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Ask JD Sunday June 27 - 5:45 pm EST

Lots of letters printed today to make up for the shorter than usual Q&A yesterday. Hence the topic Longie, opposite to yesterday's Quickie. Two topics of discussion before we start.
First I was surprised how many wanted to talk about hotdogs and hotdog buns. 25% of the letters were about it, yeah I know scary huh?

Second many of you have been asking about the 2nd Jess Bromide so here's the info straight from WD's mouth.

2nd Jess Bromide ****Slight Spoiler

Regarding Jess' Bromide 2, there's a slight catch to obtaining it. You need to travel to Lann Island--BEFORE defeating Dragonmaster Zoc, of course--then RETURN to Lann, and speak to the boatmaster again to use his boat. He says: "If ya still want ta use my boat, it's ready an' waitin'!"

When he says this, you trigger a "flag" which allows you to collect Jess' Bromide 2 later in the game. (We also discovered that, with this flag triggered, you can even get Bromide 2 after beating the Black Dragon, before Nash destroys the engine.) What this means is that, if you've already defeated Dragonmaster Zoc and can't get Jess' Bromide 2, you CANNOT trigger the flag, and will need to replay the game from Lann/Lann Island in order to do so.


Its great to know that the anthology will be relaesed in the U.S. as well, I was just wondering if the graphics or music would be at all improved? (like it could get any better! :) Also I was wondering If Crono Trigger will be rereleased at any point in time? Also will there be lots of movie scenes? since the origional games are so small will the cds mostly be made of movies or possibly a score?(I wish!) thanks

There are no noticeable enhancements visually or musically. Which is a bit disappointing, really. I just saw a video on FF V and the battle music sounded like bad SNES music. We'll see when it's released. As far as Chrono Trigger, Square has not said anything. It is also very unlikely that a re-release would come in the near future. Maybe they might remake it entirely. Only time will tell.

LOM when?

Hey JD,

I must know the answer to this question..Is Seiken Densetsu 4: Legend of Mana coming to the U.S.?? Everytime I look at screeenshots from that game they make me drool and the music puts me in a euphoric state...but considering the success of Secret of Mana in the U.S. and the niched translation of Seiken Densetsu 3, what do you think??

Reports from several news sources surfaced that Square will bring out SD4: LOM by the summer of 2000. Though these reports are unsubstantiated, I do believe Square will bring it out. If Square brought out Brave Fencer, it is even more likely that LOM will be translated. The only question is, exactly when this will happen.

Earthbound 64 dead?

I myself as an RPG fan, absolutely love PSX- the system for RPGs. But , there is one RPG i've been waiting for that's not on Playstation- Earthbound64! I am a great fan of the original on SNES and i've been waiting forever for the sequel on N64- but it seems to have dissapeared off the magazines release lists and such. Do you know what happened with it? And let's just see if this is a long column!

As we all know Nintendo's DD idea flopped big time. It would really be another dumb idea for Earthbound 64 to be released for such a system. My guess is the reason nothing has been said on this game as of late, is that Nintendo went back to the drawing boards to make this game for "Project Dolphin." I for one can't wait to see how this game shapes up in the end.
LOM, CT2 and OB64?

How good is the chance, in your opinion, that the as-of-yet-unnamed demo on Legend of Mana is for Chrono Trigger 2? I was excited about Legend of Mana before, but this changes everthing!!!! I LOVED CT (the glory days of the SNES.....ah), my only problem with it is that it was too short. Hopefully they make CT long (AT LEAST 100-150 hours just to finish).

By the way, OB64 has not been officially announced for the US, and if they do, it will be Q1 2000 .Japanese get all the good stuff.....lucky bastards :(

Oops almost forgot to flame you Flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame flame

-Dark Paladin

Recent reports suggest that CT2 will indeed be a demo game. I'd rather not speculate and just wait till the game is actually released. Chrono Trigger was my favorite SNES game, so I'm pretty jazzed if the rumors are true. Though I would much prefer CT2 to be for PSX2.

Well recent reports have indeed confirmed OB64 for US release at least technically. Japan gets it next month and reports state depending who you believe Fall 99 - Q1 2000 for US release. Nintendo of America's OB64 page says/still says Fall '99

This and That
1) Do you know anything else about Vagrant Story yet?

