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Ask JD - Tuesday | September 7 '99 - 4:30 pm EST

My burger is burning!


Ok, ok, I've seen that mostly people give you multiple questions to answer, so I guess I'll go with the "in" crowd this time...
1. What do you think of spoilers, you know, movies or things to read that would spoil a game, cause I try and do anything to avoid them.

Spoilers suck.

2. What do you think makes a game an RPG?

If it says RPG genre on the sticker.

3. I haven't met with much hype about FF8 except on the internet, does this mean people aren't as excited about FF8 as they were about FF7?

Your right, there isn't the hype surrounding FF8 that FF7 had. Why? Well FF7's graphics were revolutionary, jaw dropping even. And people expected it to be like FF 4/6 gameplay wise...Obviously something happened on the way, the evolution of the Final Fantasy series. People are expecting FF8 to be more in the line as FF7, less gameplay/ more robust storyline. While I personally like this many don't. While the hype certainly isn't here for FF8, most will still get the end FF8 looks to be the biggest RPG seller regardless of what the nay sayers say or do. I'm excited, that's all that counts doesn't it?

4. What do you think will win the great video game battle of 9/9/99?

Gamewise on 9/9/99 probably FF8.

5. If FF8 beats Dreamcast, is this the end of the legend of sega?

I don't know where this question is headed, games of FF calibur usually sell more than systems at least for a long period of time. Dreamcast will have an incredible start, the question is how long will it last. Sega is far from its demise, the Dreamcast preorders prove that.

Comparing game and system sales is apples and oranges. Hmm Mario sold more than PSX consoles in so and so given time, is the end of Sony? Another thought provoking analogy brought to you folks from blamo.

6. Who died and made you boss? Thanks for listening to my random thoughts....

-SephirothBasher (Soon to be renamed EdeaBasher)

Uhm, Fate?

Caribbean dude

Greetings, JD.

I've been keeping track of RPGamer for some time now, and I humbly think that all the changes you've made are for the better, as all the info and the format of the site is more rich in all aspects. Just a compliment for keeping up the good work. =)

Well, here's my situation. I've liked RPGs since my childhood, my first RPGs were FF I, DW I and Zelda I and II. Since then I've tried to define the concept of RPG, and as I see it, I somehow relate RPGs with Adventure/Exploring, with at the same time a story told, where, as the name implies, you fulfill a role in it. There could be a few different cattegories for battling, such as real time battling (Secret of Mana, Zelda), or turn-based (FF series, Lufia series, BoF series, among others). I guess that's the "essence" that any RPG should have to fit in the game genre. As for the storyline, it also has different molds, but right now, IMHO, these are the most typical: an epic adventure of swords, castles, dungeons and wizardry; a futuristic approach with a mix of weaponry and magic; and the fulfillment of the search for something that comes from the main characters (their past, their "role" in their world, and so on). Again, these aren't the only ones, but are the most commonly found in the games released up to date. (and probably look at this as a humble contribution to try to establish a concrete definition on RPGs...)

Now, down to bussiness. According to what I read in your last column, you want the emails to be focused on the latest that's happening in the RPGworld, namely FF8 and -in the videogaming world- the Dreamcast, (I guess I could drop in also FFA)... So, here are my questions:

1- I live outside the US (specifically, in the Caribbean, more specifically, in the Dominican Republic). FF8 is supposed to be released the 8th. Does that mean that the same 8th it'll reach the international market in the Americas?
2- Is there a good and justified reason for FF IV -not- to be released in the American FFA? In case it would have been the dreaded Porno Book in the secret Programmers room, I think that reason is not good enough (it could have been simply left out). Bad translation? We're all learning, and I think that no RPG has a flawless English translation (unless of course, the game was originally produced in English). And as for me, FF IV is one of (not -the-) greatest game I've played up to date (the music is my 10 in this game). So, anyway, if there's a good reason that would solve that somehow strange "mystery", if possible, I'd like to hear it.
3- As for the Dreamcast, I guess my inquiries concerning it have been answered so far, so no questions about it.
4- Here's a rather interesting question: what's your approach on games Strategy Guides? I for one don't look at them as spoilers, bur rather, as their name state, as guides that help you take the "correct" paths and do the "right" things in the game. I know for some people this is an unacceptable approach (NOOOO! These things will spoil the game for me!), but there are a few of us (but mostly, I'm speaking for myself), that because of other chores one has to do during the day, such as the studies, the job, etc., one has too little spare time to be walking aimlessly and abroad in such big worlds like the ones in RPGs, so I use them as mere tools that in a point that I'm stuck, or don't know what to do, simply look for the solution and the next step to take in it. I know that half of the fun of an RPG is exploration, but unfortunately, some of us can't explore and explore and explore without a time limit (I guess it would come in handy a Time materia orb or to learn the Time Mage abilities on situations like that. =) So, that's my approach, I'd like to know what's yours.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope it's posted, as I think the answers would illuminate many of us RPGamers. Till next time.

