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     Tuesday, July 3, 2001 "i'm not talking about burning down a building"     

Today has been a busy day. I took my car in to get my rear brakes fixed. I got a cell phone and a service plan to match. I bought a used NES Power Glove at GameStop for $7.99. I picked up my little brother from back home and brought him over to my apartment here in town to stay for a few days. We saw "The Fast and the Furious," which I enjoyed. Enough about me, though. On to the letters...
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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Everybody's favorite contest-of-sorts from RPGuides followed me to the letters column! Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in the next day's column.

    Hands on Everything
    Aegis, it's nice to have a fresh set of typed words around Rpgamer. You give great input to everything.


    I'm going to buy FFXI for the PS2, I have a couple of reasons for this. The first being that eventually (knocks on wood) the PS2 will have a massive 30-50 gigabyte hard drive, and as Square mentioned future Final Fantasy will effectivlely use more of the HD. So it would run miles faster as apposed to the X-Box's 8 Gig HD, that a Pentium 3 would definately become bogged down if the HD had 5 or 6 gigs of memory written into it. 3 expansion bays is really incredible if you think about how small the PS2 really is. A super computer.

    Your reasoning is good, but you'll have to pay extra for that massive hard drive, as the guy below you reminds us.

    And also (google if you're reading this) the PS2 doesn't have a 2 year warranty, it has a 90 day. I've never had a problem with mine, but it's the newest model.

    Thanks for the warranty tidbit; good to know.

    As for Bomberman, hell yeah! I just hope it's more like the first on the SNES. That is still hands down the best Bomberman ever made. Bomberman Party was good, but only in Muliplayer mode. But I guess that's why they tapped "party" on the title.

    I've heard that the one-player mode in Bomberman Tournament is kinda Pokémon-ish. I dunno how I'll take to that. Multiplayer looks golden, though.

    Well, there are my thoughts about your topics that you wanted. So you can't not post it now. :)

    Well, I could have not posted it, but I didn't. Double negatives are fun.


    Pee See Gamer
    Hello there

    Following your suggestions for the Q&A today, I would have to say that I'll definately buy the PC version of FFXI. The reasons being that my computer has been expensively customized for video output, speed, and it has better specs than a PS2. Now I realize that I'll probably have compatibility issues with drivers for hardware and all that stuff, but I feel a little easier having a Intel-made chip (Intel being the most widely used chip). Also, I do not own a PS2. When FFX comes out I wil buy it and "Borrow" a friends PS2 for about 3-4 days while I beat FFX (I don't know why, but It feels good to be the only one you know to beat FFIX first in 3 days after the release). But, who knows what will happen. I might just end up buying a PS2 just like I eventually did buy a PS1 about 2 weeks FFIX came out (only because ofa a good deal with Crono Cross included).

    Anything that could be disputed with Internet connection doesn't matter with me anyway. It'll be a 56k connection anywhere in the house.

    Lastly, I hear that one would need to buy an expensive 40G hard drive for the PS2 just to play internet-multiplayer games on it anyway.

    -Scull Lead- "He stretched forth his arms over all of the lands and said, 'Let there be a FFVI port to the GBA'"
    I'm always glad to see PC gamers write in. I'm not one myself, but I like diversity. Yeah, I don't know how much that hard drive is gonna cost, but it'll likely be a lot more than most people will want to pay after already buying a $300 system. As for that GBA port, who knows what the future holds. Keep those fingers crossed.

    For the Box

    Concerning the announcement that FFXI would be multiplatform: If Square wants this game to succeed at all, this is inevitable. The very nature of MMORPGs is to be as cross-platform as possible. Gameplay is dependent on interaction with real people, so naturally you want to attract as many different kinds of gamers as you can, and making your game cross-platform is the first step in making that happen. Sega realized this when they made the decision to bring PSOv2 to the GameCube and I'm glad to see that Square is finally realizing it as well.

    That having been said, I'm likely to pick up the Xbox version of this is one is available. I have no particular preference to consoles; I just like good games. In the online arena, though, no one can deny that the Xbox is better-equipped for online gaming than its competitors. It alone has Internet connectivity out of the box, and broadband Internet at that. It alone has a hard drive out of the box to allow for the download of new quests, characters, and items. And while some may choose to mention the matter of the Xbox's online gaming network not expected until next year, in the case of FFXI it's a moot point; the game likely won't be released until sometime after that.


