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Today marks the end of my 3 day rotation.... More on my thoughts in the closing.

Tomorrow Alex Kimbel will be handling the Q&A for the next 3 days, then its back to Ryan. You may remember Alex from his past Q&A's in a galaxy, far, far, away. Speaking of which Star Wars Episode 1 is awesome! Everyone go see it.

Now getting back to the Q&A.

Lunar SSS On the rental issue

Hey Neifie,

Now, about Greg's question about Lunar: rental places like Blockbuster are offered a special package of Lunar, without the extra goodies. After all, they're renting games, and there are enough shameless thieves out there nabbing the instruction booklets without giving them demo discs and music CDs to swipe. J.D.: Not worth $59...??

Well, in case you forgot, Square charges $55 for their popular titles and no lower than $45 for even their crappiest games, and all they give you is a cheap-o instruction booklet that's hardly worth reading anyway. I understand why you think it doesn't need extras, but it's only about $5 more if you shop right. This stuff would only be available for six times the price (and in Japanese) if it didn't come with the game. Thanky,


That makes sense. Stop bashing shameless thieves.......We aren't that bad... er I mean they aren't that bad.

Let me make a clarification on that. On the Lunar SSS question the other day, the context was Greg was interested in Lunar mainly to see the Bonus CDs. He would then buy the game if they weren't available for rent. Now all i meant was Lunar SSS is an amazing game in itself and should be bought on its own merits rather than the Bonus CDs. Which in Greg's case could be the deciding factor. Lastly I agree on your Square comment, though if memory serves me, FF7 was $49 and Saga Frontier $39. In any case i do applaud Working Designs for the Bonus CDs and can't wait for the next one, Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue.

JD Knows Rap

Hey JD n' Jojo, (your name sounds like a rapper's)

While browsing through, I noted that often there were several releases per Final Fantasy game. For instance, Final Fantasy 4j had "Celtic Moon" and "Original Sound Version." Final Fantasy 5j had "Dear Friends" and again, the "Original Sound Version." What are the differences between these dual releases of the FFs mentioned and the other FFs with many releases?


The Original Sound Version is the exact Cartridge/CD version of any given music. In the FF 4/5 case it's the exact In Game music put on a CD. Now Celtic Moon and Dear Friends and FF6's Grand Finale are what are called Arranged Versions. Arranged Versions are completely redone compositions of the OSV, in complete CD quality audio and recording. Also the Arranged versions usually have real instruments, orchestra quality or at least sound far superior in the sound quality. The trade of is usually these CDs have less songs since they take up larger Disc space.
I personally like the Celtic Moon over FF4 OSV, FF5 OSV over Dear Friends(though Dear Friends has some great tracks) and FF Grand Finale over FF6 OSV.
FF Endings
In response to a message in your column "Rpg Game endings Making Us think" I would just like to say that FF2 had one of the best endings I can think of, there's little guesswork as to what happened to FF2's characters. Personally, I don't like guessing so much.. I mean, not completely. FF7 REALLY left you on a limb, and 3 was So-So... Okay, so I'm an FFFinatic (or Freak As it was formerly known) so my main gaming expertise is with the FFseries. Anyway, just wanted to say that:P Heheheh...
Ok you said it :P
What does JD do?

Jeff D., (Cool, that's my first name and last initial too!)

like games other than Square! Cool! But what do you like other than games?

I got to like Thor a lot, cause he had a lot of interests similar to my own. For example, he was into pro wrestling. Do you like wrestling? Or anything other than games, for that matter. You want a nick name, huh? Howsabout JD Jazzy Jeff? (See cause it's like DJ Jazzy Jeff, but your (and my) initials are JD, oh never mind, it's pretty dumb. Unless you like it in which case you owe me a Prozac Cookie or a sack of monkeys or something.)

-Jeff D. aka The Bad Guy

Another JD.... I think one JD is enough for the RPGamer audience :-)
Speaking of wrestling. Why do you think my recent predecessors aren't here? See we were doing our usual morning exercises here at RPGamer headquarters. We had a little wrestling Q&A staffers tournament. The prize....A Bernie Stolar Coffee Cup. Anyway it seems I got too rough with the guys and broke some of their bones. Don't worry though, the surgeon assured me they would be able to return with only a few deformities. Not to mention I had to spend $20 getting them fruit baskets.
Your Prozac Cookies are being delivered ASAP.
The Anime Question

Deer JefFlipper (yes, the dolphin with the pre-recorded voice)

Okay, since you don't wanna bore us to death by talking about yourself, I'll ask you about anime. Do you like anime? If so, what're your favorites, and what ones do you think suck? If not, then what's your opinion about anime?

By the way, do us all a favor and try to mark spoilers. I'm not saying you forgot to mark one, but make sure you do... If you leave one unmarked, you'll most likely receive screams of fury from several readers.

Also, I feel sorta left out when people mention a bunch of games I've never played, especially the Ys series... I think that music plays a very important part in games, and I've heard that games in the Ys series tend to have outstanding music. I've also heard they're really challenging, which is good; most newer RPGs tend to lack challenge. I want to play these games, but it seems that only the crappy ones were brought over here. Do you know if there's a way I could get to play the good ones? I don't know Japanese, and I don't have a TurboGrafx16, so the situation looks grim... What do you suggest I do, O wise Q&A column d00d?

