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Ask JD Sunday - June 13 '99

So ends another ASK JD. Tomorrow Ryan is back to do the weekdays Q&A.

Today was rather interesting, it seems it was Opinions day and in the end it was mostly Lunar Supporters, as I anticipated. Especially with the Lunar hater and Music discussion I started yesterday. Also of note that new Austin Powers movie is the talk of the town, I think. So today you guys get a Austin Powers Theme topic and oddly enough Lunar quote with Austin Powers style.
Also I would like to give special thanks to Alpha, Kahr_Seigfried, Cecil, EvaUnit01 who are regulars in our RPGamer Lunar Message Board for sharing the Lunar SSS Quotes, which I am and will be using for the secret messages.
Lunar Bromides ***Spoiler***

Doesn't this look inviting?

JD:With all the questions about asking where all Lunar SSS Bromides are....Here is what I've received. Since I beat the game before getting this list I can't verify if all of these work.
Remember there are some spoilers contained here. Skip this letter if you don't want to see it.

1) Yesterday's RPGamer Bromide List
2) Adrien Allard (Galus)'s Lunar Page - In depth Bromide Info and other secrets

Thanks go out to my homeboy for the bromide pic and to our reader C-jay for telling me about Adrien's Lunar Page.

YS Eternal ?

Yesterday in your "JD Now Playing" column, you said that you were currently playing Ys Eternal. Being a huge fan of the Ys series, Eternal is the only one that I have not played. I've heard that it's only on Windows 95 and that no console system ports are planned. This brings me to my question - where, or how did you obtain your copy of Ys Eternal? If you could provide me with any info as to where I could get it, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks.


Where or how I obtained YS Eternal??? Have you readers so quickly forgotten who is the omnipotent Q&A person here? psst it's JD...There is nothing impossible for one who knows it all. :-) Ok-ok I can hear your impatient grumbling. A little sarcasm will do you all some good.
YS Eternal is for Win 95/98 and the upcoming continuation YS Eternal 2 slated for later this year will also be for Win 95/98, and they look and sound incredible. There are specialty stores/distributors that carry YSE I don't remember the names though, but your best bet is to order directly from Falcom. Go to, if you know japanese use their online order form, if not email them at their email address saying you want to order it and give your name, address, phone # and Credit Card #. It's about $85-90 including EMS Shipping (takes a few days to a week). By the way I am working on a comprehensive review for the game which I'll post on RPGamer as soon as it is finished. I'll keep you guys posted.

JD's RPG Picks

I don't know if you've already been asked this, but what are your favorite 3 rpg's for each system(NES, SNES, Playstation, N64, Sega, and whatever else)?


Sorta, but it is also my favorite question to answer.
NES- Zelda 1/2, Dragon Warrior 3, FF 1
Master System - YS, Phantasy Star
Genesis - Phantasy Star 2,3,4
Sega CD - Lunar 1,2, Vay
Turbo CD/SCD - YS 1-4, Dragon Slayer Series, Cosmic Fantasy 2-4 part2, Tengai Makyo
Snes - FF 4,5,6, Chrono Trigger
3D0 - Guardian War/Powers Kingdom, Luccienes Quest
Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga, Sakura Taisen, Grandia
PSX - FF 7,8, Xenogears, Lunar SSSC
Ok so not 3 each category, what are ya gonna do?
Nudity in Videogames, the future?


I have a question for ya. I've been playing Lunar SSS very much lately. In the game, as everyone knows, there are bromides of the various girls. There's also the gender specific Althena Springs in the game (heh, much harder to get to the women's spring, no? =) This is the first RPG I've played that includes this many suggestive themes. I'm not gonna be a gentleman and lie as I for one like it. Although I'm not sure if it mixes well with a game with such a focus to children (I think), it shows that the RPG audience is growing up.
I guess this is more of a personal opinion and you can always go on to the next email, but I'd like to ask you what you feel about it? Does it add to the overall RPG experience? Or do you think it's a waste of space? Do you think people can get more attached to a character in revealing posistions? Game Arts (or whomever the credit goes to) obviously isn't gender biased too much with the male Althena Spring. I wonder what the female gamers opinions are on this...
I'm sure it's all too common in Japanese society (from what I've seen). I guess the question that sums up what I'm trying to say is What do you think the impact will be with such themes coming to America?
I'm trying to sound as mature as I can, but damnit, I have urges to say that although I love Luna's and Mia's personalities, Jessica is the best naked.

-Ragnarok Maybe I just like beastwomen.

