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     Thursday, June 21, 2001 "his magical arrows fly like sparrows"     


Wow! I got a lot of really good mail today. Sadly, I can only put up so much of it, but thanks for being such a great reading/writing audience. We have a pretty wide range of topics, and a few cries for help, too.

I picked up Sonic Adventure 2 today, as I said I would. I've only had a chance to play a little bit, as I bought it right before I went to work, but I like what I've seen so far. Enough about that, though. Let's move on...

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Everybody's favorite contest-of-sorts from RPGuides followed me to the letters column! Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in the next day's column.

    Legend of Chronology

    Hello Aegis!

    There is a definite connection with the zelda story lines! Each one adds to the big big picture of the entire series. Every princess of hyrule is named zelda (there have been 4 so far) and all the links have been descendants of each other (3 links so far). The easiest way to determine the continuity is by Gannons appearance (since there is only one Gannon)

    The series follows this timeline:
    -Ocarina of Time (earliest)
    -Majora's Mask
    -Oracle of Seasons and Ages (which ever order you decide to play them in)
    -Links awakening
    -Link to the Past
    -Zelda 1
    -Zelda 2 (latest)

    Its the same link and zelda from Ocarina of Time through Links Awakening. LttP is its own Link and Zelda. And Zelda 1 and 2 have the same Link, but different Zeldas.

    The 7 sages are rescued in OoT and their descendants are rescued in LttP.

    In LttP it is mentioned that Gannon was once a theif who was transformed into a pig like monster. Gannon appears as theif in OoT and transforms into the piggy monster at the end.

    Also Links awakening takes place right after the Oracle series. There is proof of this when you beat both Oracle games.

    The CD-i Zelda games dont count ;)


    I told you that somebody would argue that the Zelda games fit together (quite a few of them, actually; this was just the best organized). Thanks for the info!

    Answer for the Goddess, #1

    Hey Aegis-

    What's up? This is partially for Xenochick ~The Xenogears Goddess~. Anyhow, the song where Ryudo is attempting to vanquish the Horns of Valmar within him by facing Valmar's trials and Elena is singing along with many villagers is entitled, "Awakening Ryudo~Prayers of the People." It is a very pretty song.

    Anyways, now its time for some random questioning for Aegis. ::cackles evilly:: Here we go!:

    1) What is your favorite song(s) from an rpg??
    Mine would have to be the Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII (so pretty!), Small Two of Pieces (and any of the songs from the Creid CD for Xenogears), and Melodies of Life (even though I didn't particularly enjoy FFIX).

    2) Who is your favorite villain(s) from an rpg??
    Let's see................I would say Krelian (Xenogears), Ultimecia--she's so cool-looking! (FFVIII), and of course, Sephiroth (FFVII)

    3) If you could live anywhere in any rpg world, where would it be?
    I wouldn't want to live in any of the places because they always seem to have some type of problem. It might be neat to see some place like Midgar (FFVII), though.

    4) And, do you happen to know where I could find some MP3's of the Japanese versions of the vocal songs from the game "Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure," specifically the one where Cornet and Kururu are singing to Etoile in the earthworm train??

    Anyhow......Cya soon! (or something like that) Take care!!! :)


    Well, Xenochick, there's one answer for ya. Somebody else thought the song had a different name, though; see next letter.

    1) Well, since you're letting me give multiple answers, here are some of my favorites: the opening theme from Chrono Cross, the generic boss battle music from FF4, "One Winged Angel" from FF7, and the tower theme from the original Phantasy Star.

    2) Kefka, hands down. I loved the guy.

    3) Yeah, Midgar would be cool to see, but I'd probably pick somewhere in the Phantasy Star universe. Not sure where, though. Palma's nice this time of year, so I hear...

    4) Gosh, I have no idea. Can anybody help him out?

