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     Monday, December 3, 2001      "that's a funny word. can i use that?"


I've been busy like a fox lately. The semester is finally winding down (hooray!), but that also spells pain in the forms of projects and tests. One project, for my computer graphics class, is due on Wednesday. Super Smash Bros. Melee should be in stores on Tuesday. I've been working diligently on this crazy cracker over the weekend in hopes of getting done by the end of Monday night, so I can play smashy smashy all day Tuesday. Let's hope it works out, eh?

It's late, and I believe that's all the intro we truly need. There aren't many letters today, but there are some, so let's take a gander below.

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column. An individial may not win the contest twice in a row.

    short and to the point
    Just thought I'd mention to the guy in yesterday's column that thought a Hitchhiker's Guide game would be a cool idea, there already was one made. In the early 80's, a computer game company called Infocom released an all-text adventure based on the book.

    Robust Stu

    Indeed. My friends Jared and Zach have both played this, so all you readers can rest assured Robust Stu isn't full of it. Cause he's not.

    same thing, not so short, but more point
    "Word up," Aegis? What is "going down" in your proverbial "'hood?" I have a "slamming" letter here for you, my "homie."

    Someone wrote to Chesh yesterday about how cool a game based on Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy would be. Well, it's probably not what they were hoping for, but there is one. It was a text-based adventure game from Infocom. More information on it, as well as all the other infocom games, can be found at

    Oh.... wait. (Checks title of page...) RPGamer. That means I probably should say something about an RPG, shouldn't I? Hmmm.... okay....

    If only one of these games could be made, what would your preference be? (Please suspend disbelief for some choices): Chrono Trigger 3, Final Fantasy Tactics 2, Seiken Densetsu 5, Lunar 3, or a port of Panzer Dragoon Saga to a viable system.

    Tough choice, huh? Anyway, I just thought I'd toss that information about the Hitchhikers game out there for everyone.


    Sup, homeskillet? Thanks for the link, that'll save the interested some trouble.

    Of those, I'd most like to see a Seiken Densetsu 5. Why? I don't know how confident I am on them creating a satisfactory (to me, at least) CT3. FFT was cool, but I like exploration quite a bit. Lunar I never got into, and PDS, though awesome, would still be only a port. I'd rather have something new.

    If they did make a sequel to Legend of Mana, I'd expect them to go back to the series' roots, which would be great. Also, since most of the SD team works for Brownie Brown now, that's the most off-the-wall and unlikely possibility, and therefore it's the one in most need of hope.

    Greetings divine shield
         I wonder what skills in FFT do you like to use?
    Imperial Mog

    Ah, yes. Imperial Mog... the staple of most everybody's RPGamer Q&A diet. Sup?

    Though I own the (kinda) recent rerelease of the game, I've only played about 2 hours worth. It's certainly cool enough; it's not the game, it's me... just haven't had the time. But, using my psychic powers, assuming I had played it, I would most likely be most fond of magic and other ranged attacks as opposed to in-your-face stuff.

    potent potables
    Hail Aegis.

    How are you? I have a couple of things to ask today. I suppose I'll number them.

    1. What RPGs are you looking forward to playing during Christmas time? Most colleges finish exams in a week or so; I know I'm going to finally have some free time for RPGaming and gaming in general.

    I'd like to finish FF9 and get started on playing more FF Tactics. From there it's a toss-up, though I'd like to at least play a little bit of Chrono Cross.

    2. What upcoming RPGs for the GameCube are you looking forward to? Or, are you mainly in it for Smash Bros. and the other notable non-RPG games?

    From what I've seen, Rune looks cool enough, but honestly, I'm in it for games in other genres. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Sunshine, and The Legend of Zelda will all be huge, and barring delays, I should own all three of those within a year's time.

    3. What do you think of people dying their hair (unusual colors)? A few years ago, it was rare (where I live anyway) and then, for a while, it seemed like it was getting more popular and now I hardly see it at all. Does it make any particular statement? It used to be synonomus with "punks" but that was even longer ago.

    --Maikeru "Smash Bros. Melee - can't wait!"

    Strangely colored hair is kinda cool. I prefer streaks myself, rather than dying the whole head, though. It's still kinda punkish, although there seems to be a bit of an otaku vibe that goes with it on occasion.

    End of the Road:

    Very late, still too much school stuff to do, smashy smashy in just one day. Sleep first, though. Send Google some mail and be kind to your neighbors

    Andrew P. Bilyk has his staff bio linked now, but it needs updating.

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