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Ask JD - August 16 '99- 5:35 pm EST

A little levity is in order, after last week's serious and conflicting themes. One of the pictures is Bernie Stolar and one is Robert Englund (played Freddy Krueger on Nightmare on Elm Street). I seriously can't tell the difference. Yes that's right, even from his grave as CEO, Stolar's powers have extended into our Q&A.

A little announcement before we begin. I decided to revert my Q&A format, to the old format that we've used in the past. Where I will be cutting into letters and answering. From what you readers have expressed, this is especially helpful, at least, easier to read letters with numbered questions. It also seems to add a more interactive feel to it. Hope you like it, as I do.

Try and Try again

Geez man.. this is my 3rd time writing in, and nothing psoted yet, unless #2 makes an apperance next week.. anyway..

1) Where would be a good place to buy soundtracks over the web besides I love video game music, and I want to hear the EB soundtrack.. the music is awesome!

JD: is probably the best one that I know of. Lunar EB's soundtrack can be best described as "majestic." I can't wait to see what Iwadare has done for the PSX version.

2) Is Lunar: EB going to be a complete remix in american? I have it in Japan, and it only comes with playing disks.. any help? What about Lunar: Magic School? I've heard about it on, and this site but nothing.. whats that game about? Is it good?

Yes. Victor Ireland of Working Designs, stated that it would come with a Soundtrack CD and Making of CD as well. As far as Lunar Magic School from what I remember Victor said it was no good. Some of the readers here disagree, but I have not played it myself.

3) Is there a way to get Schala in CT? I dunno how many times I tried..Any help?

Not to my knowledge.

4) Your column rules.. also, by the way, Do you think the Lunar: SSSC soundtrack was better than the Lunar:SS soundtrack? I loves the SSSC soundtrack, but I want to find an OSV for it.. any help there? Well, thanks for listening JD. Peace out Cub scout.

-Super Sai-jinn Gokuu

That's a tough one, each had its redeeming qualities. I believe has the OSV, when I checked weeks ago. Or just buy the Sega CD game at or The songs in the game are in Redbook/CD Audio, so you can listen to it with any CD player.

Cursing in Q&A

Hi, again. Enjoy your weekend? Good. Well now it's time to get of your lazy rump and....sit on it again and spend 4 hours making a letters column. (Damn, that didn't work the way I wanted it too.) On to the questions!

1.) I heard FFIX (9 already? Holy S***!) will have a more fantasy setting. Is this true? I guess I prefer it. (I ain't sure, really.)

Do I have to? I so enjoy just chillin' out and being lazy.
I'll be honest. While this is just a rumor, I don't know if I like the idea. Since FF 4 the games have drastically changed time line wise, into a more high tech world. As with most rumors, I hold very little stock in it.

2.) FF6's main character was Terra (Earth.) FF7 was Cloud (Wind.) FF8 was Squall (Water.) HMmm, notice a trend? Also, FF6 dealt a lot with walking (a lot of walking.) In FF7, you did quite a bit of flying (the Highwind was the path to almost every secret.) In FF8, well the demo shows all sorts of aquatic stuff. Hwat does all this mean? Actually, I'm not really sure.


3.) How much profanity is too much? (Please bleep out whenever necessary.) Is it ok to say crap, damn and hell? But not s&*^ and f@#$? How about b%^&*? Bastard? Ok, how much is usable. Can I say "Crap, this sucks." But not "F%^& you, you god damned son of a b#$%^!

(Snip...And more cussing.....)

Ok, I'm just kidding about that, but seriously, what's ok for the column? Actually, that paragraph probably contained way too much profanity. Oh well. Adios!

-Mike Dore

Generally, most if not all bad words are avoided here.

Grandia, Thousand Arms and Anime

Hey JD, Just a quick question or two, involving no opinions at all for the sake of overdone controversy (Was everyone arguing about FF2 when FF3 came out...?) Well anyway, here they are:

1) Uuuuh, when does Grandia come out in the U.S.? The area for it in the Games section says "08.16.99" and doesn't have a Japan marker thing like the date for the Saturn release does. So.. does that mean it came out.. like.. today? O_o

JD: (formerly lists it for October 26 '99. Sony has done a horrendous job marketing this game, with flimsy release dates to boot. I wish Working Designs published this game, least it'll ship by end of the millenium. :)
The good news is, looks like Sony really wants to propp up the RPG. Grandia List price = $39.

2) Do you think Thousand Arms will be a worthwhile buy? I need some games besides FF8 (which is still for a while yet). I haven't looked at it a -whole- lot but all anime-settings rock, sooooo.

I'm buying it. Atlus even quotes what one of our previewers said, "...a top-notch mixture of visuals, audio, and story-line." - RPGamer.
Other respectable game sources, such as Gamers Republic and Gamefan are also giving it glowing reviews.

3) On the topic of anime, do you know of any other games that will be doing much of it the way Lunar and Xenogears were? With an anime artist doing the original CT artwork, I think just about everyone would love to see Chrono Cross with anime clips instead of CG. *sigh* Oh well. I'll buy it anyway. ^_^

-Derek Thompson

Wild Arms 2 and Lunar 2 come to mind. If I'm not mistaken, also the heavenly Langrisser Millenium.

Opinion on FFA US CD Case

Hey Jane doe

That is the weakest cover I have ever seen. A sword with Roman numerals on the sides. No characters or anything on it. I'm a big square fan but what group of posers works in their cover art dept.


