i'm dreaming of a white christmas
     Monday, October 15, 2001 "i forgot to close the door. you forgot to close the door."     


Before moving straight on to the letters, I'll cover the titles of the column. Title 1: I turned twenty on Saturday, the 13th. Title 2: I went out to buy bread today, but all I wanted was bread for two sandwiches. They need to make smaller loaves, as all I could find were the full-size, which was quite a bit more bread than I needed.

Now that I've frightened some of you with my odd logic, we can move on.

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column.

    The quote "just feel the pace. come on now race" is from the song "Super Sonic Racing" from SonicR for the Sega Saturn/PC. I have both.

    I'd like to promote my site (Mr. T!!!) and

    - dstln

    Indeed. I have nothing more to say here but "congrats."

    bye, bye love
    Howdy, Aegis

    I know it's late for this subject, but I just saw in the archives the suggestion of things we've done to get a game. I have a very sad story about not what I, but what someone else did to me to get some.

    Late June, I went on a bus trip to visit my older brother in Florida. Being that we've both avid games, comic and music fans, I was told to bring my stuff. Can you see where this is going? Long story short, they wouldn't let me take my bag on the bus as a carry-on, and in Atlanta, I took my eyes off it for a minute ( Yes, literally, a minute. ), and it was stolen. It contained all my games, a large collection of comics, and CDs. As well as some important personal items. The "retail" value was about $2,500.00. That's not counting resale value going up. I don't know if anyone follows comics here, but the Ultimate Spider-Man books go for a pretty penny now. I was quite saddened. I lost a collection I was very proud of... all original cases, no Greatest Hits... mint condition... the Final Fantasy set, Resident Evil set...

    Anyway, I do have a few questions,. as well...

    1. Am I weak and less of a man for crying like a baby because of this?

    No. You'd be less of a man if you didn't cry.

    2. I've recently acquired a Dreamcast. If you were me, would you buy the original PSX versions of RE2 and 3 to reform your collection, or would you buy the enhanced DC versions? Or maybe both because you have a complex?

    I've not played them, but from what I've heard I'd say to get the Dreamcast versions. Don't bother getting the PSX versions as well, because you've got too much else to replace to be buying duplicates.

    3. That story reminds me... in my view, RPGs, anime, and comics have always gone hand in hand... in hand. Yet here at the Q&A column, everyone seems to be into the RPGs and anime, yet no comics. Am I alone in this?

    No, you're not alone, though I'd imagine you're in a smaller group. I'd think you see more of an anime influence in the readership here because Google watches anime and prints such letters. If he read comics instead, you'd probably see a difference in the letters printed.

    4. Don't you think it would have been nice of him/her to send me back my personal items? I mean, there was an address in there, after all...

    Nice, yes. But it would have been nicer for him (I doubt it was a girl, just a hunch) to have not taken your stuff to begin with. My heart goes out to you.

    Well, thanks for listening to my whine session and helping with the questions. Keep up the good work, and "have a nice day!"

    Josh, who has no ending quote...

    chi-, chi-, chi-, chip 'n' dale's... mmorpg
    Heya O'Shielded Q&A host,

    A lot of things have been happening for RPGs recently. One thing I've wanted to everyone and their mother making a MMORPG? You've got EverQuest, which is good by itself, Ultima Online, good as well, and Asheron's Call, Microsoft's venture after they smelled money. Not only that, but you've got:

    World of Warcraft
    Final Fantasy XI (which I still think they should call FFOnline)
    Dark Age of Camelot
    World War II Online (Not exactly an RPG, but close enough)
    Anarchy Online
    Star Wars: Galaxies
    Black Moon Chronicles
    City of Heroes
    Redmoon - Circle of Love and Destiny
    Project Entropia
    BigWorld: Citizen Zero
    Horizons: Empires of Istaria
    Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative
    Multiplayer BattleTech: 3025
    Ultima Worlds Online: Origin

    That's the list from IGN of all the MMORPGs I could find. There might be more, but I think also some of these might not apply to MMORPG, so it balances out. This is a scary list, since it shows that close to 23 different MMORPGs will be coming out in the next couple of you think that these companies might be trying to milk the genre a little too much?


    In a word, yes. These aren't just games, but second lives coming out, and I really don't believe there are enough players to adequately fill even half of those. It's not like a single, sane person could play (and afford; remember, pay by month, folks) more than two... possibly three at once. I expect a lot of these games to just flounder, but then again, what do I know?

    You'll remember that RPGs in general saw such a flux after FF7 hit, bringing the genre into the mainstream. Every developer and his uncle tried his hand at an RPG, and as a result, we've since seen upwards of 60 RPGs in a year.

    nature's rage
    Hola Andrew,

    You know, I couldn't think if any actual video game questions...again, so I thought I'd ask you to describe the adventures of a pizza delivery boy in the recent tornado. Any tales of bravery and heroism in delivering that pepperoni with cheese, or where you in class at the time? I hear the campus looks like a war zone.

    Peace out, yo,


    Hello Barry. Yes, to fill the rest of you in, the very edge of my university was hit by an f-zero class tornado (which is as small as they come). It tore down scores of trees, toppled several light and telephone poles, and ripped much of the siding off a Conoco gas station, not to mention shutting down a section of a major street for half the day.

    The tornado came by about a half-block away from my apartment complex. I was at home, programming, when the power went out. My roommate yells at me and tells me that a tree limb almost fell on my car, and I looked out the window to see leaves and debris swirling around my apartment's courtyard. It was a little unnerving, but cool nonetheless. Needless to say, I'm fine. And as far as I know, noone was killed, which is surprising considering the fact that, as you said, the edge of campus looked like a war zone.

    tokyo game show
    Hey (Mr. T pities) Aegis foo'

    I was wondering what you were most interested in at the Tokyo Game Show?

    Imperial Mog

    I was most interested in something that was supposed to have been announced but sadly wasn't. What I'm referring to is the inevitable announcement of another Capcom series (the first being Resident Evil/Biohazard) that's going to the GameCube. Capcom's made mention of it, but we just don't know which one it is. Here's hoping for Mega Man.

    Of what was shown, though, I'd say I was most interested in Space Channel 5 Part 2. What can I say, I'm a sucker for music games.

    End of the Road:

    I'm tired; it's late; this is all the column I'm able to write, sorry. Mail Google tomorrow. He'll appreciate it.

    Andrew P. Bilyk is the walrus. Koo koo kachoo.

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