2) I can see your view picking Lunar:SSSC over FFT, but FFT has much the most replay value of a game I've ever seen, and beats Lunar hands down in my opinion. (Give Lunar is a great game. It just doesn't have much reason to go back and play it.)

3) Do you like the new systems in Final Fantasy games where anyone can do anything? I don't like the way that the charactors don't have their own abilities. As far as stats go and what kind of armor they can equip, there all the same. I like the old games (like Lunar:)where you have attackers, healers, and mages.

1) Nope
2) I frankly thought each game had the same level of replay value. Which is about 2-3 times tops.
3) No I don't. Like everyone I miss the days when in RPGs each character had their own strenghts and weaknesses.

Star Ocean 2 worth it?

Hey JD,

Okay, it's just been driving me crazy. I have a couple $10's to blow, and I'm dying to know if:
1) Star Ocean 2 is better than Lunar: TSSSC, because at this point I'm beginning to think that nothing fits that agenda. This is a futile attempt to find something better than Lunar.
2) It's worth buying at all.
3) The whole thing with 80 endings is a fraud Are they short or something, or just...stupid? If they really are full length endings, I'm definately getting the game.
4) You will let me ask you what your favorite color is. If so: Answer.
5) You noticed that when marle sleeps in Chrono Trigger she's wearing no shirt. It looks like she isn't! Agghhh! It's driving me nuts!

PS: I was just wondering...if you could be a fish, what fish would you be? A salmon, a grouper, or a trout? Answer...and be honest.


1. I found myself enjoying Lunar SSSC a lot more so far, granted I'm still only about 5 hrs into Star Ocean 2. As good as SO2 is so far Lunar is tops in my book.
2. Yes.
3. I have not seen them or read about the endings. From what little I've heard the endings are rather similar or at least no drastic changes.
4. Gold, no really.
5. Let me guess you want Marle? heh-heh
PS: Marlin

Hey ya JeDthro,
1. Whats your favorite videogame series??Mines Mega Man heh heh its not an RPG. . . no dont hurt me!!
2. I have a Dreamcast. Do you??? hah thats what I thought.
3. Don't hide it anymore we can start a cult of Rpg'ers that read manuals on the can comon fess up you know you do too.
4. Star Ocean's addictive ain't it?
5. Does anyone out there have Grandia or Albert Odyssey besides me??? I have no one to tal;k to about these games. I'm stuck in 6. Grandia and Albert Odyssey is one of my all time faves.
7. Do you think Lufia 2 is really that bad everyone I talk thinks it sucks. I really liked it.
8. What videogame mags do you read regularly my fave is EGM.
I have a fish tattoo on my **** hehe


1. YS and Final Fantasy if I really had to pick. Favorite series not an RPG?? I'll have to send my minions after you. Oh yeah I love sports series too.
2. Yes I do. Bernie Stolar personally sent me one with 50 Games. :P
3. I do read them, when time permitting.
4. Yes, though no more than any good RPG.
5. Yes, but we are avoiding you.
6. Grandia will be the best RPG this year, next to FF8, maybe even beat it.
7. I played it for about 5 minutes. By the time Lufia 2 came out, I was done with the 16bit systems.

Religion Trend

Bonjour JD ^_^!

I was wondering, is it just me or do the grand majority of RPG's as of late (I'm referring to the past two years of next-gen RPG's) have strong (or just bloody blatant) religious overtones? Look at them-Final Fantasy Tactics (my current love ^_^...*DANG* this is smashing game...) is VERY religion driven, Xenogears was religious to the hilt, Breath of Fire III's plot was driven religiously, and even Lunar appears to have strong religious overtones (judging by the presence of a goddess...)! Is their any particular reason for this? I know religion makes an excellent plot device, but it's almost seeming to be overused, as is seen in the end boss's forms, seemingly inspired by celestial beings based on Christianity (i.e., the angelic form of Kefka, Sephiroth based on the design of seraphim, Bloody Angel Altima, the goddess Myria...the list goes on and on...). Also out of curiousity, why do game creators use Christianity most often when they use angelic forms? Why don't they borrow (heavily) from Zoroastrinism, Hinduism, etc? I myself am Christian and none of this offends me, but I'm just very curious. Well, thank you very much for your time in reading this ODD and MAD letter! Please excuse all the spelling and grammatical errors, I'm quite horrid about them -_-; And always remember, cheese is good. Ja ne~ ^_^ ~

-Almighty Cheese, Bishounen, & GPL Goddess Shosetsu

Rather than answering this one out right. Let me open the discussion to the readers. What do you guys think? Good excuse for me not to think today, eh? :-)

Square Translations going downhill?

