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Ask JD Sunday June 26 - 6:10 pm EST

Having just purchased Star Ocean 2 an hour ago, today's Q&A will be a tad short. :-)
Tomorrow's will be a big one, I promise. So let's get started, shall we? So I can return to SO2 he-hehe.
FFT or Lunar?

Hey JD, I just wanted your take on Final Fantasy Tactics... I missed it last year and am wondering whether to get it as opposed to the newer and more expensive Lunar. I am looking for something that will be fun and intriguing. I am already a great fan of the FF series (who isn't) but am curious about Lunar. What should I do?
-One confused RPG guy

You can't go wrong with either game. Both games are great on their own right. I guess it depends which you enjoy more Strategy/RPG or RPG. As good as FFT is, in my opinion Lunar SSSC wins hands down.

Ogre Battle when?

Is Ogre Battle 3 comming out in the US? If so, is there a date set?

Yes. The game is now titled Ogre Battle 64 and will be released in the US late '99.

Bashing Saga Frontier, again.

I can't believe why the majority of the RPGaming population HATEs SaGa Frontier. I mean, okay, it might be frustrating at first, but I loved it. Yes, I LOVED it. L-O-V-E-D it. I've seen the Programmer's Room, but it wasn't too good. All you get it a bunch of programmers disguised as the characters in da game, wacky battles, fighting all 7 last bosses and a hidden Juke Box feature including unreleased music, like Blue's Ending, etc. The best thing was comparing my System Data with my friends'... but that's not saying much. My fav character was Asellus... I started 16 games, finished 21 times but the game counted 5 as 'real'. I got all three endings, but they were too dang short to be an ending... I can't believe that guy in your column said 'It's OK to hate SaGa Frontier'. Sorry for the bad English, I'm an Indonesian.

- Joji Halim

I suppose in the end I really don't hate the game. It's just that I find the game incredibly boring after beating it with one or so characters. The story was...oh wait what story. The music was decent at best. The replay value just wasn't there. What more can I say. hmm... It's just soo fun to bash it. :)
Wow, you beat Saga Frontier 21 times? You have way too much free time. :-)
This and that

Hey JD! (when viewed sideways, "JD" looks like a very happy fellow with a candy-cane for eyes. Odd.)
Well, here you go. Questions, comments, AND Ego Enlargement! (my own ego and yours. For free! How about that?)

1. Why, in the name of all that is good, is Ehrgeiz not included in the RPG section? I bought the d*mn game, and I now have all the endings, and the secret characters. (yeah, I know, I'm good....of course it's not not that hard when set on very easy...d'oh!) I decided to give that "Brand New Quest" mode a swing. And that's a(n?) RPG if I ever saw one. Yes, I've seen one. Armor, weapons, materia (yes, materia), potions, magic, monsters, story line (quest for the secret of immortality)...etc. This thing has all the RPG elements!!
2. rule!!! Uh...but lay off of Ryan, okay?
3. My uncle owns DC shoes!! Ha ha!! Hey, and if he, (or any o' his associates) see this, "Hey Ken!!! Thanx for the PSX!!! You rock!!!" :) Sorry, I'm done with the gloating for now.
4. Star Ocean 2....80 endings...?!?!?! Holy frick!! I'm buyin' that game!! (See? The 80 endings marketing ploy works. ^_^)
5. Why do you bash SaGa Frontier? It had it's flaws (cough) but still managed to be a decent game. It made me nostalgic for those 16 bit games I still play every day...*sigh* Okay, that's enough for me! C U L8er! (can you read that? I hope so) ~Katt "Oh... No... I... Have... Zeromus... Syndrome..."

- Chuan

1. Because, it's not a RPG. Period!
2. Thanks for the kudos. Do I really have to? It's been so fun...Seriously though when have I done contrary to that?
3. Does he have a DC hat too?
4. 80+ endings is an interesting concept. We'll see how the endings pan out though. I doubt I could have the stomach to play through more than twice.
5. Look above.

Square is fashionable?
Konnichiwa, Alright in response to Eirias Valar letter about English in Japan. Japanese find if fashionable to have english in there games, movies, etc. Square being (or trying to be) the symbol of fashion has put some in there games. Thats also why some of the menus etc are in English.

-Chou, Quickie King

Instead of trying be fashionable maybe Square should concentrate on making better games? No I'm not dissing Square people, so don't even try sending me any flames. :P

Star Ocean Obsession
I've been playing Star Ocean 2nd story for 2 straight days, without food or sleep...... please, somebody, mail me food.......

-The legless, armless, goatless boy from Baklastivenshendrinfinut

Let me guess nature hasn't called yet?

Hot Dogs?
This is a tough one.. take your time.. Why do Hot Dog Buns come in packs of 10, while Hot Dogs (themselves) come in packs of 12? I need to know! I'm going CRaZy!!! GRRR!! *Slams a chair! Cartwheels over a toilet Seat!* PLEASE, Answer, QUICK!


That's too thought provoking for me to answer.

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Are there any good message boards for rpg info? Or does the world just hate me?
-paranoid rpg player
Yes, but I can't tell you. It's confidential information.
JD said to spread the love, baby, but somehow I don't feel horny today. Let's "Shag it up" tomorrow, if you know what I mean.....
-Austin Powers
Look it's the real Austin Powers... I didn't know my Q&A's were being read by secret agents too.
Isn't it true Dr. Zeuss is your favorite writer?
Next to Ken Star of the "Report", yes. *sarcasm
have you heard any news about the final fantasy movie if so could you send me some screenshots Anything else I can do for you? Can I wax your shoes too? Check out our News Archive for recent info on FF Movie.
You shouldn't print this letter. It makes absolutely no sense.
Is this your try to test reverse psychology on me. I tell ya it won't work.
I got a fish tattoo on my butt. You don't say?
Yes yes. It's a quickie today. As promised tomorrow will be a biggie. So keep them letters coming.

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