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Ask JD - Friday | August 27 '99 - 3:55 pm EST

Friday is here again folks, that means I get to bum around for the weekend. Won't that be fun? I had something planned for a nice videogame discussion for today, however that will need to keep until monday as I need to gather up some stuff. Today's mailbag was another true Q&A type day mixed in with some nice light undertones. I guess opinions and serious discussions have past it's prime this week? More on that later. Now go read your daily Q&A and be off.


Salut JD!

Here's a couple o' quickie questions that have been driving me nuts, so for my own sake and the sake of those around me, print this before I haul out my nine millimeter and blast a hole in someone!
1) Is it just me or have chocobos gotten less and less cute with every Final Fantasy game?

I would tend to agree with that.

2) Are there giong to be Moogles in FF8? Because if there aren't I swear, I'm not gonna pick up my pre-ordered copy until, like, the 11th or 12th.

I asked my friend, Dar (aka FF import otaku) and I was told the japanese version indeed has moogles, but you need a Pocketstation, which we don't have in the US. The good news is the Japanese Pockestation works with US Playstations. The bad news, however, I was told they are pretty hard to find.

3) I saw these scenes from this wicked looking RPG for the Dreamcast called..umm...something that begins with an "S" follows the life of this Chinese know what I mean? What is it called, and is there any word on when we can expect it here in North America? Thanks JD, you rock my world! I mean,, damn, no one was supposed to know about me and you.. Mrs. Sttolar


I'm assuming you mean Shen Mue? It's expected to be released around early-mid December in North America.

Dreamcast YS and more

Hey, JD

Check Sunday's Zac letters, I was the guy who defended Turbo Grafx and Ys, after he dissed Turbo Grafx. anyway onto the questions. My favorite Ys Music is that of the opening sequence for Ys 1 & 2 for Turbo Duo.
1. Would you suggest buying a copy of Ys 1 & 2 for Turbo Duo if I only have Magic Engine (The emulator, it emulates cds, too).

Yes I highly recommend it. My friend has both a Duo and ME, he prefers the ME to play on a monitor's high resolution. I prefer the Turbo Duo myself. In any event yes go find YS 1/2.

2. Out of Climax Landers and Evolution, which one seems more prominent, I personally think that Landers looks better, but I'm seeking an additional opionion.

Landers is more prominent, perhaps because of the trillions of delays. I personally am more interested in Landers, but both games rock. Keep in mind Evolution is going to be released in North America very soon. Landers on the other hand is still up in the air.

3. Out of Eternal Arkadia and Grandia 2 which one seems like it will be the Ultimate RPG experience on the Dreamcast, I think Eternal Arkadia is gonna be better, but once again I'm seeking an additional opinion.

Eternal Arkadia, formerly Project Ares looks truly incredible. I certainly won't choose one or the other, both will be landmark games. It's gonna be great to own a Dreamcast.

4. Have you actually ment someone who called Ys "whys". I'd laugh if anyone said that.

P.S. I won't be able to get FF8, when dreamcast comes out because i'm buying sonic, Soul Calibur, and Powerstone, so can i have a free copy.

-The Carneyfolk

Nope. Not yet.

New Jersey Connection

Hey JD,

Yes, I live in Jersey and like videogames and Anime!! But anyway, I can only afford three of the upcoming rpg, and I am definately getting FF8 and Suikoden 2. Now it between Thousand Arms and Grandia. Which one do you think I should get.


Since I haven't played either games first hand, I'll go with Grandia. Speaking of Jersey, (pronounced Joysey with East coast accent KIDDING!) at least you aren't alone there Ami as far as videogame and anime fans go.

Playstation Price Drop - Time to buy?

Hi JD,

I just had a few questions. First of all, what would you classify the game Super Metroid as? My friends say it could be considered an RPG game because of it's energy system, ability to aquire new weapons, cool story, good music, and just the whole organization of the game (as in trying to solve the puzzle).

Also, even if you don't think Super Metroid is a cool game, or an RPG game, have you ever played it? I just bought it and I think it's really fun. And one more question.

Now that the Playstation is $99, I'm considering buying one. However, I was wondering if it would potentially drop any more in the future. $100 is a big commitment for one who doesn't play many games, and I just want to know if it would be worth it to do it now (I.E. price goes back up), or wait a while (I.E. Price goes down). I'd appreciate any ideas on this you may have. Thanks,

-Chad, Who Is Stuck In Super Metroid In Maridia.

I'd classify Super Metroid as an Action/Adventure game, not an RPG. Yes I got it back in the day. It was quite a nifty game.
I don't see Playstation's price going down below $79 anytime soon, would you really wait months just for a $20 price drop? Of course this is speculation on my part, however I'm assuming you get my jist. Now/Upcoming Christmas season is really the time to buy, if you want one.

Splitting Hairs woo.

Heya JD!

First off, like to say great job on the columns!! Their great.

Next, I hate bearing the bearer of bad news but, Lunar: The Silver Star Story is NOT a new RPG. It's a remake of an old RPG. Sorry but your wrong. Actually, I'm not sure if a remake is classified as a new RPG, so you might be right. Then I'd be wrong.

Do you have your copy of FF8 reserved? I do! Hehehe. They aren't even in the stores up here in Canada, and I'll be like the very first to have a reserved copy from a department store (getting mine from the Sony store).

I don't know about Thousand Arms... I mean it SEEMS good, but I just don't know... Only ONE character fighting might make the battle very hard.