Yours truly,
-Francis Alma

Thanks for the props, here at RPGamer we strive for excellence and all that stuff.
1. Probably not, the date more or less is for the North American market, at least as far as I know.
2. Not really, Square's excuse is quite dumb. This might be pondered on for the coming centuries.
3. Gee, one less question to answer is never a good thing.
4. This can be summed up in one comment. I don't buy them or look at them, with the exception of FF7. I got it just for the purpose of having it.

FF 8 Commercials Impressions

Commercial. FF8. MTV. Today. TRL. Wonderful. Translated this means: The commercial for FF8 aired today during the TRL end of Summer Countdown. It was so cool. It had Liberi Fatali playing in the background while showing clips from movies with Squall and Rinoa and everyone else. There was also a person takling in the background talking. Once he's done talking, the clips fade to the FF8 logo. It took awhile but the commercial came and it's better than FF7's. Next time it comes on, I'm recording it.


I liked FF7's commercial more.

Hey JD!!!!!

I was just watching The Real World hoping to see the new FF8 commercial (Man is that show dumb!!!!) and, I saw it!!! The new FF8 commercial is now on the air!! And I'll tell you this, even the commercial's awesome!!! The game is gonna be way cooler!!!

Please post this letter, I finally got some hot information and this is just once in a lifetime. (Man does Ruthie like to drink!!!!!)

Poor poor, ruthie!

Hail JD

the Almighty, Today I saw the FF8 comercial for the first time (on MTV no less). The commercial was great but there was one thing that bothered me, they said FF8 was a Action-Adventure Epic. Why is that are Action-Adventure epics the same as RPG's or is Square just trying to line their pockets some more by staying away from calling FF8 a RPG in the mainstream?

-Natron the not so Almighty

It's all about marketing isn't it, and getting to that all elusive mainstream niche? I saw the commercial twice thus far. My thoughts of it are somewhat mixed, I have to say. The visuals (ALL FMV CGs) were incredible to say the least and make FF7's look pale in comparison. The music well you really can't go wrong using the Liberi music as the background accompaniment...While the music was good I didn't feel it had the same power of the FF7 commercial music, which seemed more of a sense of urgency/dramaticism. My main nitpick however is the voice of the narrator, can you say yawn? FF7's was delivered by that famed Movie commercial voice person, whose name escapes me at the moment. I just felt the commercial as a whole didn't deliver the high drama FF7's did. The commercial certainly won't change my mind regarding purchasing FF8. I'll be first in line tomorrow to pick up my copy. Perhaps you'll see me there. I'll be the blonde dude, wearing shades and a brown trench coat, so I can somehow escape the hoarding fans.

FF8 wont suck

Greetings Jeffrey Dahmer,

I've read quite a bit of letters, message board messages, etc. . .stating that FF8 is going to suck because it has flashy graphics and won't match FF6, like the way FF7 supposively didn't. Well, let's suppose for a minute that these people are right, and that FF8 isn't as good as FF6, even though the majority of them haven't even played it. Let's assume that FF6 is the better game.

. . .so? Why does it have to be better? Granted, Squaresoft should try to surpass each game in succession, but they are only human (unless what I've heard is true. . .), and if what they come out with doesn't strike someone as better, too bad. It shouldn't matter if a game is better than another, as long as the game itself is good. We don't put non-related rpg's on such a pedestal, (ex: not bothering to play Lunar because someone doesn't think it's as good as Chrono Trigger), so why do it with FF games? Well, I had better quit before the great JD decides to make a snack of my leg. . .


Good thinking.

Something about Debating

Hey John Donne

It now seems that Square and FMV will be inseperable, at least in the Final Fantasy series. But even with the awesome and realistic-looking FMV, I think something's still missing. Even though I'm sure entire hordes of people would disagree with me, I think sometime in the future they should try actual voice acting in FF. I mean, back in the day before all this fancy-shmancy FMV, no one expected to hear the 2d sprites talk, even in the automatic sequences of the game. They still had the dialogue boxes. But now with FMV, it looks kinda cheap. Like in the ending of FF7 (no, this is not a spoiler!) It shows the character's lips move, and a little subtitle at the bottom of the screen tells what they're saying. But there's no sound. It looks cheap. FFVII for the hearing impaired. I've snuck a peek at some of the FMV from FF8, and places where you would at least expect a gasp, a sigh, or a scream, rather than any dialogue in the fmv, it's still just silence. Now I don't think I'd want voice acting throughout the entire game. That'd get irritating. Ideally, it should be done like Lunar, where they only speak at key moments, usually preceding cutscenes. And voice acting is pretty good, if not done totally incompetently (a la Resident Evil 1). The only problem would be synching the voice to the lip movements. But I think that with the new systems that can render in real time, they actually can match the lips with actual spoken dialogue (at least that's what it looked like on that Japanese version of Soul Caliber I played at the mall). So while I wouldn't expect Square to do anything like that for a psx game, it might be pretty cool in a PSX2 game. I'm sure we could trust them not to screw it up. I mean, look at some of the voice talent they got lined up for the Final Fantasy Movie. I don't think they could go wrong (unless they did something stupid like make the FF movie into an actual game. That never seems to work well. Almost as bad as making a movie based on a video game. Street Fighter, anyone?) Anyway, sorry for the long letter. It's such a long read that I won't bother threatening you with bodily harm if you don't post it. Thanks for your time

