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Ask JD - July 22 - 2:40 pm EST

After yesterday's potpourri of letters; if memory serves me correct, where some readers remarked if it had "anything to do with flowers," I really wasn't sure how things would pan out. Then I almost had to coax you readers with my slight bash of Uematsu/Mitsuda. Surprisingly enough no one sent me an idiotic letter with the likes of "You don't like Uematsu/Mitsuda? You're an idiot." Yes, you heard me right, not even one. My expectations were a couple (50) morons would be emailing me with such blathering nonsense. Perhaps the readership isn't as "intellectually depraved" as I had been told (just kidding!) or maybe the weekday readers are more sophisticated than those of the weekend readers I had hosted in the last 2 months. What was more interesting was I didn't get a single letter to try and prove me wrong.

As far as today, interestingly enough the letters returned to "opinions."

Suikoden 2 on FF8 day? Bad bad idea

Is it just me, or is releasing Suikoden II on the same day as FFVIII a BAD IDEA?
=== SolaRJetmaN My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.
-Ashleigh Brilliant

Ok, I looked around and could not find any information about Konami pushing back Suikoden 2. Yesterday I paid a visit to both and to check on the release date. Both list Suikoden 2 for September 21/22 '99. Apparently Konami has either smarten up, or both sites are wrong as usual. I'm more inclined to say the former. If this is indeed the case Kudos for Konami. Now most of us can get FF8 and in 2-3 weeks get Suikoden 2 without having to decide which to play. Though honestly I wish Suikoden 2 was released a month prior to FF8.

FF8/FFA Covers

Hey JD...

Is it me or do cover designs just get bad? Did you see Final Fantasy Anthology? I personally hate the US gold regal font that were used for the American releases for the FF games on SNES. But when you mix the gold letters with the original logos then it just sucks in my opinion. The regal letters don't fit anymore and I didn't think they really fit in FF4 or FF6 when those two games came out. Then there's FF8. The cover is cool but it's a little much. Squall, Rinoa, Seifer, Edea? Squall and Rinoa would do just fine. Why Seifer and Edea? They're main characters but where are the rest of the main characters? Why not stick them all in? It seems to me they just slapped a bunch of things together and said yippee! If they're gonna make great games then take five more minutes and make great covers. We all know they can, why don't they? It's not gonna take away thousands of dollars. It's just one thing that bothers me. Make a great game at least make the what people see first look great. Right? Make manuals that help (remember the materia demo in the FF7 game? Something like that but IN the manual). Make covers that scream out "Good God that looks great!" Seriously...people will always see covers first so they might as well make them good. This letter is long, sorry.

-Tristan Adnade

The cover of FF8 is good, however not great. I can live with it. And FFA's is UGLY. Square needs some packaging artists. Opinions anyone?

It's messy Down Unda RPG wise

Why are us poor Aussies treated so badly for RPGs ? The last super RPG that I can think of that made it here was FF7. FF Tactics and Xenogears never made it. When I went into two of my local computer stores recently I was planning to buy Lunar : SSSC, having heard so much praise for it, I was met both times with blank looks and a failure to find anything in their database about such a game existing or coming out soon. There is no reason why we should have to wait let alone not receive these games. That night I logged in a purchased both Lunar and Star Ocean 2 from Cyberian Outpost ( It's a good thing Sony have never tried to stop modchipping since otherwise I would never get to play these fine games. I know FF8 is due to come out here in Oz but I have a vague suspicion I'll need to import the Anthology.


To be honest I don't know much about the state of videogaming in Australia. You're the first Australian to write to the me. Hey at least you guys got "Fosters." Have a cold one mate...


Hey JD,

I have a few questions which I was wondering if you could shed some light on....
1.) What RPG did you have the most fun playing? Sometimes people don't enjoy the games they consider to be best as much as some other not-as-good games.
2.) What is the origin of e-mail address? I mean, What is "neifirst"?
3.) What game is the current title quote from? ("Let them go, you Wonderbra wearing witch!") That quote has been up for a while and IF you know where it's from can you tell us? (yeah, yeah YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!! |-:)

-Whitey (not the milk guy "whitey")

1. AS IF!!!! YS 1-4, Chrono Trigger and FF 7.
2. A character in Phantasy Star 2.
3. Lunar SSSC.

YS in Nintendo Power? wee

Hey JD, I don't even know if this warrants posting but I thought you might be interested. In one of Nintendo Power's videogame awards issues, they gave YsIII the award for best music of the year. I owned the game, actually, and I can definately see why. And wow... you say the redbook is even better? Scary... Keep up the good work!


