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Ask JD Saturday July 10 - 6:50 pm EST

Finally a Q&A is up! I can hear sounds of relief from you readers. First on behalf of RPGamer we apologize for the lack of updates. First it was; Ryan's fingers, then Alex's Power outage and html error, all of which happened strangely enough at the last minutes before their update. While the first two were acts of nature/accidents, the html error will not happen again. Speaking of the html error only about 15% of you noticed that is not Alex's email. Are you guys that oblivious, or perhaps taking one too many Jack Daniels?

The big story this week was Chrono Cross, after years of patient waiting fans finally get a sequel to Chrono Trigger. To my surprise I did not get even 1 letter applauding Square's efforts on Chrono Cross. All letters on this topic were purely ones of bashing, ranting or big time disappointment. Perhaps tomorrow different viewpoints will be expressed. We'll see.
The other big story was GrowLanser, famed artist Satoshi Urushihara of the much known Langrisser series, is working on this RPG. If Langrisser is any indication, GrowLanser is going to have some incredible art. Maybe square should have hired Urushihara instead of Nobuteru Yuuki (the character designer of Chrono Cross)?

So let's begin today's Q&A Calm after the storm, for the most part strictly Q&A's today. After my posting of "Concerned Parent" last week, I think we need some time to recuperate, no? heh-heh.

Chrono Cross

Please tell me those shots of CC were not real. I almost through up in utter shock at how this infernal piece of 3D garbage could have any relation to the masterpiece known as Chrono Trigger. PLEASE someone tell me why square makes all the PSX sequals 3D and crappy looking? Notice all the games on SNES are GOOD?? Lets see....FF6......FF7...FF8 I the only one that notices FF going down hill? I would VERY much favour overhead veiw ( which I favour anyway) with a good story than "cool" graphics and "killer FMV" with a boring, under-developed over-linear drawn out stereotypicle name that is unworthy of its title ( refering to FF7 of course). Someone please explaine why moving to a 32 bit system is necessary when all your 16 bit games are supierior?

-Birdo, loyal Nintendo suporter from day 1

They are as real as Jay Leno's monstrous chin. It really is too early to jump to conclusions regarding Chrono Cross. I myself am somewhat concerned that CC is presented in a 3D Polygonal especially since I don't believe the PSX system is powerful enough to create beautiful polygons. Rendered settings such as those of FF 8's might have presented the game better. However, overall I like what I've seen so far. I'll wait for more screens to make more of a definite stance. Frankly FF7/8 seems to be a step up in some ways over previous FF games.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! After my long long waiting for the sequel to Chrono Trigger and finding some shots, it... WON'T BE WITH THE SAME CHARACTERS! Okay.. kinda expected that, Square never reuses them. this rival guy looks kida cool... AHHH!!! THE HERO IS NAMED SERGE AND LOOKS LIKE A SUIKODEN-FF7 CROSS WITH HIS MASSIVELY OVERSIZED SWORD!!! Okay.. calm down.. it can't be that bad... no. No. NOOOOOO - OOOOOOO - OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S IN 3D!!!! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE MAD?! NOOOO - OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make no mistake, I'll still get it, but I'm registering my complaint now.

I noticed something about Chrono Cross in the World Screenshots.. especially with the #2 screenshot.. there's a bridge between towers that looks suspiciously like the one Chrono et al blew up the Dragon Tank on... and at the bottom left, there was a screenshot that looked mysteriously like the magic cave which Frog had to chop through so you could get to Magus.. could this be the same world? (and just imagine how much that would rule!)


Calm down boy...
The screen shot with the tower looks NICE! Especially the cool background of the planets.

Hey JD,

After looking at the pics in the latest update, I am thoroughly dissapointed. This Serge guy looks like a Suikoden Hero wannabe, and the heroine lacks Marle's poise, she's too skinny, and looks non-threatening. Compared to Marle's pic (the one where she's running with the crossbow). I hope they don't pull an FF7 on this game. Where the characters swear each other out or the male protagonist dresses up as a woman & suchlike. Do you think this Chrono Cross will be any good? Peace,


My main complaint from Chrono Cross is the Characters. Serge looks weird, the Heroine is skinny and what's up with the knife hanging around her waist. Yamaneko is cool, though he's no Magus. So far like all of you who wrote in about CC, the character designs leave much or at least some to be desired. Akira Toriyama forever! Yes I think Chrono Cross will be one of Square's best.

Square to do Dreamcast games?
Hey JD,
Well that Ryan will never respond to my Q's so I am going to ask you, first off.
1. Has or has not Square signed with the Dreamcast? I've been getting both sides and havent yet reserved mine, that would ink it.
2. July 14 is supposed to be the date that Square announces their "Special Project" I figure it will have to be Chrono Trigger 2 because they never set a date for announcing any new FF game, what do u think?
3. Have Sony set a date for the release of FF8? 9/9/99 would make sense considering they always do something BIG when the hype is around a company i.e. when Dreamcast was released FF8, then PSX2.

-Ben Thurn

I think Ryan mentioned something to me, about a restraining order between you two?
1. No such announcement yet. Dreamcast will rule in any event.
2. We'll find out in 4 days. Chrono Cross was just announced.
3. Sony doesn't set the date for FF8, SquareEA does. The date is 9/7/99 and the same with Suikoden. I don't really believe FF8 will effect the release of Dreamcast. Sega's has/will be done/doing a solid piece of marketing for Dreamcast. Those who want the Dreamcast will get it regardless of FF8. Those who don't won't.