Hey JD,

Are you as afraid as I am that Square's translation of Final Fantasy 8 is going to be as horrid as Final Fantasy Tactics'? Or as confusing as Xenogears'? As long as the U.S. remains a less profitable market than Japan's, Square is going to continue to hire mediocre translators or, worse, indulge in nepotism (giving the job to family members as a sort of favor) just because they can't invest the time or money in a decent localization. Although Square's translation jobs have always been a bit questionable, it's clear that, since FF1 made its way to American shores, their work in localizing rpg's has gone from odd to obtuse. FFVI was "spoony" but Xenogears was a personality-lacking romp through confusing dialogue that, while grammatically correct much of the time, rambled on so much that the original intent of a character's speech was lost by the time he or she stopped talking five minutes later. I'll still end up buying FF8, fearful as I am of having to interpret its (probably) run-away storyline or bad grammar and dialogue (a la FFT). But, I'm just addressing the problem here. I, as the messanger, hope that somebody can provide a solution for this matter, because, as Square's storylines get more and more complex, playing the games becomes more tiresome than fun.


No I'm not afraid. ^_^
Excellent points. I didn't find FFT's translation as horrid as you did, likewise for Xenogears. However i do agree in general with most of your complaints. There were times in Xenogears and FFT's text that left me saying "what?" or was this a plot hole. Square's translations most likely will improve with FF8. How much better it will be in that regard to FFT remains to be seen. My guess is, not much better. Speaking of bad translations, remember BFM's FF8 demo. I think they hired Junior High kids to do that one, or at least the quality was of that low level. It isn't just Square though, it's an industry wide problem. The only few that really had good translations were Hudson/TTI back in the TurboGrafx days, and Working Designs.

Saga Frontier fans strike back, HA


How can you say Saga Frontier has no replay value when there's 7 different quests and 100s of monsters to morph into? huh? HOW!?! And how can you say Saga Frontier has no replay value when there's about 100 skills to master? Looking for a story in Saga Frontier? Try T260G, Emelia, and Asellus' quest. Thankyou for your time,

-A sexually attractive warthog found growing in the sewer

Was I really that negative towards SGF?? I really don't hate it that much. I just wouldn't play it much. I have played most of Asellus' quest and will agree that it has a good story, it just can't compare to what is out there though.

Lunar SSS record?

Hey JD, cool column!

Anyway, I beat Lunar:SSSC, the first time through, in four days. I didn't use a walkthrough or anything, is that some kind of record?


Yes, the Guiness Book of World Records people are on their way to award you the cash prize of $1,000,000.

Shag is out, Spoon is in

Everybody's going to die when they hear this. Remember "You Spoony Bard!"? It's NOT a mistranslation. It makes perfect sense! Not common, perhaps, but I have evidence! In "Meet Joe Black" (IMHO, the most boring, pointless, and long movie of the decade) the old guys says to death... "I don't want you spooning around with my daughter!" Then Death (Joe) gives him a funny look and says "Spooning?" So there you have it. Tellah is another old guy, and Edward was indeed "spooning" around with his daughter. Perfectly natural for him to accuse Tellah of being spoony! "Shagging" is sooo last week. "Spooning" is in!


How much time did it take you to think that one up?

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I saw a Britney Spears ad on you site, I will begin protesting tomorrow.
-mista tea

Baby One More Time. HAHAHAHA
Speaking of roadkill, in Tennessee, you can legally eat something you run over.
Them varmints are dang tasteee.
Am I the only one that thinks that Fucoland is out to get us?
Yep, they are out to get you, not us.
It's a conspiracy. You have to buy 6 packs of buns and 5 packs of hot dogs to balance it out, thus forcing you to buy in bulk.
-Awsker Meier
Buying in bulk rules.
I hope this makes up for the Quickie yesterday. It's Ryan's turn tomorrow so get those keyboards a typing.
Cya all next weekend. Peace Out.

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