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     Monday, September 10, 2001 "rainbows? i hate those things"     


Alanna begged you all not to send any mail regarding the whole FF8 vs. FF9 debate, and everybody listened to orders; I didn't receive one piece of mail on the subject. However, it seems you all obeyed a bit too well. I received seven (7) letters in total for today's column. I'll make the best that I can of it, and to help matters next week, I'm going to start using column topics again, as that should guarantee a surplus of mail.

I had tentatively planned to start beefing up my intros and closers, starting this week, but I have a Japanese test tomorrow and a physics test on Tuesday, so needless to say I'm going to try to make short work of this column. Let's shoot for next time, though. Until then, let's move on to the few, the proud, the elite: today's letters.

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column.

    snl fun
    That quote is from A Night At The Roxbury. The brothers (Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan) are always telling the same story about them seeing Emilio Estevez. If I may,

    "He turned around, and he tipped his hat like this."

    "And he was like, Emilio!"

    Oh, a question. Where does your name come from?

    This guy here was the first of many Night at the Roxbury (note the correct spelling, folks) fans to correctly guess last week's quote. And then there was this other guy who thought it was from the game Ring of Red for the PS2. Go figure.

    Anyhow, about my name. At face value, my alias "Aegis" (at least, that's what I'm assuming you're referring to) comes from Greek mythology. The Aegis was a shield used by Athena, if I remember correctly. The word itself has been used in many other ways as well (plenty of RPGs use the term), but that's the origin of it as far as I'm aware.

    teen idols

    Apparently not. I really don't like her either. Britney Spears, on the other hand....

    numerical analysis
    Hey (monks sing) A-EGIS
         Have you ever noticed that most RPG's have you hunt down the silver-haired prettyboy?
    Imperial Mog

    I would imagine that most monks would sing "AE-GIS," but I suppose you shouldn't look a gift monk in the mouth. Although there have been quite a few recent RPGs that fit this criterion, I wouldn't say that most RPGs have a silver-haired prettyboy villain. Maybe somebody should create a comprehensive pie graph of villain stereotypes and send it to Googleshng. Then again, maybe not.

    my dad is cooler than your dad
    Hey Aegis,

    I don't know what the big debate between FF8 and FF9 was, considering FF7 was better than both of them. I can't wait to see the flames I get for that, but it's true.


    The only game I've completely played through of the three is FF7, so I really don't have all bases covered in forming an opinion. That said, I probably like FF9 the best, with FF7 closely following.

    As for you saying that FF7 is hands-down better, that's really not true. As far as subjective things such as game quality go, you can say that FF7 is a better game to you personally, but you just can't make statements like that that aren't true for everyone and can't be proven. A friend of mine is about to kill his roommate because of his often-vocalized all-definitive views on subjective topics.

    achilles' heel
    Okay, I sent this question to Google, but he didnít answer. So now Iím going to send you the short version. Here goesÖ

    Lights for GBA:  
  • Shark Light = crap
  • Worm Light = crap
  • X = good

    What is the value of X? Thanks.

    --Castlevania: Playing under the Lamp

    As far as I know, X is currently undefined. As someone who's beaten the import version of Castlevania: CotM, I can feel your pain. To be able to see everything, you've gotta play under direct light. Unfortunately, I think you're already doing all you can do. A common lamp (or some other bright light, such as the sun) seems to be the only good tool to play darker GBA games right now.

  • End of the Road:

    There you have it. A short column by a not-so-short man. I'm gonna sleep now, which I will later follow with doing physics homework and attending class. I'll be back in a week with new and exciting things, but until then, you should email Gramblebang lots and lots of letters, because everybody loves that name and you just can't overdo a good thing.

    Andrew P. Bilyk:  high in fiber, low in saturated fat.

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