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I suppose you're all wondering how I'm going to get even with Thor for his little "Sailor Mars" fiasco. Well, I've decided that making any insulting pictures of him has come to be expected by readers, thus if I do go ahead and do that, the humor will be negated. It's like knowing the punchline before you hear the joke. Yes, I'm just going to rise above Thor's level, and move on.

Okay, so my scanner broke. Thor's a big poopy head.

Ahem. anyway, enjoy today's letter column, and try not to get any of it on your nice shirt!
Star Ocean: The Next Generation
Hey Drew,
I've heard absolutely nothing lately on Star Ocean: Second Story. RPGamer doesn't have a section for guys don't even have one for the first game! Shame, shame! Anyway, I'm really interesting in hearing whatever you've got on it: japanese release date, american release, anything. It's a tragedy that we never got the first game and I'm really hoping the sequel makes it here. Tell me something!

From what I've heard, Star Ocean 2 is going to come to North America courtesy of Sony Coorporate Entertainment America sometime this summer, although no exact release date has been set. Star Ocean 2 will also have a direct connection to the first SO, inculding characters that are descendants of characters from the first.
A Bunch of Questions. I Rock at Coming Up With Headings.
(Warning: Final Fantasy Tactics spoiler)
Hey Drew =)

1. How do you get the Lunar demo? Can you get it from EB World or do you have to go to the store? If you get it from EB World do you have to pay like $10 for S&H just for the demo?
Word on the streets is that Babbages will give anyone who reserves Lunar the demo. From what I hear, you can finally get it on Tuesday, rejoice and be happy.
2. A while back Thor said that a sprite was just a 2D polygon. I thought all polygons were 2D though? If it is 3D it is a polyhedron, right?
A sprite is not a polygon, what sort of misinformation has Thor been feeding you guys? A sprite is a hand-made (relatively speaking) picture that is animated by making frames of animation for it, like a cartoon. Some people try to say that any character object is a sprite, even if 3D, but once a character is 3D, it's no longer a sprite, but a render.
3. Guns don't kill people, I kill people
Been watching UHF, eh? :)
4. What do you think of LoL? I read it is really hard and doesn't have a good story. A hard game is good, but I don't like it to be so hard I have to level up for a week in between mazes. I didn't like Wild Arms, so do you think I should buy it just cuz Lunar isn't coming out till sometime in April? (possibly later)
I haven't gotten a chance to play LoL yet, so I can't really say.
5. What the hell happened in the ending to FFT? Did Delta kill her, or did she kill him and why?
I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Okay, so nobody really knows for sure. Square left it to your imagination
6. You're not going to post the pic of you dressed as Sailor Moon, are you? Please say no. I'd like to continue to read this column without fear.
You'd better watch it, or I'm going to post this screen capture of Thor dancing alongside Richard Simmons in the upcoming "Sweatin' to Weird Ass Goth Rock". Gangly my ass, Thor looks like Roger Ebert on Halloween day.
A Little Densetsu for You!
What are the chances of Seiken Densetsu 4 hitting the American shores? I've heard that since Square EA was forged, they promised to translate everything they this true?

Well, I guess we're just going to have to wait and find out. Details are still a little sketchy, but I have high hopes for this one being brought to our shores, I think it's going to happen.
would you please mention the word "crabbit," Thor wouldn't.

-James "ChuckMan" Thorne
Crabbit! Hahaha, chew on that, fat boy!
One Last Time
Oy that Thor! what a bad thinker y'are buddy "Welcome to the 51st Ask Thor. Ever notice how all the really weird stuff happens on Thursdays? I would have made a big deal about the 50th, but I'm weird, so I didn't. After working on this column for the past half-decade, I must say I've seen it all. Why, I was there when Beyond the Beyond was released... When Zelda II hit the stores and confused everyone with its EXP system... I even witnessed the birth of Dragon Warrior, and the really, really dull years before that when there were any console RPGs."

even if it were the last half decade, that only goes back to 1994 moron, there were plenty of console RPGs back then. now what you thought was the half century or something retard, and drew rocks!

-Jack vanBurace
Whelp, I've called him a fatboy and printed letters that made him look the buffoon. I think I've just about gotten my revenge for him telling you guys I dress in Sailor Mars threads :D
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do you know if there is a way to change those little batteries in Nintendo carts? i think the battery died. thanx.
You have to send it to Nintendo to get the battery replaced, I'm not exactly sure what it costs.
How come gears can fight under water, but can't travel on water?I've had just about enough of your lip, young man.
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