining a nice cool composure instead of lashing out at every comment, especially the poorly thought out questions. I still appreciate sarcasm and cynicism, just not in every sentence. I am hoping they will consider you to replace Goog, as long as that is something you would like to do.

You know, I could get used to the Q & A thing. I really like it. I'm a pretty nice person, and I believe that you don't have to personally attack someone just to be entertaining. Now, sometimes, there are idiots who deserve it, and I'm sure there are people who deliberately write stupid letters to Duff just so they can laugh at what he says. I'm not going to be harsh to someone just because they can't spell or use proper grammar. I know I'm not extremely funny, but I do try to sneak in a little joke here and there, and I hope I can make some of you readers smile every now and then.

Anyways, a little tidbit since I'm filling your Inbox. I suggest everyone who likes turned based strategy, or video games, to pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance when it comes to our shores. I picked up the import and got all the way through it several times, still enjoying the entire thing without knowing any of the kana or kanji in the game. I am a bit biased, considering I played the original through about 25+ times, dumping weeks of game time into it.

Keep up the excellent work.


You sound like Phil. Every now and then, he'll pick up FFT and run through it "just for fun." It's a great game, in spite of the horrible translation, and there are so many different ways to train your characters and win the battles. I'm really looking forward to FFTA. It looks like it will be just as much fun as the first one.

Making Dreams Come True

Hello all!
This question may or may not be a little different from most but, I have an idea for my own game...or should i say a dream to make a game of my very own someday...that and to move to japan to do so... my question is... What are the step to acomplishing this game/dream? ...please dont say pray it will happen...ive done enough of that


First of all, get acquainted with mathematics and programming. They will be your best friends. Unless, you are more of the artistic sort; if that is the case, work on improving your drawing skills and fill up tons of notepads with sketches of possible characters (classes, costumes, etc.), weapons, and environments. Go to college, and work on a degree in programming, graphic design, or drawing. You might even want to look into schools that are specifically for game design and/or art. Join a small game company, and work your way up to the big ones. It never hurts to eventually program your own amateur game, and show it to your boss as proof of your potential. You might want to also consider helping things along by sacrificing a hot dog to the deity of your choice. ^_^

The Possible Misspellings of Names are Endless

Hey Alethea,

What's doin? Well, I've got some stuff I'd like you to field if you'd be so kind...

1)I've got a great idea for the column, wait until you hear this one. Okay, you have Andrew Long and Andrew Duff, right? Well, instead of calling it something confusing like "Ask Andrew" or something generic and boring like "Q&A" you can change the name of the column to...THE LONG DUFF!!! I think it's a great idea! Of course, I also thought the idea of turning my town into a dual-level metropolis similar to Midgar was a great idea, but I have a good feeling about this one.

I'm sorry to say this, but your plan for Q & A stinks because it doesn't include me. I forgive you though. ^_^

2)I suffered from a similar problem you suffered from...being a Stuart instead of a Stewart. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY spelled my name wrong when I was growing up, and straight through to today. And not just the Stewart way, I have gotten ALL kinds of mangling of my name. The worst I ever got was one time this really stupid kid spelled my name "Stouourt".

Heh...yeah, I've seen some pretty wacky spellings of my own name as well. Cornty, Corutny, and even Couortney.

3)I have to admit I don't know the difference between a feminist and a womanist, but I DID once take a women's studies course. No, it wasn't just to pick up chicks, I actually had a specific requirement to fill, and of my choices that was the only one that remotely interested me. Plus I could also try to meet girls there. But it wasn't the most friendly environment I've ever been in. For anybody who's ever seen the movie 100 Girls, it was eerily similar to the women's class in that movie. I wish I'd seen that movie before I took the class, because then I could have used the line that instead of feminists, chauvanists, and sexists, we could have humanists. Oh well.

Robust Stu

Hey, any guy who has the guts to take a women's studies course is cool and secure in his masculinity in my opinion. I guess I need to go rent "100 Girls"...that sounds interesting, especially the line about humanists. It reminds me of a quote from Sarah Grimke, a 19th century feminist and abolitionist: "I know nothing of man's rights, or woman's rights; human rights are all I recognize."

Great, Now My Screen Name is Being Misspelled Too...

To the dear Althenia:

I just had my birthday today (21st), and I got a few games. Therefore, I just started playing 3 different RPGs at once: Unlimited Saga, Xenogears, AND Mega Man Battle Network 3, and I can't decide which to concentrate on first.

