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Wee I'm back sooner than expected.Ok here's the deal. As Ryan stated yesterday we are going back to the 5-2 Q&A just like before. Ryan will be handling the weekdays for the next week and then will be going on vacation then Alex will then take his place. As for me since I'll be busy delivering you guys the latest and greatest in RPG news and media during weekdays, I'll be taking the weekend slot. So at least for the next month or whatever I'll be the Weekend Guy.

In other news I'm sure most of you know by now Lunar is sorta delayed till next week. We got an overwhelming amount of complaints about this. Working Designs' just can't get this game out of the gate, can they? Although we did get a few letters from those who ordered Lunar from WD directly and claim they already have it, not to mention inclusions of bragging statements. :P

Lunar SSS Delayed Sparks... uh...reader protest

As I sit here listening to They Might be Giants, a question struck me; Is it just me or is it sad that when Lunar finally ships, it's been so oft delayed that it deserves a headline on your main page? Not that I'm complaining that it finally shipped or anything, I've had money on the damn thing since last year, but, WHY is WD so plagued by delays? Magic Knight Rayearth went through the same thing, and the only thing that came with that was a bunch of measly stickers. I can imagine that anything that's supposed to come with a poster, 100+ page manual, soundtrack, making of CD, and the game itself would take some time to release, but I think that this is ridiculous. Okay, that's my rant, thanks for listening.

I wish I was Nall...

Anyone who knows Working Designs takes any release date with a grain of salt. If that's not bad enough there is now this sorta-delay hoopla. I was hoping to be playing Lunar by now...oh well.

Why are their games always delayed? You're guess is as good as mine, since it's a bit ludicrous, when every game (or almost every game) is delayed and to the point where even they even make fun of their own delays (ie. Lunar SSS PSX Demo the ending). In the end we all will buy Lunar no matter what. Luckily for WD most of their games are worth the wait, except for Iron Storm and Alundra.

Another Take on Lunar

Well, the current delays are due to the place that actually makes the discs not having enough ready. Remember, "good things come to those who wait." Remember, Cambodian death squads come to those who MAKE us wait. >:)

Are you with Working Designs' Public Relations Department?
PSX2 and BFM2?

Will psx2 have DVD and be able to play old games? Will there be a second musashi or not?


PSX2 is DVD. PSX2 playing PSX games information came out that would suggest that is possible. I'll believe any PSX2 info as soon as I see/hear the actual PSX2 system running the demos. As far as Brave Fencer 2 I don't see that happening anytime soon, especially with the new announcement of Dew Prism.
This and That

Dear Boozehound,

Hey I just got Lunar Friday because I pre-ordered from WD themselves so I guess I should gloat. Word of warning though, try and not watch the making of cd before you finish the game because it spoils some parts of the game for you. Also to the person worrying about Lufia 3, the new GBC carts can hold 64 megabits now, which is the same size as Mario 64, and is larger than the other Lufia game cartridges.

Anyhoo, I have a few questions,
1.) I think this was asked a long time ago, but why do drive through ATM's have brail on the keypad?
2.) Why doesn't Working Designs just set the release date of Eternal Blue from later this year to April 27, 2002 (since we all know that's when it will probably come out)?
3.) Ryan said you prolly had some cookies, but it didn't make any sense because prolly isn't a word, but proll means to rob, so did he just insinuate that you stole some?
4.) Do you know what kind of RPG Camelot is making for the N64? Do you know if will be a Shining Force game?


Good Suggestion on Lunar SSS and oh damn you for having Lunar before me! I will forgive you only if you send me your copy by FedEx :)
On the Lufia thing yes thats right GBC can hold up to 64 megabits/8 MegaBytes.
1) The inventors wanted to piss you off.
2) Make that April 2004.
3) Yes I robbed the Keebler cookie factory. Mmm these chocolate chip cookies rock.
4) The last thing I heard was Camelot didn't confirm it being a RPG. Since they are making the Mario Golf game it could be another genre other than a RPG.

Hates Tactics Ogre

Hey Jeff
I got something to say to that guy Kain from yesterday that slammed Final Fantasy Tactics:***(Censored Language)
FFT rocked, and Tactics Orge cannot even touch it, and the proof is in the sales. And what, are you too STUPID to remember a new button for a different game? Friggin moron." Okay, sorry about that. And Parasite Eve did blow, I'll give him that. But FFT ruled. And you better print this, Jeff, because I have sent in like 3 letters to RPGamer in the past month, and not a single one was printed. Peace, love, dope.


For one thing your foul language eroded any sort of credibility you had / or didn't to begin this argument.
Now I will agree with you that FFT was a better game, simply because it held my attention more. FFT was a story based Sim/RPG while Tactics Ogre was more tactical which is fine. One thing FFT did lack was a more tactical aspect to the battles. See your hard work paid off, the more you send the better your chances of being printed :P.

Rpg gamers, Fanatics I tell you!

Hi there. Did you notice one rather annoying thing in the RPG community? It seems that people can only express their opinions in one extreme or another... for example, if someone comments about FF7, he either thinks it's the best game ever created, or a worthless piece of crap. Or when someone comments about what's important in an RPG, he usually says "only the story counts!", or "only gameplay is important!"...

Of course, it's not always that case, and I guess this is a bit more extreme in a column like this, but it does annoy me a bit... it gives you the feeling that there are only a handful of types of RPGamers, each sharing the same opinions. I hope I made some sense in this letter... what do you think?

