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Ask JD Saturday July 18 - 3am EST

No. You aren't dreaming. I didn't miss an update or update late. You guys are getting 2 updates in the span of 8 hours. My earliest update ever. I had some spare time tonight so I'm updating today's Sunday Q&A about 24 hours earlier than usual. Not to mention I wasn't sure if I would have time later today. I'm not sure whether or not you guys will see this as a bonus treat or reading overload. :-)

Click Here for yesterday's Saturday July 17th Q&A if you missed it.

Chrono Cross

Hi! Ok here's my question. Do you think Chrono Cross will be nearly as good as Chrono Trigger? Looking at brand spanking new screen shots this game looks disappointing because it doesn't look anything like Chrono Trigger. Also, do you know when Square will start releasing more info on Chrono Cross soon?

-Randy Yokota aka Strider-Hiryu PS: Check out my marvelous website (i'm not lying) @ "Randy's Video Game Website"

As I said yesterday, it's too premature to tell. All I can say is I'm extremely optimistic regarding Chrono Cross. Frankly it really is unrealistic to want CC to be like CT. Things and times have changed...good or better they have changed. Well the demo was just released, hopefully we should be getting the demo with LoM any day now.
Cool site by the way, check it out everyone.

I agree that the big "Chrono Cross sucks" deal is quite premature, but as I'm not interested in CC at all, I'm not like the others. Why I don't care is because I didn't even like Chrono Trigger and I thought the only good thing was the graphics... well, and Magus, he was too cool... too much to be in CT actually, he seemed in the wrong game, hehe. Now that CC won't have the nice graphics, (CT was so beautiful... what were they thinking? I have nothing against 3D per se, far from it, but as if there weren't enough of them already!) they damn well better improve on the story, characters and gameplay, but after seeing Square games recently... and seeing how many games they're working on right now, I seriously doubt they'll be up to it.

Their last truly great game, IMO, was Final Fantasy Tactics. Xenogears was good, but not *that* much. And right now Square is working on... Parasite Eve 2, SaGa Frontier 2, Legend of Mana, Dew Prism, Vagrant Story (could you care about those last two?), Chocobo Racing, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon #whatever, a rumored FF game on the PSX (not sure if it's confirmed but it seems so) and now Chrono Cross? Good gods, I know Square is a big company, but they should relax a bit, take their time with two or three games at a time max. and focus on them. In reply to the one who say we bash everything we even demand, well it's true. Those ppl don't know what they want, I guess. I never wanted a CT2 though, nor did I want such non-linearity (though it wasn't the main reason I despise SoGay Frontier ;) in SGF. I like originality though, but only if it works. And when Square tries to innovate, they seem to fail miserably.

Sega makes original AND good games, like NiGHTS, Burning Rangers and Panzer Dragoon Saga, but when Square attempts at innovating... we get SaGa Frontier, Chocobo Racing (o.O) or Brave Fencer Musashit (sorry, can't resist... if you can call that game original, hehe). I just think they should stop to try and appeal the numbed masses with such numerous, gratuitious sequels (no FFT2, but a SGF or PE2? what the... ugh. and did we need Bushido Blade 2?) and characters like FF8's (my brother says Squall reminds him of the Village People, *lol*). No, I'm not a Square-hater: with all the tendency for gamers to bash FF7, I supported it, and I still like it: I love FFtactics, it's my favorite PSX game. But when I notice people groaning at the sight of Chrono Cross, I don't really blame them. I was one of the rare to not think Akira Toriyama was such a great artist, but after all, he was 100 times better than the new one @.@ Must they be so... kiddy, so cute? ;P And well, I have my reasons to believe CC won't even be as good as CT, although I didn't like it... *shrugs* A small part of me, my cruel side maybe, makes me hope CC is a total failure and then maybe everyone will shut up about how great Square or Chrono Trigger is, hehe ;). Well, it was a somewhat long rant, but I needed to say it. As for the anonymous guy saying the Dreamcast will suck, I have one question for him: has there ever been a machine with so many fantastic games ready for its launch, or at least not long after that? Of course not. Remember the PSX at first, the first generation games were pure crap until Capcom finally saved it with Resident Evil. Right now it's not only successful, but actually good. I don't know if the Dreamcast will be a success or not, I hope so because Sega deserves it, but it will certainly not suck. Sonic Adventure, Climax Landers, Soul Calibur, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, House of the Dead 2, Grandia 2 and many more prove it. ^_^


Already judging CC are we? While the graphics aren't exactly tour de force, I find them at the very least somewhat appealing. You bring about some valid points about Square spreading themselves too thin. Opinions anyone?
As far as Sega is concerned, I can't disagree with you. Sega makes revolutionary games, probably the best compared to Nintendo or Sony. Good point about the Dreamcast. And don't forget Evolution was just announced for October '99 US release.

