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Ask JD - July 21 - 3:30 pm EST

Finally a return to the old cycle is at hand, mostly Questions than Chrono Cross opinions. Fun eh? Having printed too many letters for today's edition, I'm somewhat pressed for time. So without further delay let's go straight into the letters.

Thousand Arms

Dear JD,

Okay no mentioning Chrono Cross...Damn, just mentioned not mentioning CC, DAMN, did it again! Okay, seriously, what do you think of Thousand Arms? I think it looks fantastic. And it seems to have an interesting story. Plus were getting bonus goodies like with Lunar (soundtrack CD, yesss!). Hopefully, adding Soundtrack CD's will become the new trend with RPG's. I can dream can't I.

-Temjirim, who only mentioned Chrono Cross two times...errr, three times.

While I have not seen all too many pictures, movies or even heard the music, I'm really excited about this one. Thousand Arms was developed by RED. Many U.S. gamers won't be familiar with RED, unless they jumped in the Turbo Grafx/Duo bandwagon in the early 90's. Red has long made some incredible games including the famed "Tengai Makyo Far East of Eden" RPG series. One of the best by the way. Musically they also have proven themselves with music from Far East of Eden Manji Maru/Kabuki, Lords/Gates of Thunder to name a few. Some of the best videogame music anywhere. In that regard I'm hoping that all these elements of past RED glory will carry over to this rpg that took 4 years to make. To sum up all this crap, Thousand Arms is looking awesome. I simply can't wait to see if the result can compare to their past greatness.

Tons O Q's

Yo man, wassup? I jus' gotta few Q's for ya.

1.a) Why does it seem to me that Vic Ireland of Woking Delays(No fix that is EXACTLY what I mean) is bending over backwar so he can shaft Sega in everyway possible, even if it hurts his company, ie: no matter what system Lunar 3 comes out for in Japan (10 to 1 its the DC), it will be coming out on the PSX2 here in america.
b) What the hell did Stolar/Sega do again to Make Working Delays so mad, it's been so long I've forgotten.
2) Grandia, best RPG ever? yeah or Nah? I think so, finally a game that starts out light and eases you into the more serious story rather than kicking you in the nads to subdue you and dropping you into the darkest plot they can think of right away ala FF7, but really do you like it?
3) What are the chances of a Shining Force 4? you know you want it, I know I want it, C'mon Sega!
4) What are the chances of a Pack of All 3 Shining Force 3's in one for the DC? would that be cool or what?
5) Lunar: EB(C?), what are the chances of a pre-2005 release?
6) Ever played Terranigma? if not do it is the best Action/RPG on the SNES, but since it was not made by Square people auto-decided it sucked and passed it by.
7) What's your view on Maturity in RPGs? I think a little slight nudity would not hurt, no hardcore though, and swearing, lot's of swearing is needed cuz let me tell you, when I am attacked by the head of the worlds stormtroopers, I will say sumthin' I guaruntee it will NOT be "Oh no! enemies! We shall beat you swine!" it would look more like this "--Beeep!!-- you mutha --Beeeep!-- piece o' --Beeeeep!-- I'll kick yer skrawney --Beeeeeep!!---"(beeps courtesy of FOX, I get the left overs after Jerry Springer :) ) Have a good day my friend!

-Death Jester, the one and only.

