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     Monday, February 18, 2002


I made my intro too long last week, so this week I'm going to compensate by giving just this bulleted list:

  • The battle engine isn't done yet. A few sprites still need drawn and I still have a little programming to do. We all love delays; just call me Vic. Let's shoot for next week.
  • Five people responded to my query for artists last week, and it looks like all of them will be able to help out in some way or another. Here's the game's logo, as drawn by nemickol.
  • Composer Chad Seiter has for us game over music and a map/exploration theme. The game over music is finished but the map theme is quite incomplete.
  • Related to music, we're in need of someone to convert Chad's few compositions from the game to .mod format. If you think you can translate Chad's stuff into a 4-channel .mod and don't mind doing so, email me. The same goes for anybody who wouldn't mind cranking out a few basic sound effects.
  • Lastly, I mentioned this before, don't send me guesses to Chesh's quotes! Please! I got like five, and I'm ignoring them. Mail him about that, not me.
  • Nobody got my quote from last week; it was from T.H. White's The Once and Future King, said by the Wart regarding Maid Marian.

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    Guess the Quote Contest
    Try to guess (be specific) the quote towards the top of the page. If you're the first one to email me with the correct answer, I'll mention you in my next column. An individial may not win the contest twice in a row.

    For my birthday, my parents bought me ffx, and i bought a ps2. I was all excited, except Best Buy was all out of memory cards. "Oh, Well," I thought. There's about 80 billion other stores in this town that sell em. No biggie. I've called/been to 10 now. Nothing. At Software Etc, they told me that there was a nationwide shortage of memory cards until mid to late MARCH (possibly early April). "Why," you may ask, "are all the memory cards gone?" Well, my brother proposed a theory, which make a lot of sense to me. A bunch of dorks bought the ps2, read about the backwards compatability, and thought they could save their ps2 games on ps1 memory cards. IE, a lot of people are dumb, and they all went out and bought memory cards before I could. So, basically, I hate everyone.

    And for the question, are there any *good* ps2 games that don't need a memory card? Please?


    Dude, that sucks, but if you've honestly tried everywhere, I'm sure you could just buy a third-party card somewhere. Yeah, I hate telling people to buy third-party peripherals and other stuff, but this sounds like an emergency. If that fails, which it shouldn't, buy online.

    Most games of any length or depth need a memory card. If puzzle or light gun games float your boat, you could try Bust-A-Move or Time Crisis 2. Music games are also decently accesible sans memory cards. That's about all I've got.

    Heya Aegis,

    Just recently played Lunar: SSC and am wondering something, having played that, Vanguard Bandits, and Lunar 2. Does Working Designs err on the side of comedic in their translations, or do the original companies actually script the games as such?

    I thought this was more or less common knowledge, and it may be, but I'll answer anyway. No, the original scripts are not like that, or at least not to such a large extent. Like it or hate it, WD throws funny modern references into just about everything they work on, at least that's what I'm told.

    fight for your right
    Why do people think playing ROMs of old games is ethically worse than buying a used cartridge of the game? In both cases, the people who made the cart aren't seeing a penny from the deal. In fact, the people who made old cartridges will never see a penny of any sales of them, so why exactly does it matter if used gaming stores don't make as much money? They rip you off so much anyway, giving you $5 in trade credit for a copy of FF2 then turning around and selling it for $30.

    Well, I guess your logic might hold for a bit, but I'm sure someone versed in law could make many a hole in it. I'd imagine that the rights to use a video game are transferred with the sale of the cartridge or CD, so, while the creators aren't making any more money, the legal right to use the game is transferred to the new owner of the game's physical medium. In contrast, if you download a ROM, you have no legal rights to play it unless it's public domain, which most games aren't.

    So, while developer profit is a moot point in this case, you don't have the right to play a game unless you actually buy it, new or not. And playing it without legal right is probably considered unethical in most circles.

    And, as a sidenote, whoever would sell Final Fantasy 2 for $5 bucks should be shot. I don't care how broke someone is, that's a travesty.

    the amazing rando
    In the games section of the website for the upcoming games of the PS2 it has Legion Legend of Excalibur scheduled for a US release date of October of 2001, but there's no information on it at all. Was the game scrapped and was just left up by RPGamer or did it slip out and just wasn't covered?


    Actually, neither guess is correct, though both would be plausible scenarios. Coming straight from RPGamer bossman Mikel Tidwell himself, "Legion has not been released, but we expect it at E3." Further, IGN PS2 lists the game for release on June 30, and the developer's website has Legion listed as upcoming. So, it's still gonna come out, fear not. We just erred in not changing the release date.

    not fair
    Hey Aegis,

    I have a few questions for you. First of all, what do you think of Zelda's new graphics? I think they are pretty cool. I don't have a GameCube, but I may get one if the Zelda game is any good!

    Also, I read on the GIA that MGS2 is coming out in Europe, and the release is being bundled with a DVD of the Making of MGS2, do you think this is fair that we don't even get it here, even though Europe gets very few RPG's (even though MGS2 isn't really an RPG, but still...)


    Though I think I preferred the more realistic look of the early Zelda trailer, I like the cel-shaded graphics as well, and I'm glad that Miyamoto is doing what he thinks is right. Despite that, though, from a business perspective, the switch wasn't very wise, as the new look has turned a lot of people off and will give a lot of older gamers yet another excuse not to buy the GameCube, which isn't good for Nintendo.

    Well, considering the fact that Europe is getting it now and not back in November, I would hope they'd get some sort of consolation. So, yeah, I think it's fair enough.

    damned regional lockouts
    Yesterday, The Surlaw wrote in to alert us all to the continuing availability of Shenmue II at I went to the site, but there was no mention of how to make their copies of the game work with a U.S. Dreamcast. I know EBGames bundled a boot disk with their imported copies. Outside of a chipped DC, how might one go about playing a copy of Shenmue II? Are boot discs available apart from the no longer available discs (excluding Ebay, of course)?


    It looks like you have two possible solutions. Get a boot disc here (you can read about it here), or search around for a Gameshark, which is supposed to allow you to play imports as well. Hope that helps.

    End of the Road:

    In recent news, Miyamoto and crew are supposedly changing Link's face a bit, his eyes in particular. This is good, because he didn't really look like Link. But when do we get to see it?

    I hope most of you have more patience than I do. Mail the slime tomorrow with questions and queries, or the ghosts of select Lynryd Skynryd members might just haunt your dreams. Yeah, that's right, and you don't want that, do you?

    Andrew P. Bilyk bought Final Fantasy X yesterday. He needs to stop buying things.

    Until next time,

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