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There is No Airport on Miami Beach
May 18, 2008

Oliver Motok - 12:29 CST

And I'm back. I, Oliver Motok, will be your Q&A host for the next couple of months in place of the all-too-busy Lusipurr. He will be sorely missed, but there's naught that can be done, short of him neglecting his studies at University, and his (many) duties as Head of Interaction here at RPGamer. As for myself, although I am working an insane amount, (60 hours this week) I have no university studies to keep me down. So handling both Currents and Q&A should be a fairly easy task. Of course, when the fall semester rolls around I'll have to drop either one or the other, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I'm back from Florida. I shan't deign to comment on the time I had there. That should tell you enough. Now that I'm at home I can work on Persona 3: FES which I'm greatly enjoying. Sad that I don't have much time for it. I'm predicting that it will eat up my entire summer, but honestly, I don't mind. It's a great game. Final Fantasy Tactics is also a great game, and I'm moving right along in it.

I shall now address your stimulating and greatly appreciated questions.

The Letters
Fanfiction Without the Fan

Hello My Name is Pierson Stone and i am a listener of RPGcast and i was listening to Episode 32 and you guys were talking about giving you guys stories to publish on your site for up and comeing authors. I want to be a Fantasy Author amoung other things in my adult life. I was wondering if you still needed any storys for it i have created what people have said is a good story. If you want me to i can send what i have done of it to you. I have not finished it yet but i plan to over the summer! Thank you very much Pierson Stone


Hello there Pierson, and thank you for your interest in our new Fiction Quarterly section!

So, you want to be a fantasy author, eh? A noble aspiration indeed. I very much enjoy fantasy in any form, which should be evidenced by my employment with RPGamer. In the past I have dabbled in the writing of my own fiction, but in truth, I think I lack the edge of free-thinking creativity that fantasy writers so desperately need.

Anyways, on to your question. If you have an ORIGINAL work of fiction, then by all means, submit it to us. Please note the words "original." We will accept absolutely no fanfiction, so this is not a good place to submit your Final Fantasy VIII romance novel in which Squall ditches Rinoa and elopes with Quistis. By all means, Squall SHOULD ditch Rinoa and elope with Quistis, but this is not a tale to be told in RPGamer's Fiction Quarterly.

Now, when your work is submitted, it will be thoroughly read and edited by Andrew Long, our human resources manager. And if you're lucky, we'll publish it. Please understand that, in all likelihood, we won't be publishing every entry we receive. Quality is a concern after all, and above all else, we need to avoid the stigma that is so often associated with fanfics. However, DO NOT let this deter you from submitting your work! Without entries, this entire section will be failure of ELEPHANTINE proportions.

If you truly desire to be a fantasy author, getting your work published on RPGamer is certainly a fine start. After all, (and I don't mean to be tooting our own horn and whatnot) we have been around for ten years now, and we show no signs of going away. We've built a respectable name for ourselves, and having published work on our site will likely look pretty good to a higher-up at a publishing corporation. In any case, it certainly can't hurt. Send your work to and then wait for our first edition of Fiction Quarterly!

And as an aside, Pierson, have you read J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy? If not then I implore you to do so straight away. In my personal opinion it is the greatest work of fiction ever written, and even if you were to disagree with that opinion, the effects that the books had on modern fantasy cannot be argued. It is an imperative read for anyone who wishes to try their hand in fiction writing. In fact, I may petition Lusipurr to require that all entrants for Fiction Quarterly supply adequate proof that they have read and understood the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And the Hobbit. Twice!

Russian Roulette

Hello Q&A Person, Okay, I have no clue who's going to answer this. I could see Matt answering this since he's guest-hosting this week, or MetaRidley/Oliver answering this one as a shelved letter since he's taking over for Lusipurr for the rest of summer and will need letters. Should be fun to see who answers this!


That would be me, my good man. Matt is still AFK, it would appear that he still hasn't restored his internet connection. I don't know for sure, but in any case, he hasn't been around. And I do need letters very much, as this DINKY LITTLE COLUMN shows. So yeah, I'm answering it. Are you having fun yet?

Here's my question: when you are updating the staff bio for the Q&A host? Matt's still there, and through that I found this which I'll try soon enough. My rambling here is to ask Matt if there are any plans to create Lost Legend 5 and 6 in the future, or is that for later on in life? And could you tell me if the other Lost Legends 1 to 3 are available for download online, or is 4 the only one possible right now?


Those darn staff bios are kinda hard to keep up with. It's weird though, last I checked, Matt's had "Sock Master" next to it. In any case, Matt has (unfortunately) not resumed the full-time Q&A host position. Lusipurr has been holding down the position for a while now, but he prefers to identify himself as "Head of Interaction" rather than "Q&A Host". I may be required to add a second Bio slot in the Interaction section, with "Q&A Host" next to it. I should probably update the bio itself, too.

As for Lost Legends, I really have no idea. But considering how busy Mr. Demers is these days, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Which is a shame, because they look pretty interesting.

f he's not here, then I ask Metaridley (or Matt if he's here, or some other GuestHost X if not him answering this) what's your take on flash-made RPGs? Recently, through NewGrounds, I've gone through Telepath, Max Meseria, Mardek, Artifission, D'ova, and now Mobile Weapon. In my opinion, these are actually good-quality games that I could see available for download on the Wii Virtual Console or Xbox Live by amateur game programmers if developed into full-fledged RPGs. So, what's your opinion on them?