Woah cool info. My subscription to NP ran out by that time. Looks like Nintendo Power does review fairly. I remember they gave one of the games, Uniracers I believe, near perfect scores. Then they give games like Actraiser not as high scores. Then again they gave almost every Nintendo game superb marks. Biased? Yes! It was years since I looked at a NP issue, perhaps things have changed. Is it even still in circulation?
Yes the Redbook version of the music blows the Snes version away.

"M" word revisited

I'd like to be one of the few people to say that I'm not at all interested in seeing more swearing, nudity, or sex in rpgs. Maybe this is because I'm twenty and somewhat past being as obsessed with sex as I was in grade school. Maybe it's because I think people can be just as violent or expressive or passionate without resorting to gore, swearing, and sex. Or maybe I just like playing a game where when I go home for breaks I don't have to worry about whether or not my parents or nephew come by because of the "questionable content." It's the same reason I think swearing is in general a bad habit. If you have to watch your language around certain people a great deal of the time, then perhaps the language you use isn't appropriate, and in the professional world, swearing isn't appropriate.

-Kirk B.

You old fuddie you. :) Do you need your rocking chair Granpa?
Let me be serious for one moment. Well said.

"What the hell are you talking about? Uematsu/Mitsuda rulz." Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;-) That being said, I'd like to respond intelligently(we can hope) to Death Jester's question about swearing with my own somewhat interested opinion. Somewhat interested, I grant you, means I'm writing the letter because it's 2:50 and I'm too stupid to get some sleep. Anyhoo, my opinion on swearing in general is that I am not against it at all. People can swear however they want to. After all, swear words are just words given "bad" reputations. If no one had put the negative connotations on the words in the first place they wouldn't be treated wrongly(down with oppression! Freedom to all words! Uh, yeah. I just saw the Evangelion movies, so excuse me for what I say since I still may be disturbed by them...). Like I was saying, I'm not against the uses of swearing at all except for the fact that in general overuse or evasion thereof(Jester's quote of his particular translation versus his example of current translation) can generally affect the character in general in negative ways. "Bastard" is a pretty strong word, but for Jessica, daughter of Hell Mel, and with some influence inevitably from Kyle(who manages to swear rather interestingly, I humorously note), her mouth would probably be a little fouler. Note, however, no one by these characters will really be insulted if you call them a "motherf-----". Xenobia, Royce, Ghalleon, for example. What will they do if you start saying that sort of thing to them? Laugh at you probably. Because such common everyday foul language implies an everyday setting of that language. When people hear that language these days, it generally doesn't really make anyone sound very threatening unless they've got something to back their words by(and trust me, evil overlords never think the heroes have something to back their words by). In general, overuse of swearing makes people sound like children because they have this obsession with these words that are, though officially "swears", just words. It's like they can't think up anything better or more interesting to say. Conclusion, go ahead and swear, just choose the parts to translate in swearing carefully.


Woah, are you giving me carte blanche to swear? Sh-- the F--- up! Just kidding!

Square Rehashes

I can't believe that there are some people who are already (sort of) disappointed about the rerelease of CT, FF5, and FF6 because they aren't remakes. First off, Square said they wouldn't remake any old games, and they aren't. They are rereleasing it on the PSX. There is a difference. JD, you yourself have even said that Square is spreading themselves too thin right? It took Game Arts two years (read right from the manual) to remake Lunar, with one development team. For Square to remake them it would take three teams (one for each game) about two years to do a good remake. That would make Square way too thined out. Sure, those of us who have those games can pop them in and play them, but what about the people who don't. RPGs have grown a lot in the last few years and some people who love them now never got a chance to play the vintage Square classics. They deserve the chance to buy and play the original versions. I think these rereleases are more for those people than those of us who already have them. I would absolutely love remakes of those games, but we need to think of how big a task it would be for Square to undergo. They can't do it all like some people think. I know this isn't a Q&A but its something to think about before Square starts getting bashed about their rereleases.


