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After much reader feedback requesting/suggesting an easier accessibility to the recent Q&A's. We've decided to oblige and add the "Recent Q&A's" section to the right. Being pressed for time today, I'll dispense with today's opening and jump straight into the letters.

Chrono Trigger Remake

Dude Hey!

Chrono Trigger remake...Brilliant!! I say since we won't get Final Fantasy IV in the Final Fantasy Anthology...Why not put CT in there and call it Square Classics? Hmmmmm...??? I thought Lunar:SSS was fantastic, and the special bundle was the top selling point for me. Do you think they will have the same type of packing with Lunar 2? "Beware the master"


You read my mind. That would be even better than the inclusion of FF IV in the Anthology. The bad news is Chrono Trigger remake has not been confirmed and it is simply too late to add it for the US package. One can hope however.
Yes, Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue will contain the same special packaging as that of Lunar SSSC. Victor Ireland confirmed in E3. It will include 3 Game CDs, 1 Music CD and 1 Making of CD.

Lunar 3

I have recently heard from a few various sources that Lunar 3 may be coming to the US on PSX 2. You know if this is true or what cause Lunar may end up being my fav. RPG series cause Lunar: SSSC was so awesome and Square keeps adding more media and video aspects to the FF series ( better graphics,sometimes music,sounds,FMVs,etc) but the magic system is going down the drain,the plot is (in my opinion) worse and although they are longer its not as fun(except for mini-games,those are cool!) Anyway...a Xenogears series might be cool cause I noticed when you beat it the game says chapter 5 (or something similar,its been months since I have beat it). Ah well,I am tired and I am rambling,just wondering if you all got any word on Lunar 3.


Victor Ireland stated in a recent interview; that while in the past Game Arts has focused more on the Sega platform, that the control of the game mostly lies with ESP. Victor then said regardless of which platform it's released on in japan, the US version will be for PSX2. Other than that no other info on Lunar 3 is known.
As far as what Square is doing with the magic system, I really can't disagree. I too have been bashing the new direction the magic system is going in the recent FF games. Since I've played only the FF8 demo, not the entire game, perhaps I'll be proven wrong. I just found the magic system in FF8 to work in similar fashion to spell casting Items. We'll see on that one.

Phantasy Star on DC?


Hey do you know anything about Sega continuing the Phantasy Star series? Phantasy Star games were pretty good RPG's, except for the third. (the music was the worst I've heard in an RPG) A new Phantasy Star game on the Dreamcast would help the system in my opinion. If there is anyone out there who has not played Phantasy Star 2, shame on you!!! Also, why do people cling to Square so much? They have made just as many bad games as good games! Other companies like Enix have been left out in the cold because, unfortunately, a brand name goes farther than it should, in the US especially. Don't get me wrong, Square is probably my favorite RPG company, but give a non square RPG chance. I am glad that the success of other companies with RPG's has been good so square will wake up and improve their RPG quality which hasn't been too great lately.(with exception of Xenogears) I also think that we should support sega because they have had some of the best RPG's, if we support them, they could put together some great games. (they already have) Lastly, gotta say something about Chrono Cross. My opinion is that it will either be one of the best ever, or the never wanted sequel to Secret of Evermore. P.S. I just realized that I didnt like FF7 that much. Go figure....

-Just another RPGamer

Blah. Phantasy Star 3 was awesome, despite what most people thought. The generation system was revolutionary, it was at least a new concept. Though it lacked the polish Phantasy Star 2 had. Anyway those who haven't played the series missed out on one of the best RPGs ever. Returning to your question. Since the Phantasy Star team is intact the speculations have been running rampant especially as of late. The sad news is they are just that, SPECULATIONS. The good news is the "Phantasy Star" team is working on the Dreamcast Adv/RPG Project Ares. It reportedly plays like a Zelda64. While certainly no Phantasy Star it does give hope that the team is back at work.
Sadly Square has gotten most of the attention in RPG circles in the last 7 years. Many great RPGs from the likes of Sega, Falcom, Hudson, Red died out or were ignored by the mainstream. We'll see how things turn up in the coming years.

Music it's all there is

OK, so please explain. What in blazes is Redbook? And which are the five/ten (depending on how much time you have) best sound formats? So Ys music is the best huh? Who composed it? Who composed the music for Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger (it was Uematsu, but who else?), Phantasy Star, and Xenogears? Many questions for you, you 'audiophile'! Seriously though, i need to know.


