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Column 49: Headaches
January 7th, 2008

Sean - 4:37pm EST

I've been nursing a headache for two days now. It stems from an almost all-nighter I pulled playing FFXI on Saturday night. I sacrificed myself to make it through a good portion of chapters two and three of the Chains of Promathia expansion. I really enjoyed it, especially since it is a big chunk of what I need to do to be able to beat up on Diabolos. In fact, I am on his mission now. I hope to beat him up in the level 40 capped mission next weekend. Maybe Lusipurr will come with?

Since I finished Warriors of the Lost Empire, I've started playing Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP. I like playing as Maria. Are there any changes to Symphony of the Night that make replaying it interesting?

I got the first recommended book in the mail on Friday--Fred Saberhagen's sword series. I got an edition that contains the first three volumes. I think most of what I ordered came in collections. It is queued fourth or fifth on my list. I am currently reading the Taladas Trilogy (Dragonlance) and I do want to read the followup to A Game of Thrones. Now I just need to sit down and read...

{Found it!} My Holy Grail


I enjoyed reading the Q&Aís today. In response to your question whether any of us guys found our Holy Grail, I say, YES! Just married her in August 2007.


Lucky and congratulations! I wonder, if she feels the same way about you?

She is beautiful and a gamer. She plays the DS right alongside me. The wireless feature on the DS is great for this as well. We play a lot of games together and it is so wonderful to have a wife that says: "Are you going to go online (FFXI)?...because I have been away from my game too long." I tried getting her to play FFXI with me but she just didnít take to it L.


Yes, that happens. You can't expect every gamer to take to every game. While it is a good thing to do things with your significant other, it is also very good to have things to do while apart.

The problem we have is that we get involved with so many games at the same time that we have trouble spreading out our time among them. And now I have been away from FFXI too long due to FFXII: revenant Wings for the DS (a great game, by the way).

Thanks for the Q&A section, look forward to reading some of the other guysí responses.



I haven't received any other responses to that particular query. I need to take time off of FFXI and play Revenant Wings. Oh well, gotta finish Dracula X Chronicles first. Thanks for the input, Larry! I bet a lot of us here wish we were as lucky as you!

Your Whacky Title Here

This isn't really under any certain topics, but i've got a quick question. It's getting kind of obvious that the reign of the PS2 is rapidly ending, but I still don't have enough $$$ to get a PS3, so I'm trying to find some new RPG's that will keep me busy until I have saved up enough. I also have a game cube. I've done some research on some I found to look decent, but I'm still not sure about them. What do you think about the following series/games(if you know)?


First of all, you don't have to answer any of the hot topics--they are just there to give ideas to those that want to write in. Ok, let's see what you are thinking about.

Dark Cloud (1 and 2)

I liked the first one, but it got annoying about halfway through. The second bored me. Reviews were positive for the second one though.

Rouge Galaxy

I started this one recently and am enjoying it so far. Reviews are mixed for it, but I can't have much of an opinion, as I am only a few hours in.

Valkyrie Profile (1 and 2)

Get these.

Drakengard (1 and 2)

I had the first one and it was repetitive. Very repetitive. Skip it. As for the sequel, I wouldn't know. I do know that it dropped to the bargain bin after like a month on the shelves.

Tales of... (Legendia, Symphonia, and Abyss)

Based on reviews, skip, buy, get now. I've finished Symphonia (great game all around) and I was having fun with Legendia (once again a few hours in).

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Buy this one. It is amazing. I loved the whole style of the game. I should play this one again myself.

Wild Arms (3, 4, and 5)

The third one was interesting, but I found it to be too long. In the second half the game just got nasty. I haven't played the fourth, but I loved the fifth. Reviews are mixed as to which is better between four and five.

SaGa (Romancing and Unlimited)

Judging on reviews, treat Unlimited SaGa as the plague. I am not sure about Romancing SaGa, but I do own it.

Baten Kaitos

Some readers really like this game, but I never tried it.

Fullmetal Alchemist (1 and 2)

I really liked the first game, but never got the second one. Get these ones, if you like the series.

Musashi Samurai Legend

I had fun with this title, but it didn't leave good impressions on me. I am not sure why--it just didn't. The good thing is that it should be pretty cheap.

Suikoden (3, 4, and 5)

If you can get the third one, get it. It isn't the best game, but it can be a lot of fun. I wouldn't get four unless you are a fan of the series. I heard good things about part five and it is currently in my backlog.

Shadow Hearts (any)


Shadow Hearts has a strong following. The first one I enjoyed, but I never bothered with the others. From what I have heard, the second one is the best, the first is enjoyable and you should avoid the third.

Thanks bunches



You're welcome. I hope it helps.


Well, other than more FFXI, I don't expect to do much else for the next few days. See you on Wednesday!

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Sean wants more Heroes.

I saw Heroes season 2 episode 11 last night. I forgot to watch it earlier. ^_^;

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