    Answer for the Goddess, #2

    It's called "A Deus". If you bought Evolution II and sent in your proof of purchase to UbiSoft, they gave you a cool little CD with a sweet remix of that song on it (as well as the original version). Of course, didn't that same soundtrack CD come with Grandia II anyway?... Somehow I have two copies of that disk...


    P.S. I have an extra copy of Skies of Arcadia sitting around. Who do I have to give it to to guest host the column?

    And here's another song title for Xenochick. I don't know which is right (maybe they both are), but one of them should be.

    /me stretches out his hands greedily. I've been meaning to get a copy of SoA.... I'd take it from you and let you host with me one of these days, but I don't really believe in the principle of you giving me a game for virtually nothing, so you're probably gonna have to talk to whoever's currently in Google's trade-for-a-guest-host-appearance spot. In fact, that reminds me; Traks is gonna be guest-hosting tomorrow, so if he's wanting that, maybe you two can work something out.

    Maybe This Guy Has a Point

    So, am I the only one rampantly salivating over the fact that Enix and Square are slated to develop an Online RPG together or what? Sheesh, people... Nirvana has come and you just tune it out... ;P


    I'm guilty too. I read the news but didn't really give it a second thought. Just think, though, people: the last time Enix and Square got together, we got Chrono Trigger. We actually have a darn good reason to be excited about this collaboration.

    Precursor to the Electric Rat & Crew


    Don't forget Monster Rancher, which (maybe?) was the first game to revolve around training monsters. That's probably why Next Generation gave it 5 stars. Looking at the backs of the boxes of the Pokemon Stadium games, they look very much like MR, which came out like 5 years ago. MR didn't have the trading though.

    Ha! Somebody mentioned David the Gnome! Rock on.

    So ummm...any chance of Panzer Dragoon Saga being re-released on a newer system?


    Yeah, I forgot about Monster Rancher yesterday. My bad.

    I remember "David the Gnome," too. Does anybody remember that PBS kid's show "The Letter People"? I can barely remember it, but I remember that I liked it quite a bit...

    At this point, nobody -- other than Sega, mind you -- knows whether we'll get a PDS re-release. There's hard evidence that Sega will be putting out games for the PSX, though, so that at least gives us some hope, as PDS is supposed to be an incredible game.

    Support for the Big N

    True, Nintendo's N64 didn't have lots of RPGs. The ones it DID have, though, were pretty good. I could live off of Paper Mario and Ogre Battle 64, which is horribly underrated and ignored.

    Nintendo has shifted its 3rd party likeability. RPG superstars Working Designs has repeatedly announced their approval of the GCN. I've compiled a list of 3rd-party info, but it was last updated before E3.

    Maybe we haven't heard much yet, but this is just the calm before the storm.

    Yeah, most of the few RPGs on the N64 (I'm not talking Quest 64 here, folks) were darn good. I own both Paper Mario and OB64, both of which deserve all the credit anybody could ever hand to them.

    Nice compilation of quotes and info, there. Click that link, folks!

    I think you're right about the "calm before the storm," as you put it. I really believe that the Cube is gonna be HUGE.

    You Lose. Perfect!

    "i was never cool in school, i'm sure you don't remember me" is a line from the Ben Folds Five song "Underground."

    Oh, and this may seem like a pretty stupid question, but why is Pokemon Snap considered an RPG? I've never played the game, I admit, but... Huh???


    Yep, that's where the quote's from. Ben Folds rocks my world, yo. As a prize, you get a cookie, which will arrive via USPS in 7-14 business days.

    Pokémon Snap is not an RPG. We cover it because it's Pokémon-related, and RPGamer bossman Mikel Tidwell sez so. That's what you can do with ultimate power. Cool, eh?

    Crazy Old Man, or Is He?

    Hey, it's Aegis,

    Nice job with the letters. Of the next-gen systems, I'm drooling over GameCube (I don't know why, something about Nintendo that always gets me giddy as a school girl), I haven't been too impressed with PS2, but I will get it, mainly for MGS2, FFX, and Xenosaga. Xbox...ehhh, I don't know. I'm gonna wait and see.

