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Ask JD - August 5 '99- 2:10 am EST

Yes a very early update. I figure I owe you guys and gals one.
Before I started checking the letters I was almost worried to see what I would find in it. Perhaps a couple hundred screaming letters? My cynical expectations towards the readers have been strong as of late. After my explanation yesterday "Hiatus"... I wasn't sure how exactly the reaction would be. I almost wasn't sure to divulge the incident either...I was thinking of saying something more along the lines of some exciting experience. ^_^
Oh well the truth surfaced, as if I was forced to put everything on the table for the readers. Where exactly am I getting at now, I don't know...Except I really wanted to Thank you readers for your understanding of the situation and would like to extend my thanks for all the well wishers.

To make amends I bring you readers 3 gifts. Yes gifts...sorta. Aren't I generous? Then it's off to the letters.

Christiana Aguilera
For the Guys a pic of the hot new singing sensation, Christina Aguilera. I don't know about you all, but her Genie in a Bottle video, ROCKS.
Newt Gingrich
For the Ladies a pic of Mr Congress himself, Newt Gingrich! I was thinking of putting Clinton's but Newt looked, uh...funny in this pic.
Richard Simmons And for those undecided....a pic of...Mr. Exercise himself Richard Simmons! Can you say Fishy fishy? Looks like Darwin was proven right with this pic, which was taken on some cruise ship. Perhaps Richard Simmons' genes are reverting to fish genes. You decide...
Sega Online RPGs - When? and What?

Do you know if any online RPGs such as Ultima Online or Everquest are being developed for the Dreamcast?


Offhand from what recollection serves me, Baldur's Gate was going to be the first. I believe the game was supposed to be released in October, but due to the Sega Network infrastructure needing further work it was pushed back to a later date. There was another game mentioned at E3, but I'm too lazy to check. :-)

FF8 real date?

i thought you were dead but its good to see your not,, but heres the question, do you know the latest reliease date for ff8? people are saying the 8th of sept. which is what i understand it to be,, but some are saying the 2nd of sept??? whats up with that


Gee how optimistic of you. From all the stores that I've spoken to, September 7-9 is still the scheduled released date.....
Toppo's Theme music rocks doesn't it? Yeah it's cheesy but it's fun!

Suikoden Music

Hello! I was wondering (since you seem to know so much about game music) do you know who composed the music for Suikoden? And what other games might have had the same composer? Just asking cause I decided to replay the game, and realized what great music it had! Even my dad likes it (or at least, he did until I left the game on for the afternoon and he went crazy listening to it over and over....don't ask me why he didn't mute the darned thing!) Anyway, thanks for your time!


Strangely enough no one seems to know the music composer, myself GHASP....I wasn't impressed with Suikoden's music, except for a track here and there. Like most Konami games, the Konami Kukeiha Club performed the music. Though I don't know who composed it or led the group. Anyone know?

Chucking Wood

Dear JDawg,

I apologize for trying to sound "hip" and "with the times" when addressing you, it was a momentary lapse. Yet, I leave it there.... Anyway, I have a few questions:
1) Do you sincerely believe that Zelda: OoT was the "Game of the century??" Because I sure as hell don't, as good as it was.
2) What do you think is the better RPG out of these games: FF7, Xenogears, and Star Ocean?
3) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if I woo.......nevermind, I already know the answer to that one.
4) Why can't everyone be all-knowing/awesome/the best like you? Hey, by the way, could you post this on the site? (two questions in one, so sorry!) Thanks,

-Brian "That Gerbil is Going Crazy Down There" O'Grady

No need to apologize, since you don't sound hip. (kidding) or am I? :-)
1. It was a good game, however it left a sour taste in my mouth at times. Overall if one word could sum up Zelda 64 it was, at least to me, "disappointing."
2. 7 months ago I would have readily said Xenogears...FF7 is still tops in my book. I'm not sure why, but my liking of Xenogears has deteriorated with the passing of time. As far as Star Ocean, it's a very good game, but it can't compare to the former games. I'm still waiting for some story (2nd trial in disc 2).
3. Didn't someone ask this before?
4. HAH. My sense of arrogance would say "do you really expect to try and mimic me?", but the more sensible side would say nothing. :D

Those damn FF names

Dude, all my friends call the final fantasy games by their japanese names with the different numbers at the end. F@#$ that s&%#, we are in America and even the hard core rpg'ers should call all the games by their American titles so us soft core rpg'ers don't get so f@#$ing confused all the time. And f@#$ Japan too for not releasing all the f@#$ing games in the U.S. I swear, World War II ended 50 years ago and the Japanese are still finding ways to f@#$ us.

-system id

Frankly I don't know why people spend hours on the net forums discussing this issue. Discussions that rise into huge or long drawn arguments over this one. I just call it FF4j/FF2 US. Period! Discussion ended. People need to get a life sometimes.

YS Letter - From Kadamose

Ys is the best game ever made - no ifs, ands or buts about it - Ys is simply the most remarkeable piece of work ever made. Granted, the graphics are really nothing to gawk about, but the solid story, the fantastic, yet simple gameplay, and the most beautiful music ever to grace a videogame sure is. I often hear people say, "Oh! Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever made, plus it also has the best music I have ever heard." Well let me tell you something. That statement is PURE bullshit - Final Fantasy 7 had very crappy music, plus it was very long and boring and shouldn't even be considered as an RPG; instead, it should be considered trash. Final Fantasy 7 is a good game to pick on because it sucks so bad, but there are alot of other games out there that just don't fit the bill, as well. The funny thing is, all these games have supposedly advanced way ahead of the predecessors, and yet NONE of them can even can even come compare to Ys, and Ys was made over a decade ago! Don't you find this to be pathetic?

