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Bernie Stolar Takes Over Q&A
Ask JD - Monday | September 6 '99 - 3:30 pm EST

Bernie Stolar Takes Over Q&A and leaves an ominious message
Look here friends I have a goal
To complete my plans you'll fill a role
Go buy a Dreamcast in coming days
Forget Squaresoft; their games are gay
You'll find with Sega you're better off
So join with me; at them we'll scoff
The words I speak must fill your brain
Accomplish this; we've much to gain
When all our minds are locked in firm
Our hate for Square will truly burn
Dreamcast will flourish accross our land
Playstation and sponsors will need a hand
And when you tell them who arranged this plan
Bernie's job will be back, man!


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Ok, this wasn't quite Q&A. It's Labor Day and I have a BBQ cook out to attend later today. Q&A will have to wait till tomorrow. I found today's update freaking hilarious, I hope you did to. A real Q&A will be in store for you all tomorrow, ta ta.

Jeff "Stolar Takes Over Q&A" Davis
Damn you Stolar, your powers are great.

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