Redbook is the standard CD audio format used in music CDs. I only like Redbook, but games like XenogearsFFT have shown Redbook isn't a necessity for good audio. MP3 is a close second. YS is by far the best videogame music. Any serious rpg audiophile would agree. Falcom the company that created YS first started with Yuzo Koshiro (of streets of rage, shinobi, actraiser fame) when he was in his late teens/early 20's where he composed many of the YS songs. In the late 80's-mid 90's Ryo Yonemitsu took over and rearranged or added more to the list of YS/Falcom songs. He did the music for YS 1-4 TurboGrafx and many of YS Albums. Chrono Trigger was done by also Yasunori Mitsuda, who also did Xengears' soundtrack. Phantasy Star was done by Ippo who by the way made an incredible arranged Phantasy Star Collection Album in 2 Volumes.
Not being much of a Mana music fan I had to turn to our resident music guru, Mark Jordan for the answer to the SOM composer -
Hiroki Kikuta. As far as Legend of Mana I don't know the answer to that one yet.

Mature RPGs


How come there is never any mature content in rpgs? I mean the worst thing I'v seen is the shower scene from Granstream Saga. I thought that that stuff wasn't such a big deal in Japan, am I wrong? And besides do they think we are a bunch of kids (well...)? Anyway I'm not not saying they should start putting in naked chicks so I could get my kicks (well...). But it's just that they try to make the characters act like real people, and with that come profanity, sexually related situations or topics, and god forbid, a naked person! I mean they go to such lengths to keep naked characters covered up, its rediculous! Thats all I got. Your number one fan

-Quickbeam! (we love you JD!)

There are, mostly in japan though. There are numerous "Mature Content" RPGs over in japan. Games like Dragon Knight 1-4 come to mind. Basically in North America, yes. Game companies target the age range of 12-17 for RPGs, thus mature content like nudity really wouldn't be feasible. Sales are the bottom line and companies fear what extensive nudity could do to the overall sales.

What do you all think of nudity in games? Should there be more, less, same?

The use of profanities however has gone up, Final Fantasy 7 and Lunar are two that come to mind.

Opinion on Square rehashes


Before I begin, let it be known I am extremely happy to see CT, FFV, and FFVI being re-RELEASED.... BUT this happiness is bittersweet. Why you might ask? Well for one, I just finished Lunar a few weeks ago; Lunar is a REAL remake, slightly updated graphics, all new animation THROUGHOUT the game, new voice acting, tweaks to the original story to fix holes (which the classic Square games could use. whether we like it or not), not to mention the packaging. Two, why release games, made for a dead console, for a console near the end of its life. If I want to play CT, FFV, or FFVI I'll use my SNES (well make that ZSNES for FFV*). That's just my opinion.... I could be wrong.

P.S. I'm a Computer Science major, not a English major. Please fill free to fix all(not just any... all of them) grammatical errors so that I don t look like a total dumbass.

All I have to say is, before FF VII was released. Gamefan interviewed Sakaguchi and in the interview he said they don't want to concentrate on remaking games. They wanted to focus on the future. Evidently that idea sunk....
I must agree, Square's remakes have been crap, especially compared to what Game Arts is doing. If square was to remake FF 4-6/CT, why not completely remake it. My guess is they seem to be doing it for one purpose. Easy money...While in the end I will get them, I still have mixed feelings on it and have a right to complain until they get their act together. Game Arts is making them look bad in that department.

Secrets to being a staffer

To Jerky Dan, professional Cowboy.

I'm just wonder, how did all you guys get jobs at RPGamer? My theory goes like this... The future staff of RPGamer were all orphans. (or as Square calls them Onionkids.(FF3j)) And they all lived in a village, were only their collective adoptive father knew their true lineage. And he wasn't telling. He would much rather let them find out for themselves much later, and much more painfully, thereby allowing the Onionkids to be alienated from their friends because of the shocking truth that was revealed about them when they fulfilled some silly prophecy about milking hens. The following banishment and other painful events could have all been avoided had the father revealed the future staff their true nature beforehand, so they could have hidden it (by not getting drunk and trying to milk chickens), but he secretly hated all of his "children". (Like any good RPG adopted parent, or at least that's why I think they never tell the hero) Then they found a mystical sword, were chosen by crystals, traveled through time, feel in love, lost their love tragically, fought space aliens, grew their hair out and dyed it strange colors, got eye enlargements, uncovered a conspiracy to destroy the world, figured out their sordid pasts, were criticized by their fans for being too different from their previous games, and eventually learned how to code HTML. Then they started RPGamer, and lived happily ever after. Which many considered a very weak ending and openly bitched about. Lovingly,