If you call this few....
1.a - Because Victor Ireland is, to put it extremely mildly, not on the best of terms with Sega of America/Stolar.
b- Let's see..This happened so long ago my memory is a bit cloudy on this issue. From what I remember Bernie Stolar/SOA gave Working Designs a very crap booth during E3. Since Working Designs was one of the last and largest development supporters for the Sega Platform, it pissed off Victor. Then the war of words began. Also if memory serves me right Victor said WD would return as a developer for the Sega platform once Stolar left SOA.
(Mr. Ireland if you're reading this, care to comment?)
2. I can't judge the game yet as I've not played it. I have seen numerous movies on it. From the looks of it Grandia might be competing with FF 8 for the best RPG this year. (Don't even write me saying why I didn't say Lunar 2. That game is slated for next year. Do I know you readers or what?)
3. Extremely high. Shining Force has been Sega's bread and butter RPG/Strategy game for the past few years.
4. That would ROCK. Chances are extremely slim however. Sega really needs to step up RPG support. Evolution is going to be released in less than 3 months!!!! I had to interject for a moment.
5. Heh. Well Victor said the translation of the game is mostly done, from the sega cd version only about 20% of the text needs to be changed. Things are looking up for the release to be on target for Winter 99/2000.
6. I haven't yet! My enix buddies bitch at me everyday to play this game. I will play it as soon as time is permitting.
7. Mature RPGs, the word alone brings mixed feelings about me. I could care less if there is slight nudity or foul language, if used at opportune times. One thing comes to mind...In Lunar SSSC at the end during one of the captivating scenes Jessica says "bastard." Not only did I feel it ruined the moment (I don't know why so don't ask me to explain), but I just felt it either wasn't used properly or was executed correctly. Anyway back to my opinion. I don't really care about maturity issue. But I'd rather not see gratuitous use of "hardcore" levels of nudity or swearing. Just look at Barret of FF 7, the character of ill repute.

Game Dates, no kissing here

JD, when are these games gonna be released in USA:

Legend of Mana
Lunar2 Eternal blue
Suikoden 2

Grandia - reportedly October 99. lists mid August 99.
LoM - Early 2000
Lunar 2 - Dec 99-March2000
Suikoden 2 - reportedly Sept 7 99. lists it at Sept 22, I think.

Note: is wrong wait make that a LOT.

Goin bannanas

Know what sucks? I was never able to beat CT. Or, at least, I was never able to get Chrono back, because of that gay mountain in 2300 A.D. Remember that? I haven't played it in a while though. Ah well, on with the questions.
1.) What's your favorite NES game ?
2.) Do you play any Computer Games, like Starcraft, Quake, etc.?
3.) Good, everyone loves the music (I personally haven't listened, I hate spoiling games in any and all ways.) But music never can make a game. Like Ys. You like it, and say it has, like, the greatest music ever, correct? Or am I just smoking weed? Anyhow, if the game played like Beyond the Beyond or Quest 64, would it still be nearly as great? Watch Chimp Channel. Thursdays. 10 PM. TBS: The Super Station. (There, that's MY plug, since everyone else gets one too.)

-Mike"Oo-aa-aa-oo-oo-aa-aa!" Dore

It's been years since I've beaten CT. I better play it soon.
1. Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard, Dragon Warrior 3, FF 1, Mother(Earthbound's prequel) and Zelda 1.
2. Nope, only Falcom Rpg's like YS Eternal.
3. YS is bar none the best. Some of you have criticized me for ranting about YS, so let me go one step further. ^_^ If on a scale from 1-100 (100 being best) Falcom/YS music would be 100 and Uematsu/Mitsuda would be around 40. Yes YS is that good, and that isn't to say I don't like Uematsu/Mitsuda, because I do. They just can't compare. I can't wait to see how many blathering Uematsu/Mitsuda fans email me with "What the hell are you talking about? Uematsu/Mitsuda rulz." To each his or her own opinion.

There's that M word again

Every time I write about this subject, the letter fails to get printed. If this is not printed, can you at the very least print SOMEBODY'S letter who feels this way? As it stands now, the entire RPGamer community is seen as standing together on this issue and I am proof that that is not the case. And if I'm the only one, doesn't that make my views printable? I always put 'mature' in quotes when dealing with this subject because of its implications otherwise. 'Mature' content can range from sex to outright violence, to bad language and religious disrespect. I don't care if game companies want to make games heavy with such material, as long as it is separated in the market from the products geared towards others. I have no problem personally with 'mature' content as long as it is maturely handled, but I can't stand characters who just drop sexual innuendos or bloody up their enemies just because the developers think it's funny or heroic. A lot of people in this country need a wake up call when it comes to the damage such material does to our minds and attitudes. I'm not a child and I can *handle* 'mature' content. This does not mean that I have to prove it by example. I have been a fan of RPGs since the original Dragon Warrior and regardless of what the Japanese may think or do, I want to see heroes that are true, virtuous heroes, not swearing, morally empty, 'realistic' people. Only then does a battle won feel complete and justified. Let's just say I'm not for censorship, I'm for responsible game design. Games which abuse 'mature' content should be sold separately from other games and regulated to keep them out of the hands of curious children with money. Give some control back to the parents in that way. I also challenge other RPG fans who feel the same way to speak out and have your voice heard.


