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An Interlude: In Which there is Much Love

Lusipurr - 00:05 GMT

Greetings, beloved readers.

After my last column, I received a letter from a concerned reader--one R. Wheatcroft--who wished to alert me to his belief that my column was unfunny and that my responses were contrary to discussion. Anticipating when my "embaressing trickle of letters finally dries up", Mr. Wheatcroft went on to say:

I eagerly look forward to when you are replaced, because the Friday column is nothing but a childish attempt at humor that falls flat on every level.

Naturally, I was somewhat distressed to read Mr. Wheatcroft's letter--not least of all because he misspelled the word embarrassment.

I took the time to write back--something I normally never do. My responses here, on the Q&A page, should suffice. However, this was a special case. It was clear Mr. Wheatcroft's concerns were genuine. Therefore, a genuine response was called for. I addressed his statements--and his spelling--and received a reply of a far more copacetic disposition. This time, he ended his letter with:

Thank you for your integrity and honesty in your response. It has made all the difference.

And he was not being sarcastic in any way (I think).

This minor difficulty, and its resolution, has given me pause. I have often struggled with the supply of letters I have received, for I remember a time when Q&A at RPGamer rejected many and printed only the best. To be printed, one had to write well and make some valid points. Nowadays, we occasionally resort to begging for letters, and the shortage is so severe that anything can be published. My responses to some of this dreck have been seen. I hate stupidity in all of its forms, and I am more than happy to take it out on anyone who happens to be caught, by accident or design, in my path.

Has this savage beating hurt the cause of letter-writers worldwide? I do not think so. I would prefer to think of it as a correctional tool. If I may paraphrase a certain religious text: Behold, the wages of stupidity are humiliation. Perhaps I have been too eager to use the rod, occasionally catching up the innocent along with the guilty. But if so, pray consider it the over-eagerness of a child in a sandbox for the first time, intent upon building a replica Camelot.

That said, today's column will be the scene of a kinder and gentler Lusipurr. I will attempt to further discussion, and I will refrain from making harsh comments. Will it make any difference? Probably not. Next week, the savagery will resume. Until then, you--guilty and innocent alike--are reprieved.

I will now peruse your interesting and enlightening questions.

Let the Love Begin!
Homosexual Hotel Highwind

I would like to know your opinions on homosexual characters in games lately, especially RPG's. Most times when I boot a game up for the first time and I see the protagonist, I can just hear some corporate higher-ups talking: "What? This guy? He can't be gay. He's too normal-looking and mentally balanced. Look, if you are adamant about him being that way, you are going to have to make a few concessions. First, move him from male lead to a comedic supporting role, then give him an afro, optional mustache, skinny or steroid-level build, and matching pink heart magic and leotard. And finally, goddamn it, you name him Coco." Am I setting my standards too high when I want characters like Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk or Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII to like men for a change?



What a splendid question! Erudite and incisive! How do you do it?

Do you feel you are setting your standards too high? Do you really want Cid to be homosexual? Would you date him, if he was? What would it say about your standards if you did?

Purveying PS2s, Perchance?


Upon my first read through of your previous QNA column I thought something seemed a bit off. I read it again and noticed that the poor kid who asked for your opinion on over 20 PS2 and Gamecube games, uh, had not actually played any of those games. How can you own a Gamecube and PS2, be a fan of RPGs, and not play a single one of those games? Has he been sadly replaying Final Fantasy X over and over for 6 years and just now has enough money saved to buy his second RPG? If so, that is a rather large burden he put on your shoulders. I hope your advice works for him.


How nice of you to write in to Sean. I hope you do not mind that I have chosen to answer your letter instead!

Why do you think he hasn't played those games? Do you think he might be indigent? Do you really believe he is actually replaying Final Fantasy X over and over again? Why would he do such a thing? Would he not die? Painfully? Awfully? Slowly? Are the medical bills the reason why he cannot afford other games?