    Anyway, to all those non believers of the GameCube, I just read something today (on a reliable site,, but still, no confirmation so I'm not standing by this with my life or anything) that Enix is making a Dragon Warrior (Quest) game for GC and a *special* DW game for GBA. If this is true, GameCube will do much better in Japan.

    And anyway, what do you think about Nintendo not letting Square make games for GBA? I'm kinda undecided. It would definitely help Nintendo if they let Square develop, but then again, Yamauchi is just one of those crazy old people that just might be brilliant, or very stupid. If you think about it, he is being smart. He's telling Square that they can only make games for GBA if they make games for the GameCube. There's a lot of business theory behind this that I have, but too much to write. So yeah, anyway, what's your take on all of this?


    Thanks for the compliment. My opinion of the next-gen systems mirrors yours pretty closely, although I know for a fact that I'll get an Xbox, if only for the Sega games coming out on it.

    This is the first I've heard of that Enix/GameCube news, but if it's true, that spells very good things for the Cube's market share in good ol' Japan. Let's hope, eh?

    Yamauchi may seem kinda crazy, but I think he's probably a pretty bright guy who knows exactly what he's doing. Although I want Square games on my new favorite handheld, I support what he's doing, as I'm more concerned about seeing Square games on the Cube. Let's hope we'll see both happen.

    Dragons 'n' Such


    This is for that other guy.... The reason the dragons look different is because they are not the same dragon, obviously. There are more than 8 dragons, just because Regole is a water element dragon, doesnt mean he's the source of the water dragoon's power. The 7 spirits are of dragons who died, because the dragoons are known as incarnations of dragons. So obviously, Regole and Feyrbrand are alive, so cant be connected.... understand now?

    Also, Feyrbrand is the green tusked dragon, while the source of the wind dragoon's power comes from the jade dragon

    Hope that was helpful

    - Condemned

    Although I've never played the game, that makes sense enough to me. Thanks for the info.

    Zelda: Oracle of Ages Help

    Ooh, my time to shine! I've got the answers to two of your questions:

    1. [edited for content]

    2. As for your dungeon question, try to find water that is lighter (in color) then the rest of the water. Press B when you are swimming in this water to ascend to the second floor.

    I hope I was helpful. Goodbye!

    BL Alien

    The first part of the mail was rather lengthy and concerned the Zelda timeline, which we already covered, so I left it out. Sorry. As for the second part, thanks for the tip. Hope that helps out the guy who needed it yesterday, if he didn't already figure it out.

    Are We Biased?

    How come everyone (like Starsickle, yesterday) says that every game on the PS2 is incredibly short? People have complained about short games ever since Metal Gear Solid ("good, but way too short") and I don't understand it. I popped in Super Metroid two days ago, which I remember being a super long game, and I beat it in 5:30. I did this while finding 92% of the stuff. In my original game, with 100% of the stuff, I beat it in 5:45--which just so happens to be the same amount of time it took me to beat ZoE the first time (and little over HALF the time it took me to beat MGS at first). I don't think games are too short--I think RPGamers expect games to be too long.


    And here's a mail from somebody I haven't heard from in awhile. I hope you've been doing well. How's your "project" going, anyhow?

    I think you're right; I think RPG players expect too much when it comes to game length. You just can't make, say, a platformer, last for 60 hours. I'd like to hear other opinions on this, though. Anybody?


    Hey Aegis.

    Did you see You Don't Know Jack on ABC tonight? Man, it was great. A few things bothered me, though, like the removal of the "Screw Your Neighbor" ability and the Gibberish Question. But overall, I laughed my [rear-end] off, especially when he rode over to his "Host's Stand" on the treadmill-type-floor. But anyways, on to the RPGs.