-Moogle "When I'm right, I'm right" Child

Yes that's it. You found out the secret. Damn you, were you spying on us? How did you manage to get past our security system at RPGamer Headquarters...
and Secrets to getting posted on Q&A?

Ten Ways to Get Your Letter Posted by a Q&A Guy

1. Do not greet him. Immediatedly go into your message or make a ridiculously long and stupid greeting. i.e. "Hey Neifirst! Or do you prefer JD? I dunno, I'll just put both."
2. Include a question. It matters not on the inaneness or just plain stupidity of it, but you MUST have a question. He is, after all, the Q&A guy.
3. Uz the werst gramer tht god has givn u oh 4get puncu8shion 2 (in an attempt to really know what the person is saying, the Q&A guy will often post the letter and have a really ambigious answer that he got only because the Magic Meatball was laying nearby).
4. Always have a catchy name that takes more than one breath to say. i.e. Kirin "That' only chance to claim the throne of England" the Third.
5. Uh...Shameless flattery, oh great Nei, lord of the seventh realm of heaven!
6. Hmm...bribery? Yes, that's it, bribery! Uh...Nei, be expecting a package sometime soon.
7. Make it a list. Lists are always more compact and easier to comprehend...most of the time.
8. *unknown*
9. *unknown*
10. Only I know, and I'm not telling.

-Kirin, the transvestite son of the old French whore.

HAH. You readers certainly can be creative.
1. Comment unavailable.
2. Yes more questions would be nice and boy do some of you write the most idiotic letters I've ever seen (kidding). Opinions seem to be carrying the day for the last week or three.
3. Uh huh, yeah that's it.
4. Yeah you French whore..
5. Flattery heeeh.
6. Time's have been tough for us RPGamer staffers. Please send us money!!! Send it to our headquarters under Bill Gates' garage.
7. Not always, only when everyone is drunk.
8/9/10. I know it!

Begging for an Idiot of the Day award

I was wondering if I could have the Idiot of the Day award. I am well deserving of such a title. I have swallowed live goldfish. I have drank pop (soda to you east coast people) and pop rocks AT THE SAME TIME. I have even shopped at K-mart(oh wait, that is for the Cheapo of the Day award). Please, I can bribe you, I know I can. You must bow before my ketchup powers (insert crazed laughter here). "Fight with us Kain." "Gladdy, but against you." HAHAHA

You sure are a viable winner of the award. Here you go.

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Quickies - Order of the day

Actualy, Square is also making a game called Chrono Cross... maybe your sources have been told wrong but it was even annonced by Square them selves. Its not a remake but a true sequel.
-D. B.

Uh. What the hell have I been talking about all week then?

JD, tell "Dragon Knight" the sky is blue because of the reflection of the ocean! Everyone knows that!

Ok fine Mr. Brain.

Is it just me or is candy corn not worth chomping through to get to the sweet sugar inside???

Hey I found a good RPG quote, can you guess it? "You can buy everything but love, friendship, and exp points!" It's an oldy.
I don't know that one. Any takers?
Dear JD, Which do you recommend? Very Best of Ys, or Ys 95' Symphony, I can only choose one.
Very Best of YS.
Why haven't you been posting my letters? At least put me in the Quickies! Or else I'll sick my Psycho-Nega-Telletubies on you!
Don't even try it. I'll sick Falwell on you. He'll sit on you and your telletubies. Can you say squashed like a pancake?
Yo JD! Will you have MIDI of that CC song anytime soon, I wanna hear so bad! Peace Out!
- BDelinck
I asked our music bum, er box (Just kidding mark!). Our music box guru and Square aficionado Mark Jordan said, "the battle theme are the only ones planned at this time for .mid and .it."
Many thanks for the info Mark, many of us are anticipating it.

That wraps up another Q&A. Will the trend of non Chrono Cross letters continue? Guess you'll just have to wait and see till tomorrow. Peace out.

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