My experience with flash-made RPGs is practically zero. I've never played one, and I've never attempted to make one. But they look like they could be a lot of fun, as well as a good place for aspiring developers to start.

What this brings to mind, actually, are services such as Nintendo's WiiWare, as well as Microsoft's XBLA kit. Services like these seem to indicate that there actually is a market for these types of games, which is a good thing. The industry needs new talent and fresh blood to stay alive, and to me, flash games seem like a great way for people to make a name for themselves.

And to keep this letter relevant, what the hell was up with that Squeenix interview at Run to the Sun? It was just PR denial on what's on gamers minds, with little new information. Some promoters they are. Atlus seemed more open with your questions then Square Enix was. Your thoughts on this?


Ha... hahaha. Ha. That "interview" was a sad thing indeed. It seems that they had absolutely no desire to tell us ANYTHING AT ALL, and they made that very clear. Makes you wonder what the hell they expected upon meeting our staff. "Wh-what? Questions? For us? WHAT IS THIS DEVILRY!" But yeah, it was sad, I'm not sure what else to say.

Atlus was a lot nicer to us, that much is certain. They didn't actually reveal that much, but they at least acted like they were interested in speaking with us, which I appreciated. From what I understand, they instructed our guys not to talk about a lot of what they saw until a later time, but when that time finally comes, RPGamer will the the very first to break these sure-to-be-awesome stories. Stay tuned, is all I can say. I'll stay tuned as well, because I'm just as clueless as the rest of you. Due to some GROSS AND UNFORGIVEABLE OVERSIGHT, I was not invited to RttS. I'm sure this will be rectified in some year yet to come, so for now, I'll refrain from anger.

Finally, just a quick comment on your most recent pod cast. I heard the best moment was when your site president preferred a dollar an hour as his rate. Wait, that came out wrong.I know he was talking about his preferred rule for how much time you get out of buying an RPG, be it physically or virtual download, and the potential worth you may get out of the downloadable Penny Arcade coming out soon. Still funny as heck though. Second funniest bit on the podcast was Paws soliciting for gifts for her birthday.I know there's a joke here about soliciting the site president as a birthday stripper for hire, but I won't touch that. That's just wrong.


Mikel may be many things, but a male stripper/prostitute is not one of them. Er... to my knowledge, at least. But then, if there's anyone on staff who would hire him if he was, it would be Paws.


(If she reads this, I'm dead.)

I end with this link concerning board games, and hope this helps Michael.
Have a nice day, and hope I'm still allowed here.


Heheh, you're always allowed here, BLG. Keep those letters coming. Your humor is crude, but you can hear far worse in the "off-the-record" podcast segments... believe me. Oh, and just for the record, his name is spelled "Mikel." Remember that.

Party at Jack's Tonight, BYOVG

First of all, you're not my pal.


I-I'm not?

B-but... but... the e-mails! The phone calls! THE PAJAMA GRAMS!


Secondly, there is no airport on Miami Beach. If you weren't wasting your time on games, you might know that.


Well I concede, the geography of southern Florida isn't exactly my strong suit. However, I wasn't suggesting that I wanted to land a plane on Miami Beach, that would be awesome ludicrous. I assume, though, (and like I said, I'm unfamiliar with south Florida and its customs) that there is an airport located somwhere in the city of Miami? That is, if I was to fly an aircraft there, surely there would be some way to touch down?

And I must disagree with your assertion that I am "wasting my time" on games. You see, I plan on a career with the game industry. For now I'm aiming to get into the journalistic side of things, but who knows, perhaps in the future I could be involved with development? In any case, if things go as planned, playing games will soon be my job, as it were. Of course, I also play games because I enjoy them, and I don't see anything wrong with that. What do you like to do for fun, Jack?

Finally, don't publish comments about visiting me again. I get enough harassment at my home from lunatic gamers that I don't need jerks like you suggesting more of it. Knock it off.


I've always wondered what this "harassment" you speak of entails. I've heard about how you've received "death threats" and such from angry gamers, but the specifics are pretty scarce. I'm not suggesting that you're lying or anything, I'm just curious as to what they actually do or say. Oh, and let me be clear: I certainly do not support their actions. Idiots who call and make death threats in the name of protecting videogames go directly against the kind of image that we SANE gamers are trying so maintain, and it only fuels the arguments that you make against us on a near-daily basis.

In all honesty though, I was kidding when I said I wanted to visit you. If I ever was to visit Miami, I'd likely be far too preoccupied with sunny beaches, beautiful women, and overpriced wine to spare time for you. Sorry.

Jack Thompson, Attorney


Thanks for writing in Jack, it's been a pleasure! Don't be a stranger around here, Q&A is always in need of letters.


Ah... time for some sleep. My 60-hour week at work begins tomorrow. I shall have to rise early in order to attend an earlier church service, or else miss it entirely, which is undesirable. A Sunday at work will probably be an easy thing, though. I'll be bringing my PSP, because I'm sure to have plenty of down time, during which I can level my units in Tactics.

I'm new at this gig, so help me out. We can't rely on 'ol Jack to supply me with letters on a weekly basis. After all, he has a crusade to maintain. As always, check out my latest Currents if you want something to talk about. Alternatively, you can just glance at some of the topics on the sidebar, but Currents is much more in-depth.

See you in Currents, dear readers!

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