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Chapter XVI: In Which the Victor has the Spoils

Lusipurr - 21:45 GMT

Here I am, resplendent in my victory. Sean Kepper lies cold and in his tomb, Site President Mikel Tidwel is in exile deep within the bowels of the GDC, and Oliver Motok's transformation into a remotely-controlled puppet is complete. It is now only a matter of time until the site is transformed into

Now that I am the only Q&A host, I suppose I will actually have to make an effort to answer your questions. I will have to try to be helpful, and to further discussion, and to encourage blah blah blah. Rather boring, I think. So, of course, there's more to come; there are higher heights to attain; there are plans in the works. A few more details are deserving of release, but you must work for them. Read the column, for once you reach the end a morsel or two will be provided to whet your appetite for the veritable smörgåsbord that is to come.

I will now address your tiresome and annoying questions.

The Letters
Access Denied


You did such a wonderful job answering my last question, I now present you with a more difficult variant of that same question.

If you dare, please liken each RPGamer staff member to a specific RPG character... if you can.

- Macstorm



The Odyssey


holy crapola. Lost Odyssey is turning out to be a MASTERPIECE. Why are reviews so wrong nowadays? Why are JRPG's bashed into the ground so often? Ignorance I suppose. Lack of an attention span perhaps?


People are stupid; reviewers often doubly so. As time goes on, we are seeing more reviews by reviewers who have not played, do not understand, and do not like traditional RPGs. It may come as something of surprise to these reviewers that traditional RPGs are not the same as modern RPGs, and therefore they should not be treated and reviewed in the same way. Just as we would not hold Super Mario Galaxy culpable for its lack of a deep, emotional story, neither should a game like Lost Odyssey be slighted for the turn-based battles which characterise its oeuvre.

Either way, I'm sick of reading reviews that are just plain wrong about the games I love. Lost Odyssey for example. There is barely any mention of the fun FF9ish Skill system in any review. Any RPG that pushes you to manage your skills often outside of battle in a fun way is always a huge plus in an RPG.


One of the other, far less important staff members said something to the effect of, "I like how everyone sees their favourite Final Fantasy game in Lost Odyssey." Personally, I think this is a high compliment that people are paying the game. When I play it, I see echoes of Final Fantasy IV, VII, and VIII. The fact that Lost Odyssey is capable of making jaded gamers relive the joys of their favourite games is, quite frankly, an amazing achievement.

Once again, I think it comes down to the inexperience or disinterest which today's reviewers have for traditional RPGs. They do not realise that mentioning the skill system is worthwhile, because they do not truly understand the genre. This is why RPGamer is here. Our reviewers know about RPGs and can provide the deep insight into these games which other sites cannot.

In short, we're better.

The characters in LO are actually likeable. They seem somewhat real. As much as I love FF games, I don't think FF has ever had a group that was entirely likeable. I mean, Tidus is a complete retard if you really wanna get right down to it, and Vaan is just wrong looking. Ok, so Kaim has his lower back showing, that is pretty questionable, but somehow he pulls it.


Kaim pulls his lower back? That must be painful.

This letter is extremely fragmented and lame. I don't know why I can't convey what I'm trying to say. Maybe it is because ever since I began Lost Odyssey I've been ecstatic, and all this bliss is going to my head. I was big fan of Blue Dragon. I did everything in the game and maxed out the characters, but I must admit something about it did seem "off". With Lost Odyssey, that is not the case. Everything feels right and the graphics are way more impressive than I thought they would be. They are amazing! (HDTV needed i would think)


It looks absolutely fantastic on my HDTV. I cannot imagine playing it any other way. As for the actual composition of Lost Odyssey, I share your joy. It has been some time since a game has moved me in such a way, and I suspect it will be some time until it happens again. Games this great come out infrequently, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Anyways, if you enjoy RPG's of the eastern flavor, go buy Lost Odyssey and play it and be happy. Pretend it is Final Fantasy 13. Pretend it is called Chrono Break. Whatever you must do to get beyond your problematic brain that prevents you from enjoying Mistwalker software....JUST DO IT.