    "Excuse me for not answering your letter sooner, but I've been so busy not answering letters that I couldn't get around to not answering yours in time."
       -Groucho Marx
    There were no question marks within that letter, so I have no answers to give. Your thoughts are well-presented, and I agree with pretty much all the points you brought up. I'll get FFXI for either GameCube or Xbox, probably for whichever the underdog system happens to be at the time.

    All Signs Point to...
    Hey Aegis,

    As per your request, I just wanted to rant about Final Fantasy Chronicles. Yes, my Final Fantasy 4 works, but it throws a fit at least once every time I try to play it, my playstation prompts me to please insert a playstation CD ROM. I took it back to the store after trying the game in two different machines and it worked! Needless to say, that was humiliating. The retranslation of the game is a huge improvement and it is just as fast as it every was. The sound quality is also up to par. Anyway, Chrono Trigger works fine, but the opening anime cutscene skips a little bit the others don't. The loading times are not as bad as some people have made it sound. The entering and exiting of battles is a little sluggish, but the true snail is when you go to your menu. Still, this game is worth it.

    My question is, do you think if this game is successful there will be a playstation re-release of Secret of Mana and maybe even Seiken Densetsu 3, given the same treatment as FFC?

    Thanks for your FFC impressions. As far as your query goes, don't hold your breath. We got Final Fantasy Chronicles, in my mind at least, because it was a relatively easy project with a high payoff, in a time when Square isn't in the best of financial states. Remember that these remakes have been out in Japan for quite awhile.

    All Square remakes have come out in Japan before hitting North America, and the PlayStation is a virtually dead system. Since even Japan hasn't seen these remakes yet, I'll say that we won't see them at all... at least on the PSX. If Square and Nintendo make up, though, you may see GBA versions. Who knows?

    Full of Self
    What's up?

    Yo. Not much.

    1. Have you played Dark Cloud? If so, how is it?

    I played for about 10 minutes at E3, and it seemed cool... quite pretty. I don't have a PS2 yet, though, so I don't have any in-depth experience with the game, sorry.

    2. I still have trouble believing FFXI will be on NGC... I'll get the PS2 version probably.

    I'm sure a lot of gamers share your feelings. It's been awhile since we've seen a Square game on a Nintendo system. It's gonna happen, though.

    3. What game(s) have you excited most? I'm really lookin' for somethin'....

    Me? I have excited a lot of games... I don't know which ones I affect the most, though. Hey, wait... I think I read that wrong. You probably wanted to know what game(s) excite me the most. Three come to mind right now at 3:31 in the morning: Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube, the unannounced-but-known-to-exist Mario game for GameCube (to be shown at Spaceworld), and Doom for the GBA.


    Aegis Plays Matchmaker, part 1
    This is probably the one time a Q&A host has offered a multipart question for the readers to respond to. Though I do want to respond to only two parts of it.

    First, well, I work at an Electronics Boutique, and I'm surprised at the amount of people who are snatching up Final Fantasy Chronicles. One girl came in two days ago and started asking about a whole bunch of RPGs. Eventually, she asked, and this is a direct quote, "This is a stupid question, but do you have Chrono Trigger?" There are no words to describe the pride I had as I turned and handed her the package, with a triumphant cry of "Yes, we do!" So, to the girl from Erie, PA, who dropped a huge wad of cash against the protests of her mother, and who seemed to be taken by my charms, mail Aegis and he'll send you my e-mail address, since it's not inappropriate now. You know who you are. ^_^

    The love lives of two RPGamers... their fates under my control. Mwa ha ha! Seriously, though, if the lady of mention is reading, mail me and I'll hook you two crazy kids up.

    Next, well, a Crazy Taxi movie could be done well. But I don't want to see that. Actually, what I want to see is Crazy Taxi Online-- a MMORPG with a persistent world or a few of them, where players race to catch passengers and beat their opponents out of a few fares. Sort of like deathmatch taxi driving. What I wouldn't give to be the announcer for that one...

    If the Crazy Taxi movie is done well, it could be great. The question is if, though. I like your CTO idea. Just think: the future may hold games quite like that. Yay.

    Greetings Aegis
    I am Ish-Ka-Booble, General of the Mighty Santa Samurais Giving you Greetings of Peace and hope of answers of my questions/comments (I hope that was grammically correct).

    Now I'm scared. Mommy, make the bad man go away.

    Yes, I have been having a farly decent amount of trouble with Chronicles, sometimes it doesn't reconize the CD, oh what shall I do?

    I'd wait a week or so, to give Square time to send out new copies, and then return it. Make sure you return it while the store allows you to, though. Places like Babbages only give you seven days.