The problem is, I start back at college the 2nd of September! That means I have about a week and a half before I go into "zombie mode" and have a hard time finishing (not playing) video games. So, some advice would be appreciated, if you've played these games before.

Happy Birthday! Of the three you mentioned, I've only played Xenogears. Since you are about to head back to college, you should probably work on the other two. The plot of Xenogears requires considerable time and attention, and you don't want to get it mixed up with other things you may be studying. For example, you wouldn't want to be sitting in a lecture on Plato, and then share a comment about the Zohar Modifier and the Wave Existence, and have your professor think that you seriously need to visit the university's counseling service.

Oh, and how's this for a trivia question: Name all the PLAYABLE characters in Dragon Warrior VII. This does not include NPCs who join you, but don't show up in your list (too many of those!). I can count 6, as it's one of my favorite games.


NO one can stop Gestahl's long name now... BWAHAHAAA!!!!

Anyone want to take a stab at this? I've never played DWVII.

Both Are Acceptable, As Long As you Spell Them Right

Greeting one known as Cortney...or Alehea...whichever.

I just recently read this in a magazine...but, apparently they are making an Evangelion movie. Is this true? Or just a rumor?

It largely depends on what magazine you were reading, and how the suggestion was phrased. If you were reading a reliable magazine that was stating the information in a matter-of-fact way, then yes, Virginia...I mean Sonne, there will be an Evangelion movie. If you were reading the gossip section of, say, Drooly Otaku Fanboy Weekly, then no, you're probably out of luck.

I guess that really wasnt an RPG related Square-Enix going to release FFXI for the PS2? Or just the PC/Mac?

The PS2 version should be on it's way.

On an ending note, I do not know the diffrence between a feminist and a womanist...well, not off the top of my head anyway.

"I'd rather be a pagen suckled into creeds outworn"
~ Sonne

If you read the notice at the top of this column, you'll know what the difference is. ^_^ Ahh, "The world is too much with us" by William Wordsworth.

FFX Spoilers Ahead

Hello Cortney (C O R T N E Y I know how you like your name spelled right ;->)I just got done beating final fantasy x for the 7th time and after the second time I made it a note to try to look for clues about the final sceen where Tidus swims up to the top of the water but I coundln't find anything so I turned to you it appears he's sleeping and then he wakes up and swims to the top why is that the final sceen and what does it mean?

P.S. I really admire you going to grad school answering our lame ass questions and most importently still finding time to play games.

From what I understand, it has to do with the fact that Tidus was part of the dream of the fayth, and when the fayth "woke up" Tidus disappeared. However, if you revisit all the temples, one of the fayth will tell you that they will give Tidus a new ocean to swim in. There are numerous interpretations, ranging from the fayth creating a new world for Tidus to live in to the fayth returning Tidus to the former Zanarkand. FFX-2 should clear up these issues. Also, if you haven't seen the cinema "FFX: Another Story," you should go check it out here.

I Don't Have Any Puppies to Send

Hey Cortney--

The word "normalcy" was actually invented by President Warren G. Harding in his "return to normalcy" campaign following Woodrow Wilson's term. Coolidge was Harding's successor and used the "return to normalcy" campaign to build his political foundation.

Just, you know, in case you care.

Ah, I stand corrected. And yes, as a historian, I do care. ^_^ It was Warren Harding who said that the country needed "not nostrums, but normalcy."

Now, to tie this in with RPGs, any word on if Golden Sun's the same length as the first one? I just need to know how to divide my time to cover my gaming backlog before college -- and Disgaea -- sweep me away.

According to the Big Dragon himself, it's twice as long as the original.

...and what do you think of the way women are represented in RPGs and other video games today as opposed to back in the SNES era?


PS: Send puppies.

I think female characters are beginning to defy a few stereotypes. The stereotypically weak girl is starting to fade, and independent strong women are showing up here and there. Look at characters like Beatrix from FFIX, Agrias from FFT, and Meia from Alundra. I'm still waiting for a truly great game with a strong female lead (meaning that is who moves when the player presses the d-pad or moves the analog stick). I'm still hoping that someday, women's roles will be as balanced and diverse as men's roles in all video games.

Self-proclaimed Ys Fanboy

As one of the most rabid Ys (and Falcom) fanboys around, I feel compelled to point out that several names in the aforementioned series match the locale quite well. The main character's name for instance, Adol Christin (yes, that's how it's spelled), is quite properly Germanic (seeing as how the Ys games take place in an alternate version of reality, and the land of Esteria is supposedly around where Germany is in real life). When you think about it, the name Adol is only really a shortened version of the common German name Adolf. On that note, Ys 6 is going to completely OWN! Anyone who hasn't yet should go download the awesome demo video!

for that matter, I'm such a raving fanboy, I even made a MIDI out of the song in the demo (thereby becoming the author of the first Ys 6 fan-created MIDI...I think).