I'm crazy bout Seth. And should i be concerned that I have a crush on Cooke?



Lost Odyssey is an amazing game. If you have even the most passing interest in traditional RPGs or beautiful storylines, you owe it to yourself to play this game.


Hail Lusipurr, Lord of QnA,

I am sorry to say that my motivation for writing this letter is more about the column itself than any recent developments in the gaming world or the real world, such as Jack Thompson blaming the NIU shooting on video games when (at this point in time anyway) no one knows the killer's true motivation. I mentioned it though, so I'll start with this first. Seriously, I live in Chicago, (so it happened scarily just straight west from where I live...), I get the Tribune and the Sun-Times, and for the moment, both papers don't really know the motive behind the shooting. At this point, while I'm writing this letter on Saturday night, both papers came up with circumstantial evidence on why the shooting happened, such as the shooter being off his anti-anxiety medication and recently breaking up with his girlfriend. Beyond that, no one knows why it happened. What's your opinion on Jack Thompson doing his usual exploitation on tragedy without any credible evidence or explanation?


A reader is writing in, unsolicited, requesting my opinion of Jack Thompson. Well, I must give it: I think Jack Thompson is a shameless attention-whore who uses a flimsy, hackneyed veneer of crusading against violent games in order to gain notoriety and some degree of approbration from a minority of muddle-headed luddites. I personally think his behaviour--informing news organisations about his frequent, infamous actions--only serves to illustrate the reality of his clearly hysterical personality. This is all my opinion of course. You must form your own.

However, you usually host QnA every Friday, which would be six days from when I'm writing this. By then, there should be more clarity about why he did it then. SO, assuming you're a college student according to your bio (some video game journalism, but majoring in British medieval history), what is your take on this?? Feel free to delete this part if someone asked you already. I'm not trying to sound repetitive, just get your opinion on this.


I think the modern world is a dangerous and stressful place where people can be increasingly marginalised and pushed to the point of despair and beyond through a concantention of deeply unfortunate circumstances. One does not need to look to video games as the reason for people to take up arms and to rage against what seems, and often is, a deeply unfair and unjust world. Such things have been happening for as long as history has been recorded--and I should know.

Of late, an increasingly rabid media, hungry to provide a circus for its viewers and readers, has chosen to focus upon these tragic events and to use them to generate revenue. They have found that there is money to be made by trading in public outrage. As the stresses upon young people increase, and because these people are not always emotionally equipped to handle such stresses, terrible events such as these will occur more frequently. Even if all the video games in the world were suddenly to vanish--their existence blotted out as if they had never been--the murders and slayings would continue, unabated, and a new scapegoat would be found.

Getting back to my original reason for writing, I wish to ask about a few features that were part of the column that have seem to disappeared. I know you have the necessities like the intro, the body, the conclusion, the sidebar, and contact info. I just want to know if you plan on putting back the disappearing column features that made the column...cooler. I know you find stuff like this inane and banal, but its my current sticking point since you mentioned Sean/Gorne left the column. You had Gorne representing the good in humanity and YOU representing the evil possible in humanity. You had balance with one socially friendly "that-guy-I-would-like-to-have-a-beer-with" host in Gorne, and the other antisocially manipulative "cross-my-path-and-I-will-make-you-suffer" host with you. Gorne, Matt, (and maybe Ouro when he did weekends) put in a couple of column features that made it cooler, an d I hate to see them go away. I'm just going to list what each feature was, and you tell me whether or not it will return.


If it is not here, it probably will not be here. However, I will humour you. Let us see what you have to say.

First, when Matt was running low on letters, he put in at the column's bottom a Letter Gauge to show how many letters were left. If there were not enough letters, then people would see that low LP and write in to refill. Any chance of that returning? Or only if QnA picks up more readership and in turn more days for the column to appear?


Because the content of Q&A is now largely topical, and because these topics change weekly, I am not certain that a letter gauge will provide useful information. After all, having tonnes of letters about topics discussed several months ago is hardly what I would call a good situation. Yet, if people seem to feel this feature is useful, perhaps I will implement my own version of it next week. I have some ideas already.

