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Ask JD Saturday June 19 5:00pm EST
Today's update is gonna be quickie. Seems to be the trend of this week, you guys don't mind do you? Of course you don't. Right? Uh...seriously I have finals today and it's really hectic. Tomorrow's update will be a big one, which strikes me odd that somehow the past few sunday updates end up as big ones. Lucky you, eh? I still haven't picked up Star Ocean 2! grrr. Hopefully I'll pick it up next weekend.

One final note that I forgot to mention, last weekend. I can't believe you Langrisser Fans let FFT blow you guys away on the Strategy/RPG poll, for shame.
Lunar | Xenogears

I can't seem to find the best sword in Lunar and i really would like to know where it is?
I also can't get pass the badal tower in Xeno gears i just can't get pass that part where u have to jump on all those green lifts to get up.

The Best sword is at the end and you are forced to get it.
As far as Xenogears, it isn't that hard. Keep trying.


Hey JD, I saw that you are now playing Y's Eternal and that someone a question about obtaining YSE. Well there are a couple things I wanted to ask:
1. Will Falcom be planning on any future Y's releases for consoles (PSX? PSX2?)
2. How does YS (for pc) E and previous Y's (for console, not for pc) compare to games like Lunar? or Final Fantasy or Xenogears?
3. How does the music in the Y's series compare to the music in games like Final Fantasy or Xenogears? You see, I'm thinking of buying a Y's soundtrack, but have never played any of the Ys series. Which cd(s) do you recommend? Oh and one more thing. You mentioned that some people were posting Lunar quotes on the message boards. My personal favorite is: "Patience is temporary. Mediocrity is forever." --Myght.

- David Liu

1. The rumors going around are a YS 6 for the Dreamcast.
2. You can't compare games of different genres. It's comparing apples and oranges. YS is an adventure/rpg similar to zelda or alundra.
3. Falcom Soundtracks have long been considered the best, if not the first and only benchmark of great videogame music. As good as FF and Xenogears music is, YS blows them out of the water. My favorite Falcom/YS CDs are Falcom Classics, Very Best of YS, YS 1-4 Perfect Collection, and of course YS 1-4 OSV.

Tons O questions

Dear JeDi,
1.Is the FFVI Opera Scene going to have Garbled voices like in the SF/SNES version? I'm gonna kill SSoA/SSoJ by stealing all copies for FFA and destroying them if it doesn't have it..
2.Also, I think a GunSword is cool, because it's imaginative, and I just think a blade attached to the front end of a gun is neat.. 3.Does Seiken Densetsu III have a real name like Seiken Densetsu II (Secret of Mana) and Seiken Densetsu I (Final Fantasy Adv.) did?
4.How is Ys prounced?
5. Why do games have smash hits over a course of 2-3 years, pause, then com back after 2-3 eras? Take Dragon Warrior/Quest for example. We have Dw 1 in I think 89-90, Dw2 90-91, Dw3 92, Dw4 92, and then, 7 years later, after Gameboy, NES, SNES, Genesis, SegaCD, and all of the other 16 bit Systems have died, and the "Revolutionary" N64 and PSX are 3 years old, come back?
6. I read in the '98 Players Guide that there was a system that never made it out.. I forgot what it was called.. M2 I think.. what happened?
7. I also read in the '99 Players Guide that there was a new system being delveloped by Project X. Has there been a name established for it? Sorry again for long letters. Just gotta know!

-Role Playin Dude

1. Sadly the voice is exactly as the SNES version.
2. Good for you
3. Not to my knowledge.
4. Ease or eez.
5. The videogame companies want to screw with your head, thats why!
6. The ill fated M2. Supposed to be the first 64 Bit CD system to be released shortly after N64's release. The system was designed by 3D0 and was financially backed by Electronics giant Matsushita. Yes the same Matsushita working on the DVD for the Project Reality. Anyway while still in development stages, Matsushita pulled the plug on it, claiming there were already too many major hardware developers (Sony, Sega and Nintendo) out there and that the market was full.
7. Never heard of that one.
Lunar or SO?

Which should I get, and I can get only one, Lunar or Star Ocean? I liked Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Legaia and Xenogears, but hated Parasite Eve, Breath of Fire III and Earthbound(Just to give you an idea what kind of game I like). Thanks for the help!

I don't have SO yet. From what I heard it's a tough call between the two. Majority says Lunar SSSC.

Zelda64 Secret Ending?
My friend keeps telling me he saw an ending in zelda OoT where link is a pimp, I don't really believe him, but he said you have to beat zelda 20 times, is this true or another rumer (I already know the answer but my freind doesn't) My freind says you can get a different ending each tome you play (ala star ocean, but you have to play more than once to get to these) , another rumor ? probably , but I gotta ask.


Tell your friends to lay off the booze. No there is no secret ending.

Idiot of the day?
That guy yesterday was all wrong. This is what really happenes when you smash your head into the keyboard.... To the tone of Suite-Pee by System of a Down. uyhuyhuhyhujnyiiooi87u7yy67 5t876t8u8u88i7y7y7yuiu887uiu 8i9u87yui7uiu7yi 9u8uuuy0-p9-0p89097897 yui967y86t8u5t6uiy hiy76uioi98887yuh6y67y 7y6t5u8tiiiio6y7i8 76yi67yi67yy67ti mkhng tfvbredrcb nmn,lopooiiy uh7htgffrvt tgyhuiu. Go out into the world a little better and well liked BTW you may call me The Self Appointed Ruler of the Universe.

Congratulations you are the honorary first winner of my Idiot of the day Award. Don't you feel proud?

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Did you notice in the Making Of Lunar CD That the one sound test guy who put fart noises on the microphone had a very large head? Hah!
What it God's name was Amos talking about in the hidden text about DiCaprio as Anakin? May god help us all if he means that LiCaprio will be Anakin in the star wars. Please say it ain't so...please? Entertainment media sources are currently reporting Caprio is one of the 3 being looked at to play the role of Anakin for the next release. Scary ain't it?
Why do you all bash SagaFrontier? It's only kinda boring. And SO2 is nothing like it! Because it's so fun to bash SGF.
If you died would all the worlds women grieve? Well..,
-Quickie King
Yes. I'm adored by all women, especially in my football days.
Oh Behave!!!! BWahahhahahaha! I will, I really will.
thank goodness I'm not the only one! A guy in friday's column said he reads instruction booklets on the can! Next week's poll: do you read instruction manuals while pooping? great!,
- MIKE, Josh Reid's #1 fan.
This letter was just drop down funny so I'm printing it. If you find it tasteless, good. Luckily for the manual it isn't a living being, or you could be charged with cruelty heh. I don't know which part was funnier the can part or the #1 fan part :-)
Just kidding...I actually like Josh's work a lot. Speaking of which I wonder what Josh is up to?
Short and to the point today. Don't blame me, blame society for creating scholastic finals! Cya all tomorrow.

Picture of the Day. You tell me, is this better than my posting of last week's Jessica Bromide?

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