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     Wednesday, June 20, 2001 "i was never cool in school, i'm sure you don't remember me"     


Thanks for coming back to my second day of letter-answering fun. I didn't get a whole lot of mail regarding my suggested topic from yesterday, but you take what you can get, right? System wars will be upon us in a mere five-or-so months, and anything could happen. As for the here and now, though, Sonic Adventure 2 should hit stores today, so if you're into that kinda thing, go buy it. I know I'm going to. Moving on...

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Everybody's favorite contest-of-sorts from RPGuides followed me to the letters column! Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in the next day's column.

    One Outta Three Ain't Bad, Right?

    Hey there Aegis,

    I hope you're having a good day today. I'm kind of bored and while playing some games I came up with a few things in my mind.

    1. Why do the dragon summoning spells look different than the actual dragons in Legend of Dragoon? I mean, if you're summoning the dragon of your power and you get this power from a specific dragon, shouldn't that be the dragon you're summoning? (wow, looking back on that, it gets kinda circular in logic doesn't it?)

    2. What's up with the Legend of Zelda series? Are there just like multiple Zeldas, Links and Ganons in multiple worlds or is there some order? I find it hard to believe that the princess could get kidnapped so many times by the same guy without the king beefing up security.

    3. OK, I'm playing Ages right now and this stupid whale is really ticking me off. I can't push anything underwater and I don't have the dungeon item I need. But for some reason I have a key to a locked door I have yet to see. HELP!!!

    Well, I'm sure I've made you regret taking on this job for these days, and I'm sorry :)


    Hiya. Yeah, today has been a pretty good day, thanks. I watched the third tape of Cowboy Bebop today, and I just got off work, early to boot.

    1)    I'm kinda suprised you don't know this, as Legend of Dragoon's instruction manual clearly answers your question on page 45. I forgive you, though. The reason that the summoned dragons look different is because they don't have the same diet as the dragons out in the wild do. The dragons out in the wild eat peasants, goats, and the occasional adventurer, while the summoned dragons only eat the metallic scraps they find in the conseltial plane, which is where they live, waiting to be summoned. These differences in nutrition cause the differences in the dragons' appearances.  .....Actually, I've never played Legend of Dragoon and I have no idea why they don't look the same. Sorry. A lot of RPGs have mismatched details like that which don't make any sense.

    2)    I know for a fact that some people, probably including some at Nintendo, would argue that all the games in the Legend of Zelda series somehow fit into some sort of large plot in a timeframe that doesn't contradict itself. I, on the other hand, don't really view them as being connected to each other. Kind of like what you suggested, I consider each game to take place in its own time and space. That's my two cents on it, at least.

    3)    I bought Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages for the Game Boy Color last week, but I've yet to play even through the first dungeon yet, so I can be of no help. You can check out RPGamer's FAQ and Walkthrough page for the game, which should probably help you through your sticky situation.

    I Choose You, Xenogears!

    Hello Andrew who is called Andrew,

    I decided on a game you failed to mention, but one I foolishly didn't have till today, Xenogears! Thanks for the suggestions though. Also, if I had one RPG cliche added in real life, it would be the ability to use anything as a weapon.

    The Masked Mystere

    He made a decision! Although I've yet to play it, I know for a fact that Xenogears is a darn good game and worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

    About your real-life RPG cliché, though, I have the opposite viewpoint. In real life, you can use anything for a weapon. However, in many RPGs, only certain characters can use certain weapons. I should be able to equip Crono from Chrono Trigger with a gun or a bow and arrow if I wanted to, don't ya think? I understand putting physical restraints on things, like not letting a weak character wield a large axe, but a lot of games lock each character into a certain class of weapon for no good reason.

    Size Length Doesn't Matter

    Hello Aegis,

    I already own a PS2. It's sitting collecting dust. Why you ask? Beacuse every game is incredibly short. (some people I know have been buying a game every week to get a steady flow of gaming) My question is, what IS so very wrong or frustrating with the PS2 developer's kit that makes it "So hard to work with"? Why don't the programmers just chop up the program? Maybe spend more time working with Sony to develop a newer version or learn more about the existing one? Sony COULD win the new console wars if their games make an improvement. X-box has no chance. Dreamcast is fading fast. Nintendo seems like a contender. I guess it comes down to the software quality; not the hardware.

    Thank you for your time
    -Starsickle "Well, of course it's evil!!! JUST KILL IT!!!!"

    Although I don't know if I completely buy the generalization that all PS2 games are short, an easy way for developers to cop out when making games for a tough system would be to create shorter games. The PlayStation2 has been compared to the Sega Saturn as far as programming difficulty goes, and as we should all know, the Saturn wasn't the easiest machine to make games on. You can bet, though, that Sony's doing everything they can to make development easier. Also remember that as developers gain experience making games on the PS2, it will be easier for them to do, and you'll see better results.

    I don't yet own a PS2, mainly because there hasn't been anything out, not til now, that I needed to buy for it. This has changed, though, with Red Faction and other games, and future games like FFX and Metal Gear Solid 2 are looking excellent. The PS2 is on track to do pretty well, and I think you're being a bit too hard on it. I definitely think that you, along with a large number of people, shouldn't count Microsoft out of the race just yet. Although I was not as impressed with the Xbox as I was with the GameCube, I can't deny the system's power or the quality of some of the games I've seen. In addition, Microsoft seems to be the most developer-focused of the three companies, which is always a good thing.