This is one of the more dicey issues to come across the RPG world in my opinion. While it has been extremely pervasive for nudity in japanese games, here in the US its life cycle is still in its infancy stage. My first RPG with a first real nude scene, sorta was Working Designs' Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1992). After that there was some sort of a drought, I guess the US market wasn't ready for nudity in games. Now with the release of Lunar SSS it seems that nudity of some sort has been reintroduced to the market. Will it be a trend? Yes and no... There will be more of this sort, but the US market still isn't prepared for it. Now that I really went off on a tangent with this answer, let me get back to answers.
If done tastefully and in very light versions, yes I do think it adds to the RPG experience and allows for a better attachment with the characters. On the flip side if it is done badly or is too strong it does deter from the quality of the game. For example the male bath with Kyle and his scars, that scene was rather grotesque in my opinion....Argh the image is imprinted in my mind.....
What do you guys think? Hardcore Nudity bad or good? Lighter/Subtler bad or good? Oh wait Ryan is handling the Q&A tomorrow, why should I help bolster some sort of debate for him. :)
Lunar vs Xenogears

Lunar has a simplistic storyline and is only 25 hours long. Call me crazy, but I don't find those to be flaws. Notice, it wasn't until long, drawn-out RPGs like FF7 and Xenogears, did people begin to raise a huge fuss over gameplay time. 25 is not a short spurt of a game. No need to take the XG route, and drag their storyline throught the mud to add an extra 40 hours onto the gameplay. Also, people lately have been critizing "old school" RPGs due to their overly simplistic storylines. Regardless, I've enjoyed and cherished those storylines alot more than I've enjoyed some of the more gaunt, moody titles to date. Using one RPG as a benchmark for all RPGs just deters the enjoyment you can derive from them.

Hello JD weekend dude! Why are some people so mad about some games being so long (Xenogears)? I mean I thought that people would be happy for a game being almost 100 hours long. I have also heard people complaining about Xenogears second CD, what is there not to like about it? I thought it was great. Anyway back on the subject: I buy games to play them not to beat them over the weekend for example Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. Don't get me wrong Lunar was a great game.... just a tad bit short. Even though the making of CD, the soundtrack, and the 100+ pages artbook made up for that. Here's another thing I also wondered why Lunar had 2 CD's when it was so short and had such shitty graphics, does anyone else get that!? In conclusion I would rather have games with great grapchics and lotsa gameplay with no FMV cutscenes than games with horrible graphics and horrible gameplay and an hour of FMV. And that's all I have to say about that......
- Jerri Springer (Yes, that's my real name)

That guy that was saying that he hatese Lunar and loves Xenogears is a complete tool. If you want 60-70 hours of reading get a book, not a lame game by Square. If you want a video game made the way video games should be made, then get Lunar. That is unless you're like that guy and your first RPG was Final Fantasy 7. (shudder) By the way, I'd take a Sega CD and Lunar: The Silver Star over Playstation and Xenogears any day of the week.

I was also disappointed at first with the length of Lunar, but after finishing it, I can only say this: The 20 hours that the game took me to beat was the most quality gameplay time I have ever experienced. I too used to shy away from short games, but after Lunar I found that the length of a game isn't everything. While playing a 30 - 40 hour game is good, there are about 10 - 20 hours of it that could be done without. (Second CD of Xenogears?). There was not one second of Lunar I didn't enjoy.

There you have it 4 viewpoints on Lunar. I'm sure you're all tired of my constant praises of Lunar so just this once I'm not gonna comment.

VG Music Revisited

(Responses to my Redbook Rant Yesterday)
Right, you've got yourself a fan here. Turbo, you say. Woo hoo! And I love Ys music....
I can surely see that being done on future consoles. On current ones, software decoding may be a problem, potentially eating up a very significant amount of CPU time. As for future machines, they surely have the guts to handle it, and may even have hardware decoding support, I dunno...
I'd have to disagree. While I can definitely appreciate the quality of a good piece of redbook audio, I really dig well done synth music just as much. A lot of it comes from taking a look at the skills involved in creating it and making it sound as realistic as one can. Get enough samples of the right quality and sound, enough sample ram, the right editing techniques, and you can have a very impressive piece of music. Ever heard the intro song to Tales of Phantasia SFC? Vocals! It has vocals! The use of the technologyu... the resulting sound... it just blew me away. Meanwhile, I think some redbook audio could have received a better effort. Even Ys, I'm afraid to say. (Even though it was stupendous for its day, to be fair.) Some of its music, the Ys 1 field theme, for example, sounds like it could have been ground out through an SPC chip. (Which is responsible for ToP, mind you...) I've found myself wondering a few times why they couldn't have included some of the orchestrated themes from the soundtrack CDs. Drool!