I also find it quite interesting that all these huge companies like Square and Konami with huge budgets can't even make music that can compare to the works of Falcom, who just happens to be a VERY small company in Tokyo Japan with a very limited budget. Falcom, in my opinion, is the best videogame company out there - they know what makes a game work, and they make sure nothing is lacking, whatsoever - The Falcom JDK band is also the best music maker in the world, and anyone who disagrees with that is a bafoon with very poor taste in art.


The famous, or should I say infamous...Kadamose? Well known in the rpg newsgroups/boards for YS discussions. I'm glad to see more and more YS fans are reading my column. If I'll be known for something here at Rpgamer Q&A, it'll be to hype Falcom/YS up the woo ha. Anyway, yes your statements are extremely strong, especially to a group of readers who often worship Square music (if you can even call it that...kidding!).

If there is one point that I am in total agreement, is your statement "huge companies like Square and Konami with huge budgets can't even make music that can compare to the works of Falcom, who just happens to be a VERY small company in Tokyo Japan with a very limited budget." Falcom music rocks, I'm glad to see another Falcom music fanatic out there. I will give propps to Square for having good music, ie. FF8. But it still can't compare to Falcom/YS music in sheer artistry or gasp real technical music skill. I still feel Falcom music has gone down in quality since around '95. Ryo Yonemitsu must return full time!

Anyway, your views are harsher than mine, if not brash. I am glad there are YS fans out there, still voicing out, and definitely should continue to. The questions is, what do you readers think of this?

More Falcom

What? There was a Dragon Slayer 2? D'OH! Anyway, Dragon Slayer had some of the better music I've ever heard in a game.. and the game was awesome, too. Just like YS (Ha! Now you have to print this!) Anyway, looks like I'm going to have to dig up my old systems now. *grumble*


Next to YS, falcom's Dragon Slayer is right up there, if not equal. Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes 2, sadly wasn't released in the US. You can find the japanese version for the Turbo Duo/PC Engine Super CD for about $30 at, or contact Turbo Duo/PCE sellers at Ebay. Surprisingly it isn't too hard to find, from what I've been told. Well worth the price of admission. DS 2's music rocks.

Halt in the name of the Law!

Did you ever notice how on the original Inspector Gadget cartoon, when Inspector Gadget is using his secret finger flashlight, he is flipping the bird at everyone at the same time? Seriously, watch the cartoon and see.


The cartoon rocks. I haven't noticed that though. You must be BSing! ;)

Nash is really good

***Spoiler Warning***

Hey NeiFirst,

First of all, I'd like to say I've been a huge fan of NeiFirst ever since Phantasy Star 2, and I think she is hot. If you're anything like her, my phone number is 555-0256. Come to pappa. Anyway, about this letter.

My girlfriend and I, let's call her Karen, are having a debate about Lunar: Silver Star Story. It's about Nash. She swears on her life that he is a jerk, but I just don't see it. Sure he happened to betray you, but he had very sound reasons for doing so. Ghaleon was his role model for life, and that is hard to change, even though he was in love with Mia. Karen says love should be above all other things in importance, but I think she's wrong. I mean.. Love or Pepsi.. hmm there's a tough one. Likewise, Ghaleon was important to Nash. Nash eventually realized that there was no saving his ex-mentor and he came back over from the dark side. That must have been hard for him, to admit he was wrong. But the fact remains that he DID redeem himself. I get mad when Karen remains so stubborn.. what do you think?


You sick perveted wretch.
One thing that popped in my head was....Why are you two debating games when there are other more interesting things to do?
Anyway, Nash is a two timmer, he sucks. I don't like him one bit. Your girl "Karen" is right.
JD's Idiot Awards of the day

HEY, Where the heck is my cookie laced with super laxative! And can I please have another idiot of the day award? Hey, TWO of my letters were posted! And on the same day! hehehe

- chronotrggr a.k.a. Evil Ninja!

hehehe I must be the only person to recieve an Idiot of the Day Award, and be the runner up in the same day, so can I please have another Idiot of the Day Award?

-Evil Ninja

Damn you. How could you put the wool over my eyes, two weeks ago.

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE frames!!!! Seriously, looking good guys!

-Rich Gren

Well you probably don't deserve this, but repetitiveness is annoying.

Got Questions? need a free Idiot award?

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I always thought Fosters was Australian for "Aborigine Piss", eh mate?


That "Cloud Adventures" thing you posted yesterday had a severe lack of the phrase "off course"

That FFT skit was cool. That yesterday was 2 weeks ago due to the no Q&A. ;)
When is the Chronos Cross going to come out.Will it come out any time soon. When you see it in stores.
Oh my god! You killed Kenny! You son of a submariner!
You spoony bard!
boxers or briefs?
To paraphrase Jordan, they are Hanes, let's just leave it at that. Hahaaa.
Yeah, Canadia sucks. That's why I think Tom Green must not be a Canadian native.
As my Canadian friend would say, Tom Green owns. Why do many canadians say owns as a good remark anyway?
Hmm, evidently you've decided to continue your 25th anniversary by taking the week off. I've got no problems with that, but couldn't you have gotten someone else to cover for you?
-ChocoMog ZERO
We all flew to the Bahamas and chilled.
Your a butterfly? Wait a minute, butterflies don't have fingers, so how can you type?!?! I'm on to you!
You regular Brain you.
I come to you naked and chained.
You are a dope aren't you?

Again thanks to everyone for the well wishing and your patience, and of course for writting in. Cya all tomorrow on friday. Keep those letters coming. Peace Out.

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