    Second, FFIV retranslation, wow, excellent, and not too much lag at all. Chrono Trigger, lag was bad, but I'll probably beat it just for the extras and stuff.

    That seems to be the consensus.

    Why should I have a Sky Lord in my party in Vandal Hearts, he's only good at dying?

    Never played, no idea, sorry. Check a FAQ or walkthrough.

    What anime do you recommend? I already have seen DBZ, Big O(disappointment) and Robotech(gotta love it)

    I haven't seen a lot, but I highly recommend Those Who Hunt Elves, Tenchi Universe, and Jubei-Chan. All of these are of the funny, kinda light-hearted variety. If you end up seeing any of them, mail me back and tell me what you thought.

    Thank you for(hopefully) listening to me...
    General Sanata Samurais

    Gonna Make Crazy Money
    Hey man,

    A Crazy Taxi movie? I don't think it's THAT bad an idea, except they'll have to completely make up a plot, which will differentiate the movie and game so much they might as well not compare it to crazy taxi.

    I don't think it's a bad idea, I just think it's a weird premise for a movie, and I think it's too easy of one to screw up.

    About FFXII, do you think you're gonna buy it?

    You're asking about Final Fantasy TWELVE? Dude, that comes out in 2003 or sometime like that. I know nothing about it and haven't even thought that far ahead yet.

    Finally, how much do GBC and GBA games cost?

    Your average, brand-new GBC game is $30 (U.S. dollars, of course). GBA games tend towards $40.

    *** Pierre, the shuriken-throwing, snail-eating French Ninja ***

    "With fingernails that shine like justice."

    'Girl with the Short Skirt and Long Jacket' by Cake.

    -- Ur

    That quote sounds just like my wife.
    As far as I know, the title is simply "Short Skirt, Long Jacket," but that's close enough. Enjoy your day o' fame.

    Misleading? Maybe...

    I thought I'd lend my wisdom to the column once again and clarify what seems to be a hot topic. To the best of my knowledge, Dragon Warrior VII does have 17,000 pages of text. Pages, not dialog boxes. I'm sitting here looking at a huge binder full of game script, and there are many more just like it piled on a table a few feet away. Each of the pages in this binder contains somewhere between one and ten dialog boxes. Believe me or not, but I'm looking at it right here, and it doesn't seem all that far-fetched when you actually sit down and look at it. Keep in mind that this is every piece of dialog in the game, written out in script form. Most townspeople in the game have three or more pieces of dialog to say depending on where in the game you are, and what you have done.

    Just thought I'd clear things up a bit.

    We had quite a discussion about this in the RPGamer staff IRC channel today. Yeah, technically, there are about 17,000 pages. However, with the way the pages are formatted (I won't go into detail, as it's a matter of national security), there are only around 100-or-so words per page. To give a good frame-of-reference, a double-spaced essay has around 300 words per page, so if the DW7 text was formatted like that, there would be approximately 6000 pages. That's still a lot of text, though.

    Selling the Past
    Recently, I've been considering selling some of my old SNES RPG's on Ebay, having heard that some will fetch a good price. However, I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on what anyone would pay, if anyone would even be interested. Here's a list of what I have:

    One of the best ways to get an idea of what price to expect or ask for an item is to check similar auctions. I'll tell you what I'd expect from each of them, though.

    Breath of Fire I & II   About $25 each
    Chrono Trigger   This is probably worth less now that FFC is out; about $40 or $50
    Earthbound   Probably around $30
    Final Fantasy II & III   I'd say $50 for each
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest   Maybe $20
    Lufia I & II   Let's say $30 and $45, respectively
    Secret Of Evermore   This was damn cool but unpopular; $25
    Secret of Mana   $40
    Seventh Saga   Um... $30?
    Super Mario RPG   Around $40

    All are in good condition, and most have their boxes and manuals. Also, would I want to try to sell them all together, or seperately? Any advice you could give me on this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    You'll almost always make more selling things like these separately. There's no question in this case. As for the prices I listed above, though, note that I'm a horrible estimater, and it's quite late. Look at other auctions to get more insight. Good luck!

    Oh, also... if any of our readers are interested in catching some of these before they hit eBay, mail your offers using this link, and I'll pass them along to our seller here.

    End of the Road:

    I'm really tired, and I'm gonna go to bed now. I hope you all have a happy fourth of July, and please don't burn your hands off. Be a good audience and send Google plenty of mail. Until next week,

    Andrew P. Bilyk would be better off on vacation.

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