Ton O' Questions
for all the new rpgs comin out within the next year (after release of star ocean) which has the best :
replay vaulue
longest hours

ps this is a kick ass site i visit every day thanx for all the hard work
Graphics - FF8
Sound - FF8 or Grandia
Gameplay - probably Grandia
Replay - YS 2 Eternal
Story - Grandia or FF8
Hours - Final Fantasy Anthology
Originality - Grandia or FF8
Only 3 RPGs this year?
Yo JD,
Is Star Ocean 2 really worth getting? Because I don't care how crummy the graphics are or how different the battle system is. I have only 3 more choices to buy PSX games for this year and I want them to be RPG's I am definetley going to get Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy Anthology, which game would you recomend someone to buy?

Grandia!!!!! Grandia!!! This game might be RPG of the year. Nuff said.
Religion in FFT
Hey JD,
I've seen pretty much a lot about religion in the FF series. Personally, I believe that our concerned mother... Y'know, I've been playing FF7 for the past few days (replay value, I haven't just got it Wednesday) and I feel the term given to our lovely complainer, "Mother", is just a bit like a sub-term for Jenova. I feel she might be a copycat... Hmmm. Before I scratch my head to insanity thinking about what this could mean, I must well voice my opinion on the religious topic.

It seems to me that many people are kind of missing the point-of-views upon some of the games. For instance, in FFT, a whole chunk of people wrote saying that it's a bunch of Christian Hooey! I am a Christian, in fact, and I must say this: I've been known as a good analyst in modern literature going back to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and FFT, in my opinion, isn't a lesson in what we believe in religion. That would bring down Square's honor! It would make them seem like a cheesy tabloid proclaiming on it's front page a title bearing "What you thought you knew about Christianity; new Scriptures found in Arabian desert.." and people would most certainly bring down the mallet on the game like a 16 ton anvil crushing a movie critic in a cartoon. That is not pretty. But, in fact, the game is based upon common ideals about power grabs and abuses in society. Does this setting seem any bit familiar to you? It should to some people studying Medieval Europe in the early 2nd millennium. Almost everything matches. Lords, Dukes, the referral to people as Nobles and Commoners and their own prejudice between the two classes. Knights and anti-aristocratic parties such as the Shrine Knights and the heavy, yet fading power of the Church during the aftermath of the Black Plague. The plot of the Church to reclaim it's power is very crucial to how FFT and the Middle Ages are referred to each other. Now that I have made my point clear, you may also want to know that this was a time where most of the Church is backwards within their own faith. It's no wonder people are babbling on about how FFT is based upon Christian heresy, it's referring itself to a time when the Church was almost completely falling apart. If you looked at the Middle Ages, you could say the same thing about it as what you'd say in FFT, it's bending and breaking the basic rules and fundamentals of Christianity. This evidence perfectly shows that what we're looking at is a story based upon the Middle Ages, but most of it is within the boundaries of the traditional standards of both the Final Fantasy Series and the Medieval ages of the church-- a sort of compromise between the two.

The thing is, though, that the majority of people who have seen this game, haven't even realized what the story was supposed to represent. Final Fantasy Tactics is a Final Fantasy on the moral subjects of common decency, the mislead rights of justice, the abuse of power within it's greatest beholders, rank of people based on power, the errors of Aristocratic society, and the few who stand against it all. The entire world should know what FFT is truly about.(snip....)

JD, thanks for reading this. I know it was long, but it's my point of view. Uncut and spell-checked. I hope different people begin to see things from a different point-of-view once they read this. Do ya think you can put my e-mail address up? Just incase people like my article? I'd appreciate it.

Chris Pioli
Thorough if not only interesting letter thats for sure. I would be inclined to agree with most of what you said. However religion or in this case attack on religion, in my opinion was equal to the "Abuse of Power" theme as the underlying plot.
Concerned Mother and Hotdog boy
That "concerned_mother" got lucky this weekend that people had already replied to her oh-so-retarded letter. Because if the infamous readers of RPGamer had not had any response to her letter, a certain Hot-Dog of mines and me were comteplating on having one-to-one, man-o-a-man-o. Well, time to adjust this laser properly on my knife. My knife has a silencer, by the way... but that can be our little secret! ;P AAAAHHH!! Laters!

-Dhenji, "You've got questions.. So does he!"

You're certainly one of the most wacky writers to my Q&A, if not too disturbing with your Hotdog themes. ^_^
Pass me some mustard will ya..

Clued out
I heard about Squaresoft re-releasing Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6, for the playstation. Is this true? And if so, is it all composed on one game, so I would only buy a CD once, and then have all 3? Also, when will it be in America?

Have you been living on Mars for the past 5 months?
Seriously though, FF 5 and 6 will be released in North America supposedly around November '99 as Final Fantasy Anthology.
Perceptive Guy of the Week
Ask Alex or is it JD

Hey, I wonder why RPGamer staff have suddenly been coming down with injuries. Two of them in this past week! Coincidence? I don't think so. Next thing you know, we'll lose the guy who does The Music Box. Could this be Gwendolyn Snope's revenge? Or is there a disgruntled staff member who walks among you, RPGamer staff? I suspect a conspiracy brewing. Not that I'm nuts or crazy or something like that.

-Jason Espiritu
You're the lucky winner of JD's Perceptive award. Thrilled I assume? Out of 15% of our readers, you're the first to notice the email is mine not Alex's. The fury of Ms. Snope being taken out on some RPGamer staffers. Uh oh we better wear our magic amulets.
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