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Chapter XII: In Which the Year is Reviewed

Lusipurr - 21:55 GMT

Salutations and greetings, miserable peons.

In case you did not notice, I was not here at the designated time last week. Matters of real necessity prevented my attendance. There was a pie which needed to be eaten, and such concerns are of far greater pith than any of your trifling, puerile queries. But now the pie has been eaten, so I am here, ready to once again peruse your manifold dribblings.

Now that I am Sean Kepper's boss, I have used my mighty editorial powers to halve his contributions to the Q&A column under the guise of 'letter shortage'. Little does he know that this is just one more step on the way to my eventual domination of all things Q&A! --And everything else, as well. One day, the site will be entirely Lusi-Oriented--and what a glorious day that will be! But for now, there is work to be done: no rest for the wicked.

I will now address your tiresome and annoying questions.



Your last column was my first lusipurr column I've read and I appreciate your articulate style. The last year the three games I spent the most time playing were War Craft III, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XII. No I did not appreciate this year's crop of RPGs. I'm stuck playing my old games that I love so much. What would you say about that? Would it be proper to chastise me for my lack of variation in game choice? Problem is, I would like to play more games, for example Bioshock, but my computer is not up to snuff.

Is fallout 3 coming out this year I can't quite remember. I could just google it so don't bother wasting your time with that one. Ok, I remember immensely liking some of the rockier tracks that appeared for some of the late game bosses in FFIX, what RPGs do you know of employ alternative or rock style sound tracks, and would you recommend them?



Capitalise my name, imbecile. It is Lusipurr.

I spend a lot of time playing my [very] old games, so I am not in a position to chastise you for so doing. That said, I think you are missing out on some of the amazing things this new generation of games and consoles has to offer. This year, we have seen things like Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion Wars, perfect for people who play their old games over and over again. There is nothing like a fresh coat of varnish to make the old seem shiny and new.

There have also been some new endeavours. You mention Bioshock, which is a thoroughly admirable game. I would also like to suggest Blue Dragon as being worthy of merit, though in different ways. Where Bioshock pushes gaming forward, Blue Dragon takes an old RPG system and improves upon it, bringing it into the modern console era. Thus, Blue Dragon is ideal for gamers who enjoy the classic, turn-based, menu-driven style of battle.

If you are looking for rock-style music in RPGs, there are quite a few to choose from. Rather than a list, I will make two suggestions: one old, one new. The rather dismal Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest had several rock-inspired pieces in its score. The aforementioned Blue Dragon has done the same, even enlisting the vocal talents of Ian Gillan (of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple fame). If you are looking for something with an entirely rock-style score, you might have to go further afield than the traditional RPG staples. I cannot recall, but perhaps Shadow Madness had such a soundtrack?

What is the purpose of asking questions which Google can answer? The Q&A Column is not a search engine. Seriously. I had thought this was self-evident.

Sonnet CXVI

Dear Lusipurr,

Please, please, don't ever do that to me again. I very nearly cried bitter tears when you started being, well, not-Lusipurr-ish. As Shakespeare once wrote: "Let me not to marriage of true minds admit impediments." Not that it has much to do with anything, but I liked quoting it for the sake of quoting it.


Have no fear, you foppish fool, the vitriol and hatred which you have heretofore associated with this column are returned in their full measure. No punches will be pulled. No holds will be barred. No t will be left uncrossed.

Also, do not quote Shakespeares love sonnets at me; plays yes, sonnets no. I will not be swayed by seductive verbage hastily stolen from The Bard himself. If you would court my favours, you must do your own work.

Regarding the RPGs of 2007, I have to say that it was kind of a lacklustre year here in Europe. Sure, there were great games like Okami (assuming its counted as an RPG), Final Fantasy Tactics (for the first time ever) and Valkyrie Profile 2, but most of these just completely slipped under the radar. I don't know whether to blame poor advertising or just a general disinterest in RPGs as a whole, but even a 'high profile' game like FFT wasn't stocked up at any of the shops i could find. I had to make do with tracking down an ordering service. I checked out the sales of videogames in the UK, and rpgs do make up a chunk of sales, so the question is, why? Why does the UK/Europe always end up getting shafted?


