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Cortney Stone - August 21 '03- 12:30 Central Standard Time

Alethea: Only seven letters today, but I did receive a hundred or so of those nasty worm emails, which managed to clog up my inbox more than once since yesterday. Plus, I have a small pile of homework to dig through, so the low letter count means I spend less time htmlizing and whatnot.

By the way, OSU's on-campus transit system is screwy. Other than that, my first week of grad school has been great.

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What's in a name?

I'm curious as to your thoughts on why, after several Final Fantasy games that had characters with interesting first-and-last names, the makers of FFX skimped out? Not only do we have first names only, almost all the names are two syllable and similiar (RIK-KU, WAK-KA, etc), and characters like Tidus' mom don't even get a name. What the hell??? Laziness or unimaginative staff?

I don't really think the game designers skimped out on anything. Instead, they may have been trying to convey a different kind of culture. For example, ages ago, people didn't have last names. People went by their first name and coupled it with a fancy nickname or their location. Examples are William of Normandy, a.k.a William the Conqueror; Pepin the Short; Prince Henry the Navigator. If you look at certain profiles of the FFX characters, you'll notice that Kimahri isn't just Kimahri; he's Kimahri Ronso. Same thing with Seymour; he's Seymour Guado. Blitzball players are also named in a similar manner. Apparently, racial origin is a crucial part of names and personal identification in Spira.

As for the similar-sounding two syllable names, that is probably also another cultural manifestation. It has to do with the type of setting that the developers were creating. Wakka, Rikku, Lulu, Yuna...those names seem to suit the tropical island environment that covers most of Spira. In this type of setting, Arthurian-sounding names like Siadis and Mollirrien and Norse-sounding names like Rolaf and Fjori would not blend in well with sunshine and sand of Spira.

Tidus' mother is not the only nameless key NPC. Cloud's mother wasn't named either, from what I recall, and neither was Yang's wife in FFIV.

Flattery Will Get You...Somewhere

Hey Cortney;
You are so cute!

*blushes profusely* Thanks for noticing.

I haven't had time to play much in the way of games for several months now, so Final Fantasy X is the closest thing to have made me think, as Kevvers and Andrew L. put it. This is more along the lines of strategizing, but I had to experiment to find the right (and simple) combination to whale on Nemesis (the ultimate arena boss). I have so many cool games that I don't have time for, and the rest of the cool games I don't have money for.

I know what you mean. Money is always an issue for me, and time is about to become a hot commodity for me as well, now that I'm in grad school and working part time as a TA. That's why I buy most of my games via internet auctions and used game stores. I get a few new games each Christmas, and if something really major is coming out, I'll set aside a little bit in order to buy it.

Am I Really That Scary?

Okay, don't kill me for this, but I'm answering a question that someone asked in Andrew's column. CD 4, track 7 of the FF7 soundtrack is the song that plays when Tifa is trying to get cloud back after they're both swallowed by the lifestream. CD 3, track 23 is the one that you hear most of the time, but the other one is the one that you hear when you're in the flashbacks about Tifa getting hurt on the mountain and Cloud getting punished even though he didn't do a damn thing wrong!

Now, why would I kill you? I'm a really nice person. I'd never want to kill anyone...except for the freak who thought it would be funny to create an email worm that overloads inboxes everywhere with weird email messages that have subjects like "Wicked Screensaver" and "Re: Your Application" from everyone else in the world, and the additional backlash of "Message: Failure Delivery" emails as one's own account is used to dump tons of "Wicked Screensaver" and "Re: Your Application" into inboxes everywhere.

As for the song, I knew I'd heard that somewhere in the game. And it always sucks to get blamed for something you didn't do as a kid.

Since I bothered to write you I think it's only prudent that I ask a You said you've seen some .Hack//Sign. Is it any good? I was planning on picking it up after I find DVD's four and six of Arc the Lad. Yeah...that'll do...
Jamie "Fear my I33t game music OVA owning skillz!" Harper >8^()

.hack//Sign is very cool. It's also very strange. Phil and I watched it one night, and I'm figuring out all sorts of stuff just by watching the strange events, while Phil is scratching his head and saying, "This is weird...I don't get it...what is happening here?" You know, Phil can do all sorts of mind-boggling computer stuff, but when he watches a guy hanging upside down talking about trying to give birth to a perfect daughter via an MMORPG, he's totally confused.

A Mistake That Spellcheck Will Miss

I've got a question for ya, although that may be obvious seeiong as though I'm sending this to the thingy that says "ASK COURTNEY" but I'm too retarded to remember that kind of stuff...