Second, Sean and Matt had Hot Topics appear in your sidebar. Some were stupid, but some were good. Its most important use, though, was to give new or unfamiliar readers something to write-in about when they haven't seen the column ever or for quite some time. THAT was helpful. Is that gone now since readership is down and you'll take any letter you get, or is it more about centralizing the column's hot topics to focus on RPGamer itself? Like to ask for help with editorials and fan art since they seem to be lagging in submissions? Fanfiction, Music submissions, and themes seemed to have shut down for the moment since they lack material for updates which is a shame. I don't have that kind of talent, but I love RPGs, so it was nice to see other's RPGamer's devotion and dedications to the genre. THAT is true RPG love right there.


Right now, we are focusing our topics on the stories in Currents: you could say those are the hot topics. This is why there is now a link to the latest Currents article at the top of the page.

As for Fan Fiction, it is not closed. I am currently the defacto curator, but the reason there have been no updates is because I have not received anything worthy of being posted on the site. When and if such an event occurs, you may rest assured that Fan Fiction will be updated again. Of course, feel free to send your Fan Fiction to me, but be aware that unless it is of the highest quality, I will simply reject it.

Third, also in your sidebar, you had Sean and Matt list what games were in their backlogs. This was to help them decide what games they were to play next. Any chance you would be willing to put your backlog up on display, to help you decide? Or is that unlikely to happen since you're decisive in your game playing and have a little or no backlog to show?


I have absolutely no intention of posting my backlog anywhere. That is a nerd version of adolescent penis-waving, and I have no interest in participating in such rubbish.

Just a tangent thought...does a PC RPGamer have limited choices in RPGs? Or is it that MMORPGs help give you more options with playing one game rather than have a variety of options with a variety of stand-alone story RPGs?


I think that the games available to the standard PC RPGamer are different, in general terms, than those on consoles. They are largely American or European in origin, they typically have a more gritty style, and for some reason they usually have forgettable, ambient soundtracks. These are generalisations, of course, but there you have it.

As for MMORPGs, they seem to fit another genre entirely, and have solidified their position on PCs admirably. Except for the commendable (and successful) attempts of Final Fantasy XI to make use of consoles as well, the PC seems to be the home for MMOs. Games like World of Warcraft have proven that PC-only titles can be successful--indeed, successful beyond even the wildest, drunken imaginings of its creators.

Finally, you had quote archives in the sidebar for a while, but its last appearance was when Bari guest-hosted Jan 18th. It was a fun thing to have around, plus it IS possible to update before 3/26/06 with this site link. Any chance of that reappearing in the sidebar, cause it would be sad to lose it?


It has not been actively updated in forever, and no longer serves any sort of real purpose. Let it go, mate. It is dead--dead as a doornail.

I apologize for the novel-letter e-mail that should be familiar with JuMeSyn, and not me. I have not written in a while, so I hope this makes up for this.

Again, apologies for my prattle,



Your letter has succeeded in getting me thinking: perhaps I will set a word limit in future.

Seriously though, I appreciate the feedback, and I wish to encourage others with concerns, suggestions, and ideas to follow your example.

Closing Thoughts

I need to play Chrono Trigger again. "Why," you ask, "would you play Chrono Trigger again? Surely you have beaten it many times, oh great Lusipurr." Of course, I would reply that I have, but I would give a smile, and a wink, and say, "It is for the amazing upcoming new feature, of course!"

Suffice to say, my new job will take RPGamer to a dimension it has not yet reached. Stay tuned for more details and look for the unveiling of the MAGNIFICENT and GLORIOUS secret on or around the first of March.

Currents this week mostly focuses on the trials and tribulations of one Jack Thompson, Esq. But, there is more than just that to chat about: Microsoft's XBox failure at GDC, the rise of the PS3 in terms of sales, and the downfall of HD-DVD. What are your thoughts on these issues? Or, do you have something else you need to get off your chest? Send me an e-mail, and you will have a response next Friday here, for all the world to see.