That's just splitting hairs. If a re-release has new stuff it's a remake, albeit a bad remake. But let's not get muddled in that debate. Good argument for those who haven't played the SNES version and I won't argue with you there. My main complaint as with many is Square could completely fully remake the games, they certainly are large enough to. How smart would this be compared to making tiny re-releases, for their bottom line ($$$) is debatable. Even though most of us will get the remakes, you can't slight those complaining, to want more.

Patrick's Pissed off - Reader opinion

This is sort of response the the "Pissed off guy"...Who cares if somebody writes a silly letter? I mean if you laugh a little bit wasn't it worth it? Just because this is an RPG board doesn't mean that you have to be serious all the time...Thats what's fun about it!!! are you just some hater of all things that bring joy, or are you really that upset because there are a few letters that are a little "diffrent"?


Patrick aka Pissed off guy, made some legitimate arguments. 45% the readers want Q&A to be more serious and more questions, the other 45% want more crazy letters, and the other 10% are too mentally incapacitated to know. It is a fine line, I try my best to please each group.


okay, due to yesterday's bitchy gamer, I will not act silly anymore, whether my letters get posted or not, because someone just can't seem to deal with getting off topic. K, with that over and said. (snip.....)

Well, that's all for now

-ID, your reformed ranter

What? You reformed? No more twin brother jokes?

RPGamer interesting banners

Hey John Doe

I was at RPGamer the other day and i noticed a banner at the bottom of the page that showed the bottom of a woman or very girlie man's legs in high heels and it said "It's more fun when you can afford it" I tried clicking it but it said Defunct link.... Was it RPGamer's first try at advertising some cheap porn site.... or just freak of nature

-Luppy Luptonium

Hah, you pervert!
JD's Idiot Award of the day Double Winners

Hey JD;

I just wanted to be the first to tell you and your readers about some news that came my way earlier today (July 20,1999). This really shocked me when I was told and at first I didn't believe it but it came from a very reliable source. Ok you interested in what it is yet? Well I was told that Final Fantasy 8 is coming to the US in September 1999!!! NO JOKE!!! I can't express how excited and surprised I was when I heard it. Well anyways I just wanted to be the first one to share this news with you. Catch ya later.


LIAR!!! There is no such thing as FF 8. Don't make me come kick your ass dude. :)
(It just occurred to me, what if this guy is serious?)

Lunar Drinking Game

-Dias Diem

Why did this get the JD Idiot Award? If you haven't looked at it yet do so NOW and click the link. Some people have too much time. In a way it's sorta neat though. I'll give you credit for creativity.

Got Questions? need a free Idiot award?

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All mighty JD. Thank you for finally covering YS/falcom on Q&A. Past hosters have ignored us! We will follow you to the ends of the planet. Your wish is our command.

Uh, just don't follow me to the jon. Seriously though thanks.

Red made the Sakura Taisen series for Sega too! How could you forget to mention that!? The one force stopping Iraq from world domination, Shipwreck

Oh man!!! How could I forget that. A thousand pardons :) Red ROCKS!!!!!

Quickies, Quickies, they're good for the heart, the more you read, the more you fart!
-Mennem, Magical Boy =D

Didn't your mother tell you not to have too much beans?
I think brevity in letters is great. I think unprovocative nudity and mature but tasteful language is good for a "T" rating and anything else gets an "M" rating. I like crazy letters and skip long ones. I'll drop my pants if you drop yours.
You were a candidate for the JD Idiot of the day Award. Close but no cigar.
why aren't you returning my calls?
-Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey
My secretary here at RPGamer was told to screen your calls.
Don't you ever tell me what to do.
You speak of a game called Valis you are playing? Ehh... What's that? What system, etc? (Please at least post the answer in quickies)
-Janus Zealot (Young Magus playing Starcraft)
Valis was a side scroller action/adv game. The premise of the story was a girl named Yuko with the sword of Valis, fighting evil. It was one of the first games to feature anime FMV. The game was released in the US for the Turbo CD and also for the Genesis by Renovation.

And now for something completely different. Many of you want to hear Falcom/YS music click this link and it will take you to Falcom's CD catalogue page. With full Real Audio songs. While these aren't falcom's/YS best they'll give you a glimpse to one of the most successful music labels. Listen to Very Best of YS and Falcom Classics cd in particular.

Till t'morrow. Peace Out.

JD the one with the sword of Valis and Lassis
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