MIDI music may suck now, but the technology is getting extremely advanced. Sony claims that the MIDI chip on the PSY will be able to reproduce real music sound in better quality than RedBook audio. For those of you who don't know what RedBook is, it's what they use on the Music Albums you buy at a record store. With all the instruments stored in the system, that frees up more space on the CD/GD/DVD for games. And when Sony comes out with that chip, it'll be better than any current sound format, plus take up WAY less space. (so they can fit in more FMV) (Sorry I just had to throw in my 2 old-school RPG'ing cents.)
You said that you can't accept good music if it's not redbook. And I'm sure you've played Final Fantasy Tactics. Isn't this some bizarre conflict?

I anticipated some sort of mass response from my Redbook rant yesterday..Opinions were pretty much split even, Redbook and mp3 supporters vs midi.
Regarding the YS Field Music come on that was made in 1989, try comparing say YS 3 Turbo OSV even to today's best music games, even though YS 3 was released in 1990/91 it still blows away most of the stuff out there, all thanks to Redbook.
As far as what Sony claims MIDI will be able to reproduce real music in better quality than Redbook, I'll wait and see on that one. On the FFT note, FFT was an exception.

Star Ocean Lover

Hey, JD

please post this so people in the position I was in earlier today will know what to do! Anyways... I was looking around Babbages (the local software store) and I saw that Star Ocean 2 was in. I asked to see the strategy guide so I could see some more pics and decide if I liked the game, but the strategy guide wasn't in yet! I wasn't sure if I should buy SO2 before renting it, but I took a chance, and bought it. This is most likely the BEST RPG I will ever play! The battle system is totally different then anything I've ever seen... I love it. The "item creation" is also totally innovative and cool. The skill system is perfect too, the FMV rocks well as the normal graphics. The overworld (walking around outside cities) is totally 3d and WAAAY better then FF7's overworld was. The music is Good (not bad, but not great like FF7) I would give this game a 9.6.. the only thing I don't like about it is the annoying things your characters say when you enter and exit a battle.. oh well, this game is incredible! Buy it! Everyone!!!! Now!!! GO!!! -Myrddin

I've yet to play Star Ocean 2, damn you all who have it! :)

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vierge = virgin La Vierge or La Sainte-Vierge=Virgin Mary, (Sainte meaning holy)
-An anonymous french-speaking reader
I got 2 emails saying Vierge is Virign Mary and the overwhelming majority saying just virgin. (*shrugs)
i was sad that you didnt put MY post about the lunar puzzle up i looked in the book for the information and everything ,, whine ,, j/k Well I printed this one...happy?
Rocky's Music sucks! Try Big Show's or Billy Gunn. Now thats some sucky music there. RDJJ4Ever,
I haven't the slightest idea what this guy is talking about. hehe
Dont you find it undeniably weird that someone could possibly remember that many names from Full House (refering the the game "idea" in your last column).
-Dark Kaiser
Didn't I post your letter yesterday also? Perhaps I wanted one more chance to laugh and remember the Full House RPG idea from yesterday. Oh and yes it is scary someone remembers the names...
(1)The quote of the week is from Chrono Trigger, stated by Lucca............... (2)Shoulda read the quickies, someone already got it. The bastard...
-Pat Gann
Two letters, Two er too late.
What do you mean Billy Gunns music sucks that guys a nut, Big Shows does suck though. But what the fudge does this have to do with videogames???? ...hmmmmmm... ummmm.... Oh yeah Attitudes comin out whoopee.
What are you talking about...
Garbage Can Lid? Help me here, please! Anyone want to help this guy?
You probably know this, but it actually is possible to have Nei revived for the second fight with Neifirst if (and only if) you have Shir steal some Moon Dew for you in Paseo. You can use the Moon Dew to revive her, but she will still die after you kill Neifirst. It doesn't even change the dialogue. That is all. Dreaming is still how the strong survive.
You Phantasy Star fans, take me so seriously, sheesh. Oh wait I'm a PS fan too. But there you have it, the technique to revive Nei only for that fateful battle. And yes I've done this trick before, like uh 8 yrs ago.
Hey JD. Some guy said Clinton is more like Don Corneo or whatever? That's not true...I'm sure you've been inside the Honey Bee Inn and know what President Shinra Sr. was doing there. See, not many people knew about that the president was doing while everyone knew what Don was about. And if you haven't been inside the Inn, well this letter makes no sense to you, does it? Now if you never played FF7...then..uh....
-Tristan Adnade
Looks like I was correct the first time. That Inn scene was ODD.
Lets go Knicks! Spreewell or however you spell his name, needs a hair stylist. His hair looks like a screwed up mop.
Well there you go, Sunday ASK JD is done. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to check the hidden msg, it's what you get when you cross Austin Powers and Lunar. I'll be seeing you all next weekend as always. Peace Out.

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