And you do want to see it, don't you? Of course you do. So write in!

Except you, Jack Thompson. I have no interest in facilitating you.

Pip pip!

Lusipurr is wearing a monocle.

I personally prefer BLU-RAY, anyway.

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8. Nulla vidua distringatur ad se maritandum, dum voluerit vivere sine marito, ita tamen quod securitatem faciat quod se non maritabit sine assensu nostro, si de nobis tenuerit, vel sine assensu domini sui de quo tenuerit, si de alio tenuerit.

9. Nec nos nec ballivi nostri seisiemus terram aliquam nec redditum pro debito aliquo, quamdiu catalla debitoris sufficiunt ad debitum reddendum; nec plegii ipsius debitoris distringantur quamdiu ipse capitalis debitor sufficit ad solucionem debiti; et si capitalis debitor defecerit in solucione debiti, non habens unde solvat, plegii respondeant de debito; et, si voluerint, habeant terras et redditus debitoris, donec sit eis satisfactum de debito quod ante pro eo solverint, nisi capitalis debitor monstraverit se esse quietum inde versus eosdem plegios.

10. Si quis mutuo ceperit aliquid a Judeis, plus vel minus, et moriatur antequam debitum illud solvatur, debitum non usuret quamdiu heres fuerit infra etatem, de quocumque teneat; et si debitum illud inciderit in manus nostras, nos non capiemus nisi catallum contentum in carta.

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13. Et civitas London. habeat omnes antiquas libertates et liberas consuetudines suas, tam per terras, quam per aquas. Preterea volumus et concedimus quod omnes alie civitates, et burgi, et ville, et portus, habeant omnes libertates et liberas consuetudines suas.

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15. Nos non concedemus de cetero alicui quod capiat auxilium de liberis hominibus suis, nisi ad corpus suum redimendum, et ad faciendum primogenitum filium suum militem, et ad primogenitam filiam suam semel maritandam, et ad hec non fiat nisi racionabile auxilium.

16. Nullus distringatur ad faciendum majus servicium de feodo militis, nec de alio libero tenemento, quam inde debetur.

17. Communia placita non sequantur curiam nostram, set teneantur in aliquo loco certo.

18. Recogniciones de nova disseisina, de morte antecessoris, et de ultima presentacione, non capiantur nisi in suis comitatibus et hoc modo : nos, vel si extra regnum fuerimus, capitalis justiciarius noster, mittemus duos justiciarios per unum quemque comitatum per quatuor vices in anno, qui, cum quatuor militibus cujuslibet comitatus electis per comitatum, capiant in comitatu et in die et loco comitatus assisas predictas.

19. Et si in die comitatus assise predicte capi non possint, tot milites et libere tenentes remaneant de illis qui interfuerint comitatui die illo, per quos possint judicia sufficenter fieri, secundum quod negocium fuerit majus vel minus.

20. Liber homo non amercietur pro parvo delicto, nisi secundum modum delicti; et pro magno delicto amercietur secundum magnitudinem delicti, salvo contenemento suo; et mercator eodem modo, salva mercandisa sua; et villanus eodem modo amercietur salvo waynagio suo, si inciderint in misericordiam nostram; et nulla predictarum misericordiarum ponatur, nisi per sacramentum proborum hominum de visneto.

21. Comites et barones non amercientur nisi per pares suos, et non nisi secundum modum delicti.

22. Nullus clericus amercietur de laico tenemento suo, nisi secundum modum aliorum predictorum, et non secundum quantitatem beneficii sui ecclesiastici.

23. Nec villa nec homo distringatur facere pontes ad riparias, nisi qui ab antiquo et de jure facere debent.

24. Nullus vicecomes, constabularius, coronatores, vel alii ballivi nostri, teneant placita corone nostre.

25. Omnes comitatus, hundredi, wapentakii, et trethingi' sint ad antiquas firmas absque ullo incremento, exceptis dominicis maneriis nostris.

