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Ask JD - Monday | August 30 '99 - 6:00 pm EST

You were all expecting another witty intro on my opinions on the state of gaming or the world as you know it. However I'm unable to do that today. Why you ask? An Explanation at the end. Now go read and be merry, yes this is a direct order.

So Emotional about Lunar

I just finished beating Lunar: SSSC and I must say I have never in my life played a more emotional game in my life. I mean, the ending to that game made the infamous FF7 end-of-disc-1-spoiler look totally lame. I know that Lunar: Eternal Blue is being remade for this winter, and believe me I will be first in line to buy that when it comes out. Also, I have heard somewhere (no clue where, so please don't ask ;-) that there is a Lunar 3 in the works (not the Lunar Magic School thing either), possibly for a next-gen system. Is there any truth to that?


Lunar 3 is indeed in the planning/development stages according to the most recent interview with Working Designs' head honcho Victor Ireland. According to Victor, it will be ESP's decision which system it will be released for. It will indeed be for either Dreamcast or PSX2. My guess is it will be released for the Dreamcast first and then the PSX 2. As for a US release, while Victor was adamant that it will be released for PSX2 here regardless of the Japanese release, now that Bernie Stolar has left Sega, there is that opening of a faster US release for Dreamcast. This is all speculation of course and only time will tell the specifics of when and where.

That Damn FF8 Date

When is exactly FF8 coming out. I've heard the 7th, 8th, and the 9th, (to compete with Dreamcast.) I was told the 8th by a Baggage salesman, where I reserve a copy, but The ad says the ninth Please tell me. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

The sad fact is no one really knows when the exact date is. A friend of mine spoke to the manager of his local Software Etc and was told the manager would pick up the game on the morning of September 8. Also as you've mentioned, some stores are still saying 7th and still others the 9th. It's just a waiting game at the moment.

Eternal Arcadia


Everything was going great, I spent too much pre-ordering FFVIII and Thousand Arms, but that was fine, I could get that money in time. But then I come to and I see Eternal Arcadia. I was not interested in a Dreamcast so I didn't even look at it. Finally I decided to check it out and it looks awesome. Now I'm stuck wanting that game. That leaves me with one question: Has the release date been named for Eternal Arcadia? I am not going to bother getting a DC until it comes out. But when it does my PSX and SNES might have to take a break on the shelf (beside that useless N64)


The Phantasy Star Team is back in full force as Eternal Arcadia might bring back the old glory of the Phantasy Star days. Forget Zelda Gaiden, Eternal Arcadia is here and it is glorious. Perhaps I'm getting carried away already, eh?
Sega has not announced a date however for Eternal Arcadia, lets keep our fingers crossed.

If you haven't seen this game yet, go check it out in our Eternal Arcadia Coverage.

RPGs Only?

was just wondering if you play games other than RPG's. I, myself, am currently going crazy with Shadow Man for the N64. It's probably the only "mature" title for the N, and I have to say it kicks major booty.

Who knew a being a Zombie could be so damn cool? Guess I'm set 'till FFVIII comes around. (Not like I have school or anything... commuter universities suck... must.. transfer...)

Of course I do. As great as the RPG genre is, there are times when one must escape it. Every genre in the book is to my liking, but I find myself playing Action, Fighting or Sports games the most, as of late. Perhaps another reason I'm so enthused with the Dreamcast.


Hey Living Epitome of Terror and Destru...err, i mean JD, because you are one of the few other souls i've encountered that has a penchant for Y's as large as mine, i must ask you some questions!

(1) Have you ever listened to Provincialism Y's, and if so, did you detest it as much as i did?? the only decent track on there is Last Moment of the Dark!

That is the only awful Faclom Album. Though it has a wicked name, I find it odd they would name it Provincialism..Dance Party Techno Remix...and Provincialism? Very odd. You'd think the album would be some classical masterpiece, oh well there are tens of other albums to enjoy.

(2) Have you ever noticed that during the voice-over cutscenes, whenever a villainous character says Adol's full name, it sounds as though they're calling him "a dull Christian"?? perhaps Falcom has a bias against organized religion??

I don't think so.

(3) In your personal opinion, what are the odds of seeing the rumored Y's 6 on Dreamcast, or any other platform for that matter??

Falcom has made no such comments about a YS 6 thus far. But if there will be one console system to get YS 6, most likely it will be the Dreamcast. My guess is it could be made for both the Japanese Windows and Dreamcast platform. Luckily there are quite a number; Working Designs as such, of US Publishers that would be interested to publish the game for either Dreamcast or PSX2 regardless of which platform it's released in Japan.

(4) I'd like to get a Dreamcast, i really would, but the lack of confirmed RPG's is holding me you know of any "old-fashioned fantasy-type" RPG'S that are definitely coming out for DC?

If you mean not 3D type..Yes. Black Matrix is scheduled for this year. If I'm anticipating one RPG for the Dreamcast this year other than Shen Mue it will be Black Matrix.

(5) Lair or Feena?? ;)
Best regards,

-Dark Rumor (Dark Fact's 'lil brother)

Can't I choose both?

FF8 Defender To the rescue

Howdy. In eleven days from the time I write this, Final Fantasy VIII will be unleashed upon North America. Like many others, I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. However, I am very afraid that when it finally hits stores, we'll see a repeat of the bashing that happened to Final Fantasy VII two long years ago and is still going on today. I realise that people will be writing in with their opinions about it, and naturally you have to print a well balanced variety of opinions from what you have, but I beg you to please, plaese use discretion. A large factor in the bashing of VII was the bandwagon that started in letters columns like RPGamer (then Square Net), and was carried on in IRC and newsgroups. The letters you print can, and probably will effect the public perception of Final Fantasy VIII, possibly significantly. If at all possible, let's stop the bandwagon before it starts.

