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FireMyst - July 14 '02- 11:00 Pacific Daylight Time

Hello. I think Amish scared off everyone, because I really did not recieve a lot of mail. While I haven't done this in years, last time I had a much larger selection of letters. Maybe it's quality over quantity nowdays.

Last time I tried Q&A, I tried to be funny... which was a mistake. While my co-workers have donned me the master of the one-line quips, a comedic routine is definately not my forte. So if this is a bit cut'n'dry for your tastes, you can always vent to the slime for tomorrow.

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God of All Dragons -- I like that

Final Fantasy X boss spoilers within
Hello Mr. FireMyst, God of all Dragons, even over Bahamut, Divine Dragon, or Ryu,

Alright, first question. A long time ago, I read in a video game magazine about a Action-RPG for Sega Cd, Sega Genesis, or some other old Sega console. Anyway, in this game, you would play a hero who would be able to join with or fuse with animals to gain magical powers. For example, you could junction with a fast squirrel to run VERY FAST after beating him in a foot race and bribing him to lose beforehand. Anyway, I liked this game a lot but I was 10 when I heard of it and I never bought it. So, my question to you about this game, which has a guest appearance of Sonic laying on a folding chair drinking juice in a palm-treed area, is WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS GAME?!?!?!??!?!??? I have looked everywhere online and I am hoping that a Hardcored RPGamer like you would know the name of this game.

Second, have you ever won an RPG on accident? For example, in FFX, after I recieved the Anima Summon, I pretty much used it to all the endgame bosses., from Sin's fins to Braska's Final Aeon to all the Aeons possessed by YU Yevon leaving the bad Anima and Yu Yevon unaeoned to be taken care of by Holy and Auron. However, I had planned to get Wakka's overdrives and final weapon, take on the Thunder Plains challenge, and conquer the Omega Dungeon. So, basically, have you ever won a game before you got EVERY SECRET out of it on the first try you play it?

Third, in Golden Sun 2, can you give me a liitle more info on Picard, the Mercury Adept, besides his picture? Like why he goes with Felix, Jenna, and Sheba's quest in the first place?

Finally, Jimmy Eat World rules!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.
Huge dreamer

Old Sega systems would be my weak point in RPG knowledge. I didn't have the money to keep up with more than the Nintendo systems, and with RPGs turning mainstream with the PlayStation, finding the time to go back for older games becomes less and less probable. If someone knows what game this is, send a mail to our slime so dreamer here can sleep easier at night.

Won an RPG on accident? No, that's never happened to me. Unless they story is really bad, you know when the climax will be, and that bosses are around that point. I've thought I've won a game, only to find there was a hidden boss afterwards, but never beat a game without knowing that I was going to.

What we know is what we post, sadly. I have no idea about the characters for the next Golden Sun besides what we've already given. Sorry. I finished the first one this spring, so I can't wait for the sequel.

Square Advanced

Hi, thanx for taking the time to read this. Do you know whats going on with Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA. I heard that it was going to be coming out for it, but havent heard anything since. Also, are they going to make the origonal Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 for the GBA. thank you


Martin and I were discussing this a few days ago, so while we don't know exactly what Square has in mind (since they don't tell anyone before they're ready), I'll have to go with this conjecture. Square had a another meeting (I bet they have more than Microsoft), where they posted future plans. While the GBA projects are getting underway, it's our feeling that Final Fantasy Tactics is not going to be the first one out, based on what was discussed in this meeting. Unfornately, since they didn't have any real news, none of this was ever shared with you all.

As for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI on a handheld, I don't think so. They just released both of those for the PlayStation, and I don't think they're ready to do it again. Of course, this column has an amazing trend of saying things won't happen just before they do, so what I think will happen really means little.

Under Fire


What is your opinion of the great decline in the quality of the RPGamer Q&A column? Doesn't it bother you how often a very lame (or a lot of time none at all) column is posted. Personally, as a long time reader of this page, I am dissapointed at the lack of responsibility by your staffers. With great frequency, repeated excuses are posting in the place of an actual column. I mean, please, how many times can someone's hard drive crash, or a mail server crash? I am to the point where I don't see the point of visiting this page much longer.

Thank you,
Kennedy Roberts

I don't know about a "great decline" for the Q&A column, but to be frank, I share your concern sometimes. However, we've had the same people doing this for years now, with absolutely no compensation in return. While there are many letter columns around the net, I have not seen such strong dedication akin to those that handle this column.

As for the hardware problems you mentioned, this week alone our mail server has gone offline twice. Once was because someone decided to attack it with a UDP Denial of Service strike, and the other just because our host went down for about five hours. We try our best to run everything on the site as smooth as possible, but to think systems are infallible just isn't possible without truckloads of money.

While I'm sure this sounds like an easy way out, I'm just telling it like it is. I am also dissapointed when a column doesn't go up as it should, but sometimes there really is nothing you can do about it.

More TechnoBabble

It seems like you have mail server trouble from time to time; just out of curiosity, what OS/Software do you use?

I use a linux with postfix and qpopper on the network I administrate, never had any trouble. 'course qpopper is a rather limited, it only supports POP but who actually uses IMAP other than WebMail servers, of which there are several POP WebMail servers. Simpler/Less features = Less to go wrong

FreeBSD O/S for both the web and mail server. The webserver runs Roxen, not apache like most people think. The mail server runs Exim with SpamAssassin added only a few weeks ago. The hardware/software has never been a problem for us, it's always been aspects we can't control, like script kiddies or bad routers. A lot of staff also take their mail on their own accounts, which is really where a lot of the failures of mail retreival occurs.

I highly recommend any of this software for someone running a system, and especially SpamAssassin. One of the best spam removal systems I have ever had the chance to experience, with over 85% accuracy.


One time I tried playing Tales of Destiny II with a dance pad, it was a great workout, you should try it.

Once I asked Fox what it would be like to play Melee with dance pads. He gave me such a look of disbelief and disgust that I would even think of such a thing.

The Last Laugh:

In a column where I discuss my staff's dedication, I would be the one horribly late. I stayed up way too late last night watching Yu Yu Hakusho on Cartoon Network, and fell asleep before I remembered I had a column to do. My apologies. Enjoy the slime tomorrow, and through the week.

dragon "Go Mariners"

I was a fan before they won 116 games, just not by much because I've only lived in Seattle for only three years. :P

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