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I worked the closing shift at Papa John's tonight (last night for all you reading), and it's really late, so I'm keeping the intro short. First, as you can see (since it's not Tuesday and you're reading my column regardless), I've switched days. Google wanted this done, so I obliged. However, now he's on vacation, and my work schedule for the next while is different than it has been, so I'm going back to Tuesdays, effective this coming Tuesday. So, I'll be back in three days, and I will have a topic next time, I promise. A good one, too.

Oh, as an aside, my experiment in the form of my last column's title turned out just as I expected it to. "Naked Pictures" has been the most viewed RPGamer Q&A column throughout the entire month of July to this point. See, this proves my longstanding theory: Germans love David Hasselhoff. Anyhow, let's move on.

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column.

    um, yeah

    Some dude, who wished to remain anonymous, was the first to guess that last week's "all the lights are changing from green to red" was from the song "Babylon" by David Gray. That's what he wanted me to post, so, while I don't understand the meaning behind it, there you go.

    what's in a name?
    Hi Aegis,

         I was wondering if you could tell me all the games in the Tales of Phantasia series, I keep hearing about a Tales of Destiny one way, and Tales of Phantasia on the other! I need clarifications. ;-;

                Thank you,

    Hi back to ya. I can understand the confusion, considering the facts that A) the first game of the series didn't come out in North America and B) the third game is being renamed for the North American market. Here, in chronological order, are the games in the Tales series...

  • Tales of Phantasia was only released in Japan. It was first released on the Super Famicom, and a PlayStation remake came out afterwards.
  • Tales of Destiny is a PlayStation game and was released in both North America and Japan.
  • Tales of Eternity has already been released in Japan, and it will be released in North America as Tales of Destiny 2. It's for the PlayStation as well.

    Hey! What's up, Aegis?

    I'm gonna tell you about my first rpg. I think I was four years old, heading to my cousin's house to play his nice 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was great! I played Final Fantasy 2 (4) every day! Sure, I mostly started new games every day, cause I was afraid to save over my cousin's file, but that's okay. Sometimes I would sneak a peek at his game, level 76, at the moon. Once, I ventured out too far. I was exploring the "Big Whale" and touched the crystal in the middle of the ship. YAY! I was transported to the more familiar world I had known rom my own games. Never acquiring the airship, I eagerly entered every nook and cranny. I found my way into the Dwarf's World, or whatever. Upon entering the Dwarf's Castle, I was greeted by several "Lali-Ho"s. I had tons of fun. I walked around for about an hour...getting sleepy. It was 10:30 and I was four. I'll stop soon, I told myself. I found an dwarf next to a bucket. I talked to it and he urged me to drink from the bucket, as it would replenish my health. Drowsily accepting my orders, I headed for the bucket. A spiraly gold thing spun around me, getting closer and closer. I was so scared! I ran out of the room before I could see the message:


    The next morning, my cousin wouldn't talk to me. After breakfast, I asked him why, and he simply replied, "You're never playing my Nintendo again." I had left it on all night! He was mad and he had the right to be mad. I never beat Final Fantasy 2, heck, I never even got to save... I can't wait for Final Fantasy Chronicles!


    You're reading "Letters with Aegis," and that was a letter.

    Thanks, Sabdo, for writing in about your first RPG. I found it an amusing story, as I'm sure will at least a decent portion of our audience today.

    I do hope you realize, though, that Final Fantasy Chronicles is already out. You don't have to wait for it unless you're waiting on a birthday, Chanukah, etc.

    system wars
    Hey hey hey Aegis!

    Just for the record, i've been reading rpgamer/ for about 4 years now, and you guys well.. Rock. Anyway I need some advice and I have a question.

    First off i'm trying to decide which console to buy. I really want a PS2 because of Final Fantasy 10/11 and for the DVD player plus other reasons. I also want Game Cube for the obvious reason that it is going to kick some major hiney (graphics and game wise). My question is will they (squaresoft) be continuing to make games for the PS2 (Final fantasy, Chrono trigger 3) and has any other major RPG publishers signed on with Game Cube? Plus I hear that it will be cheaper than PS2. It said on that its preordering for $199 US, but since i'm Canadian that won't mean much. Your advice?

    One quick question for FFIX... any advice on the battle with that big ass white dragon at the LIFA TREE near the end of CD 4? He kills me in 4 turns.

    Anyway Thanks for your time aegis.. keep up the great work!

    For others input about my 'crisis' email me at

     - Sincerely,
       Lyle "Stomper" J. A. Smith II
       NB, Canada
      "Sometimes an honest answer can get you in alot of trouble.  But i'll give you one anyway."

    The simplest solution to your problem would be to simply buy/somehow get both systems, but if you can't do that, it really all depends... The PS2 should drop in price to $250 before the GameCube launches, so the price points will at least be comparable. The PS2 does have more going for it right now as far as RPGs and just games in general, although the GameCube certainly does have its gems, like the new Smash Bros. and the unannounced-but-definitely-coming Mario game. Square will be developing on the PS2 for the unforeseeable future, although I see them moving to other systems (such as GameCube) as well, starting with FFXI and moving on from there. The GameCube does look kinda sparse at the moment for RPGs. However, if Dragon Quest 8 comes out for the Cube, like it's rumored to, that will guarantee not only huge system sales in Japan but also plenty more RPGs from other companies to make use of the huge Japanese installed base.

    So, in other words, I really can't tell you what you should do. Take that information, along with your personal tastes and wants, and get whichever system you think will suit you more.

    I'm only on disc 3 in FF9. I hope to fix that shortly, but I'm no help. Look at a FAQ!

    End of the Road:

    So ends my shortest column ever, right before the crack o' dawn. Power... fading......

    Write in to Chimerasame tomorrow, and I'll see you all on Tuesday.

    Andrew P. Bilyk will dream of sugarplums and other wonderful things.

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