I'm almost afraid to have printed this letter. I can envision hundreds of emails pouring into my box with "We want more Nudity." subjects. Could I have opened Pandoras box?
Uh anyway. Excellent points. This certainly would make good editorial discussions. Speaking of which? Has anyone seen Brad? The Editorials have been sitting there growing moss on it.....
What do you readers think? Try not to get too involved in the topic everyone..ok?

YS 3 Opinion

Dear Evil bashers of Ys III

Why oh why does everyone hate Wanderers from Ys III? I spent 2 weeks trackign it down and buying it (for a mere 12 dollars). I personally loved the game. Sure the music was SNES quality but the music was great and fit the mood. And I liked the quickness at which battles took place. I mean runnign around, jumping abnormally high and having an abnormally short sword is fantastic! I even once started playing Ys V, but of course it was in japanese so I didnt' get far. It seemed much like Lagoon.(A great game on the SNES that isn't anywhere on/in RPGamer and it should be damn it!) WHich leads to my final question..why isn't Lagoon listed as an Rpg here at RPGamer? Have you guys heard of it/played it? mmm cookies and guns


Probably because it's not as good as YS 1/2. I love it and I don't care what people say. YS 3 for the Turbo Grafx had music that seems to have been forged by the gods. I'm not sure about the SNES or Genesis version, but come on YS rules. YS 5 is the only one of the series I haven't touched. Hopefully I'll play and beat it by this summer. Good question about Lagoon. Would anyone know any Lagoon sites? Like with pictures and crap?

Pissed off

I'm seriously pissed off. I write letters in on a regular basis. And when I write letters, I actually make them about RPGs. I'm sick of all these b.s letters from idiots trying to get a laugh by sounding like they are crazy. This is supposed to be a friggin RPG discussion thing, and all we get is crap like "I have chocolate syrup in my belly button". I'm sick of this oppression, and I'm boycotting this damn "Q&A" board. My point is, I have NEVER had a letter posted, no matter how good my opinion on a topic is. Instead, I'm replaced by "Jimmy the telle-tubbie with no teeth". And if this letter get's posted, I'll be pissed even more...but like, happy cause it finally happened. Of course, it won't be posted because I don't have a long annoying lame name. Do you think Suikoden 2 will have a name change feature?


Certainly a valid argument. I would tend to agree in the persuasion of your argument. Sadly Q&A or most Letters columns, at least from what I've seen in the past or present is no Intellectual Breeding ground, if you get my drift. (There are exceptions of course)
Hey come on you liked that "Jimmy the telle-tubbie with no teeth letter." You laughed as I did, I'm sure. What do you readers think?

Star Ocean and Cooking show

You asked for it! I was watching the Food Network the other night (out of sheer boredom, I was baby-sitting) and they had this show on called Iron Chef. It was obviously from Japan as the voices were dubbed and such. As I was watching it, I realized there were some striking similarities between it and the Cooking Master on Star Ocean 2. Basically on the show, there's one guy who produces the whole thing and he is the ultimate judge on who's food tastes best. So he's picked out what he considers the most talented chefs, and one competes against a challenger who is also a famous chef. The idea is to have one main ingredient and whoever can make the most creative and best-tasting dishes using that ingredient in a certain time limit wins. I couldn't believe it when I was watching it, it's exactly the same as Cooking Master on SO2! Even the stage looks the same, two cooking areas on each side of the room with the main ingredient in the middle. Coincidence? I doubt it. Just though you might like to know.