-Dark Neko

I take it everyone loves anime? I must have gotten 15 emails asking my opinion on Anime alone, so here it goes.
While I enjoy anime far more than any other sort of cell animation, I'm not a huge renter of Anime movies. Time constraints :|
What I have seen on TV i enjoy, like Vampire Hunter D, Akira, Dragon Ball Z, even Pokemon and Sailor Moon when nothing else is on. Maybe one day i can rent the entire Evangelion series....

Mark Spoilers - uh ok.

Music, in my opinion is the one key factor for RPGs. If the music is crap, I'd be less likely to enjoy it. YS CD versions have epic music, not only was YS the First Videogame to have its own soundtrack it's also one of the most successful VG music Lables. YS really isn't a very challenging series, luckily it doesn't detract in any way from its greatness. YS 1/2 and 3 were brought over here for the Turbo Grafx and are in English. You can get these YS either at or other than that, there were only the SNES, Genesis and Master system versions.

The Name Game

Hey, I got a nickname for ya'. You have the initials J.D., and so does Jack Daniels,

so it's quite easy to see that we should call you "Booze Hound". Oh, I've also got a few questions.

1.) Do you watch any anime?
2.) If so what's your favorite, if not how should we kill you?
3.) Have you played Gunstar Hero's? That game was so fun, yet so frustrating at the same time.
4.) Have you played Mask of the Sun? It think it was either Y's 5 or 4.
5.) You just said that you were a player 24 hours a day, 7 days a week(24/7), 7 days of the week. How is that possible, or were you just lying out your arse?


Ok something is up when 5 people email me calling me Jack Daniels....Looks like we've got some alcoholics here, hehe.
1) Look up
2) From the very little I've seen, Evangelion
3) Nope. I do remember it from game mags a while back.
4) Another YS topic! It's YS 4 very similar to YS 4: Dawn of YS for the Turbo except small differences as far as the story is concerned.
5) You figure it out ;)
More Names

Wait a second...Jeff! You can't be the fallen leader of the Confederate States of America!?!?!?! God help us all you evil man!!! Blahhh!

-Insanely Strange Boy Who Watches The History Channel Too Much

Start praying..
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Ryan's Birthday - Since the new Def Leppard album comes out on June 8th, I guess we all know what to get him, hum?
I don't think he remembers that band. Send it our way...
good, every RPGuru should have invisible text. Yes, your majesty.
hey!! how do u read the invisible text?!?!?!!!! iam a moron and yall are always talking about it,so how??????????please , please , please , Please , PLEASE!!!tell me!!!i am new to rpg and yalls site is really the only one i read regularly,can yall recommend some more?thx for ur time.
Gilad? Are you the muscle bound exercise person on the FIT TV channel ;p
Drag the mouse left to right at the bottom.
Who is sexier, Tifa or Aeris? Gwahahahaha. Tifa, no Aeris, no wait Tifa...
Hey JD, Isn't Rinoa like the best RPGbabe ever? (Though not as busty as Tifa) :) Hell yeah!
IN Ryan's column on like Wednesday, he mentioned the coolest name. But he already has one. So, from now on, I am going to call you: The Fonz. Yes. You know that name rules. Deal with it. It is too cool. That does rule! Call me the Fonz.
The-new-guy-JD, OK, I gotta say this for you. You sure can answer RPG Qs, but my GOD are you boring! Make a joke or three.
Who's more boring, one who is called boring or one who writes the supposed boring person to tell him he is boring.
How's that for a joke. Oh wait I wasn't joking.
Closing Thoughts:

As stated in the opening today is the last day of my rotation. I'll be returning next sunday. First and foremost I'd like to once again thank the incredible amount of support and welcome you readers have given, for my last 2 Q&A's.
Your great deal of emails covered everything: from what I should be called, to the invisible text at the bottom, to what letters I should post, and even some of the most bizarre things I've ever read :).

As part of my closing, I thought it might be of interest to you readers what kinds of suggestions you've been sending me.

Ask JD?
Yesterday I vaguely asked what you can call me.
About 65% of you readers think I should stick with Ask JD.
20% of you just called me whatever name you could come up with. A majority of which called me by fonz or the late President Jeff Davis.
15% of you thought I should get a funny nick name.

Topics to Cover? Email I received:
75% YS and Turbo Grafx questions
5% Lunar questions
5% Square questions
5% Wanted even more serious discussions or question answering
5% miscellaneous questions
3% said I should forget answering questions and just post comical and/or stupid letters
2% said I should stop posting letters about YS
I was frankly very surprised to receive so many emails about YS and the Turbo system. I thought you all didn't exist anymore. Did you all just come up from the woodwork? :)

The Critics
While the huge majority of letters I got were positive comments and questions I did receive a few negative letters. I'm not sure if any of my predecessors have done this, but heck it might be fun to cover.
The two strongest groups of negative letters basically wanted two things. First that they wanted more comedy, if not all comedy and less question answering. Secondly either wanted to get off the entire topic of YS/Turbo or questioned my constant posting of it.
All I can say is the readers for the most part, decide what topic or theme would be for the Q&A's. Especially in this case when the overwhelming majority consistently and daily had serious questions covering mostly YS/Turbo as either the main theme or sub theme of the letter.

In closing I'd like to once again thank everyone for the questions, comments, praises and even the negative letters. I had a blast doing the last 3 Q&A's I hope you all did too. If I wasn't entertaining I sure hope I've been informative.
And by the way Lunar SSS should be in stores this week!

See you all next week.

JD aka the fonz
Where is my Stolar Coffee Cup?

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