26. Si aliquis tenens de nobis laicum feodum moriatur, et vicecomes vel ballivus noster ostendat litteras nostras patentes de summonicione nostra de debito quod defunctus nobis debuit, liceat vicecomiti vel ballivo nostro attachiare et imbreviare catalla defuncti inventa in laico feodo, ad valenciam illius debiti, per visum legalium hominum, ita tamen quod nichil inde amoveatur, donec persolvatur nobis debitum quod clarum fuerit, et residuum relinquatur executoribus ad faciendum testamentum defuncti; et, si nichil nobis debeatur ad ipso, omnia catalla cedant defuncto, salvis uxori ipsius et pueris racionabilibus partibus suis.

27. Si aliquis liber homo intestatus decesserit, catalla sua per manus propinquorum parentum et amicorum suorum, per visum ecclesie distribuantur, salvis unicuique debitis que defunctus ei debebat.

28. Nullus constabularius, vel alius ballivus noster, capiat blada vel alia catalla alicujus, nisi statim inde reddat denarios, aut respectum inde habere possit de voluntate venditoris.

29. Nullus constabularius distringat aliquem militem ad dandum denarios pro custodia castri, si facere voluerit custodiam illam in propria persona sua, vel per alium probum hominem, si ipse eam facere non possit propter racionabilem causam; et si nos duxerimus vel miserimus eum in exercitum, erit quietus de custodia, secundum quantitatem temporis quo per nos fuerit in exercitu.

30. Nullus vicecomes, vel ballivus noster, vel aliquis alius, capiat equos vel carettas alicujus liberi hominis pro cariagio faciendo, nisi de voluntate ipsius liberi hominis.

31. Nec nos nec ballivi nostri capiemus alienum boscum ad castra vel alia agenda nostra, nisi per voluntatem ipsius cujus boscus ille fuerit.

32. Nos non tenebimus terras illorum qui convicti fuerint de felonia, nisi per unum annum et unum diem, et tunc reddantur terre dominis feodorum.

33. Omnis kidelli de cetero deponantur penitus de Tamisia, et de Medewaye, et per totam Angliam, nisi per costeram maris.

34. Breve quod vocatur "Precipe" de cetero non fiat alicui de aliquo tenemento unde liber homo amittere possit curiam suam.

35. Una mensura vini sit per totum regnum nostrum, et una mensura cervisie, et una mensura bladi, scilicet quarterium Londoniense, et una latitudo pannorum tinctorum et russetorum et halbergettorum, scilicet due ulne infra listas; de ponderibus autem sit ut de mensuris.

36. Nichil detur vel capiatur de cetero pro brevi inquisicionis de vita vel membris, set gratis concedatur et non negetur.

37. Si aliquis teneat de nobis per feodifirmam, vel per sokagium, vel per burgagium, et de alio terram teneat per servicium militare, nos non habebimus custodiam heredis nec terre sue que est de feodo alterius, occasione illius feodifirme, vel sokagii, vel burgagii; nec habebimus custodiam illius feodifirme, vel sokagii, vel burgagii, nisi ipsa feodifirma debeat servicium militare. Nos non habebimus custodiam heredis vel terre alicujus, quam tenet de alio per servicium militare, occasione alicujus parve serjanterie quam tenet de nobis per servicium reddendi nobis cultellos, vel sagittas, vel hujusmodi.

38. Nullus ballivus ponat decetero aliquem ad legem simplici loquela sua, sine testibus fidelibus ad hoc inductis.

39. Nullus liber homo capiatur, vel imprisonetur, aut disseisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo destruatur, nec super eum ibimus, nec super eum mittemus, nisi per legale judicium parium suorum vel per legem terre.

40. Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus, aut differemus rectum aut justiciam.

41. Omnes mercatores habeant salvum et securum exire de Anglia, et venire in Angliam, et morari, et ire per Angliam, tam per terram quam per aquam, ad emendum et vendendum, sine omnibus malis toltis, per antiquas et rectas consuetudines, preterquam in tempore gwerre, et si sint de terra contra nos gwerrina; et si tales inveniantur in terra nostra in principio gwerre, attachientur sine dampno corporum et rerum, donec sciatur a nobis vel capitali justiciario nostro quomodo mercatores terre nostre tractentur, qui tunc invenientur in terra contra nos gwerrina; et si nostri salvi sint ibi, alii salvi sint in terra nostra.