-Dias Diem

More food for thought.

No Adoption

Well,well, my letter sure did bring comments! See, I told you I really am 32, and really do come to this site. I am glad you printed my letter. I would like to add some comments, first, yes, us OLD folks do buy the games for the kids. No, they don't have to work it off. We play with the kids during the day, then at 9:00, we stay up till the WEE hours and play. To the 14 year old boy who wanted me to adopt him: Sorry, but we have 3, and that's fine for me..You know, I should write in this column, too. What about it JD, I could open up the OLDFOLKS FORUM.


Hmm, would you have any openings to adopt a cool Q&A personality? This would mean free rpgs for me right?

Pikachu Electric Shock

Hey Jd!

In response to jarrod's quicky on Sunday, yes it was Pokemon where the seizure incident happened, but they fixed that here in the U.S. by slowing down all the scenes where any quick flashing occurs. That's why Pikachu's electric shock scenes are all strangely slow-motion.


Yeah I noticed the slow frame rate...

One Winged Angel Remix by Alpha

"Very, very, horney sluts! Glory to sex! Very, very, horny sluts! Glory to sex! Very, very, horny sluts! Glory to sex! Very, very, horny sluts! Glory to sex! Sexyroth! Sexyroth! We are Pinkinese, we got nailed at 17! Sexyroth! Sexyroth!"

-Alpha =D

I can charge some of you readers for being idiotic at times (ok all the time :D), but never for such inspired creativity. Can I? Alpha of course you do know, if Square decides to use your remixed song for OWA for a future game/album, I'll be taking 70% of the money. :)

Enix Nut

I've decided to send a letter each day with the sole purpose of promoting Enix and their godliness.

So, here goes: ENIX ROCKS! In future episodes of this letter, I will give my many reasons as to why they rock so much. Stay tuned!

-Josh a.k.a. Terry (you bastard)

You Enix nut you.

Hot Dog boy returns

Hehe.. nice update today! ;P Was the BBQ good? Really? Any hot dogs there? Ate any? Good! Don't you feel better about yourself now? Told you you would! Hey, are you planning on purchasing a Dreamcast on 9.9? I'm just curious.. I have some retarded friends that are frickin' teasing me by mailing me from their Dreamcasts!! Grr! Hehe... Anyhow, laters, take care! See ya around!


Hot dog boy returns! Actually I did have a hotdog. As for Dreamcast, that's a positive. Dreamcast/FF8 all this week, My oh my!

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Quickies - Buy a Dreamcast (subliminal message)

Hey, JD, dude, That Bernie Stolar poem was frickin' funny! I laughed my frickin' head off! Please print this frickin' letter!

Ok, here is your freakin letter printed. So stop freakin saying freakin.

Why is the Dreamcast a spiral logo? IT'S HYPNOTISM!
-Sir Sanjiyan


Hey JD, Do you realize that Bernie Stolar's initials are "BS"? Just thought I'd point that interesting little fact out.

Why is it so easy to bash Stolar, even though I applaud some of his actions...Must stop making fun of Stolar....

JD. Your Stolar update yesterday was genius. Now for a question. When is Thousand Arms' release date.

I've been called many things before and yes genius is one of them. :D
September 15 supposedly.

JD, I just wanted to say that JB's opinion on FMV's and artistic development was one of the most mature things ever written in this column.

Yeah, I print some thought provoking stuff. Hail me.

Who the hell is Christina Aguirlera?! An actress? Singer?

Singer, her new album/single is like on the top of the charts or something.

JD, I have a new nick name for ya. PRIMETIME!

Me, Prime Time? Isn't that Deione Sanders? You know what they say, like fine wine you can't rush Prime Time.

I've recently been having a cold spell for intros and conclusions ...With nice anecdotal tidbits like the LOG told me. I will not bother you with all with trite excuses today. How about, FF8's release has made me so excited that words are escaping me? Yeah that's right. That's the ticket. Cya all tomorrow, hopefully with my copy of FF8 at hand.

Jeff "FF8/Dreamcast is upon us - so is something else" Davis
FF8 will be in da HOWSE.
Don't bother correcting my ebonics or I shall hit you with a LOG.

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