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Ask JD - August 04 '99- 3:00 pm EST

Words don't seem quite appropriate at this juncture in regards to my recent hiatus. Many of you emailed me asking why I did not update last week's weekdays and some of this week's so far. Some of you wondered if this was my way of celebrating, what a minority of you noted as "my 25th anniversary as host." I assure that wasn't the case, though the idea of sipping a pineapple cocktail on one of the beaches in Barbados was an enticing prospect. Or perhaps I snuck into Square Headquarters and got a latest copy of Final Fantasy 12, but that should be saved for another story telling event.

If I must concede, I guess the more viable explanation is, I got bitten by a horrendous flu bug. After 4-5 years of being flu free, it hit me like a bus and was forced to sleep the entire 8 days of my escape from reality. After that I emerged from my cocoon to begin my new life as a butterfly...Heh-heh.

I'll be updating hopefully in the next 24-36 hours as soon as I get some printable email. As what I received in the last week or so are either not printable, incoherent blather about the new design (some were valid though), something about Ryan and Canadians, or are simply outdated for print.

One final note before you all flood me with emails for tomorrow's Q&A. My new email address is and as far as the old one it also works, but the new email I gather, would be much easier for you all. Till tomorrow, Peace.

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