42. Liceat unicuique decetero exire de regno nostro, et redire, salvo et secure, per terram et per aquam, salva fide nostra, nisi tempore gwerre per aliquod breve tempus, propter communem utilitatem regni, exceptis imprisonatis et utlagatis secundum legem regni, et gente de terra contra nos gwerrina, et mercatoribus, de quibus fiat sicut predictum est.

43. Si quis tenuerit de aliqua eskaeta, sicut de honore Walligefordie, Notingeham, Bolonie, Lancastrie, vel de aliis eskaetis que sunt in manu nostra et sunt baronie, et obierit, heres ejus non det aliud relevium, nec faciat nobis aliud servicium quam faceret baroni si baronia illa esset in manu baronis; et nos eodem modo eam tenebimus quo baro eam tenuit.

44. Homines qui manent extra forestam non veniant decetero coram justiciariis nostris de foresta per communes summoniciones, nisi sint in placito, vel plegii alicujus vel aliquorum, qui attachiati sint pro foresta.

45. Nos non faciemus justiciarios, constabularios, vicecomites, vel ballivos, nisi de talibus qui sciant legem regni et eam bene velint observare.

46. Omnes barones qui fundaverunt abbacias, unde habent cartas regum Anglie, vel antiquam tenuram, habeant earum custodiam cum vacaverint, sicut habere debent.

47. Omnes foreste que afforestate sunt tempore nostro, statim deafforestentur; et ita fiat de ripariis que per nos tempore nostro posite sunt in defenso.

48. Omnes male consuetudines de forestis et warennis, et de forestariis et warennariis, vicecomitibus et eorum ministris, ripariis et earum custodibus, statim inquirantur in quolibet comitatu per duodecim milites juratos de eodem comitatu, qui debent eligi per probos homines ejusdem comitatus, et infra quadraginta dies post inquisicionem factam, penitus, ita quod numquam revocentur, deleantur per eosdem, ita quod nos hoc sciamus prius, vel justiciarius noster, si in Anglia non fuerimus.

49. Omnes obsides et cartas statim reddemus que liberate fuerunt nobis ab Anglicis in securitatem pacis vel fidelis servicii.

50. Nos amovebimus penitus de balliis parentes Gerardi de Athyes, quod decetero nullam habeant balliam in Anglia, Engelardum de Cygony, Petrum et Gionem et Andream de Cancellis, Gionem de Cygony, Galfridum de Martinny et fratres ejus, Philippum Marc. et fratres ejus, et Galfridum nepotem ejus, et totam sequelam eorundem.

51. Et statim post pacis reformacionem amovebimus de regno omnes alienigenas milites, balistarios, servientes, stipendiarios, qui venerint cum equis et armis ad nocumentum regni.

52. Si quis fuerit disseisitus vel elongatus per nos sine legali judicio parium suorum, de terris, castellis, libertatibus, vel jure suo, statim ea ei restituemus; et si contencio super hoc orta fuerit, tunc inde fiat per judicium viginti quinque baronum, de quibus fit mencio inferius in securitate pacis. De omnibus autem illis de quibus aliquis disseisitus fuerit vel elongatus sine legali judicio parium suorum, per Henricum regem patrem nostrum vel per Ricardum regem fratrem nostrum, que in manu nostra habemus, vel que alii tenent, que nos oporteat warantizare, respectum habebimus usque ad communem terminum crucesignatorum; exceptis illis de quibus placitum motum fuit vel inquisicio facta per preceptum nostrum, ante suscepcionem crucis nostre : cum autem redierimus de peregrinacione nostra, vel si forte remanserimus a peregrinacione nostra, statim inde plenam justiciam exhibebimus.