Oh, and finally, I guess I have to defend Tactics Ogre one more time (and I think you misunderstood my last letter... of course I respect Ryan's or anyone's opinion, it's merely that sometimes people say their opinion as a solid fact, without giving people a chance to judge a comment for themselves...). Yes, I do think FF Tactics has some points where it's quite a bit better than TO, like when it comes to training your characters or messing around with character classes. But it also comes with some severe weaknesses, the worst of which is, in my opinion, balance. And I'm not only talking about a certain TG Cid... FFT just makes overpowering your characters way too easy... right from the beginning of the game, creating all-too powerful characters is very easy. And the classes themselves are far from flawless... compare a Ninja to a much harder to get Mimic if you want to know what I mean. But I don't want to tell you every single reason why I *personally* think that TO is better than FFT... Essentially, I just want to say that "souped-up" doesn't mean "better", and that upgrading a game can bring it's own flaws. And finally, the subject of death in a strategy game is indeed a difficult one, but I'm sure there are enoughpeople who like the death-"system" in either game.


Yes the RPG community is a very fanatic and extreme one. Can you say try and get out more? :)
I for one lean on the side of a better story, but all the elements have to be there. A great story rpg with no gameplay simply won't fly, likewise for its opposite.

Good points on TO. Now if the best elements on both games were in the next FFT.

Voice from the Walmart Execs?

A reader, Tanis, wrote in to your column on Saturday with a tip: "If a PlayStation breaks, take it back to the store and say it was a birthday present." He mentioned that he has done this at his local Wal-Mart store.

I would like to emphasize that our return policy at Wal-Mart is as follows:
PlayStations can be returned for a refund or a new item within ninety days of purchase, provided that the customer has a valid receipt from our store. After ninety days, the customer can no longer receive a refund, but can get the same item. In the case of the PlayStation, this means that the model of PlayStation being returned must match the model we have on display. In all cases, the customer MUST have a receipt.

Let me emphasize that we will not allow customers to exchange merchandise without a receipt. The reasoning behind this is that we will lose money if we allow exchanges where the item didn't even come from our store. Many customers will buy items at garage sales, then attempt to exchange them for new items at our store, claiming that said item was "a birthday present", for example.
Thanks for your time and keep up the great work on the column! "Like a great blue salmon of justice. the mighty Tick swims upstream against a river of evil..."

There you go. Walmart has spoken! There goes returning my PSX :)

Neibody knows the troubles I've seen, Neibody knows my sorrow...

I suppose I could once again ask about Koudelka, and therefore curse my letter into the forgotten realms of bad letter writing, but this time I'm going to actually write a letter about something other than Koudelka (although Koudelka appears to be one of the better games coming out this year).

1. Letters in the form of lists seem to have a better chance of being printed.
3. I'm going to stick to the odd numbers just for consistency.
5. Let's face it, how much of a chance do I have of getting this letter printed?
7. Here's the question: How do you respond when people stereotype all gamers into zombiefied, arcade dwelling, token pushing losers? It's nothing like watching DML, and watching him call all the losers of our generation by that stereotypical, degenerative title. Then again, how do we look? We do tend to resemble zombies when playing, completely absorbed into what we're doing, but...I'm not a loser! I refuse to go down in the history books as a loser! P.S. It's kinda hard to send letters when every 15 seconds, your modem disconnects. Beware the meglomanical machinations of: *bum buh baahhh*
-Kirin, ruler of the universe!(At least my universe...)

Is that your attempt at singing? I would look into voice lessons if I were you.
1) No
3) You Math people scare me
5) Pretty Good
7) Uh....Ooooooooook

1) KAME HAME HA!!!!!
2) "Pika?", said the confused Pikachu "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU DAMN YELLOW POKEMON, I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!!!", said Ash in an uncontrollable rage as he drop kicked Pikachu.
3) I got the Lunar demo and I can't get past the first cave. Why aren't there inns in the city or something? The game is really cool, but it would be bettter if I could get past the first part. Please help
4) P.S. I am not going to use the bathroom until the full version comes out. I refuse to go to the bathroom until Lunar:SSSC comes out. Hurting in Michigan

-Antonius The Great

Each of the listed numbers are different instances of email this guy sent me. Obviously someone wanting to be noticed :P
Seriously everyone keep the emails one or two at a time, TOPS.
I don't know which is more important in your case: a clean toilet or a good psychiatrist.
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Dear Jed I have an uncle named JD. Why is it that people will complain about a game relying too much on pretty graphics and not enough on gameplay and then complain that in order to make the game do anything you have to press a button?
I'm not Jed. Just Because!
To those of you who say "What's in a name?" tell me this: what would you do if you have an appoitnment at a doctor's office and they told you "Ok, sir, you can see the Doctor now. Third door on the left- his name is Frikmon the Eradicator..." I would Get the hell out of that doctor's office!
Yo, Jeffka (See, there's a good name, and if you don't like it you can just bite me) Why don't you have any Dragonball Z games on RPGamer? They're considered RPGs, Aren't they? Well, some are. How did you like your name? I like it, but it's too bad if you don't 'cause that's what I'm gonna call ya.
- Kenderkin
Dragonball Z games are fighting games, aren't they? As far as the name it sucks :P
Hey Jeffgasm and Ryangasm, this question is for both of you. In order from least favorite to most would you rank the Final Fantasy games (1-8 and counting the US versions separately from the Japanese, so that 3US could have a different ranking than 6JP) and why? I haven't played 8 yet so. FF 2,3,4,1,5,6,7(Japan Versions). I liked 7 the best for the story and 1, heck it was revolutionary.
Ok not much variety today ---- mostly Lunar and TO vs FFT. Lets thank Ryan for another of his late updates. Hehe, just joshing with ya bro.
So, Everyone write up some goodies for tomorrow's Q&A, where I will be hosting again. Now back to Chrono Trigger - I shall destroy you Magus!

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