    One thing that really bothers me is how everyone talks about Grandia II, but no one ever mentions the original for PSX. It was a great game (At least better than Quest 64, but then again, that's not really an accomplishment...)! I got a good 50hrs out of it (Well, I haven't played the second yet because I don't have DC...). What're your thoughts on the First Grandia?

    Also, a few questions....
    1) Should I get DreamCast before it completely dies out? I'm a little short on $$$ and need to decide on that or Paper Mario (Hey Don't Laugh! I rented it and it owns! Don't rank on it just because it is 2D!).

    2) Tifa or Aya? Personally, I preffer Tifa, because she had more of a character development.

    3) FF7, FF8, or FF9? I say FF9. No Contest. It went back to the old skool styles of the Final Fantasy series, and as a classic RPGamer, I think it blew all the others away.

    Well, it's getting late, and a Thunderstorm is hitting my side of town right now. Don't want to blow a fuse, short out the PC, etc. Later.

    Master Margie
    "You have no chance survive make your time. Ha Ha Ha."

    Holy CRAP! They made a TV show out of You Don't Know Jack? About darn time! I'll make a point to see it, and let you all know what I think.

    I haven't played the first Grandia (nor the second, actually), but I've heard good things about it from friends whose opinions I trust.

    1) Paper Mario does rock, but so does the Dreamcast. I'd save up and get both! But if you're only gonna get one thing right now, I'd get a DC, as while they're not gonna get any cheaper (I certainly don't think so, at least), PM should drop in price after a few more months, I'd wager.

    2) Tifa. I have a thing for brunettes. ;-)

    3) I agree. Nine rocks my world. I liked Seven quite a bit too, but I didn't care much for what I played of Eight.

    Hope you survive the storm. Thanks for writing in despite the weather.

    See, Flattery Does Get You Somewhere!


    I would just like to say how refreshing it is to have a guest host like you. You answer questions and you don't just try to make not-so funny jokes. on to the question. In FF8 is there any way to get the cactar or tonberry GF's after entering the time compression? I would like to know because I could use a few more GF's for my weaker characters. also what is the lowest level that you won FF8 my friend won it on level 19 while i was on 100 and i am sure the game was more enjoyable for him.

    Thanks a million and I hope you can guest host again.


    Thank you very much for your compliments. I try, that's all I can say. As I alluded to in the above response, I haven't finished FF8 (I've only played a couple hours; shame on me, I know), so I can't help. I bet one of our other readers, could, though (but don't everybody send in about it, or that might be all I'll get!).

    This Is the ++

    Hiyas I'm Zak,

    First i hope i sent this to the right address but here's the news i have anyway:

    I didn't know if you people know but that is taking preorders for Final Fantasy Chronicles and the order will ship on 6/29/01. Just thought i would tell you as a fellow lover of rpgs.

    Zak The Anime Skater

    This actually came to RPGamer's news email account, not to me for Q&A. However, it was in the right format, and it contained some useful information, so I printed it. That's a bit earlier than I thought we'd be getting it. Here's hoping that EB actually has the right date!

    End of the Road:
    Well, there you have it. I'll admit, that was a pretty lengthy column, but it was varied enough to keep your interest, no? Anyhow, just from today's letters alone, we have a lot of topics we could pursue into tomorrow. Following are a few things I'd like to hear from you about, but as always, feel free to write in about anything.

  • Final Fantasy Chronicles: It comes out in less than two weeks. Gonna buy it? Why or why not?
  • Does a non-RPG being short in length bother you, as a RPGamer? Let me know what you'll put up with.
  • One of RPGamer's past polls asked readers which Game Boy Advance RPG they're looking forward to the most. If you're a GBA owner, take a look at our games page, look at all the GBA RPGs we have listed towards the bottom left of the page, and let me know which one(s) you plan to get.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Traks is the current guest host in the game-for-a-guest-spot deal, so he'll be with me tomorrow. Send in some Qs for him, too.

    Andrew P. Bilyk finished this column in time to go watch "South Park" with friends. Hurrah!

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