53. Eundem autem respectum habebimus et eodem modo de justicia exhibenda, de forestis deafforestandis vel remanseris forestis quas Henricus pater noster vel Ricardus frater noster afforestaverunt, et de custodiis terrarum que sunt de alieno feodo, cujusmodi custodias hucusque habuimus occasione feodi quod aliquis de nobis tenuit per servicium militare, et de abbaciis que fundate fuerint in feodo alterius quam nostro, in quibus dominus feodi dixerit se jus habere; et cum redierimus, vel si remanserimus a peregrinatione nostra, super hiis conquerentibus plenam justiciam statim exhibebimus.

54. Nullus capiatur nec imprisonetur propter appellum femine de morte alterius quam viri sui.

55. Omnes fines qui injuste et contra legem terre facti sunt nobiscum, et omnia amerciamenta facta injuste et contra legem terre, omnino condonentur, vel fiat inde per judicium viginti quinque baronum de quibus fit mencio inferius in securitate pacis, vel per judicium majoris partis eorundem, una cum predicto Stephano Cantuarensi archiepiscopo, si interesse poterit, et aliis quos secum ad hoc vocare voluerit. Et si interesse non poterit, nichilominus procedat negocium sine eo, ita quod, si aliquis vel aliqui de predictis viginti quinque baronibus fuerint in simili querela, amoveantur quantum ad hoc judicium, et alii loco eorum per residuos de eisdem viginti quinque, tantum ad hoc faciendum electi et jurati substituantur.

56. Si nos disseisivimus vel elongavimus Walenses de terris vel libertatibus vel rebus aliis, sine legali judicio parium suorum, in Anglia vel in Wallia, eis statim reddantur; et si contencio super hoc orta fuerit, tunc inde fiat in Marchia per judicium parium suorum; de tenementis Anglie secundum legem Anglie; de tenementis Wallie secundum legem Wallie; de tenementis Marchie secundum legem Marchie. Idem facient Walenses nobis et nostris.

57. De omnibus autem illis de quibus aliquis Walensium disseisitus fuerit vel elongatus, sine legali judicio parium suorum, per Henricum regem patrem nostrum vel Ricardum regem fratrem nostrum, que nos in manu nostra habemus, vel que alii tenent que nos oporteat warantizare, respectum habebimus usque ad communem terminum crucesignatorum, illis exceptis de quibus placitum motum fuit vel inquisicio facta per preceptum nostrum ante suscepcionem crucis nostre; cum autem redierimus, vel si forte remanserimus a peregrinatione nostra, statim eis inde plenam justitiam exhibebimus, secundum leges Walensium et partes predictas.

58. Nos reddemus filium Lewelini statim, et omnes obsides de Wallia, et cartas que nobis liberate fuerunt in securitate pacis.

59. Nos faciemus Alexandro regi Scottorum de sororibus suis, et obsidibus reddendis, et libertatibus suis, et jure suo, secundum formam in qua faciemus aliis baronibus nostris Anglie, nisi aliter esse debeat per cartas quas habemus de Willelmo patre ipsius, quondam rege Scottorum; et hoc erit per judicium parium suorum in curia nostra.

60. Omnes autem istas consuetudines predictas et libertates quas nos concessimus in regno nostro tenendas quantum ad nos pertinet erga nostros, omnes de regno nostro, tam clerici quam laici, observent quantum ad se pertinet erga suos.