And finally, to make this short and hopefully you'd print my letter, are you going to buy a Dreamcast? I'm going to ask someone to get me a system for Christmas, but I do want one. Later JD and keep up the great work,


Thanks for the props. As for Lunar that is just splitting hairs isn't it? Especially since for the most part it was a total remake and according to Mr. Ireland 80% of the game was changed over the original. Since I'm under the assumption that most of you haven't played the original Lunar for sega cd, technically it is new. Now I'm splitting hairs too.

As for FF8 and Dreamcast, yes.

Mr Potato is steamed

Hey mr. i'm-too-cool-to-answer-ur-letter-cuz-i'm-a-rpgamer-guy man, print my friggin letters. u print that zap guy's letters like... 4 days in a row. i'm just askin a simple question. is there ANY chance of fire emblem 64 coming to the US? kuz fire emblem kicks @$$. k later

-Freako the evil potato

No announcements have been made for a US release nor has Nintendo tipped off anything about one. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

Old School is dead?

I've been wondering why all the "true" Final Fantasy fans think that FF4 is the best and that 7 sucks just because it uses FMV and that 8 is just the same thing all over again.
(1) FF4 sucks big time, I mean come on, the story is weak, the charactors and towns people are way to forgiving, and small details that have the biggest impact on the story just don't add up. A) How could Yang's wife beat up a soldier with a frying pan? B) When you drop a key down a well, won't it just bounce around when it hit the bottom, not go straight into a lock? C) Would you really so easily forgive a guy for attackong your town and stealing a sacred trasure? D) Cecil is a freaking idiot. He forgives Golbez so easily just because he's his brother.
(2) FF7 is awsome! I don't undestand why people bash it so much. People are always complaing about how the FMVs take away to much controll from the player. All an FMV is, is a visualy enhanced version of an allready non-playable part of the game.
(3) FF8 is going to be be the best Final Fantasy of all time! The reason why people are bashing it allready is because it's going to be so realistic. You can only win items from human opponents. (How many dogs cary potions?) Monry is paid to you by a mercenary salary, you can't get it from monsters. (How many dogs carry 10 doller bills?) For your info. the draw/stock system and junction system will be very cool. I personaly like it better that magic is a commodity, not an expendable resource. (Nothing should be infinate) Oh, yeah, I can guarantee that the story will be the best one a FF will ever see.


The first anti FF4 I've ever gotten...Opinions?

Gameshow hits Q&A

Hey JD, It's time again for another game of "Name that Irony!" Today's contestant is the letter involving FF8 advertisement. Now we all know the way the game works, I give you the situation, and multiple cases of irony, and you have to select the correct one that applies. They watched a channel/show to see the commercials that they wanted to see, but didn't accomplish it. Now NAME THAT IRONY! Is it:
a) The letter-writer probably really likes the real world
b) JD is supposed to be "all-knowing" and "cool" yet he watches the Real World
c) Commercials pay stations to increase their viewing audience, not the other way around
3) You're a shrew JD, and that's just plain wacky.
d) None of the above. If you lose, I'll send Bernie Stolar over as a foreign exchange CEO.

-Hoenir "did you know Hoenir means Gameshow Host?" Aesir

HAH-HAH. My one question is, how did 3 end up between c and d?
Actually I don't watch Real World per se. I do however leave MTV on for the most part, whenever the TV is on. If not you'll usually find me watching a sports game. Sad to say as of late I barely have time for either, or videogames for the most part.


Hey Jd,

Dont impersonate The Great one, cause if you do, the Rock is going to Lay the smack down on your candy ass! That is, IF YOU SMELLL-LA-LA-LA-LA...What THE cookin'.

-Bahmut "The Rock" Zero

How about if I say The Rock has granted me use of that term..Would you believe that?

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Dear Jay Dee If you want to be silly and semantical, Kajin_X was wrong, because if Ys4 only came out in Japan, it was for Super Famicon, not Super Nintendo! So technically, you WERE right.

You gotta love it when a reader sticks up for you. Your prize? A spot on the column.

Yo Jd how is it? Anyway I gotta question for ya. What is the worst Square game in history. Since you are the god of knowledge what you say is law

I know I already like you, certainly with praise like that. Uh, anyway that would be Secret of Evermore.

Take ZAP away from that third spot on the Quickies column and I'll get Aya Brea to do some good things for you... I heard she's adept at tossing salads. (Whoever doesn't know what that means...)

You took Zap's spot. A good thing can't last forever you know. Zap is in the record books now, if that's any consolation. Now about Aya....Tonight's a good night for salad tossing.

I saw where you were talking about Lunar:SSSC yesterday, so I got excited. I don't really have a question, but a tip for the gamers. After you beat SSSC, wait thru all the credits and everything...then you get to listen to outtakes lol. Ok, that's all.

Am I the only who got annoyed with the outtakes? It just seemed to go on and on and on and on and on....There were a couple of funny ones however.

I think Ruthie smokes crack.

Probably among other things.

OK, you called Bernie Stolar a jabroni. What the heck is a jabroni? (I don't care one way or the other about the man, I just want to know what the term means...)

From what I've been told by my WWF enthused friend, it's a word coined by the Rock. It means A No Talent. I like the word. ;)

There goes another week for me, Zac will be in to handle the weekend. Send him a log courtesy of Blamo.

I'll be very curious to see how things will shape up when I return on Monday. This week was one where opinions or debates were no where to be found. Q&A was carried through by the abundant Questions and light hearted comments, not to mention Dennis Rodman's new face. A change of pace for once, however I'd like to see a nice interjection of sparse opinions/debates for next week. This was a bad week for me, I promise next week I'll actually discuss many a things, gamer and ungamer related. Stay tuned and see you all on monday. Exit stage right. Peace.

Jeff "Jabroni Hunter" Davis
Can you count how many times I've said Jabroni today?

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