Why do the UK/Europe 'get shafted'? It may have something to do with my occasional remark that there are no people in Europe, Asia, and Australia. I do not like to toot my own horn, but I am something of an internet celebrity, and my very utterances can affect the world market. Doubtless, the producers of games heard my comments and stopped producing games for these underpopulated regions, choosing instead to focus upon places where people live: America and Japan, for example.

If this has caused some sort of inconvenience, I will try to rectify it in this week's podcast.

Anyway, to answer your question, the best RPGs of 2007 that i played were: 1. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP) 2. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) 3. Rogue Galaxy (PS2) 4. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (PC) ~ Merely here because they threatened to torture my soul if I didn't mention them


Final Fantasy Tactics was, and still is, my favourite game of all time. The recent re-release has seen it solidly lodging in my PSP where none but God can remove it. Countless hours have been spent in Ivalice--countless enjoyable hours. It has been an exciting romp. That said, why are there slowdowns in the animations? Why does the sound not line up with the action? Disgaea, a PS2 title, manages to perform perfectly. What is the problem with making a PS1 title do the same thing?

Even I have been playing WoW of late. More on that later.

None of the other RPGs that came out last year stuck in my mind, although Eternal Sonata was quite fun if a bit lacking in variety. Hopefully when i get round to playing Mass Effect and the Witcher, my choices will change.

Á dieu commant,

- Genjuu

PS. 7thcircle was right, I haven't written in for a good long while! I would choose a game of the year, but im a bit behind on releases, so I can't give a fully informed opinion.


As you have no doubt seen by now, unless you are too stupid to have done, RPGamer gave Eternal Sonata our RPG of the Year award. Though this is not necessarily what I would have chosen, I am inclined to agree with it. I did not enjoy it as much as FFT or Blue Dragon, but I can appreciate its many merits.

The Year In Review

Hey Lusipurr,

I've been a huge fan of the Q&A column and it probably my one of favorite things about RPGamer. I've always wanted to write in and I guess this is a better time than ever considering both you and Sean said you needed more letters. Though you apparently now have a backlog of letters. Oh well. I'm guessing on how you will bash me, it would be a very evil thing if you did not.


All this time reading and you have never written in? What a slothful fellow you must be. You should be ashamed! Your parents should be ashamed! Your friends should be ashamed! Your pets should be ashamed! Your kinsmen and colleagues should be ashamed! Shame! SHAME!

Whilst it is true that we have a backlog of letters, this is by no means tantamount to a declaration that we do not want people to write in--quite the contrary. As I will say in my closing comments below, I urge people to continue writing in whether their previous letter was published or not, regardless of the backlog.

Anyways, I thought 2007 as a whole was above average for RPGs. I know you probably don't want to read a list of games I played, but nevertheless you're getting one. For PSP, I played/completed Riviera: The Promised Land, Brave Story: New Traveler, Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Imported), and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. For PS2, I played/completed Rogue Galaxy, Odin Sphere and Persona 3. I really want to play Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, and Folklore.


After two people who felt that AD 2007 was a disappointment, we have you saying it was above average. This disagreement exists within our staff as well. I would say, right now, a little more than half side with you, and the rest of them side with me. I feel that last year was a disappointing year overall, but that a few truly impressive titles were released. Of course, this impression depends on what you are looking for in a game. I am notoriously difficult to please, so it is no wonder that I am in the minority amongst our RPG-friendly staff.

Blue Dragon is an extremely solid, classic title. If you are a fan of 'old-school' RPGs, you will probably enjoy it. Eternal Sonata earned our RPG of the Year award. Folklore, on the other hand, was not held in such high esteem. Pass it up until you have finished the other must-play titles.

