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Lunar Saturday!
I'm back for my 3rd time as the Weekend Q&A person. That's right its ASK JD again.
Ok this is gonna be a small update. I know, I know you guys are so used to my large Q&A letters ....between playing football at the park and Lunar SSS its been hectic today. Tomorrow's will be much more substantial. Really, I promise. :) Also in keeping with the Lunar motif my next few turns will include Lunar quotes for the secret message.
So keep those letters comming. Also tomorrow's update is gonna be a lot earlier than usual, so send those emails ASAP.

Ask JD

Do you rpgamer people have Lunar SSSC (PSX) yet? What is your opinion on it? I can only buy 3 rpgs this year. Help!


I'll have more of my opinions on Lunar SSS tomorrow, as I just picked up Lunar early today so I'm only a few hours into it. So far Lunar SSS is one hell of a game, and really exceeded my expectations. Which were high to begin with. The packaging is simply first class, right down to the 120 page/ Hard cover leather type manual.

I would say definitely pick it up as one of your 3 RPGs. My other two selections would be FF8 and Grandia.

Langrisser freaking awesome


Dude the new shots of Langrisser Millenium look freaking awesome. As a proud dreamcast fan I pray till the day Langrisser is translated. Can you tell us if anyone will translate it for US shores?


Tell me about it dude! I'm really excited about this one. Langrisser has long been a cult favorite for Strategy/RPG buffs, and is considered in many circles to be the best of its genre. Sadly there hasn't been any information regarding any interested US companies to translate it. Keep in mind Langrisser Millenium was just announced this week. I'm guessing the best chance of a US release would come, from a Sega of America translation. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

The guy at babbages told me that the PSX2 would cost arounf 600-800 big ones! Is that true?!

He was apparently reading old news. That information leaked out when solid information of the PSX2 was first released. While those components might currently sell the PSX2 today at a $400+ pricetag, by the time the system does actually come out look for a price of $199-399 TOPS.
More Beyond the Beyond

Dear JD and the whole lot'o yas who hate me game,

I am an avid lover of Beyond the Beyond. Shure Im a druken pirate, so what. You make funer my game an I'll make yas walk da plank. Okay, sobered up now. Seriously, I know the out of battle graphics sucked, and the plot was alittle overused, and the charcters completely undeveloped and the dialogue corny and...hey, wait a minute, so why DO I like the game? Oh right, intoxication, well, im off to PLAY(yesplay, not burn) SaGa Frontier. And I'm gonna actually ENJOY it! HA!


Hate is such a strong work :)
I honestly don't know how to judge BtB. It's in that fine line of absolute crap and boring. I think BtB's greatest downfall was lack of a real story/subplots and its key elements simply didn't gel together well.
Oh no not Saga Frontier, another really boring RPG ;-)

Unfit to Print?

So, Jack Danie... I mean Jeff... (No, I'm not an alcoholic, just appreciative)

As I lay awake, pondering the questions of the universe, one that I might ask you occured to me: where do you see (video) gaming going in the next, oh, ten or twenty years or so? When the general gaming population (such as it is now) will be having children. I wonder if it'll last. After all, the industry is only about 20 years old. I think it would be interesting to see what people think about this. For once totally serious,


What do you guys think?

The Hillbillies play RPGs too

what the huh? TNN gone RPG?

I was watching TV last night when my little brother turned it to Rollerjam. It's kinda like wrestling on skates if you ask me. I really didn't want to watch it since he gets alittle too much into it. But there was one thing that made my jaw fall to the floor and bug my eyes out. The music they play when the skaters come out is none other than an exact duplicate of the boss battle music for FF7. Oh, may I also say that you guys are improving. Keep it up!!


Even hicks like RPGs you know? At least they have taste in music, apparently.

Hair, What's it good for

Heym if all your hair fell out, what would you eat for supper?

-Dark Kaiser

Some of you readers are nuts :)

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