This past year has been a morally difficult one for me. With the passing of the PS2 I had to decide what to do with all the old PS2 games I know I will never replay. I often wish I had a teenage brother or cousin to whom I could just give them all. Ebay is too much of a hassle. Gamestop is the devil. I ended up buying a Gamestop membership and trading in a backpack full of PS2, Gamecube, and DS games during one of their pre-Christmas sales. I feel bad doing it, but I do not want to keep the games and I want to get as much money for them as I can now. Case in point: I recently threw about a dozen N64 cartridges in the trash because they are worth less than nothing. I want to avoid throwing away PS2 games 10 years from now. What do you think about this? I recall you mentioning that you sell games on Ebay. Do you think that is morally better than trading games in at a store? I do.


What are the moral implications of trading games in to a brick-and-mortar moneytrap? What sort of objective result can you achieve by selling your game online at a fair price? Do you really care so little for your PS2 games that you will never want to play them again? What about Final Fantasy XII and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence?

As for 2008, right now only 1 announced game excites me: Baroque. I almost crapped my pants when I first read about it. Any Atlus game involving dungeons and religious themes is going to be awesome. Of the unannounced games, DQ IV is the one I am most looking forward to playing. Over the last few months I slowly decided to pass on the current gen systems for now. I have a large library of PS2, PS1, and Gamecube games I want to replay and there still are not enough PS3 or 360 RPGs to warrant their purchase. I have a PSP and DS to satiate my need to play new games. My goal is to stay strong and wait until the next holiday season / price drop to pick up one or both, although if Lost Odyssey is a 10/10 game of the year I might not be able to resist it.


Are you not excited for Crisis Core, Last Remnant, Final Fantasy IV DS, Crystal Chronicles, Smash Bros. Brawl, Disgaea 3, Final Fantasy XIII, and Dissidia? As for current games, what about Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and others? What about hand-held RPGs? What do you think of Revenant Wings?

If you want more letters, make sure you incorporate a bonus in your online game for people who write you and Lusipurr letters. I think that the QNA inbox went from 20 letters per day to 2 letters per day when every Sock 2 player except for Flamethrower stopped writing.



Do you honestly believe the best way to get quality letters is to offer up token bribes? Would you not rather see the opinions and questions of people who are writing because they genuinely have something to discuss, rather than to obtain virtual trinkets? Do you have any other suggestions?

Find Festa Files!


Say, did RPGamer attend the Jump Festa 2008 around Christmas last year? A bunch of new trailers are always shown there, some of them being for RPGs too. Since RPGamer hasn't posted these, I decided to look for them and give the ones that I could find:

FFCC: Little King
ToS: Knight of Ratatosk
Tales of Vesperia


Hey everyone, it is FirstAid! How nice to see you again! I always look forward to reading your letters!

Did you see any coverage of Jump Festa on our site? What do you think of the above trailers? Do they look like the sort of thing you would purchase? Are they solid enough for you to make a decision yet? Do they leave you with a desire for more?

They supposedly also showed new trailers for the various Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII titles, but I can't find them anywhere. Are they not allowed to be shown to the public? Then what's the point of making a trailer if the general public doesn't see it, but only reads about it?



Can anyone find the trailers FirstAid mentions? Were there actually new trailers present or were they just slightly modified for Jump Festa?

Aww... Is it over already?

Lusipurr lacks the fortitude necessary to avoid beating sense into the senseless. There are temptations too great for me. I admit my frailty. At least we may be amused by it together.

Next week, things will be back to normal. --Or, as close as they ever get to it.

What did you think of this week's column? I did my best to incite discussion by answering questions with more questions. Was it better or worse than usual?

Continuing in the question vein, here is something to write about for next Friday: What did you think of 2007 as a whole? Was it good for games, or could it have been [much] better? If you had to pick only one game from 2007 to own (RPG or otherwise), which would it be, and why? I know what my response is, but you will have to wait until next week to find out. Until then, you are welcome to guess. If anyone gets it right, there will be a --> PRIZE! <--

I encourage everyone to write letters. The better written they are, the less painful the beating will be. But, there will still be a beating, no matter what. Oh yes. There will be a beating.


Lusipurr loves you forever!

Next week, I will hate you again.

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