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     Monday, March 4, 2002 "her window was hung like a painting"     


Good day, ladies and gents. I'd try to comment on my past week, which I believe went rather well, but it's hard to do so when your days blend together. And mine do. Little sleep and little change between days help in the blending. Things are good, though.

I bought Gitaroo Man on Friday, and I think it's absolutely fantastic. Probably the best music game I've ever played. Maybe. But I'll talk about it more in-depth in responding to a letter from maybe a week or so ago which I'll post below.

Speaking of posting letters below, it's horribly late and I'm hella tired, so, if you see letters below, then I've already been back and added them, and I've done so most probably by about noon Central time. Else, I've yet to come back and update the page, but I'll probably do so by about noon Central time. I figured better some of the update late than all, right?

For those of you itching to see how game development is going, you should be happy to see that I do in fact have a working (but quite early and unpolished) version of Vazgen's Quest's battle system for your perusal. I know it's not complete, I know it's a bit buggy, I know that the enemies don't fight back... yet. Read the readme for the (temporary) control scheme, and don't come blaming me if it makes your computer crash and burn, figuratively or literally. Oh, and I know for a near fact that it doesn't work if you have Windows XP, so my apologies to those of you blocked in that category.

Some things that everyone can see, though, are some different parts of the game's tile art. Take a look at a bush, a tree, another tree, some grass and water tiles, and a house. Also, here is a simple sample background I threw together using some of the aforeshown items.

Please mail me any comments concerning the battle system or the art if you feel like doing so. I really do appreciate feedback, and I'm sure my artists would as well.

That's all game development stuff for this week, but next week you'll get a boatload, as I'm quickly approaching my deadline. Next week you should get to download an early version of the entire game itself, and I'll also show my resumé and application letter for those interested.

(By the way, if you're completely in the dark about all this game development stuff, take a look through my past couple months of columns, that should straighten you out.)

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column. An individial may not win the contest twice in a row.

    'when i am king you will be first against the wall'

    the quote is from the song paranoid android by radiohead

    your pal, GillHole

    Right you are. You were the first of fifteen, to boot. I was turned on to Radiohead a couple weeks ago by a friend of mine, and I really like their sound.

    game boy revolution
    Hey Shield of the Gods

    Bahhhhh! Umm do you think that the Gameboy Advance is heralding in a new age of gameplay and graphicy goodness? Tactics Ogre and Golden Sun are merely the beginning. Soon, the spirtiual reincarnation off FF6 will be reborn! Actually, I want a remake of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. I know the first is damn near impossible unless the planets align, but could/would they do a remake of Super Mario RPG? I can only hope. Please, please answer this. If you do, you get a tank.

      =       =

    The Wandering God

    To be frank, not really. Everything I've seen on the GBA so far, and pretty much everything that's possible, has already been done or could have been done on the SNES or PSX. I don't deny being an old-school gamer myself, and I am and will be buying up these remakes like there's no tomorrow, but as far as the GBA effecting a new age as far as gameplay or graphics go, nuh uh.

    Now, I could be proven wrong about the gameplay part, assuming that someone makes an extraordinary use of the GBA's linking capabilities, and, to be fair, the GameCube/GBA linking feature has tons of potential. But for stand-alone at face value, I stand by my previous statement.

    Regarding Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG on the GBA, Square has already stated a keen interest in developing for the GBA, but eccentric Nintendo Japan president Hiroshi Yamauchi basically gave them two thumbs down. Well, now Yamauchi plans to retire in June. If this actually goes through, I expect to hear a Square/Nintendo announcement, specifically for GBA titles, shortly afterward.

    born to be bone
    Hello O shield of a thousand uses.

    After looking at some Kingdom Hearts media, I found something that rocked my little world of Anime and Heavy Metal. Two words: Jack Skellington. If adding him to the game didn't singlehandedly change my mind about the game (I always thought summoning Dumbo instead of Ifrit was dumb), nothing would. While I'm at it,if you could add someone to the game (Disney or final fantasy related), who would it be? I would go with Sephiroth, just because I would love to hear him say, "You are just a puppet." to Mickey.

    The Masked Mystere
    "I walk the Earth another day/the wicked one that comes this way"

    For the few of you out of the loop, like I was (I looked it up yesterday), Jack Skellington is the main character in Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie most of us have heard of but I've never seen. Yeah, I think his inclusion would be pretty cool, despite the fact my only familiarity with him is his appearance.

    If I could add someone to the game, and bear with me, I'm having trouble with this, I'd pick Gau from Final Fantasy 3/6j. He's a kid, he's crazy, he speaks in broken English, so I'm sure he'd make a fine addition to the game's already chock-full comic relief sector.

    gitaroo man
    While this isn't RPG related, I know you personally enjoy rhythm games. I was wondering if you had had a chance to pick up, or at least try out Gitaroo Man? If so, are you enjoying it, and if not, are you planning on getting it?


    Indeed I love my rhythm games. As I mentioned in the intro, I bought Gitaroo Man, and as I mentioned in the intro, I love it to pieces. Unlike Parappa 2 was for me, which never really got much more enjoyable with multiple playthroughs, Gitaroo Man is a more fun and satisfying experience each and every time I play it.

    The game makes use of the Dual Shock 2's left analog stick and the buttons at once, and I had some difficulty in the beginning, because I abhor Sony's analog sticks. And the fact that you have to stick your thumb straight out to the side to reach it, rather than straight up like with other systems, does not help things.

    Though he gave the fantastic Frequency an unjust (in my opinion) 2 out of 5 (I'd have given it a 4), The GIA's Nich Maragos has an excellent Gitaroo Man review that says a lot more about the game than I could or should here, so I'd suggest you read more about it there.

    End of the Road:

    Well folks, there you go. Have a productive week, I should too, and I'll see you again in seven. Write to Google in the interim, won't you?

    Andrew P. Bilyk is on the verge of revolution. Exciting!

    Until next time,

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