Many of you have been emailing me about the Cooking sequence in Star Ocean 2, or about the "Iron Chef." This letter was one of the more insightful ones. I suspect that many of you Star Ocean 2 fans would like to know about this.
Admit you love Food Network, no need to be ashamed. Thanks for the info.
Rambling on

Hey JD,

I waited a day, just so I could perterb you with a giant long letter. I've been long silent and just reading what everyone's been saying, and I just don't get why people sit here and write these elaborate replies to people's opinions. If I believe that CC will suck, or if it will rock, you won't be able to convince me otherwise, so why bother? Just let them go their own deluded way, and go your own, and realize you just won't agree. Calling each other idiots will only serve to piss them off, and make JD laugh at you (C'mon, admit it man, you love laughing at how ridiculous people get when they "make a point") That had to be said.

For an RPG related question, why is it that so many people just ask you when they want to get advice on what game to play, when they could just read the reviews? I mean, this site makes reviews, some even by the same guy you ask in Q&A, so why not read those? It just kinda upsets me when you see a letter asking "should I buy this game?" That's just asking "What would JD buy?" because they can't express what they like in a game to you, you just pick what you like. They could read the reviews and get diff opinions on battle systems, music, graphics, plot -- things they may or may not care about. Finally, about the person yesterday who talked about brand recognition meaning more here than in Japan -- what? Enix was asked to release their games on weekends because kids would skip school to buy their games. Now THAT is brand recognition. I don't see people lining up by the hundreds to buy the newest Square RPG here... And PS3 didn't suck like JD said, the generation thing rocked, so did the music with Wren in his plane mode. That game was also the freakiest game to play late at night next to Shining Force 2. Those games just have some eerie quality. Run on paragraph this is -- if you don't like fake remakes, play the originals. If you buy it, they'll do the same thing again. If Lunar makes less money than a remade CT, the same thing will probably happen, because the extra work is not rewarded in sales. Learn economics if you really want to make a difference -- then apply it.

-Hoenir Aesir PS - I didn't want to make the letter TOO long, so I left out a fancy shmancy title to my name -- isn't it ironic that telling you that took up more space than the actual fancy shmancy title would? PPS - I have a bet with someone that you'll post this, I'll give you half if you do (just exclude this little PPS, else I could get in trouble)

I don't laugh at you readers! Honest... :-)
I'm not sure why I'm asked so often about the "should I buy this game?" question. Any one care to throw out some answers? Other than I'm mighty and know it all.
That is absolutely true videogame wise, brand recognition is much more of a phenomena in japan than it is in the US. Don't forget many Japanese are crazy about their videogames.

Why the sky is blue?

Tell Mr. Brain that he needs to get his information straight. "The sky is blue because it reflects the light from the oceans"... If you do not correct this misinformation, thousands of RPGamers will be doomed to become ignorant slobs for the rest of their lives because of yesterday's quickies. You don't want to carry responsibility for that, do you?

-Chief Ug

The amount of letters I received on this topic was almost frightening. Too many nerds uh science freaks. :) (kidding!) Thanks for the info to everyone who wrote in on this topic. Speaking of which, what responsibility? Besides just as in the overall gauge of society, it is likewise on the net....Ignorance and idiocy run rampant.

Idiot Award of the day past winners speak out

thank u thank u. i m glad 2 hav the onner uv beeng idiot uv the day yesturday. without jd's teeching this wood nevr be possibl. thank u jd!


It's a distinct honor. Carry the award with you proudly.

I thought I was special. I was the first one to get the idiot of the day award, and I thought the only. But now you gave it to two other people as well!

-Nick "I think my gecko is Charmander" Boice

Hmm. Where you? I'm too lazy to go into the archives and look. At least you still have the distinction of being the first.

Got Questions? need a free Idiot award?

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That is quite clear, isn't it? At least brevity is your strong suit.
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Today was one of the more interesting day's I've seen as host. With such potpourri of letters, it'll be interesting to see how tomorrow's will shape up. What more can be said after today's Column? How about, see you all tomorrow.

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