Normally, when I get a letter with my name misspelled in it, I just correct the spelling before I print it. However, I left it in this time to share some interesting trivia. My name is spelled without the "u." My mother did that on purpose when she named me so that I would have an unusually spelled name. She wanted me to be different. Well, I am a unique individual, but the unusual spelling has been the curse of my life. In grade school, teachers would misspell it on desk signs, gradebooks, and those little door decorations (the ones that are shaped like books, leaves, apples, or some other seasonal icon) that each bear the name of a student in that class. Then I'd have to politely correct the teacher, who would then turn to me with a look that seemed to say, "How dare you correct me, insolent child! I am the authority figure here! You cannot step outside the box!" I've gotten used to the misspelling, so I don't bite off heads about it or anything, but I always appreciate it when people take the time to spell it correctly. ^_^

ANYWHO... I'm saying, "Like, What happened to all the anime games?" Seriously though, There are so many anime games out there that I don't know about... because I haven't heard of them. Everything seems to be turning into a CG heaven, but like they say, "All CG's go to heaven," or something like that...
alright down to the specific questions. First of all, are there any good anime RPG's coming out soon? Second of all, what good (in your opinion) Anime RPG's should I go get? I mean, Thousand Arms was awesome (Atlus, Red Company), Lunar 1 and 2 were good games, and I know about the .HACK series, but what now?

~~ Kristoff of the Fire

Heh, need a light?

P.s. Tell Andrew that they're MY pants now!

Hmm...I don't think there are very many anime RPGs coming out, unless you are interested in importing something. Most of the anime RPGs are probably going to be released in Japan only, such as Magna Carta, Ys IV, and Frane I, II, & III. If you are looking for RPGs that will be crossing the Pacific with localization, you should look into the Tales series (although not all of them are coming over here) and also consider titles with anime influence (there are tons in this category) like Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Anime cutscenes are certainly falling out of fashion, which is rather sad. I enjoyed the anime beauty of Xenogears and the Lunar games, and while CG is good, anime is an entirely different artistic endeavor. With modern RPGs leaning toward cel-shading and detailed graphics, separate anime cinemas are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Someone Who Did Their Own HTML


Either my memory is faulty, or I should've played through FF6 again before asking that question, because the only 3 longer-than-six-character names I can remember are Gestahl, Impressario, and Sigfried/Zigfried/Zeigfried. And perhaps I should have worded the question better, because I meant something like this:

GESTAHL: Mwahaha! Fear my long name, you insignificant fools!
TERRA: Aargh, I can't defeat him, his name is too long.
My name is Arvis, but they never put it at the start of my dialogue. Anyone want to buy a slightly used slave crown?

And since Andrew didn't declare a winner, I nominate sabin1001 to ask The next Trivia Question. (He won the coin toss.)

Now, I don't want to debate the merits of the two series, but in a Space battle, Star Wars would totally destroy Star Trek.


That crazy Andrew...always starting silly stuff that gets carried over into my column. Maybe now the FF6 name issue will be officially settled, and we can move on to other what the next trivia question will be. ^_^

Screw Industriousness!

Since I'm too lazy to check any faq websites and you are Q&A, at then end of Lunar Silver Star Story is there like a bonus thing. Where if you replay the game will be slightly askew? Or something. I heard there was in the second one, and seeing as how I missed most of the bromides and I am a freak about getting secrets I wanted to know if I had to start all over again or if I could just play a New Game + type of deal. Thanks.

I have never heard anything about a second play-through of Lunar: Silver Star Story. At the end of the game, you are free to walk around Meribia all you like, chatting with NPCs and former party members before heading to the dock and reading the credits. If you missed the bromides, just start over with a new file (there's no new game+ function). The bromides can be tricky, as some of them are only found before and after certain events. You'll have to shake off your laziness and get a bromide FAQ to find them all. ^_^ The second Lunar game, Eternal Blue, doesn't have a second play-through either; it only has an epilogue in which new dungeons open up, giving the player access to new items as they round up the party once again to tie up the loose ends of the storyline.


Just to answer the guy asking about the FF7 track "On The Other Side Of The Mountain": It plays during the Cloud flashback sequence - in particular, in the bit with young Tifa.
--Cidolfas /

Alethea: Yep. Let the record show that Cidolfas was actually the first to point this out to me via email.

Last Words:

Alethea: I'm about to run off to my Gender in America class. For next time, I'll give ~s to the people who can tell me the difference between a feminist and a womanist. It's not that difficult. ^_^ Until next time...

The Magical Feminist Wonder
Cortney "Will the White bus take me to the Student Union?" Stone -

Queen of Dorks
Claire Belton

White sounds like some kind of segregation thing

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