- Justus Johnston, Composer of music, Firebell Inc. (
- Video game music originals and remixes. Get my latest at

This is exactly what I meant about names suiting the setting. That video does indeed rock, and it makes me want to get into the Ys series. Your MIDI is great too. Good job! ^_^ As I've discovered from listening to lots of fan-made MIDIs, not everyone can capture the essence of a song, be it a mimicry of the original or a creative remix.

I Wouldn't Hurt a Fly...But Mosquitoes Are Doomed

Hi Cortney (Err..that's right isn't it?)
Now most of the surnames in final fantasy are something about the character, (like cloud Strife and Squall Leonheart) but what about people like Irvine Kienas?

Irvine's last name doesn't seem to have anything to do with his character…unless somewhere in history there's an Old West gunfighter named Kinneas. I wouldn't know...Western history is not my area.

Why do people online have to be jerks, like on online games? grrrrr

Okayyyyyy, my crazy rant over now.

She who must not be named!

p.s. please don't hurt me :(

The jerkiness of online gamers may be due to either the fact that a lot of jerks are attracted to online games, or that an online game gives a person the anonymity and freedom to be a jerk even if they wouldn't act like that in real life. And why is it that some people think I would hurt them? I'm a pacifist! ^_^

Because I Am a Nice Person, You Are Forgiven For Misspelling My Name

Sorry Cortney, I thought the thingy at the bottom said "ASK COURTNEY" but I must be seeing things again...
But Anywho, it really is a shame that anime games are going out of style, like all of my clothes, but I am hunting for good anime RPGs that didn't get a lot of hype. Could you give me a few title names? I know about Lunar, Xenogears' scenes at the end were magnificent, and Thousand Arms (one of the best RPGs I've ever played I think.), but those are the extent of my Anime game repitoir.

Unfortunately, those are the extent of my anime game repertoire as well.

On a different note, what do you think your favorite RPG of all time would be? Curious because, as I said, I'm on a hunt for good RPGs that I haven't heard of. I'm hoping I haven't played your fav, so I can go out and buy it on a whim (I haven't bought anything on a whim in a long time, so I want to for a change.) My favorite is probably gonna end up being... uhm... Final Fantasy IX

It's hard to say what my number one favorite is. You've played the Lunar games, you've probably played Chrono Trigger (unless you live under a rock or something), and you've played the Final Fantasy games, so that covers most of my list. One of my favorites that you probably haven't played is Alundra. Go buy it on a won't regret it. Just don't get Alundra 2. It sucks. The first one rocks.

Yet a different note, what Rpg did you like the music the most on? Mines gona end up being Final Fantasy VIII, I really love Nobuo Oematsu's compositions, although the song "Otherworld" from Final Fantasy X really kicks, all together I think FFVIII has the best music.

All of the Final Fantasy games have outstanding music, as do Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, and Wild Arms, even Dark Cloud had some cool tunes. I hate to mention Alundra for this one too...dang it, now I'll have to go play through it again.

I'm trying to make this letter long, so, uhm... another question... uh... do you think the Fighting style RPGs are gonna fly? I mean, The Bouncer Kicked major ass, and i thought that it was more of an experimental thing, and I haven't seen more games like it. Although, would you call the Devil May Cry series and Chaos Legions the same kind of thing? If so, than I think this is a really dumb question, because that would probably qualify Brave Fencer Musashi for the same thing, which came out WAY before The Bouncer did... I suppose I don't know what I'm saying and I'm gonna stop talking now.

Kristoff of the Fire

Me and my big mouth... *Smacks his forehead*

I'm not too big on fighting RPGs, as you call them. I mean, I like Yu-Yu Hakusho, and it can be considered a "fighting anime," but in general, I'm not into punch-and-kick fests.


Hey Sexy!

While you're in class, do you ever think about me as I'm playing virus whacker at work? Also, what's for dinner?


Alethea: Yes, I think of you quite often, my handsome virus-killing hero.

As for dinner, well, that depends...what are you cooking?

Last Words:

Alethea: It's Friday! I survived my first week of grad school...I hope I can survive the rest! Oh, and I'm sorry this column was a little late.

The Magical Feminist Wonder
Cortney "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people" Stone -

Queen of Dorks
Claire Belton

I wonder how many people know about this hidden text...

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