My favorite RPG for 2007 is Persona 3 hands down. I loved the mix of the RPG and life simulation mechanics. Though it was far from perfect, the music was forgettable and at times annoying. The ascent of Tartarus was boring. Well it wasn't boring, the battles were engaging, but the level design was well really nonexistent. It seems I'm knocking my favorite game of 2007 rather than praising it so no more of that.


I did not like SMT: Persona 3 at all. It placed very well in our staff votes, and was a serious contender for the RPG of the Year award. Unfortunately for Persona 3, it just happened to be the case that Eternal Sonata had wider appeal and a truly polished presentation. Even I enjoyed it.

My runner-up is tied with Riviera: The Promised Land (I never played the GBA version) and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Riviera was just so different that I loved it and the sprites were so beautiful. Crisis Core, which was way too easy, had a decent story, but I felt many of the new characters were not developed to great extent. Though, Zack's character was developed very well (as well as he should be considering his the main character). I really enjoyed the soundtrack which was had some new tracks and redone songs from Final Fantasy VII.


The soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core has seen a lot of play here in the RPGamer offices. It is refreshing considering that Foxworth plays Still Alive from Portal for our entire two-hour lunch break in the canteen.

I'm really looking forward to 2008. The next game of my favorite series is coming out, Metal Gear Solid 4. Also there are a lot of RPGs that are coming out that look great. Have you seen the trailer for Tales of Vesperia? That game looks beautiful.

Thanks for reading,



I wish I could say graphics moved me, but they do not. Music can, and does, go a long way to convincing me of a game's success. This is because I cannot recall any game where I liked the soundtrack but disliked the game. It could happen, I suppose. To answer your question, I have not seen the trailer for Vesperia. We probably have it hosted on the site by now. My colleagues never tell me these things. They did not even bother to tell me that we were closing early on Martin Luther King Day. When I came out of my office, all the lights were off and everyone had gone home. I had to break open our shipping and receiving door to get out.

Potent Potables

It has been an extremely busy week for me what with my new vital importance and all. It is nice to be the boss, but there is still some distance to go. The ladder to the top is greasy, and there are many snakes leading down to the depths below. With luck, I will persevere and erect a monument in my honour: this site, redesigned as It will be a triumph in HTML, a brutal accomplishment of madness and lunacy in the face of common sense. With your help, these dreams can be realised. Donate your souls to my cause toay!

Now for the serious stuff: as Gorne mentioned, Q&A has been reduced to a twice-weekly event. The reasons for this are not entirely grim. Whilst it is true that readership is down slightly, the real goal is to ensure that our columns have truly well-written, quality responses. I have moved from a five-letter format to a three-letter format so that I can give greater attention and write longer responses to the letters that are posted. I am going to encourage Gorne to do the same. This means there will be a backlog. This does not mean that you, the reader, should stop writing. It means you should write, even if your letter did not make the column. It means you should write if a new topic comes up, or if you have something else to say. It means you should write more, not less. The better your writing, the more on-topic or interesting, the more it furthers discussion, the more likely it will be in the column. Once we have too many letters backlogged to continue two days a week, we will increase it to three again, and so on. In an ideal world, it would be an every-day event with three well-written letters, each with their three well-written responses.

Thus I am here to implore you to read, to contribute, and most importantly--indeed, of paramount importance--to spread the word about RPGamer. Tell your friends. Tell your relatives. Tell anyone who might be interested. Hell, go to and tell the President. If you know someone who loves to draw Fan Art, point them to our Fan Art section. If you know an aspiring musician, direct them to Sound Test. Do you know someone who loves RPGs? Well our News and Media is an excellent collection of the stuff they would otherwise have to visit a million other sites to possibly find. If you know someone who enjoys talking about games, tell them to write to Q&A.

And if your friend needs to be told that he is a feeble-minded fool with rocks for brains, send him my way. I will see that duty done.

Now I must again attempt to seize the Currents column in the name of the Interaction Department. Farewell for now, you brainless sods.

Lusipurr is indefatigable.

Oliver "MetaRidley" Motok's days are NUMBERED.

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