    If you want my opinion, just running from what we know now, any of the three systems -- PS2, Xbox, and GameCube -- could win, and any of the three could fail. All three have a lot going for them, and they each have quite a few bad heels. The consumer market is a fickle beast, and right now we just have to play a game of wait-and-see.


    Me? I'm definitely getting a gamecube. I'm heading off to college next year, and I'm rooming with my friend. He has a PS2, so I got that covered, since I'm uninterested in the X-box, that leaves gamecube. Plus Gamecube will have a smash bros game on it. I LOOOVED whoopin the crap outta people on the first one, and I can't wait to beat everyone in my dorm next year. Plus metroid will be on it, and thats been screamin for a sequel for years now. hmmm.... now for a question...When is this 'Smash Brothers Melee' coming out?

    - Los Muertos

    Yes, with Smash Bros., Super Monkey Ball, and more multiplayer games on the way, the GameCube looks like it's going to be the party system for the next generation. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a launch title, and will come out with the system on November 5.

    Party Hat Tuesday

    Hey Aegis!

         Guess what? It's my b-day today ^_^ Does that mean I get my letter posted? Oh, by the way, can you tell me what the name of that song is that is sung in Grandia II when Ryudo's gone to face Valmar's trials on his own and Elena is singing out to the world with everyone singing with her? Its a kewl song, but I can't find it b/c I don't know its name :(

         Happy birthday to me!

         Xenochick, -the Xenogears Goddess-

    Happy Birthday, Xenochick! As a present, you get a tilde and a crowbar: ~ . I give these to you because I don't know the answer to your question, and after grocery shopping and cooking dinner, I'm running a bit late and don't have time to do a massive search. Can anybody help her out?

    Close Enough

    It is from Seinfeld. George says it in the episode where he's caught peeing in the shower in the men's room, and he's trying to defend himself.

    I should comment that you did a great job on the letters, except the color scheme (a bit too 'happy' for my tastes.)

    Thorn Martin

    I had people guess numerous sources, from Cowboy Bebop to Xenogears, but Thorn here is the only one who recognized "different drains go different places" from the sitcom Seinfeld. George doesn't actually say the quote, though; Elaine does, as she's telling him why he shouldn't have relieved himself in the shower. I'll toss a backwards slash your way for good measure. Congrats!   \

    Thanks for the compliment, and after careful consideration (and countless other complaints-of-sorts about the colors), I cleaned up the page's color scheme. Nicer, eh?

    Granddaddy of Monster Trainers

    Oh Aegis, Knight of RPGs! Heed my call!

    Why is Pokémon given credit for being the first game where you collect and train monsters through battle, when really Lufia 2 had the idea long before anything else?

    - Aizou

    Although Lufia 2 had a monster training/collecting feature, it wasn't really a major part of the game. Pokémon, on the other hand, revolved around the feature, and added trading to the mix. Because of that, the crown must be awarded to Nintendo's never-ending fad. The same situation occurs in other genres, too, such as first person shooters. For example, Wolfenstein 3D was really the first FPS (to my knowledge), but Doom gets all the credit.

    Clyde Frog and the Mysterious Jumping Men

    Howdy Aegis!

    What is it with everyone and the Gamecube? I'll admit that I've loved all Nintendo stuff since I was a little tyke sitting around watching David the Gnome, but the N64 was extremely dissapointing RPG-wise. There were the Zelda games which were moderatly amusing, but I refuse to pay 30 bucks for an expansion pack to play the second one. There was Quest 64, and a few other games which did not strike me as being particularly good. So tell me, O temporary guest host, what is to say that Nintendo will not make the same mistakes again? From what I've heard, Nintendo has little 3rd party support, and the good supply of games coming at the Gamecube's debut could fizzle out two months afterward. I'm planning on getting a PS2 anyways for the DVD player, but I'm curious as to what you think about the Gamecube.

    ~Mary *Leader of the Taddish Knaves*

    You complain that the N64 had few RPGs, and it's a valid complaint. Really, the sole reason for the N64's lack of RPGs -- Nintendo's "problem" that they needed to fix -- was the system's cartridge format. Games were more expensive to make, and because of that, game development for all genres, not just RPGs, wasn't as high or frequent as it could or should have been.

    The fact that the GameCube uses discs, and not carts, levels the playing field for Nintendo. Granted, the Cube has less announced third party support than Sony or Microsoft. However, I expect to see a lot of companies that haven't yet signed up to do so after the system launches in November and proves itself. Phantasy Star Online v. 2 is already underway for it, and with a prominent game like that out early in the system's lifetime, that only spells good news for future RPGs.

    End of the Road:
    Under other circumstances, I'd write a bit more here than I'm going to, but company just arrived and I have to play host. We're gonna be playing Quake 3 and Smash Bros., so it should be a good time. We'll leave tomorrow as an open topic, so write in about anything you want to. Be creative in what you send in, and if we touch upon something interesting, we'll continue it into the next day. Until then...

    Andrew P. Bilyk is gonna go kick some multiplayer booty.

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