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Cortney Stone - January 23 '04- 6:30 Central Standard Time

Cortney: They just can't get rid of me. ^_^ I'm back in the Q & A seat, and I apologize for not having this column up sooner. Class ran late today. Ah, the joys of grad school. On to the letters, as I have no interest in boring you with random and weird editorial piece (which seems to be the tradition around here). Instead, I'll give you a history lesson! Feel free to run away screaming, or simply scroll down if you don't want to be enriched with knowledge.

Picture this: Europe, 1939. Hitler is considering invading Poland. Britain and France have threatened to come after him if he makes another move. Hitler doesn't give a hoot about the Frenchies or the Brits. So, as he moves east to take Poland, and Britain mobilizes to stop the ruthless dictator by bombing Germany with...

...paper propaganda leaflets. Each contained a cease-and-desist message. Of course, some of the soldiers neglected to cut all the strings holding the papers together, so they ended up tossing a few 75-pound bundles out of the planes.

Way to stop world conflict, Britain.

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I wonder how many people actually know what Bikini Atoll is.

This is creepy...

While I've had a little excitment tonight with Castie, it seems you will now be able to experience the bond that lies between me and Cast. Nights of valor and whiskey await us tomorrow. Besides that, we shall triumph over all opposing teams that stand in our way of total retribution. Mid-terms are next week, so that should be quite interesting on my part. Alas, the starry sorrow of my soul has corrupted me into playing FFX-2 non-stop.

Finally, something in this letter that I can comment on: FFX-2. Like you, I got the crappy "normal" ending, and I've decided to replay it until I get 100% completion. I want the good ending too!

Cortney, how goes life since your Q&A experience?

It's a long story about adventures in being a grad student/teaching assistant, some of which is captured in my LiveJournal.

Isn't Cast dreamy as a hot fudge sundae...speaking of such, I could go for one right now. Well, the weather is still crappy and weathermen are just begging me to hurt them. ...yea, I don't have a theme so that is why this letter is "lacking" somethingsomething. This is going to be a rather short letter, because as I will now tell you I'll have to drift off to sleep so I may be able to wake up tomorrow, at 6:30, and experience another full day of teenage experience in the school building of life.

Sleeping through life for the fun of it,

O' Shrouded One

Castomel? Dreamy? Somehow, those words don't go together.

Opinion Bombs!

To you,

Just to argue (not that I like arguing but...), in response to the comment yesterday about why there would never be an FF6 sequel, I disagree. Square will do anything to make money. (Why else would they choose to revive a 6/7 year old game to randomly make a sequel out of?) And especially after The movie bomb that possibly led to the whole merger/slew of FFs and no high-risk (or any risk at all) games, I'm saying that square would make a FF6 sequel if it had made enough money and enough people remembered it.

While a FFVI sequel is unlikely, considering that there's not much left for a story (and do we really want to see the FFVI crew corrupted in the style of Chrono Cross?), the possibility of a FFVI remake still remains. Square Enix is releasing a PS2 remake of Dragon Quest V, after all. Of course, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up or start any rumors. There are a couple of things I'd like to point out. First, FFVI: AC doesn't seem "random." It's an idea that's probably been floating around inside the heads of Square Enix people for quite a while. Second, remakes, especially those of older games, require far more work than movies. A movie is a long FMV. A game requires a complex system of programming and graphical design. In short, FFVI remake: nice idea, but don't hold your breath, old-schoolers.

Of course now with the figures reported about FFX... we may not be leaving Spira anytime soon... (FFX-3 anyone???)

-Captain G22

Ahem. Read this. ^_^

Zone the mob! I don't want to delevel!

Good to see you guest hosting on this spot. So I decided to drop a line. About DQ5, I am going to put that on my list of things to purchase as I go to Japan. I will be headed there this May to learn some japanesse first hand in a course there for 3 weeks. Now that has been decided, I will also apply a budget to play those giant claw machine games that will land me the fat plushies. My final great hope is that I come back alive.

What games are you looking forward to this year? I know that last year I was sorely dissapointed with Final Fantasy X, even though I am a huge MMORPG freak. This year I would like some sort of Tactical RPG, like Phantom Brave. I just hope that gets a translation over to the US. Here's to hoping, and I hope we see more of you hosting the Q&A in the future.



I think you meant Final Fantasy XI. I've been playing it quite a bit, and I didn't find it to be too disappointing. It has its moments. Sometimes, you'll get in a good group, and you'll have a great time leveling or completing a quest/mission. However, at other times, you end up in a crappy group of morons (what I call "the Idiot Brigade") who simply cannot grasp basic combat strategy (as in, you tell them repeatedly how to do something, and they won't listen, and then everyone gets killed). Sometimes the game feels like a huge leveling treadmill, and it gets discouraging. What I've found is that its just another one of those love/hate games. Either you love it and have a good time, or you hate it and throw it in the garbage. Personally, I love it, and I'm learning to deal with the random encounters with stupidity. By the way, if anyone is on the Midgardsormr server, look for me. My character is a Mithra named Sivara.

As for upcoming games, aside from the standard Square Enix fare and the Wild ARMS remake, nothing has captured my attention. I'm beginning to wonder if RPGs really are going downhill, or if I'm just getting old.

And yes, I certainly hope to host this column once again. I just have to harass Castomel some more.


on the rpg maker 2003 do you know how to kill things without going in to a battle
eg: on all of the zelda games you can do it
I downloaded a rpg maker game called "the code of silence" it was made with rpg maker

Cortney: First of all, I am obligated to chastise you for downloading pirated software. For shame. Now, based on my own experience with RPGMaker, the kind of battle system you are referring to is generally known as an "adventure system" (walk-up-and-wack, as I call it). I don't know anything about "The Code of Silence" (and if I did, the name alone suggests that I refrain from sharing any of my knowledge), but an adventure system can be made in just about any gamemaking program. I recommend getting a free legal one, as RPGMaker has its fair share of problems when it comes to adventure systems. Making an adventure system in RPGMaker will cause you to go insane and start mumbling incoherently about events, variables, and passwords. However, if you are a glutton for punishment, there should be a guide about the coding out there somewhere.

I'm so mad at the puppy we got for Christmas. It got into my FF7 keychains and chewed Cloud's hair off.

Cortney: Naughty puppy. You didn't name it Sephiroth, did you? ^_^ Maybe your puppy is teething, and Cloud's pointy head looked like a good way to massage his/her gums.

Ahoy, Ahoy

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated and for you Shroudie consider your he/she/saddam hussein head ripped off by my MIGHTY KUNGFU GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Batman

Cortney: When I first read this letter, I thought it was a piece of hate mail for me. Apparently, it has something to do with a reader feud in Castomel's column. Get a room, guys.

Last Words:

Cortney: I guess I have to untie Castomel and let him have his Q & A chair back. To those who wrote in, thanks a lot. ^_^ To those who didn't...well, it's OK. I'm too nice to curse your decendants.

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