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You're probably wondering what happened to yesterday's edition of Ask Drew, aren't you? Well, due to my email client being, in technical terms, naughty, I couldn't get any of my email, which made writing up a letters column kind of difficult. But I'd hate to break a good streak, so if you check the archives, I think you'll find a special little treat. Yes, that's right, it's yesterday's column! Don't say I never did anything for you.

Amazingly enough, today's letters column consists of actual questions, without a single rant to be found. I knew you guys had questions in those heads of yours somewhere! :)
This is a Letter About Character Design. Let's See You Think up a Witty Heading.
Did Akira Toriyama (dragon ball fame) design the characters for Dragon Quest VII? Do you think if they make a Chrono Trigger 2, he might design the characters for that, too?

- The Rubber Dingo Collector
Yeah, Akira has always done the character design for the Dragon Quest series, and DQ7 is no exception. As for Chrono Trigger 2, I don't see why not.
WonderSwan? WonderSwan?! We Don't Need no Steenkeeng WonderSwan!
Few things:

1. How come Wonderswan can get Square games but GameBoy Color can't? I thought the only reason Nintendo has no Square games is because N64 is cartridge-based. But Wonderswan and GBC are both cartridge, and GBC is indeed, COLOR ! And I thought Square's biggest concern was graphics. Besides, not even with Square's games, even if there's a Final Fantasy VIII Pocket Version, the Wonderswan has absolutely NO CHANCE against GBC !
Probably because Bandai was willing to pad Square's pocket a bit more. With that said, I have to agree that Gameboy Color is going to crush the WonderSwan like a one-legged cockroach, so I don't know what Square is thinking.
2. If Nintendo Atlantis (I've heard this is the name) has better specs than PSX2 and is the same medium (DVD), will Square make games for it ? Remember back in 1996 when Square said they'd make games for N64 if Nintendo made a CD Add-On ?
Right now Square is quite comfy lounging on Sony's big ol' economic couch. Things are going well for the Playstation, and the PS2 looks like it's going to be one hell of a machine. However, as Square itself has so often shown, it is a company in the business to make money. Should Nintendo's next console indeed have better specs than the PS2 and outsell it, I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to see Square returning to the Big N's fold once more, especially since Nintendo has seriously loosened it's tie on censorship.
3. With the completion of Final Fantasy VIII, I've beaten every Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu game they've made. Whoopie... Now for Romancing SaGa...
Let's get a round of applause, folks.
4. What game do you think Square should redo next ? Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, or Romancing SaGa 3 ?

Remember, we're all mad here...

Well, first off I should mention that Seiken Densetsu is the Mana series, and as such, I'd love to see another Mana game. Fancy another one recently being announced, eh?
Musically Inclined
Hey Drew, what's going on? I was just wondering if there is any sheet music for the FF Series? If there is where could I find it? I think it would be very cool to play the Aria de Mezzo Caraterre or the Theme of Love. So if you know, I would really appriciate if you could tell me.

-John G.
Well, everyone I talk to agrees that there is sheet music available for Square pieces, but nobody knows where to get it. Anybody out there care to answer this? I'd like to know myself, personally.
Castlevania has Arisen once More on Saturn
Hey, what's going on with that Symphony of the Night review? I got 203 percent in that game... and I have never once seen Maria cast a spell, or Alucard fight a tree thing in an underground garden. Is this the Japanese version, or did you just bag up some old screen shots and pretend you had been to those places? Clue me in here.

Those shots you've seen are from the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night, entitled Castlevania: Noctourne in the Moonlight. NitM has 2 extra areas, the Underground Garden and the Cursed Prison, several exclusive foes, and the ability to pic from Richter, Maria, or ALucard right at the outset. Because of the Saturn's lack of popularity in the states, Konamit didn't feel it would be worth their while to translate and release the game in North America. Don't blame Konami, you're the ones that didn't support the Saturn ;)
Drew Cosner's Insanity x 100
Hey, purdy lips.

1) Why is the harmoncia so hard to play? I try to draw in on the first hole, and it makes a really annoying buzzing noise. Am I doing something wrong?
Uhm, I'm no harmonica expert or anything, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to exhale, causing air to go through the holes, creating sounds. Not neceserrily music, but sounds none the less :)
2) Do you think that George Orwell is one of the best writers of the 20th century? I mean, Animal Farm, and 1984, they're just beautiful, you know man?
Yes, George Orwell is the man.
3) What size are your fingernail clippers?
Approximately 0.6" in width and 3.2" in length. The real question, however, remains. If my fingernail clippers left San Antonio travelling at the speed of 65 mph and another pair of clippers left half an hour later travelling at 35 mph, what would the measurement of the uppermost angle after 1 hour in both degrees and radians? I think you know the answer, even if you're afraid to admit it to yourself.
4) Does the idea of the combination of Bob Dole and Viagra sicken you as much as it sickens me?

Freedom is the ability to say that 2+2=4 when men in power say that it equals 5.

-Z-42; The man in the Purple Hat
Thinking of Bob Dole gettin' his groove on is about as appetizing as thinking of my grandparents doin' the nasty. I like to think that I and my parents are products of morphogenesis and were not given birth to, I'm much happier that way.
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Ask Thor.
(He gets sexual gratification from copying and pasting letters into the column)
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Why is it that magic keeps becoming more difficult to obtain in the Final Fantasy series? Does Square have something against sorcerors?
-Matt D
A sorcerer stole Hironobu Sakaguchi's high school sweet heart.
Just writing to let you know that this Sunday is Nobuo Uematsu's 40th birthday! Long live the King!
--Dull Hat
I command everyone to send all of your wordly goods and posessions to Nobuo.
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I'm going to use this spot to rectify a bit of a booboo on my part. I should've specified a topic of discussion for the next editorials update. So, here's a question for all of you editorial writers out there.

Were RPG's more fun before the Internet? Think about it. Thanks to the Internet, we could download every movie from Final Fantasy VII long before it's release, and the same has happened again for the upcoming Final Fantasy VIII. Major plot points are given away months before the game even makes it to North American soil. Would you have enjoyed Final Fantasy IV as much if there had been a big "Click here to see a movie of Tellah dying!" link? ANd now, you can get a complete guide to any game almost the minute it comes out. No longer do you have to go through all that pesky "exploring" garbage, the guide is right there on the Internet!

Obviously this subject is debatable, so do just that! Send me a well thought out editorial on what you think. I look forward to reading them.

- Drew "11th hour" Cosner Honk.

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