WELCOME TO WARP ZONE! (once again)
Remember, the person who collects the most stars by the end of the week will obtain Ourobolus' 2,094 points!

For 1 Star...

Kuja competes against Freya in the Showcase on a Gaean version of The Price is Right that follows the same rules as the North American version of the show. Kuja, having won the Mountain Climber game and a new airship, was the top winner. Freya became wistful during the Range Game and forgot to push the button altogether, losing out on her chance at winning a Sargatanas.

In the Showcase, Kuja is presented with a lovely package of items, including the following:

-A handy camping equipment package, including a new Tent, a Survival Vest, a Bandana, and a pair of comfortable Desert Boots is showed off first.

-Next, one of the beauties brings out a pair of hand-crafted, shining Mythril Claws.

-Finally, a brand neeewwwww Avenger is revealed to end the Showcase!

Kuja laughs and pretentiously brushes his hair back before scoffing and passing his showcase to Freya, who after a little pondering, bids 25,000 Gil.

Kuja is much happier when he sees his showcase, which contains the following:

-It starts of with a Gem Synthesis Gift Certificate redeemable to produce one of each of a wide collection of glittering precious stones; namely a Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz, and Lapis Lazuli.

-A flashy Egoist's Armlet then drops down from the ceiling on a platform, much to his delight.

-A fine pair of flutes, including an exquisite Lamia's Flute and a lovely Fairy Flute follow those prizes up.

-The doors open at the end, uncovering a stunning suit of glittering Diamond Armor, concluding the Showcase.

Kuja is much happier with this glimmering mass of prizes and bids 28,000 Gil.

What is the outcome of the Showcase?

1) Freya wins her showcase
2) Kuja wins his showcase
3) Kuja wins both showcases
4) Freya wins both showcases
5) There is a double overbid.

(Have your pets spayed or neutered!)

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