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As Ryan stated yesterday, it will be ryan, alex and I doing the Q&A's on a 3 day rotation basis for a while. I just started here at RPGamer about a month ago and I handle the game/media coverage, news and other special coverage.

My name is Jeff Davis, though you can call me JD, Jeff or heck even neifirst, call me by any other and I'll have to come beat down your door ;-) just kidding of course. I am 18 and have been playing RPGs since Dragon Warrior, thats when I got hooked on this genre. I've been playing rpg's since then, all through the nes, genesis, turbo grafx, snes to todays newest game systems.

Some of those who have gone before me, usually would give some short biography about themselves, I'll spare you readers the boring details. Relating to RPGs some of you may wish to know what are my favorite ones, while its so tough to choose among the so many here is a short list:

- YS series, FF 6 and 7, Lunar Eternal Blue, Phantasy Star Series, Dragon Slayer Series
- Xenogears, FFT, Cosmic Fantasy Series, Tengai Makyo Series, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Dragon Warrior Series

My favorite RPG developers are:

-Falcom, Hudson, Red Company, Telenet, Sega, Enix and of course Square!

I am also an avid videogame music audiophile from both Falcom and Square music labels.

Thats enough about me, lets get on with the show.

RPGmaker, what is it?

Greeting Jeff

Every once in a while while reading articles on the internet and flipping through my rather large hoarde of outdated gaming magazines I come across the name RPG Maker. I am seriously thinking about buying it, but I know practically nothing about it except that it exists in Japan and that a U.S. version might come out in the future. Do you know anything about this game at all? It seems pretty far out and how the hel* could you possibly make a story on the playstation.

- Antonius the Great

JD: We really got a ton of mail about RPGmaker today and since about 10-11% of the readers don't know anything about it I thought this should be the first letter to start up with.
I've never played the game myself. Here is what I've been told. You start out choosing Create New Game or Play Saved Game, under the "create" part, you design characters, spells, monsters, storyline, etc, which is saved onto memory cards... from what I have been told it is much like the creation of snes games: basic sprite movement, animation frames, ect..

More on RPGmaker

sup ry?

the latest voting pole really got me thinking about a scheme I came up with (not a bad one, though it might have put the rpg industry out of buisness had they not eveolved since the days of ff4 [graphicly]) involving the use of a dexdrive and a copy of RPG Maker. i can just see it now: infinate rpgs (probably very simplistic/sophomoric ones, but infinate rpgs none the less). also, this would shut up the many old school games who cried "sell out" when final fantasy when 3d/polygonal (can you say final fantasy 7/8 in 2d/16 bit?). the great teaming up of RPG Maker and the dexdrive is for these reasons:

1. trade games with other RPGamers
2. *most important* since the actual "game" saves itself to your memory card, you would either need: a, alot of memory cards; b, a "mega" memory card; c, or the amazing dexdrive, which makes your normal memory card into an infinate memory center.

well, that enough product endorsing for one night...


JD: For one thing I'm not ry, we told him E3 is this week, I'm sure he's standing in front of the LA Convention Center looking for anything videogame related...
(In all seriousness look at the intro or yesterdays Q&A for more info)
What can I say our readers are on top of the RPGmaker discussion today. Great ideas there, I for one am more interested in purchasing a US version of the game.

Dating Advice and Thousand Arms?


I have a problem, a big one. You see, whenever I meet one of my many friends (this applies to girls only), I have a tendency to flirt with them. Now, this would normally never be a problem except for one thing: boyfriends. Thankfully, they are mostly a friendly bunch, but...I've managed to repress most of the pain...

So, here's my question: Does Thousand Arms teach you how to steal women away from their dates? If it does...*drool* I NEED that game! Oh, when does it come out? If it comes out over the summer, that'll give me time to spruce up on my talents. But, if it doesn't, well, I think I'll develop cauloses.


JD: Do I look like Dear Abby? Sorry no love advice here, unless some monetary compensation would be in order.
As far as Thousand Arms, it teaches no such thing on stealing women, maybe in a future release ;).
Thousand Arms doesn't have a fixed date however it is still scheduled by Atlus for a 3rd Quarter '99 US release. I agree with you this game looks like its going to be one of the coolest RPGs this year, given Red's track record of excellent games this should be no exception. Now if it can even come close to Red's previous Tengai Makyo series, that would be something.
Hey there Jeff,

I can't wait for Lunar to come out, but since I don't have enough $$$ to buy it, I was planning on just renting it. Do you know if any of the special promotional discs (the soundtrack CD, and the "Making of" CD) will come with the game when you rent it. I really want to check these out too, but if a place like blockbuster doesn't rent them, I may have to find enough money to actually buy Lunar.