That Chrono Cross Music

Alright. You can call me ignorant if you want to, that's fine with me. But how can I listen to the Chrono Cross beginning theme!? I have downloaded it and everything, but it won't start when I click on it. (and don't tell me to double click on it either). I really want to hear this seeing how I have been a fan of Square's music since FF1, no matter who the composer is. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I really want to hear this file cause everyone says that its so great!

-Game Sage Leader

You need a MP3 player. Load this url and download the player for your Operating system.

LoM Info Please and a side of fries to go with that

Get Aaron to go into more detail on Legend of Mana. Everybody keeps talking about Chrono Cross but nobody has said anything about Legend of Mana, is it good, bad, what?

Aaron bro, send me a LoM letter with detailed impressions. Our readers enjoyed your email on CC. While you're at it a soda and fries would be good to go.


How is it that Breath of Fire1 is made by square, but the rest was made by Capcom? Also, is there anymore info on BoF4?

Capcom developed BoF 1, but due to the uncertainty of the US RPG market at the time they didn't have the guts or marketing savvy to release it. So Square bought the US rights and published it in the US. There really isn't any new information on BoF4 other than it is in development for the PSX2.

Very Best of YS and other YS music


dude, I can't find Very Best of Ys. I've looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. OK, so I can't get it. Are any other Ys music CDs worth getting?


My favorite questions to answer. YS questions! I know you guys have been ignored by past Q&A hosts, so I'm trying to make amends to you YS fans. has it out of stock, however has it in stock. Are there other YS CDs worth getting....Yes all 20+ of them. There is only one bad YS music cd, "Provincialism." My favorite YS albums are YS 1-4 Perfect Collection and YS 5 Orchestra sold separately in 6 CD packages. Though some on this list are impossible to find. The more readily available ones that I can highly recommend are Very Best of YS, Falcom Classics, Falcom Special Box 97 and if you like vocals Falcom Vocal Collection 1.

RPG Gamers Complain

I think it is just wierd that people want games to come out and but then when they see the first tad bit off info they complain. Its just stupid. It seems like the companies wouldnt make new games because of this, but they probably want their paycheck anyway... And by the way, you know FF8 commercials will be all over every channel ('specially MTv, of course.) like FF7 was. Lets just hope they are as funny as the FF7 ones. Later man!

-KupoWrath (Check out my RPG Page...)

Complain....Complain....Complain. That's all RPG Gamers do nowadays.
Everyone wants to plug their site lately. What are our readers coming to. ;)
P.S.Cool site.

Judge Judy Knows Square

Hey Jack Daniels. I have a hat with your logo on it. I wrote this about the Chrono Chross argument, and it's a little long, so link to it at


That is freakin funny. You got all the Judge Judy catch phrases down. Can you write more for me to print. :P
Everyone READ this!
Hidden Msg

Why is White Rose is groping Asellus's breast? If you guys are gonna put some lesbian porn on RPGamer, can you post something more hardcore next time? =D

BTW, nude protest in front of Square's offices in Hawaii. What are we protesting? I'll think of it later. I just want to see Kaiser naked.


Haha more proof of something strange between Rose and Asellus.
Pink and the Brain

<< So from now on I will temporarily be doing the weekdays and Ryan will take the weekends.>>
Yes, Pinky!! are you pondering what I am pondering? Pinky (AKA JD):

Umm.. that hot dogs are relaly cool and smelly? NARF! ::THWAP!::
No Pinky, I was pondeirng that World Domination is Almost ours! ::Evil cynical laugh:: Mwahahaha! Pinky (AKA KD): But wouldn't that just be a Clitche? Who asked you anyhow? Laters, JD! ;P

-Dhenji, "This little pinky went to the martket.. and this little pinky stayed home..."

Dhenji-Dhenji-Dhenji. You write some interesting letters. What no mention of hot dog more than 2x in the letter?
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The End. Double Drum roll please. As I said yesterday, as of tomorrow I will be switching with Ryan and will be doing the weekday Q&A. Ryan as of next weekend will do weekends. Cya guys and gals. Till tomorrow.

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