Don't hurt me...But it doesn't strike my fancy. at least. (image of FFA US Cover at the end of the column)

Beating the Dead Horse - Die bastard

**FF 7 Spolier Warning**

Hey JD

i tottaly agree with Arakageeta statment about final fantasy and how it is getting deeper. I've played every final fantasy realeased to the united states (including the hacked version of ff5) and if you play them all right in a row, they do get deeper as the go on. I mean not only in feelings and all, but the love that each character has for the other. For eg. in FF7 the fact that Cloud carried Aries's body to the pool to lay her to rest in the lake, by himself, shows how much he cared for her well being and the love he had for her. i mean sure they felt bad and all, but they just don't show it in the same way as they did here. Of course the CG movie helped and i belive thats why people shouldn't yell at square for doing that kind of stuff. By using the that movie you could see the worry free smile of Areis's face as Sepheroth's Sameri blade ripped through her life giving heart,just as she made her wish on the White Materia. I also don't think people relized that she gave up her life for the living, not only the people but every living, breathing thing whether it was good or evil. Just to wrap this up i would like to put this question in people's mind, would you willingly give up your life as she did, not know whether your wish would be granted or not?

-Ryan McLaughlin

As you all probably know by now, yes I do believe the story in the FF series have improved. At least Square is finally exploring a more grown up plot. The idea of a love story as the premise of FF8 plot line, sounds too intriguing. It'll certainly be one of the more interesting conversations this year, whether or not Square is really evolving for the better or worse.

12-18 year old Set


Though it may seem like I'm jumping on a bandwagon here, I looked at Shadowburn's letter from yesterday and thought "Hmm, good points." Then I read your response to it and laughed (as you often make me do) and figured I should speak out.

I'm in the 12-18 group category and people tell me I'm pretty smart.

You surely must be talking to the wrong people? :P

Thus, when I play an RPG, I appreciate any good graphics/cinema it might have, while at the same time trying to find and appreciate plot (which made Xenogears great for me-- even though the dubbing was terrible). I like older games too, and find them equally fun. For example after finishing Star Ocean 2, to fill the void in my gaming world, I picked up Breath of Fire 2 and Chrono Trigger again. I'm also an AD&D Dungeon Master, liking the opportunity to create my own world after playing through the ones offered by console RPGs.

In answer to your "Our age group actually has brains?" I'd like to say that unfortunately most of those in our group don't,

You got that right. :)

and these are the kind of people who mostly write in to Q&A and Editorial columns and make us sound stupid. Rest assured I'm not one of those people. Anyway, since this is a Q&A column I should some questions--

Would you recommend Lunar: SSSC? If so, where can I get it? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for your time and sorry for sounding so stiff and irritated.


Good points. I think the stereotyping really must end, ie.(Canada vs US, 12-18 year olds being unimaginative or idiots). Well maybe not the last one. ;)
As far as Lunar SSSC, I devoted 2 weekend Q&A/Columns to it, so yes it's one hell of a game. It Definitely is in the top 5 RPGs this year. Not to mention, Lunar 2 is just around the bend, and to appreciated this legend of a game you need to know the story of Lunar SSSC. Can't find it anywhere? No Walmart or Toys R US, at least? As a last resort, you could always order directly from Working Designs.

Dreamcast Media Size

Hi jd,

You made a mistake when responding to S. Pustinger's letter. You said a DC disc holds 1 Gig. While it is called a GD-ROM, or Gigadisc-ROM, it holds 1.2 gigs, or 1200 megs. Just a little correction, bye!

-Adam Dunlop

To back up my previous statement, directly from Specs Page "CD-ROM Drive: 12x (Maximum) proprietary Yamaham GD-ROM (Gigabyte Disc) capable of holding up to 1GB of data."

In your face, bite me, eat it!!.......Just kidding, but there you have it.

9.9.99 - FF 8 vs Dreamcast?

how do you think ff8 will fare since it is being released on the same day as dreamcast

-gabe ricard

Many have asked me this question in recent days. I honestly don't know what all the hoopla surrounding this is all about. In a recent survey it showed, those who are getting a Dreamcast on 9.9.99 will be spending on average $300-400. People who could afford this can surely pay for FF8. Conversely those who can't get many games a year will get FF8, and save up for either Dreamcast or PSX2 for the future. So I don't really project each cutting into sales figures.

JD's Idiot of the Day Award

Say COW before each word:


(Repeats 2 more times)

4. Start at the bottom and read the words upwards.
(Repeat again)

That's just plain, evil, isn't it?

You wasted my precious time. Damn you!

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I was looking at the the cover of FFA, to notice that it has a TEEN rating! What the hell is with that?? Aren't they leaving the game the same way it was years ago? Although there weren't ratings back then, it was designed for younger kids!! Everything has a teen rating now........

Something is very wrong, when a story and dialogue, fitting for 5 year olds, gets a teen rating...Stranger and stranger. Don't even flame me you FF fanatics, it was a joke. Plus I have my fire extinguisher here.

Hey JD,
Something I just noticed... people who flame incessantly are flamers. Sound right to you?

Yes and I also noticed, people who write idiotic letters are idiots. :P

I bet you a million dollars that this letter will not get printed.
-The Cat in the hat

I'll be expecting the wire transfer.

JD, "Poor Tom Green. His Bum is all alone." I'm not gonna touch that one with a 50 foot pole...

Neither am I. But for those who asked, the mp3 of that song is distributed freely at or Why some of you want it? I haven't the foggiest.

Final Fantasy Anthology Cover
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Here is the US FFA CD Cover. Looks...uh simple doesn't it? Although my friend swears that it is brilliant....

Special thanks once again to Alpha, one of the devoted readers of the RPGamer column, and message boards/irc chat, for donating his Lunar and Star Ocean quotes, for use in the secret message.

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