- greg
JD: Unfortunately I doubt these may be available for rent, at least from Blockbuster, but each rental place is different.To my knowledge there hasn't been any announcement of by the large chains if they will carry the whole set.
I remember once Blockbuster didn't even include Disc 2 of one shooter I rented, go figure. Frankly I don't think its worth $59 just for the soundtrack and Making of CD, while nice bonuses the game is good enough to stand on its own.
Dreamcast Plays Saturn Games?
Dear uh.....Jeff:
It sorta suprised me that nobody else was aware of this, but Sega developed a emulator for the DC that lets it play Saturn games... at least in Japan. As I understand it, you pop the emu disc in, it loads, and then you take it out, and put in your saturn game. No idea whether it'll be released in the US, but its still very cool (And will be even moreso if it plays imports too).
They also said they were able to make a MPEG2 software decoder that used only about 80% of the DC's processing power, so maybe DVD quality movies on DC aren't out of the question...


JD: I read about this story a while back, from what I remember I thought this emulator was cancelled? Any opinions on this?
As far as the DVD question there is no doubt that Sega will be releasing a DVD add on, especially in light of the PSX2 and N2000 announcements.

Defunct Console

Hi Nummy-Muffin-Coocol-Butter,

I know you're not Thor, but it's about time someone else got some fruity nicknames. My question is concerning old defunct consoles such as the TurboGrafix CD. Were there any great RPGs on these that we missed? I'm wondering because I'm thinking of getting some old systems used (of course). Thanks in advance.

-Just a guy.

JD: Fruity nicknames eh, thats an idea, perhaps for the others ;)
The TurboGrafx CD had some of the most of incredible RPGs like the fabled YS series, Working Designs Cosmic Fantasy 2, Dragon Slayer and slew of imports like Emerald Dragon, Tengai Makyo(Far East of Eden) watch our site as upcoming coverage of these classics are soon to come.
A play with words or Square grammar errors?
O.K.could you clear a few things up for me. In FF7 and most other FF games I've notice a strange error. It's the "Cure" and "Heal" spells seem to be mismatched. You don't "cure" a wound, you heal it; you don't "Heal" a status effect, you cure it. Second, is it just me or in every RPG and Anime is there some character who is wearing a cape or cloak or some king of fabric that hangs off your back.

Anonymous (Isn't that a popular name in writers)
JD: Interesting Commentary. What do you guys think?
RPG Endings
Jeff, the mighty new RPGuru(?)!!

Hello! Answer my li'l questions if you can, pleeeese.
Question Numero Uno. Do you have a nick name??? We called Thor Sexypants, Ryan Ruthless Ryan (well, for now..), so what do we call you? Jeffy? (uh, heh heh.. sorry, that was cheesy)

Queston Numero Dos. Why do most (all, to my knowledge) RPG endings usually make you think "What a rip!!"??? Why is it that developers can't put a little more time and thought into their endings?? (money wouldn't hurt, either) Eh, thanks for at least reading my questions. ^_^ (posting wouldn't hurt, either! :D) Thankees!!! :)

~Katt "I love donut holes..uh, and Ryu" Chuan (Breath of Fire 2 joke)
JD: Lets see Ask JD, Ask Jeff whatever shall I choose.... Might new RPGuru?, hmmm..
In my opinion one of the reasons to play RPGs is for the endings sadly yes either the ending sucks or a toss up. I agree with you there are so few RPGs with good endings. A couple of my favorites are Working Designs' Cosmic Fantasy 2 and Sega's Phantasy Star 2, not to mention Xenogears'.
Backstreet Boys play Dragon Warrior?

Dear new person,

I was watching MTV last weekend during the Backstreet Boys special as one of the few rpgggirls reading your site i couldnt believe one of them said his favorite game is Dragon Warrior. i quickly looked at your coverage and i remember my brother years ago playing the game.
but he sold it long time ago,now i want to play it but where i can i get it?


JD: Eeeeveryyyyyyyybody---------Yeah, Everybody yeah, backstreets back, alright. Ok I couldn't help but make fun of them ;)

Fear not I know all. One of the largest Auction sites, it's called Ebay it's the best place to find classic/rare videogames. I did a search and found a couple DW1 games at $3-10 here is a link with the correct search string. EBAY Dragon Warrior Search (or

Stranger and Stranger...
why is the world round when quite plainly it could be square or rectangle?

JD: Because I said so. We do have a few interesting readers don't we?

JD Closing Thoughts:

Nothing really can be said after today's bunch of questions. I hope you all enjoyed my first turn at the Q&A helm, i know i did.

  JD aka Jeff Davis
Do you all really read this message?

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