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Ask JD - Thursday | August 26 '99 - 3:40 pm EST

I can't think straight today. What else is new, eh? Anyway Today's Q&A was mostly on the light side, opinions or debates were no where to be found.

Thousand Arms will it ever come out?
Hi JD,
I can't think of an opening sentence... Well, whatever. Here's my questions.
1. Where can I get a Thousand Arms demo?

My guess is only EB, Babbages and Software Etc got the demo. Only 10,000 were shipped, so it could be hard to obtain.

2. Do you know the exact date Thousand Arms is coming out? All the game sites I've checked out just list its release date as "September '99".

Atlus has maintained that it would be released in mid September.

3. Is FF8 coming in special packaging? It has four discs, which a standard double CD jewel case can hold, but I doubt Square would put the instruction manual on top of one of the CDs. Also, I saw FF8 in my local Software Etc. store on the shelf among the other games (unsuprisingly, my eyes immediately went to FF8) as if it were a normally purchaseable item, except that it was in a cardboard package with a "coming 9/9/99" label, which was the same size and shape of a double CD jewel case. This lead me to believe that FF8's discs would come in individual cd sleeves, like the one that held the Lunar demo, and would be packaged like Riven's discs. Is my assuption correct?

-Alex Penrose

To be honest, either I haven't paid attention or no information was given. Does it really matter anyway? I would wager that everyone would still get it even if the game was wrapped in toilet paper.


Hey J"Jiggly Dude"D, I figured out your name. Anyhoo, I have some questions. Here ya go :
1.) I just recently got into RPG's. I just finished Final Fantasy VII, and just got Star Ocean : The Second Story a couple of days ago. After I finish Star Ocean I'm getting Final Fantasy VIII. After FFVIII, then what rpg's do you recommend?

Wild Arms, Suikoden, Final Fantasy Tactics (Strategy/RPG), Xenogears, Lunar SSSC, Suikoden 2, Grandia, Thousand Arms, FFA and Evolution (Dreamcast), to name a few.

2.) Since Final Fantasy Anthology won't include Final Fantasy IV, do think Square will release it seperatley as one game by itself?

Highly unlikely at least in the near future. Now was the time to release FF 4 as part of the anthology. Obviously that didn't happen. I don't see how Square would see it wise to release FF 4 by itself either. It just doesn't make sense...At least you'll get that nifty 8bit sounding bonus cd. ;)

3.) Recentley on your site I read that Chrono Trigger will be re-made for the Playstation. Will there be any major differences from the SNES version?

Only the supposed Anime cut scenes.

4.) And lastly, should I get Lunar : Silver Star Story complete? My neighbor just got it and said it rocked, but I'm still not too sure. Thanks Dude,

-Matt McLeskey

Yes, read our review of it. Ryan was quite harsh on it, as I would have given it a good 9.3-9.5, but yes I heartily recommend Lunar SSSC. So far it's the best new RPG I've played this year.

New Jersey Baby

hiya JD!

Are there any other RPGs besides Thousand Arms and FF8 coming out anytime soon? And what do you think bout FF8? I'm gonna rent it first....

-Ami, the only videogame and anime fan in NJ (sigh)

Suikoden 2 is late next month. I have not played FF8 other than the demo that came with BFM. I found it surprisingly boring, of course this is after 3 months of looking at the movies and screen shots of it. I've been told the final version of it is much better. FF8 would certainly be the 1 RPG I must have this year.

Worst Console Launch

You and another person were yammering on about "greatest launch", blah, blah, but.. what in your opinion is the 'worst' launch. Would that be the Jaguar, or the N64? I assume you meant 'best' in regards to the amount of available games when the system was initially released.


Jaguar would take that prize hands down...Remember Cybermorph? (shudder) Ok I admit I liked it the first day. It was the first decent 360 degree polygonal fly anywhere console shooter.

More on Dreamcast Logo

Yesterday I read a quicky is an old magic symbol that means rebirth. Actually I read that it symbolized the universe and the infinite power of human beings. A bunch of stuff on DreamCast (How it began, when and how it was revealed, future plans, game reviews/previews) can be found at


There you have it more Dreamcast info from one of my underlings.

Waiting for FF8 Commercials - The torture


Yeah, I'm getting really mad that they don't seem to be putting on FF8 commercials. I even watched (wince) The Real World (two episodes, might I add) to see if they were on, cuz I heard they might be on MTV. I can bear no more of Ruthie's alcoholism or Matt's idiocy. Please, save us!!

-Wow, the real world sucks

Come on Ruthie needs help both for alcoholism and exhibitionism (she runs around the house topless like 80% of the time), be kind. Heh-heh.
I've been looking for the FF8 commercials myself. Hopefully they should start popping up anytime now. And yes, your best bet of seeing them is on MTV or ESPN.

Rodman the freak from chicago, no la, where the hell is that bum?

How dare you show Dennis Rodman on the Tuesday update!!! Not only is he stupid(who whould pass up being married to CARMEN ELECTRA?!) but you've scarred me!!! I expected Christina Aguilara, only to be freaked out by that @%$!^& wrestler wanna-be!!!---insert 50 more exclamation points(!) HERE---

-The now-blind weirdo hopin' for more Aguilara(drool...)

Just the name Rodman makes me laugh. Anyway, well, I thought of putting Aguilera's picture up on few occassions, not every time. However the demand was swift, strong and many so I put up the link again on the right hand side. It's a new picture too.

Dennis has a big LOG!

-Carmen Electra

I'm not gonna even go there.

What is this guy talking about?

Ok, first of all you suck for not printing none of my letters, ok? Oh, and um...I gotta question that will just make you think all day, ok, not really, who do you think would win out of a fight between Crono, and Cloud? I know, I know, you are thinking,'re wrong!!! Cause Glenn comes out of no where, takes out his Masamune, and hacks them both to pieces. Then he comes through your computer screen JD, and hacks your leg off. Oh by the way, a real question, JOY! Me and my other friends think that Squall is the son of Tifa and Cloud. What do you think mane? We read on a site that he was. Any way, enough talking, and if you do not print this, I am going to buy me my own masamune, drive to your house, and kick your arse!!!! One last note, My dad is a Postal Worker, so you better print this letter...TaTa!!!

-Dark Helmet 'I have the power of the Schwartz!'

My plan was to annoy you by not printing any of your letters. My plan worked.
I'd whoop Glenn faster than he can say ribbit.
As far as your friends' theory try another one, as that is wrong if not out there.


You seem to know a lot of answers to a lot of questions...coicidence....I think not!!! When are you gonna tell the people your real name, Latoya Jackson!!?? HMMMMMM???? I'm tired of being charged money for calling you on the phone when I can get the answers on this page!!! And assuming a man's name??? God, that's just like your, and I quote, "brother Michael" assuming a guy's name! Sick!! Anyways, oh psychic one, do you know if Square plans on ever releasing a sequel to Secret of Evermore??? That game was the best!!! ;)


Yes I'm Latoya and I've made millions from my hotline. Call me at 1-free-Latoya-advice.

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Good for you.

Oh Mighty JD! Unfortunately you were rather incorrect about the SNES versions of Ys. There are 3 not 2! Ys 4: Mask of the Sun was also released for the snes, albeit only in Japan.
- Kajin_X

I was testing how astute you readers are. Sadly only one was. Perhaps you deserve a prize?
Seriously though, I did know that, but I forgot. I don't know how I could have forgotten such a thing, but hey it happens.

That's it for today. Catch ya all on the flip side.

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