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Tomorrow's monday so send your letters to Ryan for tomorrow's Q&A.

For some reason I can't think of anything to say, perhaps Ryan's brevity has rub off on me. My new additions to my own Q&A style, the Picture of the day has been a smashing success so far. Last week's Jess pic, yesterday's stick figure seems to be somewhat endeared by you readers. So I'll try and continue the trend, permitting I get enough interesting pictures.
Water Dragon Dilema

I just picked up a copy of Lunar SSSC, and so far I think it's been worth the (considerable) wait. BUT...I've made it to Meribia, and Dross has stolen my Dragon Gem, and I've made it as far as the Water Dragon boss at the end of the sewers, except I can't seem to...ya know...hit it. Every FAQ I've looked at tells me to go to Black Rose Street and get my magic unlocked, but neither Royce nor Nash are in the shop when I visit and I can't find anyone else who will do it. What am I doing wrong?


From what I remember I just used Luna's Cascade song on everyone..With the sword I had on Alex he couldn't hit the Water Dragon either. Ramus had a Bow and Luna a Slingshot. I just kept making Ramus and Luna use their distance weapons, eventually I killed it.


I'm stuck in Lunar:SSS, at the part where the guy in Iluk who's making the airship wants a fluffy bug... I went into the field to look for them, but they ran away before I could do anything. What am I supposed to do? I think I'm going to regret not getting the strategy guide...

-Dark Neko

This part didn't cause me great difficulty. If memory serves me right, go to the very top left of the field. There is one of the blue ones just sitting there. Fight it. In battle the Pink Fluffy bug flees - win that battle. The screen goes back to the field where you capture the needed Fluffy Bug.

Tales of Phantasia, when?

Hi! Do you know when Tales of Phantasia will be released in english? Thank you! I'm waiting for your response :)

PS.: sorry for my poor english, I'm brazilian ^^

-Pedro Guarani

Around the time Tales of Destiny was to be/or was released. RPG news sites reported Namco for all intensive purposes did announced Tales of Phantasia for US release around 1999. Since then no other solid information has been released and everything is basically up in the air at the moment. Everyone go to and request TOP english. That should get the ball rolling.
A reader from Guam?

1. What's so bad about Breath of Fire III? I thought it was cool.
2. In Xenogears (I just bought it 2 weeks ago, so don't laugh) what fun things can I do in Ignas before I take off from Shevat to Solaris?
3. Are you pumped up for Star Wars: Episode II? George Lucas should make it with Anakin/Queen Amidala love-making scenes. 4. In FF7 I heard you could get Ryu from Breath of Fire 3. That's practically impossible. Or is it true?
5. Do you know any RPG players from Guam? 6. Is FF Anthology going to be released with special bonus items like cloth maps, "The Making Of..." cds, or artwork books?

- Jason Espiritu RPG player from Guam

1. BOF 3 was a big disappointment. I just didn't feel it lived up to the glory of BOF 1. In BOF 1 there was just so many interesting places to go and things to do. While BOF 3 was good in its own right, in the end it was average compared to today's RPGs. The ending music rocks though, but thats all I can praise the game for.
2. Well there is that Gears Battle at Kislev.
3. Who isn't?
4. It's true if you drink one too many Jack Daniels.
5. Reports indicated FFA will come with a Original Soundtrack of FF 5 and 6.

The One who really, really hates Lunar?
After writing my rather unpopular article proclaiming Lunar:SSSC as the Shitty Game of the Week over at EGADS, I got over 30 flames telling me how much I suck. They didn't tell me that my articles sucked.
They didn't tell me that my grammar sucked. They didn't tell me that sucked male genitalia. They just flat out said "you suck". Some were more colorful than others, mind you.
What does this mean? It means that in the current state of affairs this country is in, tolerance SEEMS to be at an all time low. At least in the gaming world. You trash a game that you don't like, and suddenly you're an idiot. Many of the flames I received had no restraints about telling me how stupid I am for not liking Lunar.
I don't get it. It's okay not to like SaGa Frontier, because SaGa Frontier is, within popular opinion, outright horrible. But once you dislike a game that the majority likes, you are immediately declared sub-human. I just don't get it. It's pure insanity. I can only dislike things the herd dislikes, and I can only like things the herd likes. It just does not make sense. Where's a sense of tolerance?
I'm writing this in hopes that you will post it for all the world to see (at least, all the world that bitched at me) and so that they can tell you, me, US, just what is stuck up their butts, and why I must have an I.Q. of 4 if I dislike Lunar and other popular games.

- Ben Lansing

The infamous Ben Lansing strikes again, eh? I read your review at Egads Lunar Review and have to say I strongly disagree with everything on that. I can't believe you gave it a 23/100 rating. What do you readers think?

Langrisser woops FFT?

Hay I vote for Langrisser. Most people (okay, no one) had probaly not play Langrisser IV for Saturn. But it was way better than FFT. The job system in Langrisser IV is much better than the one in FFT. Each charater gets to learn differnt job unlike in FFT where almost everyone is the same. FFT fans are really missing out if they never play Langrisser IV. I didn't play it that much, but this is probaly one of those game that no one really cover.

Looks like a start of a new debate. Langrisser vs FFT? In my opinion Langrisser at least IV or V was much superior to FFT in many ways, granted I played very little of it. Don't get me wrong I love FFT, but Langrisser is just awesome. Maybe it's Langrisser's cool name. Let's just hope Langrisser Millenium finds a US publisher.

Seiken Densetsu 3
Regarding a question in Saturday's column; Seiken Densetsu III does have a name. It translates to Legend of the Holy Sword (3). There you are.


Thanks for the correction on that. I have not played SD3 yet. By the way I checked out your Mana site, check it out everyone. It's way cool.

Lunar Quotes
Hey you... Why don'tcha get in touch with the higher-ups of site management and get us a bad-ass Lunar quote up there on the title bar? I've been staring at that tired old Chrono Trigger quote for the past week and, quite frankly, my eyes are starting to bleed. I mean, there's virtually a plethora to choose from in that game. And I bet it's safe to say that close to 75% of em' are hilarious! So be a good Weekend Dude and put in a good word, eh? A concerned reader,

P.S. I see ya been playin' Actraiser. Excellent taste, m'friend!


Are you implying that I, the Great JD am a lower level. :)
That can be arranged soon, hopefully. And yes I do have excellent taste don't I.

Picture of the Day
Hey, post my picture, or else I'll erase the brick wall, and turn it into you! (For god's sake, just look at it.) Its an animated gif, so look at it in something that you can see animations in.

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I read the column there something wrong with me?
-mista tea
I suggest a head shrink.
I wouldn't worry about DiCaprio being cast in the next Star Wars. Go to to find out why.
I hope so. The idea of DiCaprio in the next SW just makes me crack up.
if you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
- hall of fame announcer, harry carey
No, I'd eat something else.
Almighty weekend guru, Am I the only person who sees a problem when people bash their heads into their keyboards, for absolutely no reason? Not Sincerely,
- Yo Daddy
I think so. It sure passes the time on a boring day.
please do you have anything to make these voices in my head stoopppppp.???????? Get out more.
I don't have much to say in closing, other than cya guys next weekend. Peace out.

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