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Column 48: Resolutions
January 2nd, 2008

Sean - 4:00pm EST

Well, nothing much happened since the last time I answered some letters. Today was back to work and I think there were at most 10 or 20% of the staff present. Everyone must have taken their remaining 2007 vacation days. I wish I had some more, but alas, I lost six days last year when my employment status was changed from contract to full time. Sigh.

I've been watching my anime backlog. I am almost caught up on both Bleach and Naruto and am thoroughly enjoying both. The thought of the supply being cut off doesn't make me happy though.

I've ordered the books that were suggested to me a while back (American Gods and more). Thanks for the suggestions! I'll let you all know what I think when I get a chance to read them.

So everyone, what kind of resolutions did you make for this year? I've resolved to tone down my sugar intake through lowering the number of sweets that I ingest and soft drinks that I guzzle. At my worst I was drinking 2-3 LITERS of Coke a day. I am going to try to cut back to 1-2 cans per day, while cutting out the chocolate and other sweets to practically nothing. On the gaming side of things, I resolve to spend less on my hobby and only buy games that I will play right away.

As for the promised story, on New Year's Eve 2006, I spent the night holed up in my basement, alone. I had just installed Neverwinter Nights 2 and was having a blast. I missed the countdown and only noticed the time at around 1pm the next day. It was awesome.

2008 sees the end of the quickies in my Q&A columns. I'll treat them as regular letters. And now, it is time for the few letters that I have.



I just want to say i am envious that you get to play FFXI. I played it for about 250 hours, which got me a lvl 37 warrior, and i was training a PLD around lvl 20 when my computer broke down. i never recovered. to this day, i have the best memories. the game is a huge time sink, and it is anything but "easy". It is an amazing game, and i miss it!



Come back to it then! It runs on PS2s, PCs and 360s. Just come over and join us. We would love to have more RPGamers with us. Anyways, FFXI plays really well on extremely dated machines, so you should be ok now. Just turn off the weather effects!

Regardless, you didn't really get far. If you think it is amazing where you got to, you haven't seen anything yet! There are so many cool things to do in that game. And I could always use another Paladin sla... err companion. Thanks for the letter, Matt!

Question about Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

I have a question about Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. On that game, is there a way you can get a job with one of the local places (like the Inn, Moonlight Cafe, etc...)? I heard that but I am not qutie sure and if you can, could you tell me maybe how? Yeah... I love the harvest moon games. They are fun to play. I have always wanted a far and cant wait to get a real one when I turn a bit older. Also on that game (Magical Melody), I am on Year 1 summer day 10 and I woke up right after my chicken coop was built and it sounded like it was raining outside and I tride to walk out my house to look at my new chicken coop and a thing popped up saying it was to dangerous to go outside, meaning the weather and I should wait till it was safer. I have no clue what was going on so I'll check it later. Thanks a bunch!!



Ugh. I can barely read that. Anyways, I don't offer any FAQ lookup services. Go to GameFAQs. A kind reader may want to help you out though. Good luck!


Not enough time for a big letter today. All my mentions of Tengai Makyou IV and your profound reactions make me wonder, however: what is the weirdest and/or funniest RPG you've played? Have any titles prompted you to sometimes stop, take a look at what is happening, and either laugh or say 'HUH?' loudly?



I try to stay away from the weirdly funny games. I just don't enjoy them as much as I should. Take a look at Earthbound: it was a solid game, but the quirky storyline just killed any chance of there ever being a second trip through the game. Recently, I've been digging through monster poo in Blue Dragon. That leaves me scratching my head in disbelief. Most of these moments I would have to attibute to anime. Does anyone recall the episode of Slayers where they all dress up as chicks to infiltrate an all woman village just to find out that they are all men doing the exact same thing? That was hilarious!

I like this letter length, JuMeSyn. ^_^

Q&Abuse from Myrla

Why, dear sir, do people find it so hard (to believe) there are females on the internet? Just because we can't pee in a bottle, or standing up, does not make us immune to the pull of games!


Because, as everyone knows, all the women on the Internet are actually guys pretending to be women. We all know that they special treatment! In fact, this myth is all that keeps some people going...

Just because some guys think that they are incapable of finding a female doesn't mean we don't play the games. I get annoyed every time I go into a local game store and have them lead me to something that I either already have beaten, own, or doesn't interest me. No, I don't want Hello Kitty Adventures, and yes, I do want Call of Duty 4. Why can't males realize that there are some lovely unique girls out there who actually do smell better than most, can frag it up in Rainbow Six better than most of the other people, and are soft and cuddly at night?


Because that would be a dream come true. Mind you, Myrla, I get the same treatment. I can't describe my anguish when I ask for an RPG and the clerk says: "Sorry, we don't carry trash. Want Halo 3 instead? No? But it is waaaaaay better than the crap you want!" Ugh.

Girl gamers should be celebrated! Just think, a girlfriend who -understands- when you have to do a raid or do Dynamis... better yet, is right beside you.

Confusingly yours,



The forbidden fruit... That would be a dream come true for most gamers... until their girlfriends start beating them at everything and at which point the dream will turn into a nightmare. I've seen it happen. Anyone remember the episode of Family Guy where Chris finally beats Peter at something? That, my friends, was hilarious.

And Myrla, teach my girlfriend to be like you. At least she is starting to understand the online gaming concept. We had a two hour conversation (mostly one way!) about it the other night. Thanks for writing in!

So how do the rest of you girl gamers feel about this? And what about you guys? Has anyone found their holy grail?


So everyone, what games are you looking forward to this year? Of course, make sure to tell me why you are looking forward to them. Prying minds NEED to know! Get to it, already!

I am getting tired of the Q&A logo that I keep puttin up on index. How about we hold a little contest? Who ever supplies the best logo wins a contest prize! I'll even let Lusipurr have a say in it too.

Well, I am going to end this column with a plead for letters. Lusipurr really needs some, so have at it. Tell him stories about... I don't know, just tell him some!

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