-Arpad Korossy, still feeling sore over the continual bashing of FFVII

One thing you overestimate is the hope or expectation of the RPG community to be fair or at least not jump the gun. Almost sounds like an oxymoron. It'll be interesting to watch how people react to FF VIII. I guess we'll find out in the next few weeks.

Game Music

I'd like to see Squaresoft even get a SNIFF of a grammy, you're supposed to answer questions like those coherently, you're supposed to know the facts!
First of all, I really, really doubt that any videogame will get nominated, it's all gonna be pc, for more reasons than one. There are some very strict rules on what can get nominated, I don't remember all of them, but one of them is that the music must be Redbook Audio, from there on, the only games that will get in are most likely ones that feature, you know, 'real instruments' and stuff. However much I like Square's...guy (the name slips by me at the moment), the sound quality just isn't going to cut it, and it's impossible for anything Square ships out to even get considered (unless Square started using Redbook suddenly and I didn't notice, I'm not an expert on this subject).
A game like Grim Fandango is going to win (it would most definitely deserve it), keep wishing if you think your favoratest company in the whole wide world is getting any mainstream accolades.


In regards to Final Fantasy 8, some of the music is in Redbook quality, at least it sounds that way. Inspite of that the chances of FF 8 winning such an award is quite small for the exact reasons that you've addressed. Knowing the Square community I'm sure they would disagree with this statement. Even FF 1 music must sound like the London Philharmonic to their ears.

Another FF 4 basher

I'd have to agree with the guy who wrote in yesterday, FF4 does suck, a lot.

First of all, the story is far too childish, suitable for saturday morning cartoons. I hate how the characters die, only to come back later, Yang for example. Square must have thought that gamers couldn't handle death.

Second of all, the pacing of the game is far too slow, not to say that I have a short attention span. But have the time you're just walking around without anything interesting happening.

Third, just because the characters have different abilities (unlike FF7) doesn't mean that the game was hard in anyway. And to top it all off, the english version took out the porno mag! (Of course, I've played through the jap version, and it's just as boring.) FF1 is still the best! (but I'd bet most FF7 haters, have never played all the way through number 1)


I'm sure many of you have known that I'm not the biggest FF4j/2 US fan in the world. When the game was released it was spectacular. It was the first grand 16 bit RPG to be released in the US. The story was good for its time and the music well, at the very least was of greater quality than most RPG fans have experienced. I wouldn't go quite so far as to call it Saturday morning cartoon level story wise, but yes, it was geared to a young if not unsophisticated crowd.

The game was great back then and I still consider it a classic. Though I wouldn't have the patience to play through it again. I tried and stopped at Mt. Ordeals. Exactly why I thoroughly enjoyed FF7, for the more mature storyline. The way it looks FF8 will be even further along that path.

Need Advice?

Hey JD,

I need some help, so who do I turn of course. I have $100 burning a whole in my pocket and I need your help to tell me what to do. Here are my options...
A. Buy FFVIII and SO2
B. Buy some cd's
C. Ask a fine chick out on a date, she looks like Keri Russell(Felicty)and Dina Meyer(Starship Troopers)
D. Put it in the bank
E. Donate it to RPGamer
F. Save it for a better chick

Thanks JD man, you're the greatest. I'm sure whatever you choose will be the right move. So I'll go through with whatever you choose

-John Thompson

Here's what you gotta do. You buy FF8, save the $50 and take the girl out, in albeit cheaper date. You'll get the best of both worlds. And if you decide on getting 2 RPGs, DON'T choose Star Ocean 2. Get Suikoden, Thousand Arms, FF Anthology or the incredible Grandia. However, you may donate it to the JD Fund. Our organization helps poor (me) buy more RPGs. We aim to provide top notch charity. You can send the check to: HeadQuarters
Attention: JD Fund
1 Bernie Stolar's Mansion Complex
Segaville 9.9.99

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I thought it was pretty cool how the guy who was complaining about rednecks is named Rossbob. Like Joe Bob, or Jim Bob.

Pass the possum please.

HAHA I work at an EB so I get my dreamcast on tuesday, 8 days ahead of you other feeble people. HAHAHA
-Man who gets his Dreamcast early

Who cares....Can you obtain one for me early? I'll give you a LOG.

Hiya JD, Are you excited about FF8? I am.

No, I'm excited about roast possum.

Hey JD do you have any idea of when the US release date will be for PSX 2 and the release season for Lunar 3

PSX 2: Fall/Winter 2000
Lunar 3 not announced - My guess late 2000/early 2001

Do you realize the pandemonium that would ensue, if on the same day, you posted both my long message, AND this quickie?? THE HORROR!!

Yes, sheer pandemonium.

I can't believe Zac likes Banjo Kazooie over Sonic Adventure. I'm gonna faint!

Here, have a beer.

Now you're asking "Why the hell wasn't there an intro?" and soon also a closing. Why? Because a LOG on the road told me not to. Cool eh? Get your keyboards typing for tomorrow's Q&A. Yes that's an order. Dismissed.

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Dreamcast and FF8 next week! Let the official celebrations begin. I'll bring the party hats you bring the liquor.

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