61. Cum autem pro Deo, et ad emendacionem regni nostri, et ad melius sopiendum discordiam inter nos et barones nostros ortam, hec omnia predicta concesserimus, volentes ea integra et firma stabilitate in perpetuum gaudere, facimus et concedimus eis securitatem subscriptam; videlicet quod barones eligant viginti quinque barones de regno quos voluerint, qui debeant pro totis viribus suis observare, tenere, et facere observari, pacem et libertates quas eis concessimus, et hac presenti carta nostra confirmavimus; ita scilicet quod, si nos, vel justiciarius noster, vel ballivi nostri, vel aliquis de ministris nostris, in aliquo erga aliquem deliquerimus, vel aliquem articulorum pacis aut securitatis transgressi fuerimus, et delictum ostensum fuerit quatuor baronibus de predictis viginti quinque baronibus, illi quatuor barones accedant ad nos vel ad justiciarium nostrum, si fuerimus extra regnum, proponentes nobis excessum; petent ut excessum illum sine dilacione faciamus emendari. Et si nos excessum non emendaverimus, vel, si fuerimus extra regnum, justiciarius noster non emendaverit infra tempus quadraginta dierum computandum a tempore quo monstratum fuerit nobis vel justiciario nostro, si extra regnum fuerimus, predicti quatuor barones referant causam illam ad residuos de illis viginti quinque baronibus, et illi viginti quinque barones cum communia tocius terre distringent et gravabunt nos modis omnibus quibus poterunt, scilicet per capcionem castrorum, terrarum, possessionum, et aliis modis quibus poterunt, donec fuerit emendatum secundum arbitrium eorum, salva persona nostra et regine nostre et liberorum nostrorum; et cum fuerit emendatum intendent nobis sicut prius fecerunt. Et quicumque voluerit de terra juret quod ad predicta omnia exequenda parebit mandatis predictorum viginti quinque baronum, et quod gravabit nos pro posse suo cum ipsis, et nos publice et libere damus licenciam jurandi cuilibet qui jurare voluerit, et nulli umquam jurare prohibebimus. Omnes autem illos de terra qui per se et sponte sua noluerint jurare viginti quinque baronibus de distringendo et gravando nos cum eis, faciemus jurare eosdem de mandato nostro sicut predictum est. Et si aliquis de viginti quinque baronibus decesserit, vel a terra recesserit, vel aliquo alio modo impeditus fuerit, quominus ista predicta possent exequi, qui residui fuerint de predictis viginti quinque baronibus eligant alium loco ipsius, pro arbitrio suo, qui simili modo erit juratus quo et ceteri. In omnibus autem que istis viginti quinque baronibus committuntur exequenda, si forte ipsi viginti quinque presentes fuerint, et inter se super re aliqua discordaverint, vel aliqui ex eis summoniti nolint vel nequeant interesse, ratum habeatur et firmum quod major pars eorum qui presentes fuerint providerit, vel preceperit ac si omnes viginti quinque in hoc consensissent; et predicti viginti quinque jurent quod omnia antedicta fideliter observabunt, et pro toto posse suo facient observari. Et nos nichil impetrabimus ab aliquo, per nos nec per alium, per quod aliqua istarum concessionum et libertatum revocetur vel minuatur; et, si aliquid tale impetratum fuerit, irritum sit et inane et numquam eo utemur per nos nec per alium.

62. Et omnes malas voluntates, indignaciones, et rancores, ortos inter nos et homines nostros, clericos et laicos, a tempore discordie, plene omnibus remisimus et condonavimus. Preterea omnes transgressiones factas occasione ejusdem discordie, a Pascha anno regni nostri sextodecimo usque ad pacem reformatam, plene remisimus omnibus, clericis et laicis, et quantum ad nos pertinet plene condonavimus. Et insuper fecimus eis fieri litteras testimoniales patentes domini Stephani Cantuariensis archiepiscopi, domini Henrici Dublinensis archiepiscopi, et episcoporum predictorum et magistri Pandulfi, super securitate ista et concessionibus prefatis.

63. Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod Anglicana ecclesia libera sit et quod homines in regno nostro habeant et teneant omnes prefatas libertates, jura, et concessiones, bene et in pace, libere et quiete, plene et integre, sibi et heredibus suis, de nobis et heredibus nostris, in omnibus rebus et locis, in perpetuum, sicut predictum est. Juratum est autem tam ex parte nostra quam ex parte baronum, quod hec omnia supradicta bona fide et sine malo ingenio observabuntur. Testibus supradictis et multis aliis. Data per manum nostram in prato quod vocatur Ronimed. inter Windlesoram et Stanes, quinto decimo die junii, anno regni nostri decimo septimo.

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